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Eminent Discovery - A Lifetime Of UFO Experiences & To Earth From Heaven by John Foster

Eminent Discovery Eminent Discovery

Eminent Discovery and its companion book, To Earth From Heaven offer you a true story about an incredible expedition of truth and understanding. If you can believe it, it is a voyage that will surely change your perception of human reality on Earth since the beginning of time. Written as an authentic saga/report, it boldly touches the very nature and meaning of life and UFOs...exposing the real mysterious multi-dimensional matrix and explaining, in part, many mysteries of history. It is conveyed very sincerely by the experiencer.

The author shares his amazing story of extraterrestrial contact...from the appearance of unusual coffin-shaped craft and flying saucers within grey mists to the antics of large and small unusual unidentified flying objects (UFOs). He has experienced "education" sessions taught by strange men and beings, travel in craft with other humans, a terrifying life-changing alien examination and excruciating mental and physical conditioning sessions, among many other things.

John's story is exceptional in the realm of UFO lore. It has profound connections to science, history, prehistory (legendry), religion, societal changes, the Native American, other people living in Middle America, the present and the future. It soundly supports Zechariah Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe, Eric Julien’s recent The Science Of Extraterrestrials, many other UFO stories, The Bible, other religious and historical documents, new scientific discoveries (especially in Quantum Mechanics and psychology) and recent cultural dynamics. He has found enough witnesses to suggest his entire story is true and accurate.

This is a story that can help individuals and the World pass more easily into the next paradigm of human existance.

The first book, Eminent Discovery, reveals what happened and how it happened in some detail, while the second, To Earth From Heaven, draws the reader into the complex depths of probable and possible meaning.

Eminent Discovery includes about 180 drawings that represent actual UFO contact. Most were sketched by the author from his point of view.

The writing, research and publication of these two books has consumed a rewarding, but tumultuous period of 22 years.

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