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Issue 18
June 2000

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285



Summer 1970 nr Mildura, VIC 2010hrs (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
Two witnesses were frightened when a huge object rose up from behind nearby trees, then passed within 150 to 160 feet from them. The colour was grey with flashing lights, both orange and white, Witness L.V said that he could not see underneath the object, but could see through the grid shape round the bottom. It appeared to have a centre light, which was so bright that could have seen insects crawling on the ground. The grid area appeared to have an outer area between where the light came from. The outer part of the object, which had orange and white flashing lights seemed to be due to the spinning of the grid around the base of the object. The brother who was driving the car drove away in fear. Allen Wilson, Sunraysia Representative.

January 1974 nr Ballarat, VIC 2300hrs (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
Several witnesses were having a barbeque in the bush, when they observed a large triangle shaped object, estimated about 200 yards away above the trees. It was silent and hovering. The object had pale yellow lights along each side. After about two minutes it slowly banked, turned west and sped away.

Late January/Early February 1981 Melbourne, VIC (Fawkner) 0030-0130hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society March 2000)
Observer reported six blue coloured discs "about the size of a shirt button held at arm's length" passing overhead giving him a feeling of static or magnetic feeling. When he first saw them overhead, they were circular, but as they sped away, they looked flattened like a disc. While in sight they were darting around each other though never crossing over each other's path. There was always a gap between each disc. The point of reference in the sky was the Saucepan.

Additional Details:
On this particular night, Craig was out in his front yard endeavouring to cool off after a 35 degrees plus hot day in the suburb of Fawkner in Melbourne. He noticed six disc shaped objects approaching from the northeast. These objects were travelling at first, in a tight circular pattern with an object of the same size in the centre.

As they passed overhead, Craig now saw clearly that each of the objects emitted an electric blue in colour though no sound could be heard. Given the clear viewing condition of that night, he could distinctly see that each of the objects was in fact darting in around, behind, and in front of each other. All were darting without actually breading the larger boundary of the group or formation. Craig, living in the flight path of Essendon and Melbourne Airports, is also quite familiar with virtually all types of low flying aircraft that fly over regularly each day at approximate heights of 2000 feet. Each of these objects to be the size of a small single engine plane.

The duration of the sighting lasted approximately seven seconds with the objects soon disappearing heading in a southwesterly direction. There were no particularly noticeable effects involved with this sighting except to say, and I quote, "It is without a doubt the most exciting thing I have ever witnessed or been apart of!" John Thompson (South Gippsland VUFORS Rep) Jan 2000 ©

February 1997 nr Elliminyt, VIC Dusk (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
A mother and her 12-year-old son observed what they thought was a meteor going from south west leaving a long white tail. The thought no more about it until the sighting of 8th June 1999, with details described in local papers appeared very similar to what they had seen.

On the night of their sighting 18 months ago, the mother heard a news report that Adelaide airport had tracked a UFO that was faster than any aircraft in the area. They had also read in the newspaper about other reported sightings between Melbourne and Adelaide. James Kennedy, Western District VUFORS Representative.

26.11.98 nr Ballarat, VIC 0812hrs (DO)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
BZ reported a saucer shaped object with a dome on top. The object was shining like metal. Viewing time was 12-15 seconds. The size was about the same as a large car. When it was first seen, it was hovering before speeding away.

08.06.99 Benalla, VIC (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
Edited transcript of interview conducted at Benalla by James Owen, NorthEast representative of the Victorian UFO Research Society.

JO: I will get you now to tell of the sighting in your own words from the beginning to the end.
IB: Tuesday evening 8 June, between the time of 5.37 and 5.38pm, I was at my front gate and my friend was behind me in the driveway. As I shut the gate, he said, " Quick I.B, look over the roof of the house, there is a large flying object". I immediately turned to where the object was which was flying in a horizontal plane, just above the line of the roof of the house and it was moving very quickly from an easterly to a westerly direction. I observed this object for approximately 4 seconds and then moved along the driveway to keep it in sight. It disappeared behind the trees and the roof of the next door home. While this object went past, I observed it to be a long cylindrical object. I could not depict the height above the ground or the distance away; it was very hard to estimate the size. As I observed I think it was an object about 18 inches in diameter and possibly eight or 10 feet long. It had a conical tail coming from the rear, which looked very much like the tail of a rocket. It looked as if it could have been at least 20 feet long. The front part of this object seemed to be an incandescent white that could have been up to 2 feet long. There was another section behind, where the colour started to fade from yellow down to an orange. It would have been another 2 feet long where there were sparks emanating from the back end of the second stage. An indeterminable piece, which I then saw, was the rocket tail. It all disappeared within about 4 seconds and my friend V witnessed exactly the same thing as I did. We discussed it over the next two days.

JO: Can you describe what you did when you first saw it?
IB: Hell, what's that V? We both made statements very similar. What the blazes is that, space debris or something? It cannot be space debris; it is too regular in its shape. It was extremely regular in its shape and was flying in such a level plane, which was not varying in speed. It seemed to be holding the same speed and was very fast.

JO: And you have described the shape you have drawn in a picture of where you have a square front section?
IB: A square front it could have been, it was that bright. You know, like an extremely bright incandescent light. It could have been slightly rounded and you would anticipate that if it were a bright white light that it would be getting to the point of melting. Normally sharp edges would take the heat most and they would be rounding off. It wasn't dead square across the front, it was only very slightly rounded.

JO: What were the weather conditions?
IB: The weather conditions were fine and clear.

JO: Any cloud cover at all?
IB: No, well not in the immediate vicinity.

JO: I will just get you to distinguish the colours as to your diagram. The front section was an iridescent white?
IB: Iridescent white, like a burning white

JO: Magnesium white
IB: Not quite as light, but like a fluoro light and bright.

JO: And then it went to a yellow colour.
IB: Yes, it went to just a pale yellow like a temper when your tempering steel. You see the colours going through the steel and then it becomes lighter in colour. In one section, it looked like pieces of burning metal, like something burning away from it. There were probably five, six or eight pieces of metal that I saw. They looked like little stars, which seemed to die off. There was an indeterminable length, which could have possibly been as long as the first two sections, then there was a conical part, like the part of a rocket.

JO: That area that you couldn't distinguish, was that solid or just nothing?
IB: It could have been solid, because I know I looked twice at the yellow spots that were coming away and then the tail caught my eye. That's the thing, what's pushing this thing along?

JO: We will get to the tail now, colouring?
IB: White, pure white, there was no trails or anything from it, you could see that it was sort of flickering, shimmering. You could see shimmer through it, there was no smoke and no trail from it at all and then it disappeared.

JO: What would you say the shimmer indicated?
IB: It indicated to me that that was the propulsion of the thing, like a jet or a rocket.

JO: And at the end, was it a pointed end?
IB: Yes, it came straight to a point that could have been up to 20 feet long.

JO: Was they're anything behind that point?
IB: No, I couldn't see anything behind that point.

JO: No shimmering or anything else?
IB: No, well because of the dusk, I could see the outline of the thing, if there was anything there I couldn't see it.

JO: Did the object look solid?
IB: "The object looked very solid.

JO: "Have you in the past seen meteorites or anything similar, shooting stars?
IB: "I haven't seen anything similar to this before.

JO: Have you seen these before?
IB: I have seen shooting stars before.

JO: Meteorites that leave a nice tail?
IB: I have seen them.

JO: Was this anything similar to these?
IB: No, this was very similar to something mechanical.

JO: You made comments that it looked like a rocket?
IB: Well I haven't been in a war zone, but you see plenty of things available to you on TV. If I happened to be in Kosovo, then that is what I would expect to see getting around the night skies. It was very, very real and it was a positive sighting.

JO: You mentioned that there was some sort of sound?
IB: I couldn't be positive on that. As it disappeared, I thought I heard a swishing sound. That was only after the object disappeared because it was travelling too fast, as it was a couple of miles away. The sound travel would have been at 100ft per second.

JO: When we went outside we decided to indicate how big the object was, so we used coins at arms length. We used a 20 cent coin and suggested it was too small, then held up a fifty cent coin. Can you tell me what you indicated to me about that 50 cent coin?
IB: The fifty cent coin was very close to the size of the object, but the horizontal length would have been at least three coins across, or more.

JO: That's without the length of the flame?
IB: About three without the tail and 4 and a half with the tail. It's marvellous what you can see in 4 seconds.

JO: You have indicated that the distance of the object was around two miles. Is that correct?
IB: It was very hard, but that is what I first noticed when I saw it, how far away is it? It was definitely no less that one mile.

JO: As you observed the object you noticed it was moving eastwest?
IB: East west.

JO: Did you observe the object to pass behind the trees?
IB: No, it would have been just above the trees.

JO: The last view was just behind the trees in your neighbours yard?
IB: Yes, the next door neighbours.

JO: What would you estimate to bee the speed of the object? I know this is a hard question.
IB: Say that same as a jet if you observed it flying at 30 000ft.

JO: Would it be faster that a jet?
IB: Oh yes, definitely faster that a jet. I would say that if it were the distance I had estimated it to be then it would be travelling one kilometre a second or maybe even half that. I would say the maximum speed was would definitely be around a kilometre per second.

JO: How high would you estimate it at?
IB: Well V and I would say anything from a thousand feet to three thousand feet. If you ask me the estimation of height, I know how little aeroplanes fly from the local airdome and they fly at about 1500 feet.

JO: The weather conditions you had explained before as being clear with no cloud, was there any wind?
IB: If there was, it would have been very little if any.

JO: Was it a cold evening?
IB: Oh yes, pretty cool.

JO: How did it effect you, were you excited or startled?
IB: Both of us were very startled and we both have very inquisitive minds and there was a very intense discussion over the next few days. We had to buy papers to see if there were any articles about it. On the Thursday, we made some discrete inquiries around the town and local paper, which had heard nothing. We asked also asked a local policeman who did not want to know anything about it. We heard nothing more about it until I was in Geelong on the Thursday after the incident. V and I spoke to Mr C and asked if he had seen any strange objects in the sky, he said he had not but one of his workmen had. Has come up the Hume Highway to the Warrenbayne Road after it had just gone dark. What he saw tailed up exactly to what we saw.

JO: Is it your opinion that the object was generating observable heat, can you explain?
IB: Oh yes, it was definitely generating observable heat. It looked like the molten metal was coming away.

JO: Is there anything else you can tell us about this sighting, for example the sparks and colours?
IB: The sparks that were falling seemed to be coming from the back where it had turned into an orange colour. They were probably coming from the sides but you could not see because of the colour. The top and bottom were visible but very had to describe. They seemed to be coming away from the back of the second section.

JO: What colour were they?
IB: They were an orange colour, the same colour as what the second section was.

JO: Did it seem as if the object was breaking up in any way?
IB: It didn't seem as if the object was breaking up, it seemed to be quite solid. It looked as if the sparks could have been emanating away from the heat or power source.

JO: When you observed the object did you see any distortions?
IB: No, no distortions because I think as the evening progressed the background was starting to dull in colour and there were still no distortions.

JO: In your opinion, what was the control of this object?
IB: Well because of its position, horizontal flight and speed, it seemed as if it must have been controlled. All the time I saw it, it was in perfect horizontal line and the speed was constant. Somewhere along the line it would run out of fuel and where would it have gone then?

JO: Could the tail have been a light beam?
IB: I am very doubtful, because of the shimmering. If the tail had been a light beam then it would have been much longer.

08.06.99 Between Port Fairy & Heywood, VIC (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
Whilst travelling west and only for a matter of three to four minutes the Yambuk side of Port Fairy, I noticed what I first thought was a strange looking cloud formation. At this point, I was travelling in a southerly direction. As I followed the highway just as it turned westerly, I noticed that it seemed to be a vapour trail from a plane of some kind. However it was not like one I had ever seen before.

I followed the trail and could see the source of it in the distance for another five minutes before I met a police car travelling east. I thought to myself while he was approaching, 'I should stop him and show him the trail', which at a stage I though may have been the re-entry of a shuttle. I continued eager to get to my parents' place to show them what I had seen.

The entity was at about 10 o'clock, in my peripheral line of sight, and whilst applying most of my concentration on the road I noticed a flash, like that you get from a mirror reflecting. I again started to keep a closer eye on it for good two or three minutes before it seemed to flash as it did before.

I later put it down to the sunlight reflecting off the body of the entity as it changed direction slightly. I continued to follow it all the way to Tyrendana, where I turned off to cross Mount Clay to Heywood where I live. It is a terrible road for kangaroos so I do not take any notice of it.

08.06.99 nr Colac, VIC (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
James Kennedy, Western District representative, submitted reports from Beach Forest, Gellibrand and Clifton Springs townships near Colac.

08.06.99 Bairnsdale & Paynesville, VIC (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society
September 1999)
Dan Haylock, South East District Rep. Forwarded two reports, one from an observer at Bairnsdale and another from nearby Paynesville who observed the object the object for three or four seconds.

08.06.99 South Druin, VIC (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society September 1999)
Wendy Wolfe, Gippsland Representative interviewed a dairy farmer who observed the object at South Druin for four seconds. At that stage, static sparks were noted. Wendy Wolfe, VUFORS Gippsland Representative.

08.06.99 Tyers, Glengarry Road, VIC 1730hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
Witness, GM, observed an oblong object with a very bright white tail, flying east to west for about 4 or 5 seconds. Witness stated too fast to get details.

16.06.99 Sale, VIC 1900hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
A witness ET reported three spherical objects, a large white one and two smaller ones flying towards the horizon to the NE. The comments of the observer were, "This was an unexpected experience that I have not encounted before. It was a surprise and at first I thought it looked like a falling star, but the size and brightness of the light discounted this. It was beautiful. I did not mention it to anyone until someone mentioned it then realised it was on the same day and at the same time so I shared my sighting. My concern is that I wish to remain anonymous".

The last statement is the main reason more sightings are not being reported. However, witnesses can rest assured that VUFORS respects these concerns and if any witness becomes known, they make it public themselves. The information is what is needed to help solve "The Riddle of the Skies".

10.07.99 Sunshine, VIC Midnight (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
Four witnesses including two policemen observed four orange-red lights about magnitude (+1-0 astronomical terms). The objects were moving SW to SE at a distance of 5o distance from the observers. Viewing time was about 15 minutes before fading into clouds in formation. To quote one policeman, "that is freaky". One witness has an astronomical background and states, "those objects did not look normal and the police officers were alarmed as well".

04.08.99 Ballarat, VIC, 1745hrs
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
Two witnesses, F and KD, observed a silvery white disc shaped object about the size of a dollar coin held at arms length. They only saw the object for about 20 seconds before it banked into a controlled dive in a south westerly direction, then disappeared behind trees on opposite side of Lake Wendouree.

The object came from under an isolated cloud which the witnesses were watching and changing colour at the time. They thought at first it was a star and then it begun to move down closer as if it was descending and banking toward them. They could see clearly that it had a bright tail. Efforts were being made to locate the pilot of a helicopter flying nearby at the time.

09.08.99 Melbourne, VIC (Ferntree Gully) 2045hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society March 2000)
The observers reported three lights in a constant formation, with no visible shape, but equal distance between each one. They were joined by a 4th light, which came through cloud cover. All lights passed overhead at constant height and speed, then disappeared behind hill. They were in sight for about three minutes.

28.08.99 nr Anglesea, VIC 2100hrs (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
CO reported observing a circular fluorescent green object with a bright red rim around the edge. The size was estimated to be at least as large as a soccer ball held at arm's length. The object was viewed for only about 10 seconds before it shot away to the NW.

31.08.99 Eldorado, VIC 2230hrs (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society March 2000)
Over the past months Paul Norman along with Investigators Representative of VUFORS have been assessing a sighting witnessed across Victoria on Tuesday the 8 June 1999. A month later a similar sighting was observed in the Sunraysia District and was investigated by Allan Wilson representative for that district.

Similar sightings are still with us. On the 7 September 1999, I received a report in relation to an object observed by a husband and wife in the Eldorado area. Eldorado is a small farming area north east of Wangaratta. This report is still under investigation and goes as follows-

It was on Tuesday the 31 August 1999, about 10.30pm when two witnesses were driving home. The weather was warm for that time of the year and had been raining, but at the time of the sighting, it was overcast but not raining. Both witnesses observed the object in the south travelling southeast. It travelled about 1/6th of the horizon at the fast speed and was observed for about eight to 10 seconds. It was 45 degrees above the distance. One witness wound down the window to eliminate any possibility of a reflection.

The vehicle had slowed whilst watching the object which they described as an oblong shape with a pale to bright blow in the front, bright blue centre and a white tail. The size of the object was approximately the width of the moon. Both witnesses have witnesses meteorites and meteors and believe this was not similar to anything previously seen by them.

No conventional aircraft were seen and the area was hilly and well wooded. There was no mechanical or electrical interference.

No further reports have been forthcoming. At this stage, the Bureau of Meteorology and local airports has not been able to identify the object.

At this time, we do not have any explanation, but further inquiries may reveal this object as a natural phenomena. James Owen, North East Representative, VUFORS.

02.09.99 North Balwyn, VIC 2310hrs (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society December 1999)
Member Francesca Curtis, reported a diamond a diamond white object about a third size of the moon. It flew slowly then descended behind trees. The speed was about the same as a light aircraft. It had small white light flashing around. It may have divided into two, exactly the same size or two objects which separated.

13.09.99 Melbourne, VIC (Reservoir) 1920hrs (CE1)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society March 2000)
The observers reported a brilliant white tube-shaped object with slightly rounded from end with a pointed shape at the rear end. It was speeding from East to West at an estimated speed of 2000-2500kms. The size estimated to be that of 10cent coin width and 6 10 cent coins length, at arms length. Object was in view for only a few seconds. The observer had worked in aviation industry for some time and said had never seen an object like this, let alone travelling at that speed. He said he did not believe it was like any other shooting star or space junk entering out atmosphere. It was in the northern sky going from east to west.

12.01.00 Dandenong, VIC 2200hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian UFO Research Society March 2000)
Two observers were watching for satellites when they saw a round, white light which started small, like a satellite then increased in size to Moon size. It came closer then got larger and brighter. Then it turned right and got smaller like a satellite in orbit. It was in sight for about 20 seconds.

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