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A 4-Disc Collection Featuring The Best Unsolved Mysteries Segments about UFO's
Introduction by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer
Audio Commentary for select episodes by series Producers/Creators/Directors
Behind the Scenes: The 150th Solve
A Special Tribute to Robert Stack
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5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Original 4:3 Full Screen Format

Investigate the most shocking and mysterious stories of our time in this collection of the Best Of Unsolved Mysteries--UFOs. Dozens of crop circles-up to 100 feet across-are being carved in the countryside. Are they a freak of nature, or UFO landing pads? Did life on Earth begin on Mars? A startling new theory emerges! Roswell and Area 51…UFO or Government cover-up? Judge for yourself as host Robert Stack takes you behind the scenes of these and other best of the unexplained alien encounters

UFOs includes 26 segments including: Allagash Abductions, Crop Circles, Nazca Lines, Vancouver Lights, Roswell, UFO Healing, Missing Time, Face On Mars, Wheatfields Visitations, Live on Mars, The Blob and UFO Odyssey and many more…

Disc 1

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BENTWATERS UFO - Bentwater, England, while on routine patrol Air Force officer Sgt. John Burroughs saw lights flash in Rendlesham Forest. A team of UFO searchers investigated- giving one of the most credible sightings to date.

ALLAGASH ABDUCTIONS - Four men camping in the Allagash Wilderness are some of the hundreds who believe they were abducted by aliens. While boating on a wilderness lake, all four saw an immense blue-white light above them. Their next memory is being back on shore, several hours later, with no idea what had happened. Elaborate hoax? They swear it's true, and all four passed polygraph exams.

CROP CIRCLES - Recently, a number of unusual crop circle formations have been discovered in Canada. Are they the work of pranksters…. or something unexplained?

PHOENIX UFO - A strange "V" formation of lights appeared in the night sky over Phoenix and Flagstaff and was captured on videotape. The Air National Guard tried to say it may have been a squadron of A-10 attack planes but witnesses compare tape of each and dispute this finding. They believe it was a UFO.

NAZCA LINES - Peru's Nazca Plateau, a one hundred square mile area, contains hundreds of ramrod straight lines that converge in geometric perfection, and giant figures formed by single continuous strokes have been inexplicably etched into the earth. Many think they were etched thousands of years ago, by alien visitors.

MEXICO UFO - Since the last total solar eclipse in July of 1991, there have been thousands of UFO sightings throughout Mexico. Many people claimed to have seen a silver metallic disc with dark underside, three shining lights and undulating dome.

VANCOUVER LIGHTS - Canadian housewife Dorothy Izalt has seen and photographed a series of bizarre lights that appear in the skies above her home. She believes they are UFO's attempting to communicate with her.

Approx Disc 1 Run Time, 152 mins

Disc 2

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ROSWELL - In 1947, Rancher Mac Brazel claimed to have found crashed UFO on his land. Strange looking wreckage had mysterious markings resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics. Evidence suggests government/military officials removed evidence and covered up the incident retracting press announcement of findings. Since the 1947 Roswell Incident a new eyewitness account suggests that in 1947 the Army did, in fact, recover bodies of alien beings.

ROSWELL/AREA 51 CONNECTION - 600 miles West of Roswell is the secret military installation called Area 51, clearly visible nearby ridge but unmarked on any map.It is allegedly a site where experimental aircraft are tested, but some have reported objects in the sky resembling UFOs. A former employer claims that an alien space craft, measuring 53 feet in diameter, is stored there.

HUDSON VALLEY UFO - Over a three year period, thousands of residents reported sighting enormous, wedge-shaped light formations they believe were UFOs. However, some claimed it was nothing more than stunt pilots playing tricks. Videotape footage from two different sightings seems to corroborate both hypotheses. While they disagree on some details of what they saw, one thing is clear: it was unearthly.

BELGIAN UFO - Over 3,000 reported sightings of alien craft, including pilots of the Belgian Air Force, who recorded the dramatic, otherworldly movements of the strange craft. Movements that could not have been performed by any aircraft from Earth.

FALCON LAKE UFO - Stephen Michalak was always extremely skeptical about UFOs until a mysterious, other-worldly aircraft visited him, leaving a bizarre pattern of scars on his torso. Doctors have been unable to explain the origin of the burns or to diagnosis his unusual, unique symptoms, which resemble radiation poisoning.

UFO HEALING - Lynne Plaskett was diagnosed with T?cell lymphoma, an extremely rare form of cancer, and was given three months to live. According to her, visitors from another planet levitated her, surrounded her by eight-inch disks, and cured her.

Approx Disc 2 Run Time, 157 mins

Disc 3

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AUSTRALIAN UFO - Pilot takes off and disappears from the radar. His last transmission "It is hovering and it is not an aircraft" leads people to think he saw a UFO. Other eyewitnesses confirm the sighting of a strange airborne vehicle that looked like a UFO.

MISSING TIME - Researcher Bud Hopkins has investigated over 200 accounts of "missing time", people who believe they were abducted by UFO's and subjected to genetic experimentation by their abductors. Their accounts are chilling, and very believable.

SOCORRO CLOSE ENCOUNTER - Lonnie Zamora, a Socorro police officer, saw a UFO while chasing a teenager into the desert. When it was investigated, they found indentations and burn marks from the spaceship. Zamora is a respected member of the community and to this day is still convinced of what he saw.

KECKSBURG UFO - 1965, Kecksburg, PA residents observed fiery object streak through sky & fall to earth. Military investigated quarantined area while officers secretly removed the object from the earth. It was said to be 9' long, bronze colored, shaped like an acorn with unusual symbols.

TEXAS UFO - While driving on Texas highway, three people spotted a fiery UFO. They suffered radiation burns but the military reported nothing strange in area that night, denying responsibility to any medical problems they might have suffered from the exposure. Subsequently, one of the witnesses died from cancer.

FACE ON MARS - Photographs beamed to Earth from the Voyager space probe seem to depict 3 faces & a series of pyramid?like formations on the surface of Mars.One of the faces is a match for the face on the Sphinx in Egypt. Are they natural phenomena, or the work of intelligent life forms?

Approx Disc 3 Run Time, 160 mins

Disc 4

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MEN IN BLACK - If you ever report that you've seen a UFO, you may be visited by the "Men In Black". Who are they and do they exist? These accounts by eyewitnesses are disturbing evidence that the "Men in Black" that were spoofed in the movie actually exist. And that there is nothing funny about them.

CANADIAN UFO - Shortly after a UFO sighting is reported, a mysterious videotape emerges depicting the event. Researchers believe it is the real thing, but are baffled as to who sent the tape, and where UFO is from.

WHEATFIELDS VISITATIONS - Since 1970 Southern England has been the site of more than 750 perfectly formed and unexplainable circles in fields of wheat and corn. Some believe they may be connected to nearby Stonehenge monoliths and the appearance of unexplained lights in the nighttime sky. UPDATE: Since story aired, more than 500 new circles have appeared.

LIFE ON MARS - Possible evidence of life on Mars found in a meteorite, only the 12th meteorite from Mars found on Earth. 4.5 billion years old, it predates life on earth by 1 billion years, and within it, some say, are the fossilized remains of micro-organisms.

INTERCEPTORS - Some aviation researchers believe that a new generation of sophisticated military aircraft is being developed, using mind-boggling technology. Some speculate that the technology for such an aircraft may have been come from alien technology.THE BLOB - Six times, over a three week period…blob-like droplets of strange, gelatinous goo fall on the town of Oakville, Washington, leaving dozens of residents ill with flu-like symptoms and several pets and animals dead. Noone could determinehow the goo, containing two types of bacteria and other living cells, fell from the sky.

UFO ODYSSEY - From 1987 to 1990 a wave of UFO sightings have fascinated small community of Wytheville, VA, but nearby Langley Air Force Base will not investigate. One citizen, Danny Gordon, continues researching and his life has changed because of it.

Approx Disc 4 Run Time, 144 mins

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