A Handbook of UFOs and Aliens

by Ted Allison

Chapter 19


Terrestrials cannot expect to get space knowhow thrust at them on a platter, they must make an effort to earn it. ETs know Terrestrial scientists lack the skill to manage technology, and misuse their science, egged on by the military. While the army has a say they cause disaster, claiming it ALL. Aliens have valid reasons to be careful when handing out knowhow, and will hardly part with their achievements for a smile and a handshake. They want to see peace and cooperation.

Knowhow proves dangerous when used without having delved into the basics, which means Terrestrials cannot handle much of the space science for lack of the foundation to understand it. They are stuck with the limitations of irrefutable proof.

To illustrate the alien thought processes, Terrestrials would not establish an electronic workshop among the tribes of the Amazon jungle and let them run it. Should they do so, an anachronism would result. As a start they may give the Indians a few transistor sets, showing them how to work the controls. Once they have grasped the idea, train one or two to change batteries, clean contacts, twist a few wires together. They have to know where the programme is coming from, and what gets it into the radio. Only after they know basics, scientists teach promising young Indians the fundamentals of electricity and the working of a transistor radio. All that takes years. Indians grasp science as little as Terrestrials understand time travel. You can safely forget the idea to become an integrated space Terrestrial overnight after aliens contacted Earth dwellers. You've Buckley's chance.

No question, aliens got an advantage over Terrestrials, something in the order of a ten-generation gap. Space scouts may have found Terrestrials live a life of corruption, starting with selfstyled rulers and politicians down to people in strategic positions, as was evident during the last few decades. The more powerful a person grows the better the chances to manage affairs for personal gain. The future will tell how many well known and still honoured personalities have committed crimes not yet discovered. Handing out knowledge to those people, aliens could cause a disaster.

Assume aliens want to share their knowhow. Where do they start? Individuals, federations and planets 'own' millions of items they cannot just hand to outsiders. Aliens do not belong to a lawless society where everybody does as he pleases. Even their scientists have to seek permission, and the owners do not part with their rights lightly, they want to make sure others use their science intelligently. Greed may not come into the picture, space laws may.

Paradoxically, Terrestrials want to advance but also sit tight on knowhow, having no stomach for long term benefits. Many naive people gather knowhow for their own advantage, little pieces only which, when pooled, would produce a considerable advance. It will take a long time, perhaps even drastic measures, to convince them to part with their rights for the common good.

Let us get down to details. The much discussed theory of antimatter has become reality. Consider that to keep the cosmos in balance everything must have its opposite equal. People from a cosmos filled with antimatter look at Terrestrials as antimatter. However, no UFO in the Earth atmosphere consists of it. That would become unpleasant for both sides. They may travel through a vacuum unharmed because the vast space of the cosmos lacks enough matter to cause any harm. Those few specks they find their machinery may neutralise to use in its propulsion unit. Such use of antimatter may produce energy which drives their space craft forever. It consists of clean renewable energy.

With their technology far ahead of Earth, aliens can perform everyday feats astounding to Terrestrials. You find many instances in ancient literature, the Bible, the Mahabharata and other texts, particularly in those Tibetan books (Kanshur) written in a language lost long since. They contain a wealth of knowhow about which Terrestrials can only dream. A few other places on Earth may hide knowhow, unobtainable with present science.

For instance, in the Bible Jesus walked on water and healed incurable diseases. People have accepted that he fed thousands with food that would, to all the laws of logic, hardly last a family of four a few days. Everybody had his fill. If you would believe such a story without reservations, then you belong to the class of gullible persons. The originators meant it as an allegory, an illustration of processes yet incomprehensible to humanity.

Many doubt such hypotheses. However, with space technology they have become reality. Opposite the doubters range blind followers, just as comic, just as dangerous. They deify processes they cannot understand. People 300 years ago would have done so with an aeroplane or a motor car and considered today's Terrestrial as a god or at least a magician, wizard, miracle worker, saint or wise man. The danger was that they considered him a warlock, and you know what was in store for them. They would have failed to understand all the technology that has emerged since their time. The latest known instance of the kind happened on some South Sea islands during the last World War when a religion called the Cargo Cult emerged. You can read about that in another chapter.

Terrestrials see space warps as magic, or invisibility, however, nothing easier than that once they perfect the technique, designing ways, materials and devices to apply theoretical considerations to practice.

Let us look at a few examples. UFOs can cause weightlessness in people. With the speed they travel you cannot doubt ETs control gravity and inertia, how else can they abruptly change direction at that rate? The centrifugal forces would bowl over Terrestrials, they became splats on the wall. When travelling in a craft in person, aliens may neutralise inertia when they change direction and reinstate it later, triggering a conditional process by a thought, one caused by the command to change direction.

Terrestrials cannot imagine how to pass through a solid object, yet it seems no trouble for an alien. They did so for eons. The point at which a space craft passes through the solid gasifies, as the effect may be termed, not by the use of heat but a compatible frequency. Then the craft can easily merge through the solid, the molecules becoming reconstituted once the object has passed.

With their superb technology aliens have the means to improve life for Terrestrials, which at the present state of Terrestrial knowhow would have an advantage for most and a disadvantage for only a few. Do they want to do so or leave Earth in its present turmoil? As it appears they chose the latter course, as so many aliens did before them. Any other way would disrupt the orderly progression of life on Earth. That is their way.

Seen from that angle, handing out science constitutes a harder task than it appears at first. Aliens have to observe standards of behaviour, space laws, their health, that of Terrestrials and conventions, modifying many principles to get a smooth transition, one without hiccoughs. Sudden changes would play havoc with Terrestrial society on a large scale, with protest movements springing up everywhere. People began a fight for survival, losing jobs by the million, immersing Earth in a cauldron of turmoil. The crime rate would soar, with an effect larger than that of a major war.

An example: Aliens may rid Earth of all diseases, sure, but what would happen if they suddenly did, healing everybody in one day or one week? Doctors became redundant, hospitals and pharmacists went broke, pill manufacturers had to cease production. Millions lost their purpose for existence. The medical panacea would cause a social disaster. Which means they have to introduce any change gradually so people can adjust all associated factors. In other words, to avoid all that, keep people sick and give them gradually the knowledge to cure themselves.


Many of those changes would border on the miraculous. If you never witnessed a miracle, then space science would oblige. For instance, at least one planet may be able to create life from nothing. Scientists on another may reconstruct a person blown apart.

Aliens regulate aging as needed, Terrestrial control of that would cause an even larger upset than the elimination of diseases. If done suddenly, then society disintegrated after the exhilaration had evaporated, with few people dying - car drivers, condemned criminals, suicide and murder victims - but births still happening as usual, even at an accelerated rate, a euphoria baby boom. Unemployment would savage society.

Their laws do not stop all aliens from interfering in the affairs of other planets, as Earth laws do not stop some Terrestrials acting illegally. This planet forms a small speck from which Terrestrial offenders cannot escape, so the authorities easily find them, whereas the vastness of space stretches in such proportions, law enforcement finds it impossible to locate an alien offender who has gone into hiding, even with the most sophisticated methods. An omnipotent being finding anyone anywhere, for instance the Black Guardian of Dr Who fame, may exist only in fiction.

Most alien civilisations surpass Earth in technology by decades, centuries, even millennia. You can see that with space craft which come and go as they please, and Terrestrials can do nothing about it, they cannot even get near them if aliens so choose. Can you imagine their amusement when watching a Terrestrial desperately trying to catch them? Flying machines crowd Terrestrial skies which people cannot see, operating in different frequency bands to which Terrestrial eyes respond. Now and then one of them materialises, for one reason or another, intentionally or not so.

In a television broadcast an announcer recently stated Earth has so much to tell other intelligences.

What a ludicrous suggestion!

Do Terrestrials have anything to tell aliens? All their troubles? That the wheat crop has failed, the value of the dollar is down and unemployment up? Aliens know all that. They monitor Terrestrial broadcasts, but have no interest in the petty troubles of Earth. Compared to space knowhow, Terrestrials have a stone age science, so far behind theirs they laugh at efforts of Terrestrial scientists to impart knowledge, facts which they learnt two or three of their centuries ago.

Very probably they will tell Terrestrials a few things, for instance, how wrong ideas persist in Terrestrial belief, they may show that thousands of civilisations proliferate in the cosmos, some calling for their blood because they have killed one of theirs with an unprovoked attack. Then Terrestrials would learn that their world consists of an insignificant little speck near the edge of the Milky Way, which most do not consider worth visiting, which may be even unknown to many. That mostly adventurers and people who want to hide from the law will move out so far, and a few researchers, space patrols, or some other scientists, that many planets in the Solar System contained life long before their time, that Earth scientists should forget such narrow views like the impossibility to exceed light speed. They themselves have travelled faster than that for eons.

They may have other priorities but to fight and die for a piddling speck of land. Aliens probably could go on and on lecturing Terrestrials, not the other way round. Though all those who visit Earth may have an array of facilities, not all may use warping. Still, space craft travel fast. They have to. For some who may live in this area, within a hundred lightyears or so, visits to Earth may form an important part in their activities, possibly intending to shape the population without appearing to patronise, break space rules or incur the wrath of Mum and Dad, so to speak. They may want a smooth integration in their society. Yet Terrestrial authorities make it hard for them.

Governments deplore the idea now, but once faced with the choice they will opt for integration. Though aliens may fulfil their expectations at a slower pace than impatiently demanded, they may get surprises almost every day, and their attitude will slowly change to that of space law. OR ELSE! The threat of aliens pulling out again persists.

How do they keep the vast amount of knowhow together? In data banks, no doubt. Computers in their present form are one phase in planet Terra's progress. Once far enough advanced, brain cells will have all the information needed since brains form the last cry in computers, performing feats an artificially made computer can never match. Terrestrials will ultimately have biological computers, living machines. Most aliens may have graduated to the psychic type via the chemical and biological types. Earth still lingers in the mechanical and electronic phase.

Biological and chemical ones, like the brains of Terrestrials, grow and change themselves because they comprise living units, which aliens may have incorporated into living entities. For space travel they certainly show much greater suitability than electronic or mechanical gadgets. Though adverse influences may damage them easier, they may maintain themselves from within, what an electronic mechanical computer cannot do.

Look at the progress of only the last hundred years when technology advanced in leaps and bounds. Want a new heart? You have it. Hovercraft ply their trade. Manufacturers use plastics in a staggering number of ways, making almost any item they use from plastic, much of it with better properties than anything previously made. Years ago writers invented tales of Moon voyages. Today Terrestrials go there. Tomorrow it will become a suburb of Earth.

What aliens may consider an everyday event people on Earth see as magic. They walk through solid walls, float about effortlessly, become invisible and assume a shape most acceptable to their surroundings. The latter may form an essential operation in the cosmos. They may approach some natives only, including those of Earth, after metamorphosis. Besides taking on an inconspicuous shape enables an alien to observe much more than otherwise. You may manage to recognise an alien, but probably you won't.

Another reason to change involves the animosity of life forms towards each other. To avoid an incompatible environment they may incorporate compatibility in metamorphosis. If they did not, what would happen? How would Terrestrials react if, for instance, an octopus appeared? They would try to kill it, particularly when it didn't speak their language. Such a case happened in Russia a few decades ago when the frightened peasants, in whose presence it appeared, belted it to death. The report appears unconfirmed, but it sounds plausible.

With all their different societies, aliens certainly use different ways to metamorphose, their crudest may change them with the help of a machine bit by bit, taking hours or days. Other methods may alter the looks in seconds by use of mind control. Change the idea behind it and the body will follow suit, with help from a drug, electrical pulses or the environment. Nature shapes a creature from a multitude of molecules with electrons and other things orbiting them. Redirect the binding forces and you have achieved metamorphosis.

The aliens may initiate the process by using vibrations. Frequencies are the cosmic soul. Terrestrial scientists trail aliens in the intimate knowledge of them. Solids, liquids and gases consist of molecules vibrating at an incredible rate, which creates the binding forces of the Universe, causing them to bond with one another in varying degrees, which in turn decide hardness and other properties.

Earth science decrees that a soft substance cannot do any harm to a hard one. How can timber penetrate a metal sheet without damage to either? The trick is to find a way the molecules of both materials polarise, to align themselves in the same direction. On the spot where the penetration happens, the two solids become temporarily invisible, a static condition. Alien scientists may manage to perform the operation with unimaginable power, or with frequencies of exact configurations.

The theory looks simple, still, the practical application proves a little harder. Some aliens may have mastered the technique, the merging into a spectrum Terrestrial eyes perceive as a solid. Some melt through such objects as humans move through gases or liquids, substances which may appear as a solid to other civilisations. Disbelievers say those things sound like figments of the imagination, sure, but only when encumbered with conventional thinking.

What is frequency besides being alternating current and radio waves? Many frequencies people do not normally consider as such. Take temperature, for instance. You can only feel it. Make the eyes sensitive to the frequency of heat by heterodyning it with another, and you see it. Because the organism of other civilisations may respond to different frequency bands, they may see and hear what humans feel, smell and taste. By mixing two frequencies, a scientist may translate properties so a Terrestrial can smell hardness, see a taste or hear a colour. The Terrestrial senses have a limited response; for instance, once a sound is too low, the ear drum fails, too high and it cannot respond any more.

You can apply similar considerations to other senses. Each use has its own frequency range, their extremes jutting into adjacent spectra. Terrestrials control and utilise several bands of the frequency range (radio waves, X-rays, temperature, light) but to a limited extent only, utilising much more than they can safely control. With their limited knowhow they invite danger trying to use a range about which their scientists know too little. Roentgen, for instance, got his hands burnt, in the literal sense, when he investigated an unknown frequency, X-rays. Terrestrials have only scratched the surface of knowledge about frequencies, a dozen principles may wait for discovery. For instance, how to neutralise heat or cold. However, some frequencies have such a vast number of cycles Terrestrials find it almost impossible to produce them by other means than those they use now.

Terrestrials may live aside many beings not visible to them in a different frequency spectrum, who possibly can observe their wicked ways. Now and then one becomes visible, because local conditions have varied, establishing unintentionally a heterodyne effect. People say they have seen a ghost. Nothing ghostly about it. They themselves may often appear as 'ghosts' to their ghostlike 'ghosts'.

Sometimes a vibrational phenomenon turns up in a person, like automatic writing, telepathy, clairvoyance, kinesis and others which Terrestrials call ESP, psychic ability, or invent some fancy Greek or Latin name to distinguish it from any other similar event. Unpredictable as they appear, you cannot dismiss the possibility that invisible beings among Terrestrials control those happenings. The creatures manipulate them, mostly without intent. Or maybe not. Maybe people play the part of pawns in a gigantic cosmic chess game. Harness the goodwill of invisible beings and you may be able to control many perplexing events. Very likely you will not have the resources to change conditions. To sum up, given time, scientists will control all frequency spectra, even some not known yet.

To expand on the manipulation of vibrations, the cone of silence and the silent passage of UFOs work on a similar principle. The aliens may create an antiphase to the sounds, a frequency opposite in amplitude and shape to the original. Again the theory looks simple, but its implication poses the difficulty. As the cycles form they produce simultaneously their counterparts, meaning when they go negative the neutralising ones go positive and vice versa. They must have no delay or one so small it becomes negligible. An example: The Terrestrial ear hears sounds from 16 to more than 10,000 cycles per second, implying the antiphase must have a response rate of microseconds or even less to neutralise those sounds.

Aliens may manipulate their surroundings using invisible means, another factor they may have in common. In many cases all electrical appliances stop when a UFO appears. Their power plant requisitions all electrical energy from its surroundings. UFOs sometimes cause blackouts in that way. Most likely that happens incidentally rather than intentionally. A few sceptics suggested aliens tested for a possible invasion of Earth by causing the big New York Blackout years ago, but that is unlikely. Nobody wants to invade Earth; they already have.

Listen to the noises craft produce, or their lack. UFOs may create sounds, many inaudible unless scientists use special instruments to perceive them. Those may be supersonic, subsonic and neutralised sounds. They release energy which UFOs may convert into useful power, another idea alien to Terrestrials, but there you have it. With the speed UFOs travel and the methods they use to do it noise may get absorbed or simply moves beyond the range of perception.

The vastness of space poses no problem to aliens. Bluntly put, Terrestrials just emerge from the space travel stone age. Though other star systems exceed Terrestrial technology, that does not mean no civilisations follow them. Oh yes, you may find some. However, their number may have shrunk to insignificance.

Space comprises a vast area, with millions of planets. Result? Only a tiny fraction of those civilisations may have visited Earth. As a comparison imagine the cosmos as a beach. All bathers touch a few grains of sand only, comparatively speaking, and they never touch most grains. Contacts in the cosmos work that way. Any society of space beings logically investigates those planets in its vicinity only. Interest in other worlds decreases with increasing distance.

To cover vast distances, Terrestrial drive systems become inadequate. Those you can only cover at warp speed, but even there different systems may exist, depending on how far the aliens have advanced in space science. The farther ahead the more sophisticated will their warp speed be, since development never stops. As said earlier, you can improve everything.

Not only one but many different civilisations may visit Earth with irregular frequency, and warp each at a unique rate. The nearer ones may take minutes only, those farther away hours and days. From other galaxies it may take weeks and months. Yes, even warp speed needs time. To use their travel time efficiently they may visit many planets in succession, contact the civilisations or watch them. Some may visit Earth every day, like those having bases in the Solar System. Others may come only once a week or at longer intervals.

A time warp compresses distance into a time continuum. Which means both have become one. The process implies you can go faster than light, much faster. Of course you can. However, is it really travel? In theory it looks more like an instant transfer of the binding forces. Whatever the truth, many cases of (Terrestrial) scientific incongruity exist. Only a short time ago scientists believed that nothing heavier than air could fly. The adherents of the theory failed to realise birds still did it. Light speed and beyond presents a similar idea. Many instances may happen in the cosmos, many processes unravel at a speed faster than light. Until scientists overcome the barrier, opponents will maintain their theory and nothing can convince them of facts. Scientists will break the light barrier as they have done with that of sound.

Warping or hyper space form reality because the cosmos consists of one vast entity, with biological entities but manifestations of what you may call its thought forms. They exist because an idea put them in the cosmos. Shifting to somewhere else, when used with the proper procedure (the problem!), dematerialises a being or a thing on one spot, which includes the spirit, configuration plan or whatever you want to call it. The warp points to the termination point and the projection materialises there. Mind you, only the makeup gets transferred, with the matter shaped from local materials. The original matter is dispersed. Compare that to an electronic pulse: The electrical pressure gets transferred while the electrons move only a minute distance.

What do aliens use to travel at such high speeds? A space and time component Terrestrials call hyper space. The composition on demat becomes a long train of pulses in empty space (NOT the matter itself), even in solids or liquids. As they need not overcome any resistance, moving at lightning speed, the pulses reassemble matter, remat, at the destination, suspending time at such instances because the process demats it as well so it becomes almost instantaneous. The demat and remat operations need time, comparatively speaking. Different names exist for that. Terrestrials call it warping, the cosmic consciousness or hyper space for want of a better name. It will probably become next century's science project.

To elucidate the process, you can read this book with an optical character reader. The device sends its pulses in the fraction of a second hundreds or thousands of miles away on radio waves to a decoder and printer. Those decode the pulses and print the book. Physical matter gets not involved in the transfer but the configuration commands, that is, characters, the length of pages, their number, arrangement, typeface and others. In the same way UFOs pass through a time warp into hyper space when vanishing, a no-distance no-time dimension. You may call it the fifth, after time. Confused? Scientists reject such a process as idle fantasy, and yet it may be an alien reality. Terrestrials have still a long way to go before they achieve such knowhow, travelling faster than light in hyper space. If space dwellers suddenly thrust such knowledge at them, they would be at a loss to handle it.

Since warping implies the sudden vanishing and reappearing at another place (demat and remat) a craft, or rather its configuration, must exist somewhere between the two locations because the warp does not proceed instantaneously, though it appears that way. The stream of pulses travels at more than tachyon speed. Living beings have no sensation of demat and remat, they experience the moments of change as a continuous progression of time.

Do you find dangers to travelling in hyper space? Yes, there may be what astronomers call Black Holes. Aliens certainly know their location and avoid them. Black Holes form danger areas from which even their craft may keep well away because those areas have the unpredictable habit to gulp, though they have a value as trash cans for huge quantities of space junk, which they compress to practically nothing.

Let us return to more mundane problems. The speed with which some UFOs move seems fantastic. They travel at any speed they want. Some of those appearing and disappearing may form projections from a distant point, too remote for Terrestrials to guess where the controller sits. From the scientific point of view they consist of solid objects which the controller may assemble locally from the data the projection supplies. The controller may change the reactions at will, unhampered by the limitations of light speed. Switch off the projector and it vanishes.

Don't tell anyone of your disbelief. Many years ago people thought of submarines and aeroplanes as fiction till somebody invented them. The same they believed of television, the telephone, radar and nuclear energy. Even something as simple as the invention of gun powder fell into that category, a substance that enabled a cannon to hurl small and large missiles an astonishing distance of half a mile, which seemed impossible till then.

People on Earth have not yet the means to understand the basics of hyper space, they did not even master space flight in a satisfactory way. If you travelled in hyper space and did not remain wary, then you might get a shock because it could take the unwary traveller through a gate to another dimension. Once you got lost in it you have had it. Possibly a search party may find you, however, it is more likely that the creatures in those dimensions get you first, and they may be hungry indeed.

Space craft must exceed a certain speed to get into hyper space, same as rockets must reach escape velocity to travel to the Moon, but aliens may not use hyper space travel between galaxies. There a different propulsion system may rule, a science a small number of star systems only may have mastered, which works by warping the warp speed.

Aliens travelled to other galaxies out of plain scientific curiosity. Looked at it rationally, they have no need to travel so far. Millions of star systems wait for explorers in this galaxy.

How do Terrestrials understand hyper space? Start with the basics. You overcome the sonic boom by rapid acceleration. Aircraft accelerate so rapidly the sonic boom does not come into the picture, they leave it far behind, basing their method on science that has no room for its formation. In a like manner a space craft outruns the light Terrestrials see. Compare that with your unsuccessful attempt to catch an accelerating bus or train. It (the space craft) pulls away from you (the light). Hyper space is the superlative of that process.

Once in atmospheric conditions, space craft have to slow down. The velocity of UFOs may reach 45,000 kph in the Earth atmosphere, a snail's pace in space terms. A craft produced with present Earth technology and travelling at that speed would liquefy to a blob of molten metal and evaporate. As development goes on, material and production techniques will improve. During the next century Terrestrials will travel faster than light, however, they may not have achieved the feat by their own efforts but may have wheedled the knowhow out of corrupt aliens by handing them a few million supernumerary people.

Here are some comparable basics. Any moving sound source seems to change its pitch as the distance from sender to receiver changes though the source itself maintains a uniform pitch. Applied to space craft the frequencies grow considerably higher. Speeds vastly increase and combine with colour perceptions, changes indicating the UFO changes its speed drastically. The Terrestrial eye has the limit of seeing light which travels at 300,000 kilometres per second, so if the object rapidly moves toward or away from the eye then those light waves get longer or shorter. Result: A different colour sensation. Scientists call that the Doppler effect after Christian Doppler (1803-53), an Austrian physicist, who first formulated the phenomenon in a law.

A second Austrian, Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), coined the expression "orgone energy" in 1939, a name for the forces (the forementioned pulses) of the cosmos. He did not know what he had stumbled upon, that he had put his finger on the hub of everything. Luckily he did not discover how to manage it or the world would be in a fine pickle now, if it still existed.

An alien can exist here now and still be present even when abruptly gone. A paradox? Yes, when seen with the limitations of today's science. As mentioned earlier, life may exist outside the range of the visual spectrum, beings becoming hazy shapes at times. They exist all round and may see everything because their visual range comprises an extended spectrum. Once Terrestrials can manage their biology better they will increase the perception range of their eyes. When you think about it the theory of becoming invisible poses no problem. What criteria does the process need? Start with another question: Why can Terrestrials see?

To see they need three items:

1. Tools to see with, eyes, responding to certain frequencies, which comprise all the colours and their combinations.

2. Light to illuminate the item they want to see. In the ordinary sense it consists of a mixture of all the colours, frequencies to which the eye responds.

3. A solid object from which the light bounces off. It must have a different shade from the background, or another texture. You cannot see something the same colour and texture as the background, like the actors in a black theatre, for instance.

You can manage invisibility by excluding any of those three. Without eyes you see nothing. Simply close them. No light and you cannot see; you lose your bearings in the dark. If you had light only and no reflecting surface then you saw nothing, just had the sensation of light.

The eye sensitivity encompasses only a limited range of the frequency spectrum. When the reflected light from an object moves to a higher or lower spectrum, Terrestrials fail to see it. The eye cannot see radar frequencies (frequency too low), so a device converts (heterodynes) them to make their effect visible.

If scientists were able to build an item responding to those frequencies but not to light, then they have achieved invisibility. You still feel it, move it, transport it, even paint it. However, by itself you cannot see it (visible when painted, because you can see the paint). Either the frequencies exclude the human range or the object changes the reflected cycles to one a Terrestrial cannot sense. That forms the crux of achieving invisibility, to heterodyne visible and invisible frequencies to get one that lies beyond human perception.

A being who can perceive frequencies outside that range sees things a normal person misses, and if living outside their visible spectrum, then they cannot see it but it sees them if its range includes the Terrestrial spectrum. As mentioned before, the theory looks simple. Its application poses a problem. It appears the military have once more got the advantage by producing an aeroplane radar cannot see, which works on a similar principle. The frequencies reflected by an object after heterodyning with radar waves lie outside the range to which the receiver responds.

Once humans extend theirs they see many more things not seen before. Science will marvel at the new world, finally learning who lives in the same space as they. You can then shake hands with a ghost (parrrdon!) or meet the manipulators of inexplicable events.

Another way to render an object invisible consists in stopping all molecular activity. As well known any solid, liquid or gas consists of molecules containing nuclei around which electrons and neutrons orbit at incredible speeds. This force of orbiting lets a solid have substance and weight, the mass, which is the volume of the object, consisting of an infinitesimal portion. Could Terrestrials stop that orbiting activity the object would simply vanish, collapse into nothing. However, the process would free huge amounts of energy with which Terrestrials cannot hope to cope in the foreseeable future, relegating the energy released from splitting an atom to a pinprick in comparison. Applied in reverse an object solidifies by starting a molecular 'storm', requiring unimaginable energies, or a psychic force yet unknown. Magic Terrestrials call it.

You may also achieve invisibility by producing antiphase returns. Normally pulses emitted by the radar dish, for instance, hit an object that reflects them and return as a passive signal. However, assume the object absorbs those cycles by generating some of opposite phase and the same amplitude and shape, with the resulting return of a 'zero' frequency. Radar equipment will not register the object, which becomes then invisible. However, radar lies in the microwave region, so the needs of an antiphase response would exceed the capabilities of today. During the last World War Great Britan and Germany used a crude approximation to that principle (Window and Duepel).

The UFO baffling the three men at Bordeaux changed its colour rapidly as it left by slipping its response frequency into a range Terrestrials could not perceive. It vanished. Still there but 'invisible'.

Every time an aeroplane approaches a UFO it disappears, so to explain the phenomenon, scientists put forward a few theories why that happens: The UFO travels faster than the eye can follow. It returns to its own dimension. A projection switched off by the aliens. It changes to a frequency response range Terrestrial eyes cannot see. They also cited the glowing plasma theory.

Aliens may use all those.

Speculators said some UFOs consist of projections from distant planets. They have no hunch how close their guess may come to the truth. Considering the development and research in holograms, such an idea looks no more absurd. The distinct possibility exists other civilisations project their astral bodies and minds with the UFOs and explore in that way without leaving their home planet.

In that way it may happen people find themselves suddenly in the presence of a UFO, like Dr Leon and Francisco Estevez, a taxi driver. They met a giant sphere hanging in the air. Its size grew to that of a transparent two-storey building, and later expanded to the size of a thirty-storey building. The beings and control console inside did not grow with the sphere but remained their original size. They drove to a nearby house where the residents told them their TV set had gone on the blink. The object emitted a high pitched whistling and streaked away, changing to a spindle shape as it went. They used no electrical field, the car battery remained in working order. It seems peculiar the aliens affected the electricity in the nearby house but not in the car, proving they can affect areas selectively.

Because the UFO changed its shape, assume it consisted of a projection, an experiment ETs conducted. Possibly they produced the whistling noise to mask another more subtle one caused by the UFO pursuing a clandestine activity.

Many UFOs seem to consist of holograms. They may project an intelligence with them, consisting of a remotely controlled image. When Terrestrials approach, puff!, they disappear, switched off, a speed which leaves scientists gasping. The methods and range of their communications appear fantastic compared to the techniques on Earth.

Few incidents happen in the Middle East. On November 10th 1978 the population in southern Kuwait observed a cylindrical object larger than a Boeing 747 with a dome and flashing red lights. When it landed the oil pump nearby stopped working. Seven minutes later it vanished without trace. The pump resumed its activity. During its presence communications in the area failed. Here the aliens may have sent a projection to find out whatever they wanted to know.

Two Finlanders saw an alien inside a beam of light emerging from a UFO. The craft retracted the beam including the alien and vanished abruptly, a hint they projected the UFO, invoking a secondary image of a kind perplexing scientists. The two Finlanders had no direct contact with the beam or the alien and yet it affected one of them.

To protect themselves, UFO crews may project solid objects into the sky which even radar can detect, then they pursue their activity undisturbed while they keep Terrestrials busy with the illusions created.

A quantity aliens seem to have plenty of is time. It forms a relative idea and may proceed at a different rate for various civilisations. Many may manipulate it. What would you do had you the means to manipulate time? You grew younger again, a condition every elderly person likes to achieve. Probably aliens have risen above such mundane ideas.

When aliens investigate Terrestrials, the latter experience missing time. The method ETs use may scramble the short-term memory. It subdues the brain cell activity in the area of consciousness, however, under hypnosis the contactees remember the incident and describe the event in all its details. The impressions reach the long-term memory simultaneously and are indelibly stored there.

Mind blocks obstruct the human mind, shutting out access to past and future. Perhaps the blocks exist only during waking hours - they certainly do. Once asleep, consciousness shifts to a different level of existence, to dreams, which form the bridge between the two levels. Unfortunately, or perhaps not so, that level of the brain lies beyond reach.

Aliens may not only stop the passing of time, they may also reverse it. Handy sometimes, particularly when they want to avoid their mother-in-law. They may stop time at one location in its progress which does not upset the latter. Think of it as a video tape. Probably they can reverse time to a certain area so events then take a different direction, or they remove an imminent danger and restore time, an incomprehensible idea for Terrestrials.

Do they reverse theirs to live forever? Aliens may have a different mentality. As mentioned, time manipulation prolongs their life span but only to a certain degree, because once they have fulfilled the purpose of their existence they may let their bodies die so fresh ones may become hosts for their minds.

The cosmos extends in time. People cannot see the future because they travel in the confines of the present. With methods incomprehensible to Earth dwellers, aliens may transcend the past and future, manipulating them, however, the consequences of such action may involve dicey decisions, so they may resort to them only in grave emergencies.

Apart from such vicarious basics, aliens have to contend with several more mundane facts, navigation, for instance. Terrestrials have an extensive navigation network on this planet. Applied to aliens, they may have an extensive navigation network in the cosmos. With the vast distances UFOs travel they need a navigation network. Aliens may approach Earth from any direction. They easily find the way by the markers installed in space. Their computer compensates for the rotation of the Earth. Day and night play no role for them. Liken that with an intelligent sardine trying to navigate the Atlantic Ocean.

Pulsars emit a regular signal. Even scientists on Earth receive them. Every pulsar forms a navigation beacon to an alien, all having a unique signature. There may exist other unsuspected navigation aids in the cosmos. Passive beacons, for instance, which grow active only once a craft appears in their vicinity. A third kind may grow active on signal only. They also provide other information hidden from Terrestrials, for instance, they may point out a restriction or a zone with an active danger. They may relay the latest space news, point to repair stations and fuel dumps, hospitals and serve as post offices.

A difficulty forms the dynamic location of the aids to navigation, however, the aliens have taken that into account when determining position during travel. Terrestrials would fail to understand much of the information swirling about the cosmos, some only for specific missions or particular aliens, maybe obtainable on a coded signal. The cacophony of the cosmos might exceed the threshold of tolerance of even the most sophisticated alien should every beacon remain a constant contributor. The activity can be compared to the Terrestrial radio stations, TV stations, police, army, fire services, weather, fishing, shipping, amateurs and many more using the radio waves.

There may exist other, more local beacons. All major pyramids may have a special significance to aliens, forming markers, the signal of which reaches far out into space once activated. Terrestrials confuse those pyramids with the structures built by imitating rulers as tombs or for other purposes. The pyramids in Egypt may form such beacons, dormant and only active at intervals and on signal, a condition scientists are unable to detect.

It is quite certain that aliens have divided the galaxy into zones consisting of similar star groups, with the nearest pulsar its principal signature. When beacons become active as a craft approaches within a certain distance they may determine the direction of travel from triangulation. A computer does all that because the machine incorporates all the variables in its calculations, and there are many, because the cosmos is a living entity never at rest.

Other features on Earth like ley lines may form part of the local navigation net. Every planet has such a network. Ley lines consist of local detailed maps. You cannot damage them with means available on Earth, as some people falsely assume. You understand them as a whole only, not as one line or section, as little as you can make sense of a single line on a technical drawing. An investigation showed that the spot from where the aliens abducted Mr Anders lay on the intersection of energy (ley) lines. At the time the authorities also noted an increased UFO activity in the area. For Terrestrials those lines are of little significance except that you may see more UFOs on or near them than anywhere else, however, since you find them everywhere on Earth, their presence has little relevance to UFO activity. Nevertheless, the matter needs some careful examination.

Space craft ignore geographical features on Earth but may take note of items like the nearest beacon. They want information about the nearest sector and where to find their companions, having certainly no interest in the lake, ocean or city under them.

One difficulty rarely considered has to do with the effect of radial speed. All stars exist in a dynamic relationship, they move either toward or away from each other, four kps is a slow speed, for instance. When a space craft leaves its home planet for a tour of, say, six months it must travel a shorter or longer distance on returning. The home planet has shifted, so nothing remains in its former location. A computer overcomes such a difficulty. Feed in your point and time of departure and those when you want to return and you will have no trouble arriving at the right spot.

As far as their local network goes, 17 vortices of electromagnetic force span this planet, their spacing forming a grid and showing important points in the navigation net, similar to the four cardinal points of a conventional compass.

Aliens may have installed the white horse of Uppington (England), or do you have another explanation? To all appearances it formed a focussing point for a certain group of visitors like scientists. They spread from the point and reassembled there when finished with their work. The drawing of an alien figure at Dorsett (England) may have served a similar purpose.

Aliens from many star systems have visited Earth since ancient times. One group, or a consortium of them, may have installed the lines at Nasca (Peru), which may have served not so much a navigation purpose but defining locations. They drew animal figures to tell every group visiting where to land and park their space craft. Why animals? Because aliens from different areas of the cosmos may know them, but would hardly understand writing of a specialised kind. Therefore it follows that the port must have been a landing field for many different aliens. Once no more needed, they simply abandoned the place. Terrestrials have direction indicators and areas where they park craft at airports, with lines and other markers on the tarmac, spots hired by the owners of aeroplanes. Basically no difference exists.

Put yourself in their place. Once you lived a hundred lightyears from Earth, would you go to visit one planet, Earth in this case, and no other? Several star systems may undertake round trips, visiting perhaps 100 planets on a trip taking several months. Those who want to study Earth may bring along a mother ship to use as accommodation. Often Earth may get only a cursory glance during a fly past, something like "oh, that is point y*=dx#** on our map, so we are fifty lightyears off course". Planets nearer the centre of the galaxy may form much more interesting objects. During a flap an unusual event on this planet attracts a swarm of sightseers, but so may events on other planets. Even with all those craft about traffic congestion exists only on the ground, space has none.

Some aliens may willingly share their knowhow with Terrestrials, even if on a limited scale only. Others may refuse to share anything. In between you find many with various degrees of cooperation, acting for as many reasons.

No doubt aliens have the means to wipe out the Earth in seconds. They may do so with a beam of bundled rays of enormous potency and an unimaginable voltage (force). In itself it would not do much damage, but should they tune the rays to the fundamental frequency of its target it creates a positive feedback with devastating effect. Possibly some of their weapons only give the initial impetus, leaving the effect to perpetuate itself till the target disintegrates. The power inherent in the beam unleashes energy comparable to that of a lightning bolt, only more potent and with a shorter time component. Which means that their weapons use the mysterious death ray about which scientists puzzle. The burst may last for an incredibly short interval, a few cycles only in the microwave region. That is why one man alone can carry such a weapon. Its power consumption is, comparatively seen, small. However, its amplitude grows so vast it shatters everything when it hits the target object after a kind of radar beam has analysed its characteristics. Again the principle consists of a simple idea. Aliens may use those rays mainly to incapacitate their adversaries by using less energy. Remember the ring the alien wore when meeting Senorita Pretzel.

© Ted Allison. Reproduced on UFOINFO with permission.

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