UFOs and the National Security State

Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973

[Revised Edition]

Richard M. Dolan

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This is a thorough historical analysis of the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon. Getting past the official pronouncements on the one side, and unprovable assertions on the other, this study gathers together the facts that are known, providing a concise yet comprehensive narrative that gets to the heart of the matter: that the military and intelligence community take UFOs very seriously, despite their public statements about the matter.

Preface of UFOs and the National Security State, revised edition:

When I originally undertook to edit this book for its release by Hampton Roads, I believed it was perhaps too long and intimidating for many readers. Therefore, I decided to tighten the book throughout, eliminate some redundancies of description, and shorten it by about 150 pages.

The result has been both less and more than I expected. As for length, this new edition is only shorter by about fifty pages, but it has several changes from the original that make it substantially different. Every chapter has been edited, although the bulk of the changes are in the first half of the book. The most significant are:

Some paring down of non-UFO-related activities by the American military and intelligence apparatus. This is not complete by any means, and certainly enough remains to place UFO policies and activities within an appropriate context.

Streamlining and clarification of the crash at Roswell; more thorough analysis of the Maury Island and MJ-12 controversies.

More complete analysis of some documents from late 1947, including a correction regarding the Schulgen Memo and a better study of the "Soviet angle."

Expanded coverage of the Mantell case of 1948, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Thomas Townsend Brown, and anti-gravity research from the 1950s.

Improving footnoting so as to cite primary documents whenever possible. Not having done this adequately the first time had been a major regret.

Throughout, I took the opportunity to improve organization whenever possible, add new and relevant information, and always keep the reader's best interest in mind.

Richard M. Dolan
Rochester, New York, 2001
Website: http://keyholepublishing.com/


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