Human Reactions to UFOs and UFOnauts Worldwide 1940-1983/
What We Have Learned From UFO Repetitions 1947-1984

A Four-Year Study Project
Revised and Enlarged, 2005

George D. Fawcett

The new book by George D. Fawcett, a UFO researcher since 1940, is in fact two books specially revised and enlarged into one highly illustrated volume.

"What We Have Learned From UFO Repetitions 1947-1984" covers How UFOs Affect Machines, Soil Samples, Animals, Humans, Plant Life, Tracking Instruments, etc.

This unique book also includes "Highly Recommended Lists of UFO Organizations and Publications."

The book will be autographed as requested.

Cost: $10.00 plus $2.00 postage & handling (overseas customers should contact George for shipping costs).

Order from:

George D. Fawcett
602 Battleground Road
Lincolnton North Carolina 28092

Phone: (704) 735-5725 (No collect calls)


George D. Fawcett is a known UFO investigator, researcher, teacher, writer and organizer with 66 years experience (1940-2006).

Mr. Fawcett is the founder and chief advisor to five civilian UFO study groups: New England UFO Study Group (1957), Pennsylvania & New Jersey Two-State UFO Study Group (1965), Florida UFO Study Group (1968), Tar Heel UFO Study Group (1973) and the Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina, Inc. (1990).

He is the author of the book "Quarter Century Studies of UFOs in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee" (1975), along with over 100 UFO research articles during nearly five decades. In addition, George taught accredited college UFO courses at Gaston College (1979-1982).

Fawcett has served as a movie consultant and contributor to various UFO encyclopedias. He has given his illustrated lecture to almost 670 groups and organizations since 1944.

He has made a tremendous contribution of his UFO collections to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. In December, 1999, the International UFO Museum and Research Center appointed Mr. Fawcett as one of four prominent researchers to an Honorary Board of Directors. Others appointed were Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton-Howe, and Donald Schmitt.

George is a UFO Consultant, and North Carolina State Director to the Skywatchers International organization located in Colorado.


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