Looking for Orthon

Colin Bennett

Paraview Press

ISBN 1-931044-32-5

Looking for Orthon : The story of George Adamski, the first flying saucer contactee, and how he changed the world“This study of Adamski has got to be one of the most eagerly-awaited UFO books to appear in the last few years. A worthy book indeed for every student of flying saucers.” (Bob Girard, Arcturus Books)

“Adamski had something in him of the dark genius of the covered wagon and riverboat rascals of Mark Twain and Herman Melville. Like Howard Hughes and L. Ron Hubbard, he brought down fire, if not from heaven, certainly from an elemental somewhere. But unlike Hughes and Hubbard, he didn’t make any money, and so America ignored him. But America will have to face Adamski sooner or later, and bring him, if reluctantly, into the pantheon of scarred American heroes.

Like many with a streak of genius, he didn’t really know the difference between work and play, dream and religious impulse, inspiration and rational thought. But his faulty intellectual grasp saved him: it allowed him to play with all these things, and in playing he chanced upon something that talked to him. But like Francois Seurel in Alain-Fournier’s novel Le Grand Meaulnes, Adamski was to lose the enchanted house in the forest that once he saw. Like Ahab, the quest finally consumed him, and like Hemingway’s Old Man, he was left with only fragments of wonder as a magical defiance of time and decay.

When we say that what Adamski saw was created by his “imagination,” we show how far our world has fallen, not progressed. We seem to have forgotten that there is nothing at all which is not conceived by the imagination, and that includes “fact” in itself. In forgetting this, we have lost the long trail between the ravings of visionaries in back rooms, the launch of a space station, and the death of a President. If Adamski’s life can do anything at all, it can teach us how to rediscover that trail.”


1. When we Imagine We Create a Form of Life

2. Meeting the Desert

3. Saucer Nights on Palomar

4. Enter Desmond Leslie

5. Orthon’s Shoes and Mr. Silas Newton

6. Cargo Perspectives

7. The Ufonauts are the Liars, Not the Contactees

8. The Doll’s House Machine

9. The Last Contact

10. Entertainment State is Born

11. Management of Mysteries

12. The Sub Plot

13. America Mystica: 1958

14. Adamski’s 1959 World Tour

15. Winter on the Magic Mountain

16. Miracles Must be Small and Not Happen Very Often

17. Things that Haunt the Outer Edge


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ISBN 1-931044-32-5

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