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Issue 10
January 1999

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
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Jimboomba, Queensland CE-2 Event

Original Report as posted on Skywatch International:

Harry Mason

National UFO Hotline Australia


UFO Sighting Report # 18,971/5=10-12-98


Harry Mason

Defense and Intel Liaison Officer

Defense Intelligence Department

WA Section

HM = Interviewer (Perth WA: 08-9525-5999) - notes taken by phone on 10-12-98 night - about 2 hours after incident (began at 10.55pm Qld time) at 12.30am Qld time, (10.30pm WA time) - Observers rang Ross Dowe at National UFO Hotline on his mobile phone to offer sighting report - Ross could not hear them due to noise on mobile telephone line. Ross immediately informed HM who rang them 15 minutes later from WA to get report. Their house telephone Line free of noise at this time = 12.30am Queensland time on 11-12-98 (= 10.30am WA time on 10-12-98) - see below for details of telephone interference before, during, and after event.

(NB. HM Impressed by geniuses and apparent honesty of witnesses - they were still somewhat "hyper-agitated" over sighting!)

Witness requested anonymity from public release of their names and personal contact details but serious accredited researchers can apply to HM for this info.

Observer Location = Jimboomba, Queensland, Eastern Australia (some 40km. south of Brisbane at 153Deg 03Min East, 27Deg 50Min South)

[NB. The four observers promised to each draw object and fax to interviewer this weekend.]

[NB. Ipswich RAAF base is located 38km Northwest of Jimboomba.]

Event Date/Time = 10-12-98 @ 10.55pm Queensland Time (8.55pm WA Time)

Duration of Sighting = some 20 minutes.

Nature of Event: -

The three observers saw a big intense orange-red glowing upside down soup bowl or hemispheric light in the east (towards sea) at about an 65 Deg elevation which then moved towards them and rose in fluid fashion vertically above them whilst hemisphere changed colour to intense bright red (similar colour to setting sun). They could look straight up at 90 Deg into the base of the brightly glowing "bulb" of red light, which was so intense it hurt their eyes.

Multi coloured lights (like clear house lights) then began to flash from a flat structure now visible on top of the red hemisphere (possibly the top structure rotated?). The red hemisphere or "bulb" was seen to be attached underneath and in centre of a huge sort of dark Boomerang cum Equilateral Triangle shaped wing-form (one of observers familiar with F117A and B2 stated object was similar but much bigger and definitely not one of those - more like a very big Jumbo Jet in size - but flew totally unlike any aircraft he had ever seen).

Object hovered stopped dead in the sky, or moved slowly and then at times rapidly, and all times fluidly, from location to location. Craft was at times surrounded by a sort of green haze and local air space near craft glowed with either intense green or white light at various times. Flashing multicoloured lights seen at times on the top large dark wing structure consisted of orange-red-green-yellow-blue-silver etc. and appeared to originate all over this top structure. Lower central orange-red hemisphere or "bulb" glowed intense red at times and at other moments was more orange in colour.

The three observers thought there were possibly small rotating red lights on both sides at front of flat wing structure with small white lights at triangle apexes. As object came down over the observers from the east it moved towards their southwest and flashed all over with multiple coloured lights and then began to glow with a green haze.

The now four observers (one woken up to see the show) observed the object lower with a bright green haze around it to about a 45 Deg elevation to their southwest. It then hovered dead in the sky. A bright pure white light haze was then emitted from the object and the space nearby and lit up the entire surrounding area and the ground. There was no light coming from the ground - it was all derived from the object and the air space near it.

Just after object passed overhead they heard a light dull humming swishing noise - otherwise no noise in most of event. One observer remarked it was unlike a normal plane where sound preceded object. In this case sound followed it's movement and there was NO sound as it moved towards them or whilst it maneuvered - only when it stopped or went directly over and past them could they hear the dull hum.

The object then moved from it's location to their southwest and went around them to their south and thence back to the east (i.e. it did not approach Ipswich RAAF base which lies some 38km. to their northwest and 35km wsw of Brisbane). As it moved east it started flashing blue-red - possibly spinning? The base "bulb" began to pulse and flash blood red and the top lights flashed multicolours - all simultaneously. The object moved slowly for some time then it picked up speed dramatically fast and disappeared from sight in dark cloud to the east from whence it had come.

There was no rain, no lightning or any storm of any kind before during or after the event that night, but it was cloudy to the east.

Their mobile phone was useless from just before they first saw the object for about one hour - well after object had left the area. The mobile phone just emitted intense static with a highly disturbed signal. The house phone was also useless for about 45 minutes during the incident and after, and emitted a very loud crackling noise for the 45 minutes of down time. NB Ross Dowe confirmed that whilst they rang him with their mobile it was impossible to hear them clearly due to intense static - he could just make out their phone number - this was about one hour after their UFO-light event had finished. They claim not being able to contact anyone by either mobile or house phone for nearly one hour after the event. They finally were able to reach the RAAF who gave them Ross Dowe's number.

They had their own electric lights off with no TV or radio or electrical appliances on during the event. They were finishing up their evening with candles on the verandah. Neighbours electric lights appeared to be unaffected during the entire event. They do not know what happened to TV and Radio transmissions during the event.

Whilst the object was around the township of Jimboomba the neighbourhood dogs were going berserk barking and howling and their own dog was "very frisky". The event put the hairs up on their own necks during the close overflight.

The interviewer detected no symptoms of alcohol or narcotics in each of the observers - over the telephone interview. Each person independently interviewed and each verified general aspects of entire event.

NB. Similar events involving huge "BFT's", or reports of very large Manta-Ray/outfolded "Rose Petal" or "Daisy Petal" black winged craft with many lights were reported beginning 4-Dec-98 City Beach Perth WA, 7-Dec-98 Melbourne Victoria. 10-Dec-98 Darwin NT, 10-Dec-98 North Queensland. These are currently being investigated and will be reported as soon as all facts are in. Some events are at night, others by day, some clear skies, some in electrical storms, and some in cloudy conditions.

No military maneuver known to be in progress - but this is being checked. NB somewhat similar electrical events in North Queensland previously attributed to US Military Exercises and use of EM blanketing device from Stealth aircraft?

Conclusion: Event represents Danger to Australian Airspace and Civilians

Recommendation: Inform Canberra Dept. Defense and Relevant Air Traffic Authority officers re BLT event series and request discussion.

Best Regards, Harry Mason

Our Conclusions - pending further investigation:

Robert Frola


A UFO Investigator who lives on the outskirts of Jimboomba said there was no jumbo size UFO over the town ship on the night of the 10.12.98. She stated that while driving home from dinner at 10.55pm she saw aircraft lights in the clouds, and may have mistaken them as a UFO. But it was definitely a plane she saw. It had big landing lights and was flying through the clouds. Contacted RAAF Amberley, whose response was that if indeed an object was observed on radar, that low over a town for a period of 20 minutes, they would have investigated this anomaly. There was no military maneuvers and only civilian activity that evening. As with power blackouts/brownouts, they are quite common around the area and happen often.


26.06.96 Milton, NSW 0530hrs (CE1)

(Source: Diane Harrison, e-mail: The Keith Basterfield Network 02.10.98)

Her home at Milton NSW (Just north of Ulladulla) is approx. 3km from and 150 metres higher than the ocean, and faces east. At 5.30 AM She was woken by her cat and got up to let him out. At eye level out over the ocean at approx. 3½ km distance she saw "many" (more than 5) bright amber lights playing around a larger amber light. The smaller lights were pea size and the larger was tennis ball size. Some small ones arrived and others departed over a period of 30 minutes. Finally a very large, dark, hat shaped, dinner plate size object descended vertically into view and the larger amber light started flashing signals at it. In response, a ring of multi coloured lights came on around the rim of the large dark object. The large amber object then flew into it and disappeared. The large "mother ship" then angled its right hand edge up to about 45 degrees. while maintaining stationary position and soon after the smaller amber lights also flew into it and disappeared and the large craft ascended vertically until indistinguishable among the stars. Mrs. Y says she experienced no lost time or had any period of strangeness during the period of the sighting and does not believe an abduction was involved. (Brad Mildern)

12.10.98 Nowra, NSW 2300hrs (NL) **UPDATE**

(Source: Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup Vol.3, No.42 19.10.98. & Diane Harrison, e-mail: The Keith Basterfield Network 31.12.98)

On Monday, October 12, 1998, just before 11 p.m., a 31-year-old housewife went outdoors at her home about 6 kilometers (3 miles) from Nowra, New South Wales, Australia and spotted a group of UFOs in tight formation flying low toward the south. The house is in a rural area with only one dirt road from Nowra to Sassafras and on to Braidwood. Nowra is on Australia's eastcoast about 180 kilometers (108 miles) south of Sydney. The UFOs appeared to be at 35 degrees elevation and hovered there before moving south again. The witness said they only had a visible shape when using the binoculars but appeared to be as large as a 5-cent piece at arm's length when using them. They were bell-shaped with a white or bluish-white light at the top, quite steady. They appeared 'translucent, like a jellyfish' and displayed multi-coloured flashing lights around the sides in no recognizable pattern. Central underneath was a steady bluish glow. When they came back toward the farm, they wove about in the sky about 6 to 8 kilometers southwest of her property, where they stayed for about twenty minutes and appeared to be flying erratically, 'like a conductor's baton or a ballet dance.' Just after 11:30 p.m., they flickered off to the west-northwest, dipping behind some trees. Brad Mildern of Paradox UFO Group, which covers Batemans Bay, investigated the case. Commenting on the Nowra UFOs, Ufologist Diane Harrison said, "Description reminds me of the photos from Gulf Breeze." (Brad Mildern)

01.12.98 Brisbane, QLD (St Lucia) 2000hrs (NL)

(Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland, 03.12.98)

"Lisa & I had just finished our touch football game at St Lucia University (field No 7). As we walked back across the field towards our car, we observed the object just above the tree line heading west of the city in a slightly downward motion. It looked to me, from the size and position in the sky, that its location would have been between us and Brisbane City. Its speed was much, much faster than any plane I have ever seen. I know what meteors look like and this was no meteor...Its colour was almost flourescent bright green, not just in places but the whole entire object. (Personal Investigation)

14.12.98 Katherine, NT (NL)

(Source: Northern Territory NEWS "UFO Sighting's on the rise: expert Says" by Maria Billias 14.12.98 & Keith Douglass Credit: Diane Harrison, e-mail: The Keith Basterfield Network 18.12.98)

UFO reports in the Territory have increased astronomically, with the latest Sightings occurring in Katherine yesterday morning. UFO Researcher Keith Douglass of Unidentified Flying Objects Research, Alice Springs, yesterday said UFO sightings were reported to him every two or three days. And he said reports had soared, not just in the Territory, but all over the world. Mr Douglass said: "It's bigger than anyone could imagine. "UFO sighting is on the increase because it's becoming more acceptable not to be called an idiot."

"A lot of people are seeing them in the Territory especially, with strange lights being reported on average every tow or three days". Mr. Douglass said the most recent sighting came from Katherine early yesterday morning, with two tennis-sized red ball illuminating the sky. He said: "I got the report from a couple of different people saying they were about 2-3km up in the sky and 2am". Mr. Douglass said, while he was unsure where these lights came from he firmly believed that they were not a hoax. He said: "I think there is something going on out there." (Keith Douglass)

14.12.98 Alice Springs, NT (Rapid Creek) 0210hrs (NL)

(Source: Diane Harrison, e-mail: The Keith Basterfield Network 18.12.98)

Warwick S said: "The time was 2.10am I had gone out side to have a smoke and enjoy the beautiful night/ early morning. I said a prayer, looked up and around the Milky Way that hung there in the sky. I saw a shooting star and then to my right a flashing light approaching, the lights caught my attention. At first I thought it was a plane as the Airport isn't far away. It flew past me slowly observing me and letting me observe them. It maintained the same speed around (5 km/h) and then flew out to sea."

Height: Around 20meters up, or a 3-story block of units in height. Objects lights: blue, red, yellow, and orange Duration: 10 min Shape: Oval with light through the middle of it How did you feel: Scared, excited, overwhelmed, spun out, and disappointed sort of because they didn't stop to chat. (Keith Douglass)

31.12.98/01.01.99 Brisbane, QLD (Woodridge) bet 2230-0030hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Network Hotline Number)

Over a period of three to four hours, a husband and wife, while relaxing on the back veranda of their home, sighted a number of unknown objects. The first was around 10.30pm on New Year's Eve. 3 objects were seen over the top of Mt Tamborine. Another lighted object was observed over Kingston. The next group of objects, (8 in number), were seen shortly after midnight. These objects were described as white balls of light with a red outer glowing rim. Looking through binoculars, the objects appeared to have flecks of light emanating from the circumference of the objects.

NOTE: RAAF Amberley had received numerous reports of similar objects. No military or civilian aircraft were flying in the area at the time of the sighting. The witnesses had contacted Ross Dowe after the RAAF Duty Officer of the day gave them his telephone number. Ross Dowe's explanation to the sightings: a meteor shower. Weather condition at the time: full cloud cover (1000-1500 feet), rain moderate to heavy. The meteor shower explanation seems ludicrous. Contacted authorities, which were involved with fireworks display. Objects do not fit the description of any fireworks they have in their inventory. Their suggestion: UFOs or meteor shower. A gentleman living in Wynnum contacted witness, being a CB/short wave enthusiast. He also same the same objects but over the bay.

They also recounted a sighting, which occurred on Christmas Eve. A red ball was seen over Middle Rd Greenbank area. This object traveled across the sky in a straight line, before going vertical, disappearing quickly through the clouds. (UFOICQ)

01.01.99 Brisbane, QLD (Forest Lake) bet 0030-0100hrs (CE1) (U/I)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Network Hotline Number)

While sitting under the back pergola, Mr. W and his wife sighted a triangular object, moving very slowly over the western horizon in a north to northwesterly direction. The object had a yellow orange glow about it. Through binoculars it was yellow on top and orange on the bottom. 15 minutes later, an identical object appeared and traveled along the same flight path. The witness, an ex-Vietnam vet, estimated the speed of the object to be around 80 to 90kph. No noise was heard. Both witnesses wear glasses. (UFOICQ)

Sources for this issue:
Keith Douglass,
PO Box 3205, Alice Springs, NT 0871
Brad Mildern, PO Box 255, Nowra, NSW 2541
UFOICQ, PO Box 805, Springwood, QLD 4127

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