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Issue 18
November 1999

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


03.05.99 Adelaide, SA 1930hrs (Myponga) (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

I was sitting out side when I saw some lights travel across the sky horizontally to and just above the Adelaide hills, then they just disappeared. My boy friend said that they could have been shooting stars but they were travelling together (6 lights in a line) P.J. and they were travelling too slowly? (time seen for 4-5 seconds) I couldn't work out what they were. No of objects: six. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

03.05.99 Cessnock, NSW 2239hrs (Broken Back Range) (CE1)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number01.07.99)

Albert Noel Martin 72 years old reported:

ìI was taking me dog out for his nightly walk down the back yard where I have a gate, and I let him out go next door to do his poo ah! Diane I have a gammy leg you know dear so can't move as fast I use too "bloody walking sticks".

Well dear I looked up in the sky and there it was 2 bright car Headlights floating over the top of the next door neighbours roof.î

What Size: ìThey where the size of a 50cent piece at arms length. It was big "well I never moved so fast in all me life I dragged me gammy leg up the back path shouting to my wife June "June, June" come and have at look at this thing I'm was sure more people must have seen this thing.

I rang Williamtown Airforce Base and asked the girl if they had anything showing up on their radar, the girl said she was not at liberty to tell me that information.

The next day I rang the parachute club and asked if they where playing silly buggers and jumping at night, they said, "no not at all" their not allowed to.

I went out to the airport and asked if they had any planes coming into land over the top of me neighbours house Ah!! Around that time, they told me no. So Diane what the heck do you think it was?

Albert said: ìI have never seen any thing like it before in me life and not only did the dog have his poo! but I got the poo shared out of me too! it really did scare me.î Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

ca.06.05.99 Adelaide, SA 0609hrs (Elizabeth Park) (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number01.07.99)

ìI went out side for a smoke (how many times have you heard that) and caught sight of a bright light about the size of a large strawberry at arms length at a hight of between 400-500 feet it was moving from side to side and up and down. I suggested that maybe it might have been a bright star and the movement an optical illusion, he flatly rejected this and said that his job required him to do drawings of furniture and that he was aware of optical illusions. He would not make a mistake like that besides it was too big and too bright to be a star, and it then disappeared. I asked whether he had taken any photos of the object, he said that he did but he thought that because he only had an ordinary camera that he didn't think that it would show up very well. I said that if it did show up I would like a print (hope it works out) I have sent a report form out to him.

He said that he rang Edinburgh DOD Testing facility and RAAF Base which is in the direction of the light he said he saw and asked them if they had anything up at that time and got the predictable reply of no.

He also said that the light looked to be out over the gulf, which made me wonder why he rang DOD because although it might be in the right direction the gulf is approximately 5 km further on. Any way it does show that at least he was curious enough to check, he obviously thought in his mind that it was some thing unusual.

He said it is not the first time he has see unusual lights in the sky out over the Gulf.î Duration: about 45 minutes.

NOTE: The Gulf he refers to is Saint Vincent's Gulf which is Between Adelaide and York Peninsula Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

07.06.99 Adelaide, SA 2100hrs (Elizabeth Downs) (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Peter Johnson reports:

ìHi group, can some one please tell me whether there is a bright star that is about 20 degrees above the horizon in the south. This "star" was said by Brenda of Elizabeth Downs to be changing colours, I said that that could be due to the atmosphere she said that when they (all he kids who were on the roof, and neighbours) first saw it was in the West, hmm Venus? I went outside and saw a star that I think they are looking at in the south and about 20 degrees above the horizon and it is changing colours from green to blue to red over and over, its compass bearing 200 degrees SSW at 10:35pm. I think it might be a star, but Brenda was adaî Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

27.06.99 South Australia 2013hrs (Identified as Venus)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

A very bright star-like object was obverved flashing in and out for a number of days. Identified as Venus. Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

29.06.99 Rolling Stones, QLD 2129hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

ìSaw an object over a period of 40 minutes over Harvey Range. It was like a bright star, but red, blue and orange in colour. Sighted over the northeastern horizon. Wasn't Venus as Venus was also visible to the observer. Object started to move slowly and disappeared behind the Range. The residents of Mystic Sands were also amazed at what they were seeing. The witness was also aware that the RAAF were undergoing military manoeuvres between the 28th of June to the 6th of July, and is quite familiar with military aircraft. This was not an aircraft or a helicopter.î Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

30.06.99 Bowen, QLD 2129hrs (NL)

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)

Mr B woods said:

A. you're not going to believe what we have just seen a big orange light it was massive.

Q. When did you first see this object.

A. My daughters where on their way to see a friend, they where heading in a North Westerly direction out towards the Big Red Tomatoes on the road towards Collinsville. They could not believe what they where seeing it was big massive they watched it for some 6 to 7 minutes then it shoot off at such high speed, but it still, could be seen out near Mt Pring. It scared them so much they came right back home to get me, I was on the phone at the time when they ran inside and said dad come and look at this thing its a big yellow orange light.

Q. What direction did you notice the object.

A. it was over the top of the meat works I think? But more towards the top of Mt Pring. I said to the girls, let's go and have a look and see if we can get a better look at it . So we headed out in the car. As we got closer to the meat work s we could see the object over the top of the hill it started to go down behind the hill out of sight.

Q. Did nay one else see it.

A. No but we did come across Rodney B he is a local farmer out that way we stopped and talked to him and asked if he had seen anything strange, we explained what we had seen. I could see all his cows where out on the road. I asked him what the hell happened, he said. I don't know I have never in all my life had my cows be scared of something that they "RAN the fence Down" they went right over it . He said "never had his cows done this before".

Q Did you call anyone to report this before you called us?

A. Yes we called the RAAF Townsville and I spoke to a lady, Iasked her if they had any air craft in the area, she said where are you calling from, "Bowen" one moment I will go and ask. She came back, No sir sorry call the police she then hung up on me. I called the Coast Guard and they gave me your number, I didn't want to call the police Small town ah!! they would think I was crazy ah! Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

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