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Volume 3

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Here’s what you get on Volume 3:

THE ROSWELL ANNOUNCEMENT ON ABC RADIO: This is the original announcement of the famed Roswell, NM crashed disc made by ABC Network Radio news anchor Taylor Grant on July 8, 1947. You may have heard an edited version of this announcement before, but this is a completely un-edited transfer from the original acetate recording of the live news program. This recording is followed by excerpts from an interview with Col. Thomas DuBose, former assistant to General Ramey who initiated the cover-up by switching the debris of the actual crash for pieces of a downed weather balloon before reporters and photographers were allowed to see the wreckage. Dubose CONFIRMS the cover-up in one typically terse military statement in a recording made just before his death in the late 80's. Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol 3.

TIMOTHY GOOD: One of Britain's finest and most-respected UFO researchers is Timothy Good, author of such classic UFO books as "Above Top Secret" and "Alien Contact." On June 19, 1991 Good made a rare live radio appearance on "Into The Night" a popular radio program hosted by Nicky Campbell on England's National Radio One. This is a truly no-nonsense discussion of the world-wide state of UFOlogy in the post-Vietnam era. An excellent learning tool. $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

THE SEARCH FOR THE SAUCERS: An early report produced by the ABC Radio Network in late 1947. It's interesting to compare this production with the CBS Radio report featuring Edward R. Murrow on "UFO's, Aliens & Abductions Volume 1. While CBS approached the report with a mostly un-biased and serious take, this program is replete with the usual snide comments about alcohol, bad dreams, and even a reference to Martian deejays! UFO-mania swept the country in the summer of 1947 and this program manages to capture the social attitudes of the time provoked by the sightings. $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

BILL DONOVAN ON NICAP: 1966 radio interview with Bill Donovan of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). He discusses misidentifications vs. valid sightings, pilot reports, Air Force restriction of publication of sightings by military personnel (and even commercial pilots,) and a discussion of foreign sightings (Russia, Chile, and Argentina) and how they're handled by their respective governments. Donovan then goes into James McDivitt's sighting of a "bogey" during his Gemini IV space flight anda discussion of changing geographic patterns on the moon and the possible use of the moon as a defense base either by the US or Russia and the 1955 statement by Gen Douglas McArthur that "the next war would be interplanetary." $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

NASA RECORDINGS: Actual except from a NASA log tape of astronaut Frank Borman's encounter with an unidentified flying object, or "bogey", during the flight of Gemini 7, followed by a short transmission from a flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery wherein an astronaut refers to the observance of an "alien space craft." While these two recordings are real, they're followed by a re-enactment of a radio exchange between Apollo astronauts sighting landed UFOs on the Moon. Badly-acted and obviously faked, some say this recording is a re-enactment of an actual event--others insist that it was put together by our government or debunkers either as a "smokescreen" to draw public attention away from the REAL recordings or as a training device. By "leaking" it to the media, the public would confuse the real and the faked recordings and dismiss them both as fakes. Gemini astronaut Gordon Cooper also about spotting a UFO in the process of landing at Edwards Air Force Base. Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol 3.

THE REPORT ON THE ALIEN CLAW: Dr. Roger K. Leir, famous for research on so-called "alien-implants" discusses results of DNA testing of a “claw” recovered from an alleged alien abduction case in which photos were taken of the abductors!. Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3

LONG JOHN NEBEL'S "THE FLYING SAUCER STORY": Features the actual voices of early contactees as well as researcher/authors Frank Edwards and Maj. Donald Keyhoe. Before there was Art Bell there was Long John Nebel, pioneer of all-night talk radio on New York's WOR. And before there were abductees--people taken aboard UFOs against their will, there were contactees--who quite willingly stepped aboard flying saucers regularly to commune with their space brothers. Thus it's been said that the only difference between a contactee and an abductee is consent. And as you'll hear from this 1966 recorded anthology of some of Long John's best and wildest UFO interviews, contactees like Daniel Fry, George Adamski, George Van Tassel and Angelo Andelucci took their saucer flights seriously and of their own volition! ) $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

PROF. ROBERT CARR ON UFO CRASH RETRIEVALS IN THE POST WWII ERA: This is an excerpt from the ONLY public lecture Prof. Carr ever gave. In it he discusses the famed Aztec, New Mexico crash in great detail, including descriptions of the bodies found within the landed craft. The lecture ends with an impassioned plea for the government to stop greeting UFO's "with guns drawn and bullets flying." While this is a sentiment that was echoed by many UFO researchers during the Cold War era, Prof. Carr's is particularly touching in its eloquence and its logic. In the Q&A session that follows the lecture, Prof. Carr discusses a second crash recovery from the same era in which bodies were also found. $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

YET ANOTHER NEW MEXICO CRASH: In 1963 in a small town north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a young nurse and an ambulance driver are called to the scene of a fatal accident by the New Mexico State Police. What they find there is not of this earth. She is "instructed" by the US military to forget the incident, but 40 years later, while watching TV she sees a report on starving children in 3rd world countries and she promptly "remembers" what the military brass told her to forget. She eventually is discovered by UFO researcher Budd Hopkins who shares the nurse's story and an actual recording of his interview with her in this lecture given to Ryan Wood's Majestic 12 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference held in Las Vegas in November of 2003. Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3.

GREG BISHOP ON PAUL BENNEWITZ: Paul Bennewitz became involved in a sequence of strange events that culminated in 1980 with recordings of strange electrical activities and films being taken of strange aerial phenomena rising out of the Sandia Military reservation. It's now known that when AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) got wind of Bennewitz, they fed him a string of disinformation that ultimately convinced him that there was a war between good and bad aliens, aliens were killing humans, and that the aliens were out to get HIM. Bennewitz ended up in hospital with a mental collapse--he died in June of 2003. In this lecture, given in Nov 2003 in Las Vegas, Greg Bishop takes us to the deserts of Dulce to tell what is known of Paul Bennewitz's story. Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3.

SPOTS BEFORE OUR EYES: While more-or-less factual, this overly-dramatic program provides an overview of the state of UFO research circa 1966 and contains some excellent sound bites from early-era kooks as well as serious researchers. $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

UNEXPECTED VISITORS AT AREA 51: Area 51, part of the highly secret Groom Lake development near Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, is a place where "captured foreign technology" is examined and back-engineered by the US military. This is an excerpt from a British news program on Groom Lake, which demonstrates some of the ways in which the government keeps the many secrets about Area 51... and what happens when you get too close! Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3.

THE GREENCASTLE, INDIANA INCIDENT: On October 9, 1951 at precisely 1:43PM a large floating craft "shaped like a flattened orange" was spotted by a Civil Air employee at Terre Haute Indiana's Hulman Municipal Airport. According to his report to Project Blue Book director Edward Ruppelt, the object traveled directly overhead, was the size of 50-cent piece held at arm's length, and traveled from horizon to horizon (east to west) in approximately 15 seconds! At the same time, a pilot flying into Paris, Illinois, reported an identical object hanging motionless at nearly the same altitude as his plane. After observing it for a few seconds, he pulled his plane into a tight left bank and headed directly toward the UFO. In this report from Gray Barker, one of the most famous of the early UFO researchers, we hear the story in detail. $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

THE SHERIFF’S CAR RECORDING: Undated recording made inside a patrol car (from an unidentified sheriff's department) while observing a UFO in response to citizen reports. You hear the officers' description of the object and the dispatcher's reaction (over the radio) and at one point, when the officers hold the radio microphone outside the cruiser's window, you can even HEAR THE UFO as it hovers overhead! . Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3.

A NEWSMAN VISITS NICAP: Formed in the early 50's, NICAP, The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, was the first major civilian organization to study the UFO enigma in America. This news feature was produced by WLEE Radio in Richmond, Virginia, and was broadcast in 1965. It features excellent excerpts from interviews with Richard Hall, then it's acting Director, and Communications Engineer Paul Dickey. Although civilian in nature the board of directors of NICAP was made up of quite a few high-ranking ex-military men. Years later, under the guidance of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, NICAP eventually became CUFOS or the Center for UFO Studies. CUFOS remains as the leading civilian UFO research organization in The United States. . $9.95 on 1 CD -- $12.95 on 1 Cassette -- “Also Available in UFO’s, Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3”

MAN MADE UFOs: This complete Long John Nebel radio program broadcast live in 1958 features a lively (and lengthy) panel discussion on man-made flying saucers; ranging from what the Nazis may (or may not) have had at the end of WWII, to what our best scientists were cooking up at the time. The distinguished panel features the famous naturalist and free thinker Ivan Sanderson; cybertechnician Ben Isquith; Hans Stefan Santeson, editor of Fantastic Universe Magazine; science fiction writer Lester Del Rey; Ben Ahman, then a US representative of a Swedish newspaper; and Vyacheslav Vawalishcin a former Soviet military officer who sometimes speaks through his translator Jim Runyon. From the Swedish "mystery rockets" to the Avro "flapjack" this is great nuts-and-bolts "saucery!" Only available in UFO’s Aliens & Abductions Vol. 3.

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Most of the recordings have been conveniently divided into 5-10 minutes segments to allow easy review and selective listening. Digital enhancement has been used to help make older recordings more listenable.

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