Der Voron

ISBN: 1591297389
Publisher: Publish America

The existence of extraterrestrials has long been a subject of heated debate between scientists, scholars and stargazer's who've spent many an hour studying the night sky and the universe beckoning beyond. Scientific proof of whether distant life forms and existence are legitimate causes yet an additional bone of contention between UFOlogists and skeptics alike, and while it's easy to make jokes about Area 51 or Roswell, there is certainly a basis for those jokes and rumors. Something had to have happened in these places and many others throughout the globe to engender such speculation and Argument.

In his Book, Unidentified Flying Objects! Starcraft, Der Voron has offered an extremely well researched and detailed report of incidents that have occurred all across the globe, many from different eras. Reports of 'unidentified contact with objects of undetermined origins' have been filed in government offices from the plains of South America to the fjords of Norway and the steppes of Asia. Highly annotated and illustrated with fascinating examples of starship models and their possible makeup, armaments and defensive mechanisms, this ambitious work offers a wealth of documented information on not only starcraft, but the types of extraterrestrials that have flown them. All aliens are not created equal, as their many varied depictions and origins in historical writings attests. The author's use of a plethora of written documentation able enhances his description of personal civilian and military accounts of those who have had some kind of interaction with these objects.

While replete with scientific data, terms and information, this work by Der Voron is nevertheless highly readable and extremely illuminating for the common reader with no prior knowledge of extraterrestrial existence, while at the same time it also proves hours of reading material and documentation to keep the more knowledgeable busy. The existence of extraterrestrials is an immensely interesting topic, one that will be explored for years to come, and this work can provide as an invaluable asset to any stargazer's bookshelf.    Denis M. Clark, Reviewer (taken from back cover)

Review by Fred Woods, editor of Houston UFO Network's publication

It is based on the excepted idea that UFO's ARE REAL. The book is very informative and should be included as reading by anyone who wants to do serious study of this subject. It has many ideas that will be of interest to newcomers in the field of UFOlogy and fresh ideas for seasoned researchers as well. Add it to you list of UFO books to read.

Review by Peter Larsen, creator and owner of Giza Faces website

I found this book to be a good introduction to the UFO experience for the uninitiated. It deals with the primary nuts and bolts explanation of some of the earliest events and brings the reader up to present day experience. It does not enter into the metaphysical side of this experience which could be the subject of another book. It is a quick and precise look into the subject.

Review by Jennifer Hollowell

I can remember in the early 1980's, turning on my little black and white television to see countless documentaries about alien beings and their crafts. I found myself glued to the screen as the narrators recounted sightings and showed re-enactments of encounters. My stomach fluttered with fear, excitement and interest as I thought, "Are we really alone?"
Now, decades later, that phrase, "Are we really alone," has become just a cliche as, "The check is in the mail." It seems with all the hype, thousands of writings on the subject and Roswell jokes that we've all become desensitized about the matter. We're left to think, "Is this all science fiction or . . . science fact? Is what's inspiring all these notions from truth?"

Der Voron, author of Unidentified Flying Objects: Starcraft, has created a written work reporting on a wide range of unexplained incidents spanning the globe. His research forces readers to ask themselves, "Is this really 'explained' or shadowed truth?" Though this is a relatively short work, Voron provides details through photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and to the point writing. Consumers interested in further exploring these phenomenons will benefit from adding this to their reading list. Not only will this text-book style be an invaluable resource to believers, it also opens many previously locked doors for skeptics.

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