2nd Edition
-- The Phenomenon from the Beginning --

Jerome Clark

First published in three volumes from 1990 to 1996, The UFO Encyclopedia is now available in a newly revised and updated two-volume edition. The second edition (1,180 pages in 2 volumes/$140) presents 273 entries in a single alphabetic sequence, from "Abduction Phenomenon" to "Jennie Zeidman." Several new entries have been added, including "Aliens in our Midst" and "Ancient Astronauts in the UFO Literature." In addition, entries for UFO organizations that are no longer relevant or in existence have been eliminated from the new edition.

Written by Jerome Clark, whom Library Journal called "a respected UFO authority," The UFO Encyclopedia features unbiased and thorough coverage of the UFO phenomenon from ancient times to the present. Detailed entries cover the cases, the theories, the organizations, the personalities, the government and media responses, the effects on popular culture, the hoaxes, the flying-saucer religious movements, the debunkers, and anything else that is relevant.

Covered are the earliest sightings of UFOs; anomalous aerial phenomena before 1800; nineteenth-century accounts of UFO crashes and airship sightings; close encounters of the first, second, and third kind; UFO crashes and retrievals, sightings, hoaxes, and abduction cases; and much more.

Also included are profiles of UFO investigators, theorists, contactees, and others associated with the UFO phenomenon. Some 50 UFO organizations and contactee groups are included, along with descriptions of their activities and full contact information.

Entries in the The UFO Encyclopedia are thoroughly documented. At the end of each entry is a list of source material that includes both the publications cited in the entry and related materials for further reading. Biographical entries list all of the major UFO-related matter authored by the individual.

The The UFO Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, contains the following special features:

Historical Overview - provides a perspective on significant UFO phenomena from the beginning to the present.

UFO-related Web Sites - about 25 web sites with e-mail addresses are listed separately.

Bibliography - an expanded bibliography of UFO literate lists every source used in compiling The UFO Encyclopedia.

Index - a new index covers the persons, organizations, publications, and subjects that are discussed in the book.