A Handbook of UFOs and Aliens

by Ted Allison

From the contents:

Did you ever consider the reality of invisibility? It will be possible in the far future. The theory is simple, however, its application is somewhat intricate. Hiding aeroplanes from radar detection a step in its direction. You will find several theories forwarded.

What would you do should you meet a space alien? Do you perhaps live near one and don't even realise it? How many kinds of aliens are there? With an estimated number of stars between 5 and 50 billion (it's kinda hard to count such a conglomeration) in this galaxy alone there must be hundreds visiting planet Earth. With the help of this book you can compare their differences; also those get a mention who streak past Earth without landing (the majority).

Why are aliens so reluctant to establish official contact with Earth authorities? If some have already done so, why did they do it? What kind are they? Why are space aliens considered hostile? Scientists invite them (SETI) to come to friendly Earth, and when they arrive the army is blasting away at them with all they got. Governments are concerned for their security (and politicians for their lucrative jobs). People get scared and run - unless they get stopped by out-of-this-world means to be discovered in the far distant future.

Many people vanish every year without a trace. Abducted? If so, where do they go? Are they used for food? Do aliens exhibit them in zoos? Are they considered rarities, frail in some societies, but full of bounce in others? Do some alien societies need them to infuse new characteristics in their make-up? Are they honoured guests? Or - do they start at the top of some hierarchy and slide down till their abductors discard them as useless (on a planet of women, for instance)?

How did humanity suddenly appear on Earth (and it was a sudden event!)? I constructed one theory and devoted an entire chapter to it. As long as earthlings cannot prove me wrong, this one and all other theories are valid, even the one in the Holy Bible.

By what methods - entirely unknown on Earth - do they travel through space? Interested people have just discovered how to lift off from this planet. Advanced aliens have done so a long time ago, and developed ways to go anywhere at any time, in an instant or leisurely.

What do aliens think of Terrestrials? To judge by the reception they got on this planet, not much. Being centuries and millennia ahead of Earth dwellers, their sociological attitudes are as much so.

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