A Pocket Essential Guide

Neil Nixon

ISBN : 1903047889

UFOs and Aliens have been reported throughout recorded time. Today they represent the greatest and longest lasting mystery known to mankind. Reports of UFO incidents vary from lights in the sky to abductions. The details are frequently terrifying, always baffling and occasionally hilarious. Current UFO investigations range from gathering hard evidence in the form of alleged alien artifacts, collecting witness stories through interview and hypnosis and studying a range of strange phenomena.

Today’s investigations cover areas of physical science, social science, occult belief and conspiracy theory. Whatever the answers waiting to be discovered, one thing is certain. Every day, around the world, sincere people report the most incredible things.

This Pocket Essential gives details of the best known cases, the most incredible stories and the answers put forward to explain them. A Brief History of Bafflement covers the history of UFO events up to the modern era. From this point individual cases are recounted and analyzed. The alleged crash of an alien spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 is considered as both the most historic event ever to occur on this planet and also as 'a boil on the ass of UFOlogy.' Other cases examine strange deaths, unexplained radar recordings, the scrambling of fighter aircraft to intercept UFOs and the bizarre messages channeled from aliens to humans. The book presents UFOlogy's most Astounding Tales and a series of Cautionary Tales which suggest that the answers we seek may be found in the least likely places. And the author shares one experience in which his accidental stumbling on a major case made him fear for his life...

Neil Nixon is a published writer with 10 books to his credit alongside radio and television scripts, comedy, journalism and work as an actor. He is Pathway Leader of the UK’s only Higher Education course dedicated to Professional Writing based at North West Kent College in Dartford and run in partnership with The University of Greenwich. He has been interested in UFOs all his life and has written a ground breaking series of academic papers on UFOs.

Press Release

We all know UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. But when we see that acronym, hands up those who think of a flat silver disc with a green, 10-eyed blob waving at you with one of his many spare hands? Humorous though we may find the thought, the reality is UFO phenomena is very real and can be frightening for those who experience it.

Every day around the world, many sincere, intelligent people report the most incredible experiences and sightings. Some can be explained away to unusual or rare cloud formations, military aircraft, weather balloons and other untypical objects in the sky. But there are some which are very definitely not normal. Pocket Essentials UFOs has all the stories that matter.

The Pocket Essentials UFOs covers many of the issues - some controversial - surrounding such events of UFO sightings and experiences. One of the most famous being the alleged crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 of a UFO. The controversy around this case includes a series of official investigations contradicting each other and alleged eye witnesses with incredible tales. Other cases dealt with in Pocket Essentials UFOs include terrifying airborne encounters in which UFOs mocked the performance capabilities of the best fighter aircraft on Earth, strange disappearances and incredible tales that suggest our own planet may hold secrets to the UFO mystery. The author shares a terrifying experience in which the security forces threatened his life, before he learned an essential lesson for all UFO investigators. By turns hilarious, tragic and chillingly honest, Pocket Essentials UFOs is a rapid abduction to the heart of the worlds greatest mystery.

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