Amazing Personal Encounters With Synchronicity And Other Strange Phenomena

Raymond E. Fowler

Personal and family documented experiences of ultra-amazing coincidences, time distortions, precognition, UFOs, poltergeists, Near Death Experiences and After Death Communication are shared by the author.

Book Description:

The author is no stranger to tackling mysteries. He is internationally known as a highly competent investigator of the paranormal and a trustworthy chronicler of such in ten books. The New York Times exclaimed that his best-selling book, The Andreasson Affair, "if true, must rank with the great classics of scientific revelation." Air Force chief UFO scientific consultant, Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote that his UFO investigations are "meticulous and far exceed that of the government. Dr. Kenneth Ring, father of Near Death Experience [NDE] research wrote that Fowler’s researched book on Near Death and UFO experiences "may well have deciphered the ultimate nature and meaning" of these baffling phenomena.

In SynchroFile, Fowler applies the same kind of meticulous research into the supernatural-like synchronistic experiences that permeate his life. This book compiles the results of his research into Jungian psychology, the New Physics and his study of a ten-year diary of personal and family experiences of amazing coincidences and paranormal experiences. His research leads to the incredulous conclusion that time is an illusion and that reports of synchronicity, ghosts, out of the body experiences, near death experiences, UFOs, precognition, telepathy, and other extrasensory experiences are all individual expressions of one intelligent-like meta-phenomenon.

Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 282
ISBN: 0-595-31589-5
Published: May-2004

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