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The UFO Experience Reconsidered: Science and Speculation by Rob Mason

Rob Mason attempts to reduce UFOs to science. Unlike many books on this subject, even the speculations of this book have a scientific basis.

Mendocino, California—March 15, 2008—This book was inspired by, and is loosely based on The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry (1972) by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Dr. Hynek’s book is generally considered to be the most influential book ever written about UFOs but much has happened since 1972. This new book not only brings us up-to-date, but extrapolates on current science whenever possible. The book is published by Schooner Moon Books of Mendocino, California.

The UFO Experience Reconsidered: Science and Speculation offers perspectives in three basic categories: natural causes, domestic technology, and alien technology. But perhaps more importantly a new way of looking at the phenomena is proposed that has been largely overlooked by other authors, and which finds itself at home in any of these three possibilities.

The reader will not find discussions of government cover-ups or conspiracy theories, accounts of abductions, or metaphysical and supernatural hypotheses. However, not excluded are speculations about possible alien visitations, what alien technology might be capable of, or what the distant future might hold. Rob Mason wrote The UFO Experience Reconsidered: Science and Speculation as his personal adventure of the mind which is why it is written in the first person. Recollections and research are inserted where deemed appropriate.

About The Author: Mr. Mason brings to his writing the multiple perspectives gained from a diverse working and personal history. He is a graduate of Oregon State University and was for many years a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of California. He also spent over twenty years as a professional artist, and a number of his works are reproduced in this book. This is his second book.

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The UFO Experience Reconsidered : Science and Speculation by Robert L. Mason

First printed: December 2007 6 x 9  soft cover  168 pages   ISBN: 978-0-6151-9045-7

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