The Greatest Story Never Told

Lana Cantrell

A Scientific Inquiry into the Evidence of the Fall of Man
from a Higher Civilization in Antiquity

Reprint Edition

Eight years of exhaustive research has revealed the true history of mankind, hidden in the ancient texts of the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian and Hebrew peoples. Did man have a fully developed, technological society in deepest antiquity? Did he once have the power of space flight? Did a vast universal war destroy that world? Fact or fiction? That is what this research attempts to discern as the ancient texts unfold their secrets.

By using the knowledge of the life sciences, unlike traditional historians, a vastly different interpretation of man's history arises. Through the disciplines of paleopathology, forensic pathology, biomagnetism and a myriad other sciences we can now pave the way for the new field of the biohistorian, those who look at the biological implications rather than the philosophical interpretations of history. Myth and legend suddenly, and shockingly, becomes fact. This is the first major investigation that unravels the story of the 'God's, our progenitors as the ancients tell us, who left a legacy to man which has kept him in a shadowy veil of ignorance through time. If the study is as correct as the biological ramifications imply, this is the most landmark research of this century. Considerable study is given to the mysteries of the human body, testimony to these ancient, turbulent times. A great deal is covered in biomagnetism as well as Egyptian medical texts which imply the tragedies of these times.

Who was Queen Nefertiti? King Tutankhamen? King Akhenaten? This is the most surprising part of this history. You will be surprised to discover that King Solomon and King David were far better personages than the Bible so demeaningly portrays them as. Has the true identity of Moses been found? What really happened at Exodus? From the Garden of Eden and the true story there, to the total destruction of the ancient Middle East, this book unfolds the dramatic and tragic story of two opposing families locked in mortal combat to gain control of the earth and wrench it from the intruders to whom they lost it as the ancient texts reveal. And, we shall learn from them why our people cannot return. You have read the New York Times best seller by Whitley Strieber, COMMUNION and Timothy Good's, ABOVE TOP SECRET, now learn why THEY are here!

Although this is a scientific research, on a collegiate and above level, it is written with the layman also in mind and the story content is most readable. This book is fully documented and sets a precedent for the new field of the holistic historian who employs all the sciences to reach deductions and by thus doing so an entire new historical page to man has been unraveled by this procedure rather than the traditional, stagnant, narrow-minded modes of standard historical research.

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