AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 14
January 2000

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


January 1998 Ouse, TAS (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness reports that whilst loading feed silo on farm, a bright something caught their attention in the sky above. The two witnesses then realised that the bright thin oval was not moving. It stayed in a vertical position in the sky for some five minutes. Then they saw it move erratically northwards before increasing speed into the distance.

10.05.98 Bellerive, TAS 0200hrs (DO)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Miss L of Bellerive arrived home about 2am from her shift work. The night was calm and mild with a few clouds. She stopped in front of her home to scan the sky, a bright star caught her attention in the south-east over Droughty Point. As she watched it for several minutes it seemed to get larger and brighter taking on more of a yellow glow. Then much to her surprise the large light started moving to the right (west),it moved on a level path for about 30 seconds before being obscured by clouds in the southern sky.

Again the Centre made efforts to uncover possible aircraft movements in the area but were unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation. The Centre has taken the view (rightly or wrongly) that if an aircraft is in the area at the time of a sighting it is the most plausible explanation for what has been seen. Of recent years there have been a number of cases that appear to be due to aircraft but no one seems to know of any air traffic at the time concerned.

16.05.98 New Norfolk to Hobart, TAS 1915hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
May proved to be the most active month for unexplained events during 1998. A sighting at New Norfolk received a mention of one paragraph in the Hobart Mercury with the response being out of all proportion to the coverage. The initial case at New Norfolk on May 16th was of lights in the sky and a smaller red light (see Midway Point February) that moved about the garden. The witness had been working on a computer and had the lights turned down in the room. During a break in the work about 7.15pm she noticed some flashing lights out to the west in a gap between some poplar trees. When she noticed the lights were still there some 5 minutes later the witness felt a bit disturbed and telephoned her mother. She could now see a central red flashing light with a curved row of blue flashing lights beneath, and the lights covered an area nearly as wide as a full moon. As she talked on the telephone to her mother a red light appeared over the garden lawn. The ball-sized light moved about erratically over the lawn and driveway. Then the light came to within 10 m of the window the witness was standing at. She said to her mother something like 'It's coming to get me'. The light just went out. The lights in the sky seemed at their closest at this time, and the witness called the Airport (no answer). Then she found the Centre's number in the Directory. The lights had by now receded into the western sky and just faded from view. One of the Centre's members was in the area an hour after the sighting but could find no local explanation to account for the lights.

17.05.98 New Norfolk, TAS 1900hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The New Norfolk report was followed by a series of lights in the sky doing things they shouldn't. The following evening (17th May) at 7pm two Lauderdale witnesses noticed a star-like light rising in the eastern sky to about the 30 degree elevation. The light then became stationary in the sky alongside another bright star (probably Arcturus) it remained in this position changing colours from white to red to blue. The witnesses went inside briefly and when they returned outside the light was no longer visible although that part of the sky had become hazy with cloud.

18.05.98 New Norfolk, TAS (Black Hills) 2030hrs (CE-1)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Yet another report surfaced the next night (18th May) at about 8.30pm. This time the witnesses were at Black Hills some kilometres north-west of New Norfolk. Three members of a family noticed a half-moon sized oval pale light appear in the northern sky on three occasions. Twice the light just seemed to appear in the sky and move down. Then the third time it came from the north towards the north-west before returning quickly to the north, remaining there for 6 seconds before disappearing. The shape seemed to have a beam shining down below but it did not reach the ground.

21.05.98 Hobart, TAS (Kingston & Blackmans Bay) 1745hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Three days later yet another of those bright lights that should have been an aircraft was reported, but no-one had any record of movements in the area. Two witnesses this time reported the sighting (May 21st) at 5.45pm from Kingston and Blackmans Bay. Both witnesses talked of a large pink light in the western sky. The Blackmans Bay witness thought there was a white centre to the light. At first the light did not seem to be moving but then it went away on a level flight to the north-west. The Blackmans Bay witness felt the light went over the horizon whilst the Kingston motorist saw the light move away and fade into the distance. The Kingston witness who is a journalist had also been to a bomb-fire instruction night. he considered explanations such as rockets, flares etc: but discounted these as the light moved away across the sky rather than down towards the ground.

28.05.98 Snowy Range, TAS (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
After a short respite lights reports were back on May 28th, this time from two witnesses who noticed something over the Snowy Range. Initially the witnesses saw what they took to be a bright shimmering star just above the range.

The light seemed to move horizontally and vertically, astronomical explanations could account for these movements except that subsequent views of the sky and sky map printouts showed no stars in that location. One of the witnesses also noticed that the object was surrounded by separate orange/red dots which followed its pattern of movements.

28.05.98 Collinsvale, TAS 0200hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The month's final call came on the 31st after a resident at Collinsvale had observed some strange areas of light on a nearby hillside. Mr C was lying in bed awake about 2am when he heard some noises outside his window. Looking out he noticed a possum. However, on the nearby hillside a series of flashes of light caught his attention. A series of large (100-150 m) rectangular areas of white light were appearing on or in front of a hill to his north. The light areas would appear for about a couple of seconds at a time. This went on for about two minutes before the light display stopped. C watched for some time after that but saw no more lights. The weather at the time was fine and clear. The location of the light was on a steep hillside covered with bush.

August 1998 Granton, TAS (CE1)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
A lone witness travelling to New Norfolk notices something bright over the Derwent river. A beam of orange light was seen shinning down onto the water. As the witness travelled along, the beam seemed to keep pace and bounce along for several minutes before going out.

14.11.98 Kiara, near Beechboro, WA (NL)
A lady, Pamela of Kiara, near Beechboro, WA, inquired about our group, ASPR/UFORUM. After a while she told how from the age of two, her son, now four, would talk about strange beings with whom he would interact, usually at two or three in the morning. He described them as tall and skinny with big eyes, large hairless heads, thin arms, small mouths and holes for ears and nostrils. They were a greyish blue colour and would regularly take him to 'the airport' where he would be introduced to a little girl with blonde hair. He has suffered nose bleeds, is a high achiever and is never sick. On the 14th November 1998, the family reported an orange light going overhead. The little boy was clearly disturbed by the sighting and kept pointing and staring skywards for a long time afterwards.

02.12.98 Eaglehawk Neck, TAS 2300hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness out walking his dog, looking around the overcast sky sees a bright white light stationary to north. On returning home realises that the light is now moving over head and out across Pirates Bay. The light seems to change direction and is lost in distance to the south-east.

04.12.98 Mullaloo, WA 2100hrs (NL)
Shane and two other witnesses reported an unusual 'incident' which started at 9pm and went on for some time. A small red light was seen moving about sideways and up and down over the ocean to the west. It also moved in close towards the beach. A hovering helicopter had a light on the object which itself had revolving red and blue flashing lights and was disc shaped. A jet plane was also seen flying about over the sea. The totally silent object came in over the beach and was in the dunes for about two minutes and simply disappeared.

04.12.98 City Beach, WA 2100hrs (NL)
This sighting was reported in the Sunday Times newspaper through UFORUM, witnessed by Caspar F and a girlfriend. A huge mid-grey triangle flew over the witnesses from the north-west, heading south-east before turning east. Underneath the object were about twelve rectangular red lights parallel to the rear edge. The leading part of the craft or apex was illuminated by a very bright whitish yellow light. A low droning sound was heard. The witnesses calculated its height as between 200-300ft. It was travelling so slowly that a conventional aircraft would have been unable to remain airborne.

04.12.98 Safety Bay, Rockingham, WA 2145hrs (NL)
Helen S was looking north. Travelling from west to east at about forty-five degrees, were three 'stars' in a triangular formation. No sound was heard. The objects were about a hand-span apart, and the formation "shaped like a Vulcan bomber." There was cloud about, but the witness said the formation flew under the cloud and "just disappeared."

13.12.98 Dianella, WA 0105hrs (NL)
A man reported seeing a bright white fireball with no tail pass silently overhead from the NNE to the SSW.

15/16.12.98 Busselton, WA 2000-0100hrs (NL)
Mr Brian K of Karrinyup, WA, reported his son's sighting from Busselton, WA. Apparently Chad K and a friend watched six star-like objects in the north-west sky perform unusual aerial manoeuvres, zigzagging and jumping about, for over five hours. What appeared to be the same objects repeated the performance the following night (16th Dec). Chad, who is an amateur astronomer, watched the objects through a telescope. They appeared to be triangular.

18.12.98 Safety Bay, Leederville, WA 2200hrs (NL)
Richard G was looking north from Leederville, WA, and watched three star-like objects in the shape of a triangle move from east to west at about forty-five degrees. The leading light was red and the trailing two were white.

21.12.98 Belmont, WA 2340hrs (CE1)
Fred H and his daughter had just left Bott's Chemist when they saw a very bright white metallic object moving slowly from SW to NE. It appeared to be very high up and shaped like a round ice-cream container surrounded by a dark aura or haze. The duration of the sighting was six minutes.

25.12.98 Rockingtam, WA 2130hrs (NL)
Four witnesses were watching Jupiter in close proximity to a new moon. A very bright object appeared about one hand-span (at arm's length) to the left of the moon, flashed three times, then headed south very rapidly.

12.01.99 Denmark, WA midday (NL)
A man, Roger C, reported seeing twenty-five or thirty dark objects moving east to west over the sea at twenty-five to thirty degrees. The objects appeared to stop at one stage before moving on. The witness was adamant they were not birds.

17.01.99 Granton, TAS 0115hrs (CE1)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The witness was some 1-2 kmts north of Granton when noticing four round almost moon sized shapes just above the water over the river. The witness stopped the car and wound down the window. No sound could be heard from the glowing golden circles. They looked like wheels with glowing spokes and bright patches of light all of which pulsed in unison. The witness continued on towards New Norfolk and lost sight of the circles.

21.01.99 Casuarina, WA midday 0200-0300hrs (NL)
A man, Jason L, reported hearing a humming sound, a low drone. Utensils were rattling in the kitchen. The witness went outside the house and noticed a very bright light to the NNW at about sixty degrees. This object was moving about in a zigzag fashion and appeared to be spinning. Two other star-like objects appeared, one either side of the larger one which allegedly shone a laser-type beam to each of the smaller lights. At this time Jason reported their microwave oven was arcing, the radio and stereo were affected, as was the power supply to the house. Jason also claimed beams were being shone into the house, which he avoided. I suggested this may have been light from the bright stars Regulus or Capella, but this does not account for the erratic aerial manoeuvring, or the humming noise.

11.02.99 north of New Norcia, WA 0505hrs (NL)
Brian D called from his mobile phone from approximately 100km north of New Norcia. He and his family were travelling from the North-West by car. He reported that they saw a white light behaving in an erratic flight pattern before disappearing. Then a large red glowing light was seen in the bush. There was no noise and it was not a plane or helicopter. Brian said they were listening to the ABC Radio and their brief news bulletin reported the sightings of UFOs over WA.

11.02.99 north of Perth, WA 0100hrs (sound)
A woman phoned to say that at 1am the previous night she was putting her sewing away, her husband and child were asleep, when an object making a very loud whooshing sound passed very close over her house. She said the sound lasted for a few seconds, it was definitely not a plane or helicopter and left her shaking and unable to sleep for a few hours. I did not catch or recognise the name of her location, but she was north of Perth. Mike Jordan

11.02.99 north-west of Perth, WA 1012hrs (DO)
Richard, a social science graduate, was fishing in a dam nearly 200km north-east of Perth when he and friends saw a blended white and red light stopping and zigzagging for approximately two minutes. The blurred reflections of the light could be seen in the dam. Mike Jordan

13.02.99 Wilson, WA (NL)
Colin of Wilson (not Colin Wilson!) said that he and his wife were lying on their trampoline looking at the stars, when a bright light approached and then turned on its side revealing a huge box-shaped or "it could have been a triangular shaped craft." It then shot up into the sky at great speed. He said he was a sceptic and didn't believe in UFOs, but was now re-thinking his situation. Mike Jordan

15.02.99 Rockingham, WA 2000hrs (NL)
Tania of Rockingham phoned to say she and two other witnesses had seen two white lights moving at the same time (not parallel), travelling south at about 8pm. She said they were not planes, and had no coloured lights and no noise. Larger than stars, they moved in different directions across the sky. Mike Jordan

16.02.99 Booragoon, WA 1955hrs (DO)
Phillip of Booragoon said he and his wife had seen two white lights moving across the sky about 7.55pm. Mike Jordan

19.02.99 nr. York, WA 2145hrs (CE2)
A man (a farmer) rang, but did not leave his name. (Judith took the call because I was at a meeting). He said that, as he was returning to York, he saw a strange white and red light which came closer and he saw it pick up another car. He would not give details to Judith but said he would ring me in the morning. He did not call. Mike Jordan

21.02.99 Ouse, TAS 0500hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness to the report from January 1998 sees strange pulses of light to the north-west. Being up early to milk the cows the witness reported seeing a blue flashing light which seemed to give off pulses of light. After 5 minutes the area near the light had random flashes. It looked like bubbles in boiling water as the flashes pulsed up and burst. The display ceased after the random light bursts.

21.02.99 Mirrabooka, WA 2045hrs (NL)
Eric of Mirrabooka reported seeing a bright flash of white light with a blue after glow, followed by another such display. He said they were like sheet lightning, but there was a clear sky and no clouds anywhere. There were four other witnesses with him. Mike Jordan

26.02.99 nr Mt. Barker, WA 2115hrs (NL)
Jeremy phoned from Albany to say that he was travelling to Mt Barker on the previous night with his brother, when at about 9.15pm they saw a white light with smaller white lights appearing to move around it up and down like a yoyo. The sighting lasted from ten to fifteen seconds. Mike Jordan

18.04.99 Newcastle, NSW (Stockton) 1843hrs (Possible hoax - Hot air balloon)
(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)
Penny H reported two seperate glowing orange lights at 6.43pm high in the sky at Stockton, Newcastle one object appeared to be dropping material. The light source became dark after 20 minutes. The light source was not moving fast just floating in air. Anthony Clarke (UFOR(NSW))

03.05.99 Broken Back Range, Cessnock, NSW (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)
Albert Noel Martin 72 years-old

"I was taking me dog out for his nightly walk down the back yard where I have a gate, and I let him out go next door to do his poo. Ha! Diane, I have a gammy leg. You know dear, so can't move that fast. I use two "bloody walking sticks".

Well dear I looked up in the sky and there it was 2 bright car Headlights floating over the top of the next door neighbours roof. They where the size of a 50cent piece at arms length. It was big! Well I never moved so fast in all me life. I dragged me gammy leg up the back path shouting to my wife June. June! June! Come and have a look at this thing! I'm was sure more people must have seen this thing.

I rang Williamtown Airforce Base and asked the girl if they had anything showing up on their radar, the girl said she was not at liberty to tell me that information.

The next day I rang the parachute club and asked if they where playing silly buggers and jumping at night, they said, "no not at all" their not allowed to.

I went out to the airport and asked if they had any planes coming into land over the top of me neighbours house. Ha! Around that time, they told me no. So Diane what the heck do you think it was?

I have never seen any thing like it before in me life and not only did the dog have his poow! But I got the poo shared out of me too! It really did scare me". Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

03.05.99 Myponga, SA 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)
A 25 year old woman witnessed six lights in a row travel across the sky. "I was sitting out side when I saw some lights travel across the sky horizontally to and just above the Adelaide hills, then they just disappeared. My boy friend said that they could have been shooting stars but they were travelling together (6 lights in a line) P.J. and they were travelling too slow? (time seen for 4-5 seconds) I couldn't work out what they were."

Peter Johnson received a letter from Kate regarding her sighting on Monday 3.5.99 at 7:30pm. Her answers to my some of my questions follow:

Q: Your Occupation?
A: Secretary

Q: What was your exact position and location?
A: Sitting on back verandah looking directly at the hills in front (NW direction)

Q: Please relate you sighting in your own words?
A: It looked like a row 4-6 big windows, lit by a white light.

Q: In what direction did you fist see the lights eg east west etc?

Q: What angle above the horizon were the lights?

A: 30 degrees.

Q:What distance approximately were they from your position?
A: 3-4 Km

Q: Names of any other witnesses?
A: D. Peglar (male friend)

Q: Could you estimate how far the lights travelled?
A: 1 Km

Q: Could you estimate the speed of the lights?
A: No - moved at a steady pace?

Q: Could you discern any shape to the object?
A: Long rectangle

Q: What direction was it last seen NE SE etc?

Q: Was it seen continuously?
A: Yes until it disappeared behind the second hill.

Q: What drew your attention to it?
A: The bright white continuous light in the black sky. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

06.05.99 Elizabeth, SA 0445hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99) The witness stated: "I went out side for a smoke (how many times have you heard that) and caught sight of a bright light about the size of a large strawberry at arms length at a hight of between 400-500 feet it was moving from side to side and up and down".

Peter Johnson suggested that maybe it might have been a bright star and the movement an optical illusion. He flatly rejected this and said the his job required him to do drawings of furniture and that he was aware of optical illusions and that he would not make a mistake like that. Besides it was too big and too bright to be a star, and it then disappeared.

Peter asked whether he had taken any photos of the object. He said that he did, but he thought that because he only had an ordinary camera, he didn't think that it would show up very well.

The witness stated that he rang Edinborough DoD Testing facility and RAAF Base, which are in the direction of the light he said he saw, and asked them if they had anything up at that time and got the predictable reply of no.

He also said that the light looked to be out over the gulf (Saint Vincents Gulf, between Adelaide and York Peninsula). The gulf is approximately 5 km further on from the Edinborough DoD and RAAF base.

He also stated that this was not the first time he has seen unusual lights in the sky out over the Gulf. Peter Johnson (AUFORN SA)

11.05.99 Perth, WA 1530-1600hrs (CE1)
A person phoned to report a sighting, but gave very few details. He just said his daughter in the Perth area had seen a black cylinder, belching flames from its rear, travelling from east to west between 3.30pm and 4pm

15.05.99 Noranda, WA 2045hrs (NL)
Andrew B. and four witnesses could not explain what they saw some kilometres away over Perth, towards the southwest. Three bright red/orange lights in a triangular formation seemed to hover stationary in the night sky. They appeared to be about 4" apart at arm's length, and were not blinking or flashing.As the five puzzled witnesses watched the lights they suddenly disappeared. An aircraft seen in the vicinity of the lights had a flashing red light, highlighting the difference between the two or four objects as the case may be.

17.05.99 Perth, WA (Scarborough, North Beach) 1830hrs (NL)
A man reported seeing three orange lights in a horizontal line over Perth about six kilometres south. The lights simply vanished or 'switched off' as they watched. Witness insists these were not stars or any conventional aircraft lights.

22.05.99 north of Gingin, WA 1000hrs (CE1)
Sharon and a friend were heading north in the Gingin area. Coming down from the clouds 1-2 kilometres ahead of them appeared a disc-shaped object. I descended to about 500ft, leveled off and headed north in front of the witnesses following the Brand Highway. They watched it for about five minutes until the object sped away and was lost from view.

18.05.99 Bedfordale, WA 1530-2330hrs (NL)
One of the rangers telephoned to report three white lights over the Wongan Dam forming a triangle. One of the lights was very large, the other two small. It was not possible to determine which was the leading edge/point or trailing edge of the craft, if that's what it was.

29.05.99 Armadale, WA 1530-2100hrs (NL)
Saturday 29th May 1999 9pm Armadale WA Sian and her partner were driving towards Armadale. They witnessed two orange lights one above the other to the south ahead of them. They followed the lights for some distance as they headed home. On reaching their house, Sian's partner raced indoors and grabbed the video camera. As he started filming the objects, the tape got chewed up, something that has never happened before. The lights, which had been more or less over their house at this time continued south and were lost to view by distance.

30.05.99 Gosnells, WA 1930hrs (possible hot air balloon)
Mark J. and four witnesses reported seeing a bright orange/red sphere at about 200ft flying from north to south. Flames appeared to be coming off the top of the object. They watched it for about seven minutes as it headed south and was lost from view. (possibly a hot air balloon of the garbage bag type -BR)

31.05.99 Catterby, WA 1355-1400hrs (DO)
James B. and a colleague - a mining and aeronautical enginer watched amazed as a tadpole shaped object with a short tail and silver dome on top moved slowly from east to west. No sound. They had never seen anything like it. The object literally vanished before their very eyes. Several months previous to this (date not recorded) the two men watched a fairly low flying delta winged craft move from north to south. Its underside was bathed in orange light. At the rear shone a very bright white light. The silent object moved quite fast and disappeared through distance.

01.06.99 Catterby, WA 1355-1400hrs (DO)
The two witnesses, one a mining engineer, the other an ex- aeronautical engineer saw a tadpole-shaped object with a silver dome and a short tail moving from North - West in a clear blue sky. The object accelerated away at great speed and went out of sight. They had never seen anything like it. Several months ago at 7pm, the same two men had seen a silent, delta-wing aircraft in the same area, moving fast, North to South. Its underside glowed orange and carried a single white light at the rear.

06.06.99 Wanneroo, WA 1030hrs (DO)
Sylvia reported a metallic cylindrical object, very high up, moving from NE - SW. Even higher were two stationary silvery-white specks. The witness looked away for a second. When she returned her gaze, the objects had gone.

07.06.99 Padbury, WA 1830hrs (NL)
Mrs Betty McIver of Padbury reported an object, initially the size and brightness of Venus head in from the North. It was very bright, silent and a glowing orange. She thought it was a Cessna on fire and watched with alarm as it approached. To her amazement, it stopped over her house for about three minutes. She raced inside to get binoculars, and seconds later when she emerged, the object had moved away to the North East, was much higher and dimmer. After another three minutes it moved to theSouth east in a series of rapid 'jumps' or zig-zags and was lost from view.

07.06.99 Beldon, WA 1830hrs (NL)
Graeme and family members watched a bright red flaming tail-less object travelling from NW-SE, very low with no sound. Witness thought it was an aircraft on fire about to crash (Where have we heard this before!?) and watched it for about twenty minutes until lost from view.

09.06.99 Esperance, WA 1000-1500hrs (Angel's Hair) UPDATE
Peter G phoned on Wednesday evening, somewhat incredulous to what he had seen. From 10.30am to 3pm over a 1000 sq km area tonnes of white threads drifted down from at least a thousand feet, covering trees, hedgerows and paddocks. Overhead power lines were festooned with the stuff hanging in great shrouds up to 30 metres in length. The ground itself took on a sheen as layer piled upon layer. A Cessna was seen flying through the stuff at varying heights, and later the pilot claimed his aircraft was covered in dead insects. Three contrails were observed much higher up, one with a spiral in it. The witness collected some of the web-like material which was not sticky but had 'evaporated' by the next day. He also searched for more of the stuff the following day without success, and was unable to report seeing one spider at any time. The Esperance Express of 15th June ran a feature quoting Albany Agriculture Western Australia entomologist Phil Michael who said his car was covered with a couple of hundred spiders. ""They (the spider's) spin and disperse copious amounts of webbing as part of their massive colonization program across the Southeast region. They often do it on a warm day with light winds. It was just a magnificent day," said Mr Michael. An Esperance resident Alan Longbottom thought these could be Orb-weaver and Wolf spiders utilising warm rising currents of air to execute their migration, basically every year. One farmer, 50 kms to the North in Munglinup said he had never seen anything like it in forty-one years. Was this some of the enigmatic Angel Hair reported world-wide since the Forties? This case certainly raises more questions than answers as Peter G has pointed out in his own local enquiries. He insists the stuff was: NOT COTTON, NOT STICKY, NOT WEB.

Comment: It would take more than a warm day to lift webs and spiders off shrubs and bushes. There was no wind. Masses of grounded web would have to be everywhere to be lifted skyward in the first place. None was reported until the massive fall. Where was all the web (and spiders) the following day? None could be found. Don't spiders hibernate at this time of the year? A four and a half hour fall of threads over a 10000sq km area or more belies belief if we accept the spider theory. Remember one witness reported lengths 20 to 30 metres long, hanging in shrouds off overhead wires. Would someone please identify the spider capable of such 'posterior production?!' An exhaustive search the following day revealed nothing, not even an exhausted spider.


09.06.99 Rockingham, WA 2020hrs (NL)
Peter and two friends watched as two lights just above the Western horizon behaved strangely, zig-zagging about sideways and up and down. (Could be thermals/cloud/moisture causing visual distortion to stars in the area. BR.)

15.06.99 nr Bindoon, WA 1750hrs (NL)
Fiona H and three witnesses saw a streak of something in the sky at a twenty degree angle. Out of it appeared a black rocket or bullet shaped object which moved to the North. The streak which had turned bright orange (setting sunlight?) moved away with the object and disappeared.

20.06.99 Perth, WA 1830hrs (NL)
Sunday 20th June 1999 6.45pm. Ian and a friend watched a bright star-like object in the Southwest with revolving colours: white, blue, red and green. They claimed it was jumping about and dropping down over a twenty minute period. The witnesses phoned the following evening to report the object's return. I would suggest this is the bright star Spyker often mistaken for a UFO as are the similar stars Regulus and Capella. I suggested to the witness that he look for the object on the third consecutive night. If seen, this would almost certainly be the star in question. Cloud cover and rain on Tuesday 22nd June has prevented confirmation of this.

21.06.99 Northbridge, WA 2100hrs (NL)
Karl of Northbridge reported an unusual orange light travelling from North to South. No sound was heard and the light was constant rathr than blinking or flashing. It faded out after about three minutes.

01.07.99 Bowen, QLD (NL) (U/I)
(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99) Mr B Woods said:
A:Your not going to believe what we have just seen a big orange light it was massive.

Q: when did you first see this object?
A: My daughters where on their way to see a friend, they where heading in a North Westerly direction out towards the Big Red Tomatos on the road towards Collinsvile. They could not believe what they where seeing it was big massive they watched it for some 6 to 7 minutes then it shoot off at such high speed, but it still, could be seen out near Mt Pring, it scared them so much they came right back home to get me, I was on the phone at the time when they ran inside and said dad come and look at this thing its a big yellow orange light.

Q: What direction did you notice the object?
A: It was over the top of the meat works I think? but more to the top of Mt Pring. I said to the girls, letsgo and have a look and see if we can get a better look at it . So we headed out in the car. As we got closer to the meat work s we could see the object over the top of the hill it started to go down behind the hill out of sight.

Q: Did nay one else see it?
A: No, but we did come across Rondney B. He is a local farmer out that way. We stopped and talked to him and asked if he had seen anything strange. We explained what we had seen. I could see all his cows where out on the road. I asked him what the hell happened. He said; "I don't know. I have never in all my life had my cows be scared of something that they ran the fence Down. They went right over it". He said "never had his cows done this before".

Q: Did you call anyone to report this before you called us?
A: Yes we called the RAAF Townsville and I spoke to a lady, I asked her if they had any air craft in the area, she said where are you calling from, Bowen one moment I will go and ask. She came back, No sir sorry call the police she then hungup on me. I called the Coast Guard and they gave me your number, I didn't want to call the police Small town ha! they would think I was crazy ha! Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

01.07.99 Rolling Stones, QLD (NL) (U/I)
(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Hotline Number 01.07.99)
"Saw an object over a period of 40 minutes over Harvey Range. It was like a bright star, but red, blue and orange in colour. Sighted over the north-eastern horizon. Wasn't Venus as Venus was also visible to the observer. Object started to move slowly and disappeared behind the Range. The residents of Mystic Sands were also amazed at what they were seeing. The witness was also avare that the RAAF were undergoing military manoeuvres between the 28th of June to the 6th of July, and is quite familar with military aircraft. This was not a aircraft or a helicopter." Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

05.07.99 New Norfolk, TAS 1030hrs (DO)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Students brought a teacher's attention to something they had noticed over Peppermint Hill. A smallish, silver shape was visible against the dark clouds in the sky at that time. It had an oval to bow shape as it moved towards the clouds as if on a current of wind. Whilst the teacher was away calling someone else a second silvery shape was seen by the students. This shape and the first seemed to move upwards and into the clouds. Both had disappeared by the time the teacher returned.

05.07.99 Ross, TAS 1940hrs (CE1)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The witness turned on an exterior light at an outside shed. Almost at once he noticed to his south something very low beyond trees at a paddock's edge some 200 m distance. It looked like a rectangular structure about the size of a house. It was illuminated by an orange glow. It seemed to have some vapour about it. As he watched for about 10 seconds it seemed to be rising up and tilted at an angle. It just faded out of sight as he watched. He enquired at a nearby house the next day but no other witnesses were located. The sighting location had no unusual marks or traces.

12.08.99 Franklin, TAS 1810hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Initial witness sees what is assumed to be a falling star (Meteor). However, it comes to a halt in the south-east sky at about a 35 degree elevation. The witness calls a friend to come and look at the star like white light. They both watch it move a short distance north then south. Soon it started to gain elevation moving up towards the area of sky where it first appeared. Near 7pm it had risen to a 70 degree elevation and was lost from sight.

17.09.99 George Town, TAS 2010hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
A George Town resident reported sighting a number of puzzling lights. "I noticed a bright white light over West Head and thought it looked too bright for a star. Then I noticed a green and red flashing light about 10 -15 degrees to the right of the bright white light. The flashing light was moving in the direction of the stationary white light. The green and red light seemed to pass through the white light and turned into a white light. Still travelling in the same direction when there was a gap of 25m between the lights the first white light followed the second light for 3 or 4 seconds. Then they both stopped and went back along the same path to the original position of the first white light. One light then kept going north, the other stopped and returned south along the top of the Asbestos Range". The lights soon were lost from view, one behind the range, the other travelled north and faded into the distance. Checks on aircraft and astronomical explanations failed to uncover an explanation for the sighting.

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