Mysterious Sky

Soviet UFO Phenomenon

Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill

Mysterious Sky cover image

Mysterious Sky is an in-depth history of UFO (and USO) sightings in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and post-communist Russia, Ukraine, CIS.

We describe military, scientific, and intelligence (both Soviet and American) reports of UFO sightings, as well as offer a detailed analysis of the most famous UFO cases. We describe fascinating incidents in Ukraine, Russian Far East, the Tien-Shen Mountains, along the Sino-Soviet and Iranian borders, and the Soviet Arctic territories. The ever forbidden strategic Kola Peninsula, the faraway baffling Chukotka and its strange lakes, Karelia, the Urals, Kazakhstan, Yakutia…we have UFO reports from the formerly inaccessible Soviet territories and top secret sites.

Our sources are top Russian and Ukrainian ufologists, military officers, scientists (including astronomers), GULAG prisoners, Soviet pilots, submarine commanders, and historians, among others.

From the ancient Russian "signs in the sky" to unsolved mystery of the Tunguska Phenomenon through the sightings of modern Russian cosmonauts, we have covered all chapters of the fascinating history of UFO phenomenon in the former USSR. But we have also dedicated a large chapter to intriguing reports of Unidentified Submergible Objects (USO) observed by Russian and Soviet seamen throughout the world. Petrozavodsk to Dalnegorsk, Ladoga, Orenburg,Voronezh, Tallin, Vashka, Sasovo, Stavropol and many more; from the secret Soviet spaceports to secret research centers to the secret Ministry of Defense UFO research programs. We show dramatic developments and heretofore unknown twists of Russia's UFO research.

The book contains information about Nazi "discs" and sightings of UFOs over the Soviet and East European battlefields...Reports of Soviet pilots firing on UFOs, sightings of strange objects over Chernobyl, sinister visits of Unidentified Flying Objects to nuclear testing sites and submarine bases; reports from American spies and former Nazi scientists, concentration camps prisoners, and Soviet field commanders; SDI program and Soviet tracking stations; mysterious "swimmers", "cauldrons", "Nyurgun Bootur", "goloan" "whispers" and "croakers"; Tibet expeditions of Soviet intelligence; UFO accounts from the files of Czarist secret police; Stalin and the paranormal research; deadly secrets of the Central Asian deserts, Pamir Mountains; explosions in the taiga and search for the Devil's Cemetery; peculiar demise of Soviet Phobos spacecraft; enigmatic "clouds"; Mountain of the Dead, the Valley of Death; and UFO visits to the Chechnya battlefields... those episodes, photographs, and much more is presented in our book.

Fully illustrated and at only $24.95, MYSTERIOUS SKY is a must read for both the avid UFO researcher or casual reader of the UFO genre.

Philip Mantle is from the UK and is an international UFO researcher, author, lecturer & broadcaster. He can be contacted via e-mail al:

Paul Stonehill is originally from Ukraine but he now resides in the USA. An international author, lecturer & broadcaster he can be contacted via e-mail at:

Mysterious Sky : Soviet UFO Phenomenon is available from and


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