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Paranormal Purbeck - A Study of the Unexplained
David Leadbetter


Paranormal Purbeck - A Study of the Unexplained book cover

Why understanding what we term 'paranormal' is of fundamental importance to comprehending the world we live in.

Footsteps echoing from the past, objects moving of their own volition, near death experiences, displacements in time, memories from the future, UFO sightings, synchronicities ... this book is a collection of remarkable experiences from the Isle of Purbeck. It visits nearly 70 sites and has contributions from over a hundred local people.

Most of the first-hand accounts have never been published before, suggesting that the 'paranormal' is more commonplace than we generally suppose and is perceived intuitively, depending on the right combination of circumstances.

The author challenges fixed opinions and beliefs, offering detailed personal experiences from a small geographical area and arguing that we need a fundamental reappraisal of how we view the world.

Anyone with a thirst for mysteries and a desire to extend the frontiers of human knowledge will be gripped.



Acknowledgements and List of Contributors
Paranormal Activity in the Studland, Swanage and Langton Matravers Areas
Paranormal Activity in the Corfe Castle and Wareham Areas
The Royal Oak, Swanage - a Very Haunted Location
Near Death Experiences
Precognition, Time and Synchronicities
UFO Sightings
The Significance of the Phenomena


From the Introduction:

Many scientists are reluctant to trust 'evidence' that appears to be mainly subjective or anecdotal, yet when that evidence becomes accumulative and then overwhelming and contains thousands of accounts of paranormal experiences (the Society for Psychical Research, for instance, has been collecting accounts since the 19th century), many of which have common elements where a pattern begins to emerge, surely it is time to sit up and take note? Personal testimony in a court of law is also subjective, yet is regarded as admissible evidence. Science itself is undergoing a revolution in which theoretical physics is becoming almost as esoteric as anything paranormal. The idea of multiple parallel worlds, once the domain of science fiction, is now considered almost mainstream physics. The strange world of quantum mechanics, where the uncertainty principle states that an electron can be in different places simultaneously until a measurement is taken, is hard to get one's head around, while string theory opens up the possibility of extra spatial dimensions. Distinctions between subjectivity and objectivity are increasingly blurred and there are those who would even argue that an object only exists when we observe it (the arrogance of humans!). Reality is in a very real sense how we perceive things: we think of physical objects as being solid, yet at an atomic level they are masses of swirling particles, each atom containing a million billion times more empty space than solid matter. Our bodies, therefore, are full of empty space! Physicists are of the opinion that visible matter in the universe is only 4% of what is actually out there, with the rest consisting of 'dark matter' (invisible, but measurable and surrounding galaxies) and the even more mysterious 'dark energy' which is causing the universe to expand at an increasing rate. There is also the search for a 'Grand Unifying Theory' which would connect the quantum world with that of Einstein's world of relativity and space-time, in other words, the very small measurements used by quantum physics at the atomic level combined with the grand scale of the vast distances in the universe in one 'perfect' theory. The problem is that whenever we think we have reached the limit of human knowledge, it becomes apparent that we have only just started on the journey.

RRP: £9.99
Publication date: 17 July 2013
Format: 234 x 156 mm
Number of pages: 144
ISBN: 9781906651-220

Published by Roving Press Ltd