Philosophy on a Taboo Topic

Robert Trundle

(with an Open Letter by John E. Mack, M.D., and
Forewords by Maj. George Filer and NASA's Dr. Richard Haines)


The best kept secret since the Manhattan Project is that we could travel 2 million light years to another galaxy and be back in time for dinner, even by our current science! So, our science cannot exclude fantastic reports of super advanced aliens who visit us. In fact, the visit has apparently resulted in contact with major governments. And they have evidently conspired with universities and colleges to obstruct truth about UFOs. Were official denials of alien UFOs ordered by one of the most admired US Presidents who, with no one noticing, virtually admitted of the coverup? Might a coverup be actually justified? Do bizarre reports, which rival X-Files, have a basis in science? "Yes" to all these questions. An educated evaluation of the facts is more extraordinary than science fiction!

About the Author:

Robert Trundle received his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Boulder, is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Scientific Research Society of Sigma Xi, and has authored over forty professional articles and numerous books. These include *Albert Camus' Answer* (2001), *From Physics to Politics* (1999), *Medieval Modal Logic & Science* (1998), *Ancient Greek Philosophy* (1994), and *Beyond Absurdity* with Rama Puligandla, Ph.D. Phil., M.S. Physics (1986).

ISBN 8883980077, European Press, Published 2001

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