George J. Linhart

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The Galactic Society is a remarkable new title which explores the possibility of the existence of Extra-Terrestrial life in our galaxy using the latest scientific advances.

George J. Linhart is an eminent Physicist and in The Galactic Society he brings his considerable intellect to bear on one of the most important questions facing mankind, namely “Are we alone?”

To this the author responds: “The Universe for us just might as well be infinite and of infinite duration. It is almost impossible to pretend that in this, almost infinite universe, humanity is the only intelligent observer – a lonely summit of Nature’s creation, an immense theatre with only one spectator!” Taking this statement as a starting point, Linhart argues that the human race could well be just one civilisation in a diverse Galactic Society.

In The Galactic Society the author presents his arguments in two parts, in the first he presents to the reader a comprehensive overview of our understanding of the Galaxy, including current theories on the formation of the Solar System and how the essential ingredients for life are spread throughout the cosmos. This part of the book equips the reader with the scientific facts necessary to explore the main questions posed in the later half of the book: Does Extra-Terrestrial Life exist? What form could it take? How and when will it make contact?

In the second part of the book Linhart builds his compelling answers to these questions in plain English using the latest scientific evidence and theories. These are supported with clear illustrations and original diagrams throughout that help the reader get to grips with the issues discussed. A skilful communicator in the popular science vein, Linhart constructs a fascinating story leading the reader from the early awakening of human consciousness to the latest advances in scientific understanding. This is a thought provoking and entertaining journey that challenges the reader to think outside their everyday experience.

A scientific and philosophical tour de force, The Galactic Society is a significant step forward in our understanding of our place in the universe and a compelling insight into this area of research. This book warrants a place on the bookshelf of any curious reader as well as the scientifically sophisticated.

George J. Linhart is the Professor of Plasma Physics at the University of Ferrara, Italy. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers and the acclaimed reference book Plasma Physics.

Size: 234mm x 156 mm
Pages: 112
Binding: Paperback

The Galactic Society is available from:
Melrose Books (UK Publisher)


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