The Dark Side of Technology

Mark Anthony Rossi

The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology
Mark Antony Rossi
Pages: 223
Publication Date: October 2003
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In the 21st century, commerce and science have merged into a single entity capable of curtailing rights and destroying lives. Human cloning, genetic discrimination and other technological debaucheries dare to shut the door on the dream of democracy. "The Intruder Bulletins" are not predictions. It's all happening now!!! (Paul Seward, Editor, "Science in the New Frontier")

Author Bio:

Mark Antony Rossi is a Cold War, U.S. Air Force veteran who specialized in communications and chemical warfare defense while serving in West Germany. He Testified before the NJ Assembly for a ban against human cloning and is slated to do the same in the state of Arizona. As a science writer and lecturer, he was been a frequent guest on numerous radio talk shows including. The Peter Weissbach Show, The Lionel Show, NightSearch, Ruth Radio, Across The Net, The Byte Show, Sightings and Mysteries of the Mind. On June 14, 2002, Reality Web Radio http://www.realitywebradio. corn launched the internet's first webstream radio show dedicated to bioethics, "BioStorm." It is hosted by Mark Antony Rossi

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