The True Nature of the Gods of the Bible

Patrick Cook

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The Bible UFO Connection is a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological character of the race of supreme beings known as the Elohiym.

The Bible UFO Connection is the result of research undertaken to find links in three, seemingly unconnected fields, theology, archeology, and ufology. In general terms, flying gods, ancient advanced technology, and the unexplained objects flying in our skies. It is the intent of this site to present truth that is hidden from the public either by ignorance or intention. It is up to the reader to judge if these long hidden connections and truths are random deletions or whether they may indeed be the key to the world's greatest deception.

The existence of flying craft in the Bible was a well kept-secret until Erich Von Daniken published his book "The Chariots of the Gods" in 1960's. This challenged the orthodox church that maintains a well-entrenched dogma of ignorance to keep God as mysterious as possible. Their concept that God should be portrayed as a fuzzy, vaguely spiritual entity and not a powerful very real presence as the Bible relates, was on the line. The religious community immediately took the position that if such a thing was in the Bible it had to have demonic origins, condemned Von Daniken as a heretic, and that was that, in so far as the church was concerned. Though a trendy oddity for a few years, "the flying god" phenomenon eventually faded into obscurity. The paranormal and spiritual communities dismiss it as radically religious and the church condemns it as irreligious radicalism, and neither give any concrete or rational reasons for such outright prejudicial rejection. But the fact remains that these flying, spinning, glowing, and flashing vehicles play a prominent place in the Bible from the first book to the last. These are vehicles that meet all the criteria to qualify, as what modern society calls Unidentified Flying Objects. No one single aspect of biblical text so consistently and more powerfully defines the physical nature of the God of the Hebrews, than this preferred high tech mode of travel. This fact is clearly stated by the very God flying this, or these, flying machines. The term 'glory', meaning copious splendor, is directly related to the sights and sounds generated by these vehicles.

The tightly closed minds of those intellectually, socially, and spiritually imprisoned by the pulpit are protected from the truth by a myriad of dogmatic obstacles and conditioning. To the great majority of churchgoers, UFOs are from the occult, the occult is from Satan, Satan is from Hell, and UFOS are the vehicles that will take you straight to eternal damnation. The rejection by the UFO / ancient astronaut community is more understandable. The passionate and relentless condemnation by the church of all things unexplained and alternative produces extreme suspicion of the book the religious community claims as its authority, and use as its weapon. It is easy to reject a book that you think condemns your beliefs. Sadly the concepts found in the Bible do much to reinforce the areas of alternative thought while rejecting almost all the dogma found at the very core of accepted religious wisdom.

The purpose of this work is to strip away the fluffy, ethereal, vague, and deceptive veil, which those "in authority" have draped over the incredible truths in the Bible. There is a brilliant high-tech reality found in the words of Biblical authors that gives the guardians of the collection plate reason to fear. The white haired, bearded, angry, Zeus-like character sitting on a cloudy throne, and hurling thunderbolts at puny heathens is a dark ages myth. The red-skinned, yellow-eyed devil in a burning abyss, plucking up sinners with a flaming pitchfork is a gross misconception. Without the fear motivation of retribution, or eternal tortuous damnation the leaders of this worlds religions are powerless. Without their self-anointed and illegitimate authority they are powerless to keep their inductees in line and keep them recruiting new money sources to swell the bank accounts. Powerless to incite wars, ignore poverty, play politics, nurture ignorance, justify bigotry, and foster isolationism, their power would be nil. Perpetuation of ignorance about the awesome highly technical nature of the God of the Bible may just be that great deception the church tries to hide by blaming it on demon aliens.

But why is this relevant to mankind? What possible effect can words written millenniums ago have on our modern world? If they are the folktales of over active imaginations, nothing is relevant. But if the words portray flying vehicles in an age that had no flight, it raises questions. If it speaks of technology that would only be known thousands of years in the future, it deserves examination. If it tells a future story, with a script mankind is faithfully following, centuries in advance of that history, it needs to be revealed. What if the Second Coming and the Rapture clearly predicted are real? The Bible speaks of a fleet of thousands of glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic, flying craft that come zooming in over the eastern horizon, abducts thousands of people, and vaporizes the very foundations on which society rests. All social, religious, economic, governmental, and military powers will be threatened.

Will mankind think this is the Second Coming? If the commander of this fleet tells the powers that be that he comes with the expressed intent of overthrowing all human established authority and will take total control of the planet immediately, will that fleet be welcomed with open arms? If this commander says he will not negotiate and will crush any resistance to the imposition of his absolute authority will the armies of this world drop their weapons and sheepishly submit? And if he threatens to melt the flesh off the bones of those who oppose his takeover, will the world's rich and powerful elite relinquish their power, give up their status, and be willing see their wealth vaporize? Of course not! And that is exactly what the Bible says will happen. The Biblical text says Yhovah will return and mankind will fight him. Why? Could the key be because they won't know him? Will mankind be fearful, just as all those who encountered the awesome presence of the flying craft in the Bible were fearful? Will those in power feed on that fear? Will they care if it is Jesus Christ at the helm? Logic dictates that anybody or anything trying to wrest all power and wealth from those which possess it will not be tolerated and every effort will be exerted to destroy that entity. Salvation be damned, if it destroys the status quo or threatens the powers that be. The Bible says that Christ will return from the East in the clouds. If those "clouds" are really more like UFOs than fluffy white puff balls, then those who care about this and are watching need to know.

Many wonder in awe at the ancient writings and artifacts that depict even the slightest hint of ancient flying vehicles. Reams of speculation are cranked out when a new unexplained technological marvel is unearthed from its millenniums-old resting place. There is wonderment when the ancient writings describing the ancient flying craft of India, the Vimanas, are revealed. Entire movements are started over the phenomenal alignment of the pyramids at Giza, and amazement registered at the depiction of an ancient astronaut in Mesoamerica. Throughout the ancient records there are instances of flying gods, in almost every culture, in every part of the world, and throughout the ages. UFOs are one of the most popular topics on the internet and sightings are so common that that one would have to land on the Pentagon to hit the evening news.

(The above information was taken from The Bible UFO Connection with the permission of Patrick Cook.)

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