Randall Fitzgerald

COSMIC TEST TUBE by Randall Fitzgerald is an important new 395 page all-in-one reference source on alien visitation theories, UFO phenomena, evidence of abduction and contact, and the scientific search for other life (SETI).

COSMIC TEST TUBE explores the ideas of Sitchin, Strieber, von Daniken, Sagan, Vallee, and dozens more, plus all the major UFO literature of the 20th century. This book greatly expands upon Fitzgerald's earlier book, THE COMPLETE BOOK OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTERS, by including all the new information in the field from 1979 to the present.

COSMIC TEST TUBE has received excellent reviews as a complete reference source and guide that covers UFO phenomena, alien contact, and related conspiracies of the twentieth century accurately and in great detail.

"Highly recommended...This selective guide to books on UFOs and related phenomena will help interested readers sort out a very complex topic." -- Library Journal Magazine (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED is LJ’s highest rating)

COSMIC TEST TUBE by Randall Fitzgerald

Publisher: Moon Lake Media

ISBN: 0-963-9161-2-2

Retail Price (U.S.): $19.95

Pages: 395 pp

Book Resource Materials:


For Further Reading-- Lists a total of over 200 books organized by section as covered in COSMIC TEST TUBE. (Section 1, Ancient Astronauts; Section 2, UFOs and UFO Occupants; Section 3, Contactees and Abductees; Section 4, Debunkers and Skeptics; Section 5, Contacting Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Guide to Books-- This guide lists the over 150 books analyzed in detail in COSMIC TEST TUBE, and includes a synopsis for quick reference. All the books that are covered in COSMIC TEST TUBE are arranged by chronologically so the reader can determine which theories came first, or how alien contact has evolved over the years.