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The Force Is With Us

The Force Is With Us

(The Higher Consciousness That Science Refuses To Accept)

Thomas Walker


TITLE: The Force Is With Us (The Higher Consciousness That Science Refuses To Accept)
AUTHOR: Thomas Walker.
PUBLISHER: Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House P.O. Box 270 Wheaton IL 60187-0270
PRICE: $15,95/Canada $18.00.
ISBN: 978-0-8356-0867-1
REVIEWED BY: Malcolm Robinson, Strange Phenomena Investigations.

The Force Is With Ud - Book Cober

It only took a few paragraphs and I knew that I had a cracker of a book in my hands. Just that few paragraphs, the style the information and the way that the author was putting it into layman's terms, was enough to convince me that I was going to enjoy this one. I wasn't to be disappointed, as I progressed reading through this book, it soon became apparent to me, that this book would quite easily be in my top 6 books that I have ever read, and for me, that's a BIG statement. Did I like this book, you bet I did. No matter what words follow, this book review can never do the book's contents justice but I'll sure as hell try.

Basically what this book is trying to put over to the reader is the many scientific findings of our age and how they came into being, and at that point of being, being lambasted and discounted by the peers of the day. The book then goes into the numerous un-accepted scientific ideas that get such a hard time today, but in the main, what the main thrust of this book is all about, is 'the force', 'the energy' this seemingly untapped cosmic energy that is all around us, and has been since time immemorial. When we talk about belief what do we mean, take for instance this statement from the author,


A small boy finds a dead squirrel in the street, he is an animal lover and holds the dead squirrel up into the sky and says, "God, if you really exist and everything that I have read and heard about you is true, please bring this squirrel back to life."

Nothing happens.

Now, does this 'PROVE' that God does not exist? The author tells us that our experience of the world is tightly constrained by the limits of our physical senses, that 93% of the universe consists of dark matter, are that there are realities beyond our known realities that exist somewhere 'out there'? However, it's the 'blind die hard' scepticism that 'some' not all scientists, view these fringe sciences which infuriate those with an open mind. We all know that many fringe sciences are not accepted within the frame work of science, but we still have this arrogance of mind that 'it can't be so therefore it isn't'. When oh when will we ever get away from this way of thinking?

The author then discusses the amazing return from the grave of his 25 year old son Clint who passed away with cancer last year (2008) Clint came back to prove to his father (through various ways) that he was still very much alive, albeit in a different environment, this brought much comfort to the author. Read it all here in this book.

The author states that the ancients knew that we are living in a spiritual universe and brings to bear a number of examples in this book. In the main though, the author continually states that here in our modern world, the truth of these ancient sciences are being ignored, and in some cases (shown in this book), are being suppressed.

We know that many things cannot be detected by the human eye, but due to Newtonian physics and modern technology, new findings are exploring and uncovering the once hidden sub atomic world and some amazing discoveries are taking place which clearly show us humans that the world is indeed a far stranger place than we ever can imagine. Modern physics would seem to show us that there are 'other dimensions' other worlds but sadly here in today's world not a lot of people are taking notice.

The author goes on to discuss what this 'force' could be and looks at the ancient Chinese people who knew what it was, they had a name for it, and that name was ch'i. He states that this ch'i is the fundamental agent of the universe, the subtle energy that exists everywhere. The vital life force if you like, the flow of energy, the yin and yang. He goes on to explain that highly trained ch'i kung masters have performed some amazing things when they have gotten in tune with the ch'i force such as affecting oscilloscopes by directing their ch'i force towards it. They have moved objects by again using this ch'i force. Apparently, all of us have this ch'i life force within us but it's the knowing how to source it and use it that takes consideration. For me though, it was the experiments by using this ch'i force on bacteria, plants, seeds and a whole lot more that just b..l..e..w.. me away, for pity's sake why are these findings not more generally know, this is outrageous, you have to read this book to see why this is getting me so upset. That's like a student sitting an exam and their results are kept away from them. Don't get me wrong, these unbelievable findings did see the light of day, but some people tried to suppress them or discount them by saying that the experiments were not conducted properly.

The book then goes into some of our scientific greats the likes of Albert Einstein. But we start with William Tiller who looked at Einstein's world but in a different way. Tiller believed that human consciousness is a force, an 'energy'. Tiller developed his own scientific model which clearly showed that Einstein great though he was, still had a way to go and should have been thinking 'out of the box' as Tiller has done. Tiller, as the author states, believes that the speed of light is the threshold between the spirit and the physical world.

The book then takes us into the world of Near Death Experiences, and although the author accepts that some NDE's are indeed the result of drugs etc, not all these experiences can be put down to that. And be prepare to be shocked for some of the NDE stories that he features here in this book, will make you hair slide of your head! I won't spoil it here by telling you some of them, needless to say I'm shouting at you to 'buy the book.'

The author then looks into what's know as 'Remote Viewing' and shows how the American Military were quick to get in on the act when they learned that the Russians had been using it for years. You the reader, will soon find out by reading this book that the American Government used it extensively, and you the reader will know and accept that the American Government wouldn't do so if they believed that the subject of remote viewing didn't work. It does and again it's one of those things that science has still to publically state that this is a phenomenon, a science, that is in this other world or ether where this force operates. The work of Harold Puthoff PhD is looked at extensively in this book as is the work of psychic Ingo Swann. Ingo Swann just blew the minds of the experimenters and the American Government. It wasn't just the remote viewer who was visiting a location, but it was the 'smells', 'the sounds' and even the thoughts of the people that they were asked to visit, the really shook the Government up. Probably what really shook the US Government the most, was when the remote viewer managed to visit 'spiritually' or whatever you may wish to call it, the secret National Security Agency's underground bunker called Sugar Grove and find out some sensitive material there. Remote viewing works folks, it really does. I loved the glider story in this book; buy the book to find out what I'm talking. That glider story clearly shows you the parameters that operate during remote viewing.

The author then goes into the big subject of Life After Death (where do we go after death) ? Again we look at the author's use of the word 'force', this universal energy that seems to pervade the universe. He discusses again near death experiences and Out Of Body experiences, and tells the story of two people going through this oft mentioned tunnel, one was going forward towards the light, the other back. Both looked at each other and it wasn't until this lady got back that she discovered that her friend had had a cardiac arrest at the same time that she was having her experience! The author explains on some other OOBE cases where one man found himself not in his body but as some kind of blob of jelly! The near death experience has found those who have passed to spirit at an elderly age, suddenly retort back to a youthful age! The author refers to your Cosmic Video reply of the life that you have led up until your Near Death Experience; apparently it really is very vivid and very revealing. (Don't fancy mines much!)

Of course the big question about life and the living of life is why! What's it all about? The author believes that life is a lesson that we are really here to take care of one another and it's all a matter of spiritual maturation. To me that's good in theory and how I wish each and every one of us could practice this, but sadly in the real world, for the moment that is not going to happen.

The author also looks at past lives and states that the reason we don't remember our past lives, is simply because if we did, that would not be learning from our past mistakes, we have to (as he puts it) wipe the slate clean, start anew, we have to forget. Some of course would say that defeats the purpose and maybe we 'should' remember our past lives in order for us not to make those same mistakes again, that may be a fair point, but one can see the logic in 'not knowing'.

I'm glad that the author looks at Cellular Memory and how other parts of the human body, not just the brain, retain 'memory' now this dear reader is really up my street and something that not only puzzles me, but intrigues me beyond the ken. I've written before where people have had heart transplants and who hated motorcycles but then suddenly after they get the heart of someone who died in a motor bike accident, they want to get on a motor bike and start buying all the motor bike magazines etc. Why/How can someone else's heart being put into your body suddenly give you memories of the person you got it from? Read this chapter, it's a classic.

We then look at the church and Christianity and how they perceived 'psychic phenomena' do I even need to go there!! What I will say it this, I didn't know how extensive the Church viewed and hated psychic phenomena and how much destruction they did of psychic books and the reputation of gifted psychics. That old saying comes back to me again. "It can't be, so therefore it isn't." More people have seen ghosts and UFOs than Jesus. Scientists want proof of a God, of a ghost, of a UFO; we don't believe willy nilly. The amazing ability of Scottish medium Daniel D. Home is looked at very closely by the author and if Daniel could do but half of what he was said to have done, then believe you me boys and girls psychic phenomena is indeed very very real. Home managed to make an accordion float around the room in front of startled witnesses playing a tune, this and more can be found in this book. Cracking stuff. No book would be complete without the amazing abilities (or showmanship) of one Uri Geller. Geller takes a lot of stick from not only scientists and Joe Public alike but sometimes from his own fellow psychics. Nonetheless, there is no denying when you look at Geller's track record and his workings with scientists and researchers alike, he has done some amazing things, no doubt about it and the author is happy to go into great detail of just some of Geller's successes.

Undoubtedly the part of the book that so angered me concerned those maestro's of science, those unsung heroes who really and truly had ideas above their station, brought down to earth by pitiful so called scientists who not only knocked their ideas into touch, but in most cases destroyed the lives and relationships with others. I kid you not; these guys were cruel beyond the pale. First to get the treatment by these so called scientists was Dr Franz Anton Mesmer. Now I only thought this guy was involved with hypnotism, (how wrong was I) There is sooooooooooo much more to Anton Mesmer than I ever 'could' realise. His work in animal magnetism his working in finding out what this 'force' was (he called it 'fluidum') was kicked into touch by his peers at this time, King Louis XVI being the main protagonist. Probably the most damage done to any entrepreneur was done to William Reich. It even angers me to read my notes that I've written into the pages of the author's book to refer to. Again I didn't know half of what William Reich was all about and I urge each and every one of you reading this book to BUY this book and find out all about the trials and tribulations of William Reich. The author, Thomas Walker has done a marvellous job of showing you how clever and gifted a man William Reich was. The great tragedy for William Reich wasn't just the fact that Nazi Germany burned all his books, nor that the Russians did the same, no siree, forget all that. To illustrate this point I'm going to directly refer to the author's own paragraph, here is what he wrote.

"No in 1956 the confiscation of Reich's work was taking place, not at the hands of a Hitler or Stalin, but in the last country on Earth where you'd expect such a thing to happen. That's right, the land of the free and the home of the brave, that flag waving, apple pie eating bastion of free speech, history's model of democracy, all red, white, and blue. Reich's books were being burned in the US. Of A."

Seriously folks, buy this book see what would have happened if someone somewhere had have sat up and taken notice of what William Reich had to offer to the world. That's all I've got to say in the matter, it sickens me to the pit of my stomach what these so called professional academic men of wisdom have to say and do to people like William Reich. Bastards. (I make no apology for writing that) Let's repeat William Reich's work, especially his Orgone device and Orgonoscope.

The author then takes a look at Alternative Medicines and the energy that he constantly refers to in his book and how it's applied to healing. The author tells us that a U.S. study back in 1997 showed quite clearly that visits to complimentary alternative medicine practitioners were almost TWICE that of people visiting normal high street practitioners. The work of Dr Bernard Grad is looked at (too much to go into here) but boy is it interesting, as is the similar work done by Dr John Zimmerman, remember these guys these are names you 'will hear' again.

The author then looks at harmonics, vibration frequencies and how cell autonomy can be affected by the appliance of vibrations. The work of Dr Royal R. Rife is looked at. He invented what he called a 'Rife Ray Beam' which affected and reduced bad bacteria (amoungst other things) Of course the knockers, the, 'we can't have that brigade' stepped in and rubbished Rife's work. Oh don't get me started! When you look at what Rife did with the cancer patients in this book and he still took flak, well........

The author then looks at the power of prayer and what the power of thought has done in recorded studies of animals and plants and also the dramatic affect that prayer has had in reducing bacteria growth etc, amazing stuff, read it all here.

Let me give you a classic 'for instance from those wonderful closed minded scientists, take this quote that the author mentions in his book, this quote will give you an idea at what our visionary scientists have to put up with. The quote is in reference to the ingenuity of one Thomas Edison when he developed the light bulb, he had finally cracked it and wanted to show the world (and why not!) Here is what one professor had to say about Edison who was wanting him to attend his upcoming demonstration.

"I need to protest on behalf of 'true science' and that Edison's work on the light bulb was a conspicuous failure, trumpeted as a wonderful success. A fraud upon the public." Professor Henry Morton.

And you know what folks; this guy just stayed around the next block from the demonstration a matter of minutes away. Don't you just love these know it all scientists who say that there is nothing else for us to know or learn. Dear oh dear of dear.

But you know what, and I'm sure you (my dear reader) will agree with me on this one.

What would happen to the gas companies, the oil companies if someone came up with an idea that would revolutionise the very concept of heat and travel, what do you think would happen to that inventor who would threaten to take away their jobs by his new idea, take away their companies their livelihoods all because he or she had trialled and proved that his idea would do away with petrol etc that you could run your cars and vans on a simple and yet effective alternative substance? That's right, he or she would be laughed out of court, he would be shunned, accused of misleading results etc etc, the list is endless. Well again this chapter is a cracker and goes to town on the very concept that this has actually happened (buy the book to find out more you ain't getting it here!)

There is soooooooo much in this book that I loved, even the part about WHY do people, even when presented with the evidence before their very own eyes, still REFUSE to believe what they are looking at! WHY, the evidence is there WHY! Well you know what, the author tells you why and it's not a theory either, (again buy the book)

In the Afterword, the author nails his colours to the mast about what he believes about all the aforementioned, all I'll say is, he is a man after my own heart.

Look the simple fact of the matter is, this is a 'blinder' of a book it's a terrific work that deserves to be in every single home on the planet from Bombay to Blackpool. I just cannot speak highly enough of this book. No book in twenty years has moved me, has tested me, has taught me, has introduced me to the fact that wherever man's ingenuity in science brings forth new paradigms they should be looked at studied with compassion and a sense of honesty, not hostility. It beggars belief that we, humankind can be so narrow minded to new adventures in science. Are we still using the same mobile phone that we did back in 1998? No, of course we're not, science has progressed pushing boundaries beyond the ken. Don't get me wrong folks; I'm not so naïve to accept that all inventors and forward thinkers are the real deal, of course not. But to put all these wonderfully free thinking men and women into the same category of quacks and fools, well that is not being scientific.

Ladies and gentlemen, science 'WILL' always progress no matter who tells you we know it all. All I would ask is for the oil and gas companies, and 'some' scientists to STOP being so closed minded, look ahead, look forward, clear your mind there is so much more for us to learn.

This then is a classic book; a book that I'm proud to say is definitely in my top 6 books that I have ever read. I could easily lose my voice in shouting how good this book is. All I'll say is this, you owe it to yourself to buy and read this book, and when you do, sit back and be prepared to be catapulted into a world where not everything is so plain and simple as it seems. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Malcolm Robinson,
Strange Phenomena Investigations. (1979)