Documents from Heaven

Paul Webb

Over an immense time period of almost five thousand years, certain members of the Egyptian ruling elite undertook archaeological research into their obscure origins,and in doing so made the most remarkable discoveries.

They uncovered original and archaic documents - hidden in a secret chamber buried beneath a statue of the god Thoth in the temple complex of Hermopolis - that revealed not only their divine right to the kingship of Egypt, but also irrefutable evidence that the kings of Egypt were indeed direct descendants of a race of gods that had once fallen from the heavens in the mysterious object known as the 'EYE OF RA'.

Each time these startling documents came to light they became the catalyst for revolutionary upheavel in ancient Egypt - as in the 5th Dynasty, the 12th and most famously in the 18th Dynasty when King Akhenaten introduced the worship of the Aten disk - but when the dust settled the documents were once again concealed in a secret place, only to be rediscovered centuries later to exert their astonishing influence on mankind's past and destiny.

This is an exploration of those archaic texts - and the kings and princes who found them - and the massive impact those secret texts were to have on ancient Egypt. Powerful and persuasive evidence is revealed that these manuscripts bearing the words of God are still with us today, buried in a secret location while modern archaeologists feverishly search for them in the wrong site. It is a journey to the beginning of time - to a period that the ancient Egyptians called the 'First Time' - a quest that traces our historical and continuing obsession with a being we now call Almighty God, and actually bears historical witness to mankind's first contact with this awesome and frightening deity.

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