AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 12
July 1999

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


1957 Brisbane, QLD (Camp Hill) (Unusual Phenomenon)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Peter recounted an incident that occurred when he was 18 years old at Camp Hill, Brisbane in 1957 after returning from a dance held at the Trades Hall. He and three of his friends, witnessed a ball of light suddenly appear at a council park at the bottom of a hill. It travelled up towards them at about three feet above the ground, passed them and then shot off steadily into the sky and disappeared. As the object passed them they could feel a lot of heat emanating from the object.

He also stated that friend who lived at Stones Corner, Brisbane, also witnessed an identical object during the day. It floated pass them, travelled down the street, before it ascended into the sky and disappeared. Robert Frola (AUFORN)

1994 Brisbane, QLD (Rochedale) 1400hrs (DO)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Peter called in response to the Brisbane Extra program about the daylight object videoed over Alice Springs. It reminded him of a sighting he had over Brisbane, five years ago 2pm on a Saturday afternoon.

He was attending a football Match his son was in at the Rochedale Football club. Peter and his wife were in the members lounge when his attention was drawn to an object high in the western sky over Toowong and Mt Coot-tha. It was silver in colour and stationary. He went outside to check if it wasn't a reflection on the glass by a car, only to find that the object was definitely real. He brought his wife's attention to it, the barman who served them and his son's girlfriend and her friends who were sitting outside.

After remaining stationary for about a few minutes the object suddenly shot left. Stopping suddenly, it remained stationary for another few minutes before it shot back to its original position. After a few minutes the object shot off and disappeared in seconds. Robert Frola (AUFORN)

08.01.98 Burnie, TAS 0440hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The first sighting for the year came from Burnie as our North West representative Andrew Mott visited two witnesses who had been watching a puzzling light in the north-eastern sky. A had woken up early about 4.40am and had gone to the front room for a cigarette. The room has a view out over the sea to the north. Almost at once A noticed a bright light to the north-east at about an elevation of 30 degrees. He said the light was 2 to 3 times the apparent size and brightness of Venus. The light had an elongated shape like a flattened oval, and pulsated with red on the top half and green on the lower. A called his partner to come and have a look at the object which remained in the same location for about 30 minutes. The sky was cloudy at the time of the sighting but the light only disappeared when heavy cloud covered that part of the sky. The witnesses watched the sky on subsequent evenings about the same time but could not locate anything of note in the north-east sky. Andrew Mott (TUFOIC)

18.01.98 Tunnack, TAS 0330hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Two very similar reports were investigated by the Centre from a Tunnack witness. On the first night it was rather warm and breezy and our witness had woken up about 3.30am. The tall bedroom window gives a good view of the western sky, and it was through this that T noticed on both occasions bright lights moving in from the north-west. The first sighting appeared like a bright ball coming down but then it levelled off and crossed his field of vision on a southerly path. The original light became two well separated lights, and the front one started flashing red before it disappeared. The lights did not seem that far away, the witness thought he could make out a domed or bubble type shape.

25.01.98 Tunnack, TAS 0130hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The second sighting some days later was a bit earlier at 1.30am with two well separated lights (too far apart to be aircraft) moving again from the north-west and away to the south. The first light had a red flashing light appear above it before it was lost from view. Both sightings lasted about a minute. The Centre went to great effort in tracking down any aircraft that could have been in the area. Contact was made with Air Traffic Control, Air Force, Australian and Overseas Airlines, even Emergency services such as Air Ambulances. However, all of this was to no avail as no culprit could be found for the mystery lights.

08.02.98 Midway Point, TAS 0200hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The Tall Ships departure from Hobart was a sail past on Sunday February 8th but two witnesses had other reasons to remember the day. Mr S and his daughter were returning home about 2am, following functions held for the Tall Ships departure. They were travelling up towards the crest in a street just a couple of hundred meters from home when they spotted a strange light. The bright red light looked nothing more than tennis ball in size but there the similarities ended. The light was travelling from their left to right across the road ahead at about 1 metre above the road. It was moving fairly fast but performing a series of erratic circles, loop the loops and arcs as it move to the southern side of the street. The light which was no more ten 10 to 15 metres in front of the car disappeared after some 10 seconds. It shot up the driveway to a block of flats and was obscured by the fence bordering the property.

As they drew alongside the driveway they expected to see something to account for the light but all was dark. This red light bears some resemblance to a sighting later in the year (May) at New Norfolk.

08.02.98 Bell Bay, TAS 0945hrs (DO)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The second case that day came from workers on the boundary of the Temco works at Bell Bay about 9.45am. The sighting was reported the following day in the Launceston Examiner. The witnesses noticed a large white cylindrical shape about 2k distant near Mt George. Moving quickly around this object in an erratic manner were three smaller objects. The larger object slowly hovered up then started to move south in an erratic manner, and at this stage the three smaller objects disappeared. The main object moved further south over Mt Direction before it ëtook offí into the clouds.

10.05.98 Bellerive, TAS 0200hrs (DO)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Miss L of Bellerive arrived home about 2am from her shift work. The night was calm and mild with a few clouds. She stopped in front of her home to scan the sky, a bright star caught her attention in the south-east over Droughty Point. As she watched it for several minutes it seemed to get larger and brighter taking on more of a yellow glow. Then much to her surprise the large light started moving to the right (west), it moved on a level path for about 30 seconds before being obscured by clouds in the southern sky.

Again the Centre made efforts to uncover possible aircraft movements in the area but were unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation. The Centre has taken the view (rightly or wrongly) that if an aircraft is in the area at the time of a sighting it is the most plausible explanation for what has been seen. Of recent years there have been a number of cases that appear to be due to aircraft but no one seems to know of any air traffic at the time concerned.

16.05.98 New Norfolk to Hobart, TAS 1915hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

May proved to be the most active month for unexplained events during 1998. A sighting at New Norfolk received a mention of one paragraph in the Hobart Mercury with the response being out of all proportion to the coverage. The initial case at New Norfolk on May 16th was of lights in the sky and a smaller red light (see Midway Point February) that moved about the garden. The witness had been working on a computer and had the lights turned down in the room. During a break in the work about 7.15pm she noticed some flashing lights out to the west in a gap between some poplar trees. When she noticed the lights were still there some 5 minutes later the witness felt a bit disturbed and telephoned her mother. She could now see a central red flashing light with a curved row of blue flashing lights beneath, and the lights covered an area nearly as wide as a full moon. As she talked on the telephone to her mother a red light appeared over the garden lawn. The ball-sized light moved about erratically over the lawn and driveway. Then the light came to within 10 m of the window the witness was standing at. She said to her mother something like ëItís coming to get meí. The light just went out. The lights in the sky seemed at their closest at this time, and the witness called the Airport (no answer). Then she found the Centreís number in the Directory. The lights had by now receded into the western sky and just faded from view. One of the Centreís members was in the area an hour after the sighting but could find no local explanation to account for the lights.

17.05.98 New Norfolk, TAS 1900hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The New Norfolk report was followed by a series of lights in the sky doing things they shouldnít. The following evening (17th May) at 7pm two Lauderdale witnesses noticed a star-like light rising in the eastern sky to about the 30 degree elevation. The light then became stationary in the sky alongside another bright star (probably Arcturus) it remained in this position changing colours from white to red to blue. The witnesses went inside briefly and when they returned outside the light was no longer visible although that part of the sky had become hazy with cloud.

18.05.98 New Norfolk, TAS (Black Hills) 2030hrs (CE-1)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Yet another report surfaced the next night (18th May) at about 8.30pm. This time the witnesses were at Black Hills some kilometres north-west of New Norfolk. Three members of a family noticed a half-moon sized oval pale light appear in the northern sky on three occasions. Twice the light just seemed to appear in the sky and move down. Then the third time it came from the north towards the north-west before returning quickly to the north, remaining there for 6 seconds before disappearing. The shape seemed to have a beam shining down below but it did not reach the ground.

21.05.98 Hobart, TAS (Kingston & Blackmans Bay) 1745hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Three days later yet another of those bright lights that should have been an aircraft was reported, but no-one had any record of movements in the area. Two witnesses this time reported the sighting (May 21st) at 5.45pm from Kingston and Blackmans Bay. Both witnesses talked of a large pink light in the western sky. The Blackmans Bay witness thought there was a white centre to the light. At first the light did not seem to be moving but then it went away on a level flight to the north-west. The Blackmans Bay witness felt the light went over the horizon whilst the Kingston motorist saw the light move away and fade into the distance. The Kingston witness who is a journalist had also been to a bomb-fire instruction night. he considered explanations such as rockets, flares etc: but discounted these as the light moved away across the sky rather than down towards the ground.

28.05.98 Snowy Range, TAS (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

After a short respite lights reports were back on May 28th, this time from two witnesses who noticed something over the Snowy Range. Initially the witnesses saw what they took to be a bright shimmering star just above the range.

The light seemed to move horizontally and vertically, astronomical explanations could account for these movements except that subsequent views of the sky and sky map printouts showed no stars in that location. One of the witnesses also noticed that the object was surrounded by separate orange/red dots which followed its pattern of movements.

28.05.98 Collinsvale, TAS 0200hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The monthís final call came on the 31st after a resident at Collinsvale had observed some strange areas of light on a nearby hillside. Mr C was lying in bed awake about 2am when he heard some noises outside his window. Looking out he noticed a possum. However, on the nearby hillside a series of flashes of light caught his attention. A series of large (100-150 m) rectangular areas of white light were appearing on or in front of a hill to his north. The light areas would appear for about a couple of seconds at a time. This went on for about two minutes before the light display stopped. C watched for some time after that but saw no more lights. The weather at the time was fine and clear. The location of the light was on a steep hillside covered with bush.

08.06.98 Devonport, TAS 2200hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Two sightings from the north of the state helped to widen the interest during June. The Centre admits that many cases from the northern half of the state probably go unrecorded. Maybe the new Australia wide UFO Network number may come into play?

Mr B of Devonport presented the Centre with a video he took on June 8th just after 10pm. The video which lasts several minutes shows two white lights slowly crossing the northern sky and moving away to the north-west. Mr B says he and a friend first spotted a single light at high elevation moving from south-east towards the north-west. B went inside to get his Sony Video camera with night vision. He located the light and commenced filming until it was fading away into the north-west. At no time did they see two lights. Upon playing the video they were surprised to see two lights in the field of view. One light appears below the other, moves beneath and up to the left, pulsing on and off as it moves. The two lights are then visible in the remaining shots as they move off well apart and changing position relative to each other. Mr B called Launceston Airport that evening and they in turn checked with Melbourne for air traffic in the area; there was none. There did not appear to be any satellite or astronomical explanations to account for the two lights.

19.06.98 Granton, TAS 1920hrs (CE-1)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

LYELL HIGHWAY SIGHTINGS. Following coverage in the local press our Derwent Valley representative Bill Kelly had a series of sightings reported from a small stretch of the Lyell Highway between Granton and New Norfolk. Being a resident in the town (New Norfolk) meant that Bill was on the spot to hear about sightings that otherwise could have gone unreported. As is often the case in UFO sightings it is not always possible to collect all the data that one uncovers. In one instance two separate sets of witnesses saw something over the Derwent River but only one group completed the sighting forms. Interestingly yet another case has come from the same area at the start of 1999.

The first sighting just north of Granton on the Lyell Highway occurred on June 19th at 7.20pm. Two separate witnesses sighted something over the river but the Centre was only able to obtain full details from Mrs S from New Norfolk. Initially a bright white ball was seen coming from the south and down the hills across the highway ahead of the witness. Mrs S said the object crossed the river towards Bridgewater where it then hovered. It had now changed its appearance more into a circle of light. The lower part looked to have 3 or 4 portholes or lights that were flickering red, whilst the upper part of the circle was a band of flashing blue and orange light. The witness who had the object in sight for about a minute continued on home and lost sight of the lights behind the car. An unconfirmed report of the same lights was received by the Centre. An object with a light going around it was seen out over the river, in the same area and about the same time. Bill Kelly (TUFOIC)

20.06.98 Granton, TAS 1930hrs (NL)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Mrs C was the next to report a sighting on the highway about 7.30pm the following evening (June 20th). A set of four large and three small red lights appeared to the rear of Mrs Cís car soon after she left the Granton road junction. The lights did not flash they just seemed to vary in brightness and were arranged in a horizontal line with the smaller lights in between. Mrs C though at first it could have been a police car, but she had seen no police cars on the road and none overtook her. The lights were obscured when the witness rounded a bend and nothing more was seen on the trip home. Mrs C reported witnessing a variety of lights action on subsequent evenings. A number of photographs were taken and some of these show lights in the night time skies. None of the photographs appear to be due to flaws or reflections. Bill Kelly (TUFOIC)

29.06.98 Launceston, TAS 0220hrs (CE-1)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

The Launceston case occurred at 2.20pm on June 29th. Again the witness (see the 08.06.98 Devonport TAS sighting) contacted Launceston Airport after the sighting but was advised there had been no aircraft in the area. N and J were travelling north out of Launceston city when they noticed a thin silver-grey horizontal cigar shape at a 45 degree angle in the northern sky. The shape stood out well against the clear blue sky. The witnesses kept the apparently stationary shape in view for about 2 minutes. Then a tree branch obscured their vision for a second and the cigar was no longer anywhere to be seen. The sighting was of interest to the Centre due to its similarity to sightings in that area in 1996.

23.07.98 nr. Granton, TAS 2030hrs (CE-1)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Miss R was travelling north just north of Granton when she noticed some lights hovering over the water on the west side of the Bridgewater Bridge. The witness took the lights to be on a helicopter as there seemed to be no movement during the few minutes the lights were in view. Three flickering lights were visible in line at the base of a dome area above. The clear area above was not clearly outlined. Miss R slowed her car down but did not stop so she was unaware of what happened to the lights. They were still over the river as she continued on her journey. Bill Kelly (TUFOIC)

24.07.98 nr. Granton, TAS 2230-2330hrs (CE-1)

(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

Once again there was a follow-up sighting on the following evening (24th). This time the sighting was between 10.30pm and 11.30pm. The witness (D) soon after passing Granton noticed what was taken to be a helicopter above the river and upstream from the witnessís location. D slowed down and pulled off the road, wound down the window but could not hear any sounds. D could see a steady red with yellow light but no discernible shape. The light was moving slowly up and down in front of a hill across the river near Dromedary. D watched for about 3 minutes and as nothing further occurred the witness set off for home. The light did not appear to move away but was still near the hill when the witness drove on. Bill Kelly (TUFOIC)

November 1998 Frankston, VIC 1220hrs (Identified - Flood light)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A bright light was reported that flicked on and off and was moving up and down. When the light was off, a bark object or out line could be seen. The caller was very intrigued about the light and how amazing it looked. His initial call was at 12.20am. He then called back at 12.45pm to inform me that upon looking at the light through binoculars, much to his embarrassment, it turned out to be a high flood light for a tennis court which seemed to be shorting. The night was a windy and very wintery for this time of year. This may have contributed to his false identification. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

14.11.98 Caulfield, VIC 2300hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Orange lights reported at 11.00pm heading towards Moorabbin. Sighting lasted about 5 minutes waiting for report. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

19.11.98 Frankston, VIC (NL) (U/I)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Bright light sighted while watched Leniod Meteor Shower. The light was described as similar to an aircraft but seemed to hover. It passed over the witness with no sound. The witness believes it may have been an aircraft of some sort but was still curious about its behaviour and having no sound. Waiting report. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

22.11.98 Melbourne, VIC (Meadow Heights) 2235hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A call was received at 10.35pm to report a strange light over Tullamarine Airport. The strange light was just hovering and then moved away and appeared as a series of lights in a crescent moon shape pattern. The light then disappeared. The sighting lasted for about 3 minutes. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

27.11.98 Melbourne, VIC (Sunbury) 1920hrs (DO)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A daylight sighting occurred at v 7.20pm over Subury area The witness described a ball type object travel across the sky at high speed. Planes for Tullamarine Airport could be seen under the object. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

11.12.98 Nunawading, VIC 2200hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Three strange lights were seen in the eastern sky at approximately at a 45 degree angle. Initially only one light was seen at 10.00pm, which looked like a bright star. Two other lights were seen, all three were moving from left to right. The lights did not move across the sky together they moved individually in different directions. When viewed through binoculars they appeared domed shaped. Stabilising the binoculars was difficult; however, blue lights could be seen on one side and red on the other. All three lights were still visible at 12.00am, the witnesses were no longer intrigued and went to bed. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

21.12.98 Melbourne, VIC (Laverton) 2210hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

An interesting sighting which was witnessed by two people on Saturday the 19th December 1998 the couple is husband and wife and they were driving along Sayers Road (Laverton) towards the city at about 10.10pm. To the right hand side of the road towards the Airforce base, the husband saw a yellow light shoot up from the tree line and explode like a firework. However, the main light was still visible which began to slowly dim. The light then became brighter and moved as if plotting a graph making a square pattern in the sky, it then moved off into the clouds and drifted away. The couple also noticed some planes lower to the ground than the object, but could not confirm if the planes were from the RAAF base if they were involved at all. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

14.01.99 Toorak, VIC 2300hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A caller reported a strange light travelling across the sky at 11.00pm on Thursday night. Upon speaking to the individual, who described the light as moving horizontal to the horizon I believe that the witness saw a very bright meteor? He could not give the elevation and only saw the light for about 6-7 seconds. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

17.01.99 St. Albans, VIC 0200hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

On Sunday morning at 2.00am the witness saw a triangular pattern of lights heading West towards Sydenham area. The lights were high in the sky and also viewed through binoculars. The caller could not tell if the lights were all single or if they were a part of one object. Through binoculars the lights appeared to be flaming and were very high in the sky. The length of the sighting lasted about 5 minutes. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

12.02.99 Perth, WA (nr.New Norcia) 0510hrs

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

UFORUM had a report at 5.10 am from a family travelling to Perth from the north-west, they were just north of New Norcia when they saw a white light behaving in erratic fashion and then disappearing. They also reported brief sighting of a red glow in the bush.

Later a man fishing in a dam some 120 Kms north of Perth with his girlfriend and her mother, sighted (1.15 am), a white light follow a zigzag pattern for approx. one and a half minutes. Then a woman in a suburb north of Perth reported an object that flew with a very loud wooshing sound low over her house. So loud in fact, that she was too alarmed to sleep for a couple of hours. She said it sounded "like a Scud missile". Mike Jordan (UFORUM)

18.04.99 Aritunga, NT (Animal Mutilation) (U/I)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A farmer 150 kms from Alice Springs out near Aritunga, called Keith Douglass to report the death of one of his horse. Keith said the farmer has lived in the area for many years and has never had an animal die in such a strange way. The farmer said there was no sign of the horse stumbling before its death has their should have been.

The farmer thought it was a little strange the horse was legs up and there was no sign of the horse having struggled because the ground was not disturbed at all.

The farmer reported the incident because of the UFO sighting which accured near his farm on April 18th 1999 when a photo was taken of an alleged UFO. Keith Douglass (AUFORN NT)

18.04.99 Newcastle, NSW 1843hrs (Identified - Hoax)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Penny H reported two separate glowing orange lights at 6.43pm high in the sky at Stockton, Newcastle one object appeared to be dropping material. The light source became dark after 20 minutes. The light source was not moving fast just floating in air. Anthony Clark (UFORNSW)

18.04.99 Newcastle, NSW (Stockton) 1851hrs (Identified - Hoax)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Raymond M reporting sighting of same lights at 6.51pm over beach at Stockton, Newcastle moving out to sea. The wind had been blowing from the West at the time of sighting.

At time I concluded that there was a high probability that the reported sightings were caused by garbage bag type devices. Anthony Clarke (UFORNSW)

23.04.99 Black Rock, VIC 2300hrs (CE-1)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Caller reports a strange luminous disk shape object towards the direction of Mordialloc. The object was seen when the witness was out with the telescope. It was present for at least 45 minutes and moved back and forth across the sky in an erratic pattern. It appeared to have a flat top with flashing lights on both sides. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

Late April 1999 Kyogle, NSW (NL)

(Source: Glennys Mackay MUFON QLD, 04.05.99)

Last week a report from Kyogle of a fast moving light across from East to North West sky it would seem the lady and her friend watched for some time thinking that it may be a meteorite only to find that it slowed down somewhat (ladies own words) then just dropped to the ground slowly - seemed to come down over the Kyogle area - she also said that the colours were bright - from green, red, white which flashed intermittently. Glennys Mackay (MUFON QLD)

26.04.99 Brisbane, QLD (Mt Nebo) (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Darrell said a very large object appeared in the sky size was, in between the size of the moon and a large star, my friend mate saw it and my neighbour. Colour: Bright orange, pulsating the object hovered for around twenty minutes the object moved towards them then it moved away. It travelled from A West to a north Westerly direction, we were looking almost north at it. We call RAAF Amberley I was told there has been nothing reported and nothing on radar. The object then moved toward Mt Glorious. Robert Frola (AUFORN)

31.04.99 Yarraman, QLD (NL)

(Source: Glennys Mackay MUFON QLD, 04.05.99)

At Yarraman Friday evening - group from Motor home club watched a bright light travelling from West to north east at approximately colour changed twice from blue to red, and after watching for approximately 8 minutes it then dissappeared (lights went out) there was no noise (If you stretched your arm out would have been about the size of large thumb nail) if you were trying to gauge the distance the witnesses were from the object. Glennys Mackay (MUFON QLD)

03.05.99 Adelaide, SA (Myponga) 1930hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

"I was sitting out side when I saw some lights travel across the sky horizontally to and just above the Adelaide hills, then they just disappeared. My boy friend said that they could have been shooting stars but they were travelling together (6 lights in a line) P.J. and they were travelling too slow? (time seen for 4-5 seconds) I couldn't work out what they were."S. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

10.05.99 Melton, VIC 1730hrs (Identified - Jupiter)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A bright light was observed in the western sky descending to the ground at 5.30pm leaving a trail behind it. It was seen for approximately 10 minutes before disappearing out of view. Upon receiving this call I suspected the planet Jupiter as it would be in exactly the same position described, however, the fact that it was descending below the clouds that is the issue. I still feel that Jupiter may have been the culprit as the clear skies over the Melton horizon can seem to play tricks to the untrained eye. Jason Cowland (AUFORC)

10.05.99 Melbourne, VIC 1930hrs (Identified - Venus)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Margaret says she saw a very strange looking star tonight. She said it was very large and low in the sky and she has not seen it before, in the north, north west.

This is one of many reports that VUFORS has received lately that has found to be due to Venus.

On the 10th of May at 19:30, Venus was at 310 degrees (North East) very low on the horizon (less than 10 degrees) when viewed from Melbourne.

Also, the Whitman Lightship traveled from Sydney to Melbourne over the weekend of 8th & 9th of May. It was illuminated during the evening and this also has generated some reports to VUFORS. The Lightship will be present in Melbourne for around a week before returning to Sydney. (This schedule is not firm). Tony Cook (VUFORS)

11.05.99 Canberra, ACT 2214hrs (Possible identified - Hoax)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Witness saw two strange objects in the sky.

Clare also received an independednt report of the same objects from another witness in the next suburb.

Clare's initial impression is that pranksters have been at work here - probably the old orange garbage bags with the light stick in it or something similar. The objects appeared 5 minutes apart, lasted for approximately 15 minutes, followed very similar trajectories and just seemed to fade out. Clare Williams (Independent)

12.05.99 North-east corner of SA (50km east of Marla Bore) 2100hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

"I was outside and caught sight of a huge orange fireball the size of a caravan or bigger 40 degrees up in the eastern sky that travelled down to the earth." Michael said that it could have been hundreds of kilometres away. He did not hear any noise at all, but it was that bright that it lit up the area like lightning does. His mate saw the flash but not the object.

The direction that he said it was sighted it could have been sighted by any of the following towns, perhaps? Anyone heard?

Oodnadatta S.A

Innamincka S.A

Quilpie QLD.

Charleville QLD

Roma QLD

Chinchilla QLD

Maryborough on the Eastern coast QLD

Duration: 1.5 to 2 seconds. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

22.05.99 Byron Bay, NSW 1300hrs (DO)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

"At 1pm on the 22nd May 1999 I was travelling home up the Pacific Hwy south of Byron Bay. When I observed a large cloud. It appeared normal until I viewed it through polarised sunglasses, the cloud then appeared to be lit from within. I could not see the sun behind the cloud, and I'm very sure it was not the sun. I observed it for approx 5-10 minutes the other clouds seemed to be moving as normal but this one didn't move the same, it was slow and seemed to have a light which was of a yellow multispectrum and diffuse as if a large yellow light bulb was inside it. I thought it strange so I called you guys." Robert Frola (AUFORN)

03.06.99 Sydney, NSW 1932hrs (Identified - Whitman's Balloon)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A large orange object was seen. Gary (UFORNSW)

06.05.99 Adelaide, SA (Elizabeth Park) 0445hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

"I went out side for a smoke (how many times have you heard that) and caught sight of a bright light about the size of a large strawberry at arms length at a hight of between 400-500 feet it was moving from side to side and up and down" Peter Johnson suggested that maybe it might have been a bright star and the movement an optical illusion. The witness flatly rejected this and said that his job required him to do drawings of furniture and that he was aware of optical illusions and that he would not make a mistake like that. Besides it was too big and too bright to be a star, and it then disappeared. Peter asked whether he had taken any photos of the object, he said that he did but he thought that because he only had an ordinary camera that he didn't think that it would show up very well. Peter said that if it did show up he would like a print.

He said that he rang Edinborough DOD Testing facility and RAAF Base which is in the direction of the light he said he saw and asked them if they had anything up at that time and got the predictable reply of no.

He also said that the light looked to be out over the gulf which made me wonder why he rang DOD because although it might be in the right direction the gulf is approximately 5 km further on. Any way it does show that at least he was curious enough to check, he obviously thought in his mind that it was some thing unusual.

He said it is not the first time he has see unusual lights in the sky out over the Gulf.

NOTE: The Gulf he refers to is Saint Vincents Gulf which is between Adelaide and York Peninsula which is where my home town of Maitland is. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

08.06.99 Melbourne & Geelong, VIC 1730hrs (NL) (U/I)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

This report is being followed up but it may be linked to another occurence that VUFORS has had reported.

At approx. 17:30 yesterday 8/6/99 (dusk) Many people reported seeing a very bright "shooting star" Reports were received from Melbourne and Geelong. Radio station 3AW received some calls regarding this and also spoke to a representative of the Astronomical Society.

Authorities have contacted VUFORS for further information on direction etc. as they believe that the object may have been

"space junk".   Tony Cook (VUFORS)

09.06.99 Esperance, WA (Angel's Hair)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Very important report from the Esperance area, WA. Yesterday 9th June 1999 a man witnessed tonnes of white filamentous threads falling from the sky over a 90 kilometre area or more. Paddocks, hedges, trees were covered with the stuff and it hung off power lines in great shrouds with lengths up to thirty feet long. Apparently the sky was thick with it up to a thousand feet or more. There was no wind. The threads fell from 10am to 3pm. All the paddocks in the area had a 'sheen' caused by layers of the stuff. Peter,the witness, picked up some of the 'hair' to try and get it analysed. A cessna aircraft was flying around as low as 200ft through the falling threads. Three contrails were stationary much higher, one with a spiral in it. Channel 9 put out a report (tonight) that the same stuff was used in Yugoslavia to put out electrical power supplies (generators) but we all know that was a classified carbon based substance totally unrelated to 'Angel Hair'! Brian Richards (UFORUM)

09.06.99 Gladstone, QLD (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A Gladstone police search has failed to find any trace of an object seen falling from the sky near Calliope.

There were several reports of sightings of objects in the sky last night, including a truck driver who says he saw a flaming object move across the sky near Gin Gin, west of Bundaberg.

One of the sightings was made by a Burnett resident Margaret Sheppard. "It was just this brilliant green object that lit up the sky and came from the north and landed in the area west of Kingaroy," she said. "When it was gone, poof, dark - the lights went out again."

Richard made some inquiries about the sighting of a UFO over Gladstone and the involvement of ATC. Firstly ATC only received reports they were not tracking it as Primary radar does not extend reliably beyond about 30-40 nm from Brisbane, the rest of our radar coverage is provided by Secondary radar which requires both parties (ie ATC and the object, such as a plane) to have transponders which are interrogated by ground based equipment. Richard suggested from ATC received reports and media clippings it might have been a meteor. Richard spoked to the controller that was on at the time. Richard Maybury (AUFORN)

12.06.99 Sydney, NSW (Quakers Hill) 1935hrs (CE-2 & video footage)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

"I was sitting on my back verandah (in Quakers Hill - north western suburb of Sydney, New South Wales) at approx. 7.30 pm and some strange shaped object with red lights flashing across it came to my attention. My first instinct was to call my husband George. Once I showed him this object I rushed outside to a neighbours home and called them outside. With approx. 8 people watching this object we ran back to my verandah to see my husband had gone and got our video recorder. I believe the object to have been visible for approx. 11 to 16 minutes.

"What we saw to the visible eye was somewhat different to what the video camera shows. It was somewhat elongated with red lights passing across it. We also saw a red beam protrude from this form but did not touch the ground. It moved from right to left once only before disappearing into this object. This beam of light (laser?) did not move like a pendulum but progressed across the bottom of the shape still only remaining as one singular beam all the way across.

"I personally have not seen anything similar to this in my lifetime and have explained this experience as best as I could"

Diane of the hotline passed this call on to me on Saturday evening. I spoke briefly to the woman that evening and arranged to come out and view the video and reconstruct the events on site on Sunday morning, June 13th. Channel 7 had come out late in the evening of Friday June 11th a few hours after the event. The woman described their reaction as amazed. They copied it and told the family they would run the story in their Sunday night 6 pm bulletin. As far as I know they did not. During the 6pm Channel 7 news on Friday June 11th another "UFO video" taken in the Minto/Wollongong area last Saturday night (June 5th) - early evening - was shown. It consisted of a triangle of lights. I saw the report & video. Peter Khoury of UFOESA went out and looked into it and has advised me of details.

The Quakers Hill people indicated they were not aware of the UFO film broadcast on the 6 pm news that proceded their sighting by an hour or so. A bit over 5 minutes of video was recorded with a Sony Handycam Vision Video * CCD-TRV S6E video camera recorder. It is one of those with a 4" LCD screen 180xDigital zoom, steady shot, with "advanced digital auto focus" (often a curse for UFO videos).

Looking at the video I felt that a possible source could have been the Goodyear blimp which has taken over from the Whitman's airship. The direction of viewing was approx. NW at a low altitude with relative size estimate of a 5 cent coin width at arms length. This estimate was given in my presence at the verandah viewing spot. The area in question was in the general direction of the disused Schofields aerodrome. This is Department of Defence land but has been used for various short term activities - flying lessons, ballooning, and housing of the Whitman's airship - roughly 3 kilometres away.

I went out there. The blimp hangar was empty. The Goodyear airship was in town on Saturday night for the soccer event at the Olympic stadium. It is 14 m by 39m - the "Spirit of the South Pacific" in a "polyester envelope holding a clear bladder-like insert with a gondola made from standard aviation materials". It is normally anchored in Melbourne and some 15 ground crew follow it along the Hume Highway as it floats up to Sydney for major events, according to the Sydney Sun-Herald (June 6, 1999). This week it stayed over night in Goulburn, then went on to Bankstown airport. It will be moored there when not on tour. Now many say the new Goodyear airship is more UFO like than the Whitman's "lightship". My wife, Anne, and I saw it at about the same time as the Minto area videoing on June 5th. It came virtaually straight over the back of our place. It had at least one red light, pretty noisy and was very close. You could easily make out the name Goodyear, but at a greater distance it looks well ... U.

While I was prowling around the perimeter of Schofield's aerodrome facility I met up with site security. They were quite help and subsequently checked logs for me. At this stage it appears that the airship was not moored there like the newspaper story suggests. However I know that the circuit travelled takes it over that general area and heads out my way - thank! Further checks will need to be undertaken. The nearest major 24 hour police station is Riverstone. Police there check their log for me - nothing out of the ordinary reported at that time. The family had called Richmond RAAF base. They were advised that they didn't have anything up but how reliable late evening phone call feedbacks are? I believe at this stage that the primary possibility that has to be examined is the airship option.

To the naked eye the object was largely stationary. The Red beam effect is difficult to reconcile with the airship but maybe due to the red light illumination of the anchor line?

The video is interesting but has no reference points. The base appears truncated in parts, maybe fenceline or local house/fence line horizons? It shows a fair bit of zooming effects courtesy of the camera auto focusing and zooming of the woman's husband. One section was interpreted as another smaller light moving away and somewhat towards them, but on further viewing appears to be largely stationary with zooming in giving the illusion of the smaller light racing off.

The object appeared to just get smaller and the illimunination goes out and is no longer seen.

An aircraft can be heard going over. The witnesses also commented on this, but it was unconnected to the sighting? Bill Chalker (UFOIC)

17.06.99 Adelaide, SA (Holden Hill) 0244hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Tammara's boyfriend is a shift worker, he first noticed five white lights in a line come through the clouds do a loop and then go back up into the clouds, he told Tammara to "have a look at that" a friend of theirs also witnessed the event, the lights performed the same manoeuvre 4 more times, then they disappeared. The lights were the size of a womans index finger nail at arms length. There was no definite shape, just the lights following each other. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

17.06.99 Central Coast, NSW 1655hrs (Identified - Venus)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A very bright light was observed over the western horizon. Peter Turner (UFORNSW)

17.06.99 Newcastle, NSW 1910hrs (Identified - Venus)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A very bright light was observed over the western horizon. Peter Turner (UFORNSW)

17.06.99 Adelaide, SA (Elizabeth Downs) 2100hrs (Identified - Venus

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A bright light was observed about 20 degrees above the horizon to the south. This "star" was said by Brenda of Elizabeth Downs to be changing colours. Peter Johnson said that that could be due to the atmosphere. Brenda said that when they (all he kids who were on the roof, and neighbours) first saw it, it was in the West.

Peter went outside and saw a star that I think they are looking at in the south and about 20 degrees above the horizon and it is changing colours from green to blue to red over and over. Its' compass bearing 200 degrees SSW at 10:35pm. Peter think it might be Venus, but Brenda was adamant that it moved from the West to the South. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

21.06.99 North Stradbroke Island, QLD (Physical Trace)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

"I spoke to Jim this morning, he lives on Stradbroke Island and wanted to report strange lights in the sky this morning, He said it was bout 5am and it looked like a star but it kept darting about. (he is going to fill in a Report Form and return it to us with further details). He also said that just lately his wife, himself and other people who live on the Island have started to notice a strange white dust appear on the furniture, he said they are very house proud and are for ever dusting. He said it was not the normal dust? After speaking with Diane, we decided to ask him for a sample so we can get it analysed. Will keep you all informed." Jan Stone (AUFORN)

26.06.99 Melbourne, VIC (Ferntree Gully & Narre Warren) 2100hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Jody reported that about 21:00 she watched 7-8 yellow/orange lights drifting through the sky in a loose fomation that changed slightly at times. Movement was very slow.

Weather was clear at the time. VUFORS received another report of these objects from Ferntree Gully.

Jason described 8 objects, orange in colour. A friend driving from Narre Warren first saw the objects very low, (behind trees) and telephoned Jason who watched the objects rise in altitude in a staggered line until they could no longer be seen. This occurred over about a 3-4 minute period.

The descriptions strongly suggest the work of hoaxers trying to generate some interest during the World Wide Watch.

Many of Melbourne's lower lying suburbs were covered by one of the thickest fogs I have ever seen for much of the night. (Visibility of approx 100 meters). This probably prevented a lot more people from seeing these objects. Tony Cook (VUFORS)

28.06.99 Perth, WA 2230hrs (Identified - Jupiter)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A very bright light was observed over the western horizon. Brian Richards (UFORUM)

30.06.99 Bowen, QLD 2129hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Mr B woods said:

A. Your not going to believe what we have just seen a big orange light it was massive.

Q. When did you first see this object.

A. My daughters where on their way to see a friend, they where heading in a North Westerly direction

out towards the Big Red Tomatos on the road towards Collinsvile. They could not believe what they where seeing it was big massive they watched it for some 6 to 7 minutes then it shoot off at such high speed, but it still, could be seen out near Mt Pring, it scared them so much they came right back home to get me, I was on the phone at the time when they ran inside and said dad come and look at this thing its a big yellow orange light.

Q. What direction did you notice the object.

A. it was over the top of the meat works I think? but more to the top of Mt Pring. I said to the girls, letsgo and have a look and see if we can get a better look at it . So we headed out in the car. As we got closer to the meat work s we could see the object over top of the hill it started to go down behind the hill out of sight.

Q. Did nay one else see it.

A. No but we did come across Rondney B he is a local farmer out that way we stopped and talked to him and asked if he had seen anything strange, we explained what we had seen. I could see all his cows where out on the road. I asked him what the hell happened, he said. I don't know I have never in all my life had my cows be scared of something that they "RAN the fence Down" they went right over it . He said "never had his cows done this before".

Q Did you call anyone to report this before you called us?

A. Yes we called the RAAF Townsville and I spoke to a lady, I asked her if they had any air craft in the area, she said where are you calling from, "Bowen" one moment I will go and ask. She came back, No sir sorry call the police she then hungup on me. I called the Coast Guard and they gave me your number, I didn't want to call the police Small town ha!! they would think I was crazy ha!
Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

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