C. A. Honey

ISBN 1-55369-295-0

In the opinion of C. A. Honey, a disinformation program that includes utilizing hypnosis, is being used by certain government agencies to add confusion and nonsense to serious UFO studies, thus masking the true facts about the actual nature and reality of UFO's and their occupants. That is why the scientific approach of C.A. Honey is so important so as to separate the truth from nonsense. Over 25 years ago, C. A. Honey regressed people who had encounters like the ones being talked about by contactees and abductees today. About 95% of these claims, then as today, are fraudulent.

His lecturers document the truth behind UFO reality and why it was denied and kept secret by governments all over the world. Because of its nature, he agreed with the reason behind the secrecy, and now, after all these years, decided to once again surface with the answers for those ready to receive them.

Here are some of the unarguable facts presented in his books (I use the term unarguable in the sense that no intelligent argument can be presented against the statements.) You can choose to ignore or simply choose not to believe, but the statements cannot be refuted by reasonable or intelligent argument.

* UFO's, Cigar shaped, disk shaped, or otherwise, DO NOT come to the vicinity of Earth from other star systems.

* Mankind did NOT originate on Earth through normal evolution from anthropoid ancestors.* Human origin is known and fully documented in ancient history pre-dating biblical writings.

* All religions of the world are MANMADE and their sacred writings are in most cases reasonably accurate history.

* United States officials as well as those of major foreign countries will never release information known to them about the actual origin of UFO's and their occupants. The articles and books by C.A. Honey will do just that, then you will agree they can never release the true facts due to its nature.

* Space travelers, on occasion, live or walk among us and cannot be detected unless they so desire. They impart authentic information to the human race as part of their overall plan for humanity.

* Contrary to ideas put forth by the wacko religious cults, flying saucers are NOT led by SATAN and piloted by demons. Part of the deliberate fraud that is designed to keep the truth hidden from all those who could not possibly accept it at this time, is the idea that some of these beings from space resemble the "mantis or insect" profile. All people coming here to the Earth are human in appearance, with their manufactured android servants in humanoid form.

* One of the biggest mistakes made today is the acceptance of all the stories by self-proclaimed psychics that only add more confusion to what is the truth about interplanetary visitors.

"Flying Saucers - 50 Years Later" is available from Trafford Publishing and

About the Author

C.A. Honey is a researcher who was very well known in Ufology 30 to 40 years ago! His lectures sharing why he has remained out of the picture all this time, cover such topics as: His personal investigation of "contactees" in the late fifties and early sixties. Documented proof of the origin of the space travelers. The origin of the human race. Why no missing link exists. Who were the builders of Tiahuanaco, Machu Picchu, Baalbek Terraces and the like? After years of lecturing on things such as these, without proof, concrete proof finally exists today.

C.A. Honey was in Electronic Design with Hughes Aircraft for over 26 years, now retired. He held a Secret Clearance with the government for over 25 years, many of those years working on space related programs. He was with George Adamski on one of his contact claims and has had his own experiences over the years.

C.A. Honey published a UFO oriented newsletter for several years that went all over the world, appearing in 13 different countries and 7 languages. For many years he was a ghostwriter of George Adamski's publications including his book Flying Saucers Farewell, and a host of articles and pamphlets. In the mid-sixties he published his own book entitled THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLDS RELIGIONS, and recently his new books THE UFO SITUATION TODAY, THE GREAT UFO DECEPTION, and in 2002 FLYING SAUCERS - 50 YEAR LATER. His books reveal why the government will never reveal the truth about UFO's, and is an expose` of the group of people behind the necessity for official secrecy.

C.A. Honey was the first in the state of California to receive teacher's credentials to teach and train hypnotists. He founded an operated the first school approved by the California State Board of Education in California where he taught hypnotism theory and trained hypnotists. He wrote the first course approved for training hypnotists in California, training doctors and laymen alike. Many Hypnosis Centers still use his course today in training hypnotists.