Nicolas Montigiani

ISBN 1-59209-037-0



With the release of Signs, the film by M. Night Shimalayan, popular interest in the “mystery” of crop circles was re-kindled. As much as anyone, journalist Nicolas Montigiani took note. This was because Montigiani is also a photographer, and the shots he saw of these strange “drawings in the fields” raised questions that only a trained eye might ask.

In his new book, Crop Circles: Evidence of a Cover-Up, Montigiani discusses all the different explanations of the crop circle phenomenon that he uncovered. They include a variety of natural phenomena, such as root rot, giant hailstones, and even psychologically unstable animals, as well as hoaxes and UFO’s.

With investigative rigor and a trace of humor, the author demonstrates that neither plasma vortices nor extraterrestrials have had anything to do with the puzzling phenomena After showing how he discredited each of these propositions, the author goes on to describe the fascinating new direction his research went in as the result of an anonymous phone call.

Join him as he engages in a dialogue with “Jean-Paul Pitou“ (the pseudonym given his caller) who is perhaps the first scientist to provide a plausible and defensible description of how crop circles came to be and why they have evolved into highly complex works of art. You’ll find this up-to-minute explanation as entertaining as it is convincing.

Author Nicolas Montigiani is a journalist and an avid traveler. It was his expertise as a photographer, however, that led him to undertake this investigation. His book, Crop Circles, is part of the ORBIS ENIGMA series, a collection from Carnot that is focused on questions which have not yet been fully explored and which the human intellect deems to be insoluble.

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Crop Circles: Evidence of a Cover-Up

Nicholas Montigiani

ISBN 1-59209-037-0

Paperback/224 pages/$15.95

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