AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 19
August 2000

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285



23.11.99 Lake Eucumbene, NSW 2125hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian U.F.O Research Society March 2000)
Three witnesses observed four lights. One large white light and three smaller orange bight lights within 35 seconds. As the major light travelled across the horizon with a tail; half way across, three small orange lights appeared in front of it and continued to track on the same course. The last orange light then doubled back to the bright light. The other two increased speeds, then disappeared on the same track for two - five seconds, and suddenly seemed to disappear. The witness states "The three of us felt we saw something special. The most important part was the orange light doubling back to the bright light".

23.11.99 Deniliquin, NSW 2130hrs (NL)
(Source: THE UFO AUSTRALIAN BULLETIN, Victorian U.F.O Research Society March 2000)
Three observers reported seeing five objects cross the sky - from the West to the North east in approximately 25 seconds. The largest object was about 1/4 size of the moon. The smaller objects were 1/4 the size of the large object.

23.11.99 Goulburn, NSW 2130hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00469)
He was quite excited when he phoned me at approx 23.20 EDST, even though his sighting was two hours earlier. His wife had the presence of mind to look up the local phone book and find UFO research Southern Highlands. The witness...Terry....and two friends were leaving a shed in Terry's yard when they couldn't help but notice four objects in the night sky. Terry described the objects thus...three bright star like objects each one approx 1 inch from one another using fingers at arms length to ascertain relative space between objects...a further three inches behind..using the same method...was a larger yellow ball with a trail behind it of one to two inches of a similar yellow/red colour. The larger yellow ball was approx five times the size of the star like objects...Terry noticed also there was a passenger plane approx 1 minute behind the object, traveling in roughly the same north easterly flightpath..toward Sydney from Canberra..Terry was familiar with this flight path. Terry was able to approximate that the four objects were traveling roughly twice as fast as the passenger plane. The full moon was to the right of the witness's...the path the objects took led them to pass by the full the objects entered the glare of the full moon they became impossible to discern...and was lost to the witness's view. The witness's also noticed two satellites at different vectors during the sighting....which lasted approx 10 seconds. The star like objects did not twinkle like stars and faded one by one as they were lost in the glare of the full moon. The witness's approximated the objects traveled approx 90 degrees of the sky during the course of the sighting. One of the satellites they observed appeared brighter and darker..consistant with the rolling of many satellites. The next day..Wednesday the 24th November Icontacted Chris Coleman from radio 2GN Goulburn to see if any other sightings had been reported..he told me that sightings had been mentioned on the national news network ...the source..he told me was police media. After phone calls to the NSW police media and Victorian police media Idrew a returned to Chris Coleman at 2GN for more info. Chris Coleman was likewise stumped...but suggested Icall radio this was were the national news was broadcast from. Upon contacting the 2UE news room, Iendeavored to find the source of the story...the story came from the police reporter...Iasked if Icould have further contacts for information on the report of "meteors" seen from Victoria to Queensland. The news room kindly contacted the reporter and phoned me back with the source of his information...not the police media...but the "Daily Telegraph" . So..onward to the "Daily Telegraph" news room..whereupon Ispoke to Nicolette Burke...who kindly found and faxed a copy of the story....she was unable to tell me who was responsible for the piece...but it seems a certain...Ross Dowe of the "national space centre" was heavily quoted ..claiming it to be a "significant meteorite entry centred around the region northwest of Canberra"....The trail had grown cold...for the Idesperately cast around for further witness's. Then a stroke of synchronicity that was to inspire me on to further investigation. A representative from the company Iwork with was with a colleague of mine...who was very aware of my UFO interest...and he told her of an amazing sighting he and another person who also works for the company had witnessed last night...the 23rd November. My colleague urged the representative to call me...he hesitated....but my colleague persisted..and he relented...cautiously...he asked..."are you into UFO'S ?"...yes..."Ihad a sighting last night..have you had any other reports?"...yes....what did you see Iasked hopefully..To my excitement he described the exact same thing Terry had described....three star like objects..travelling in equally spaced formation..traveling in the same north easterly the same time of night...same colouring..same orange to red tail....and losing sight of the objects as they passed into the glare of the full moon....this time the duration was approx 30 seconds. The other workmate confirmed the same details...although her sighting duration was approx 10-15 seconds...and she reported losing sight as it entered a bank of thin cloud. This sighting was reported at Castle hill in the northern suburbs of NSW. Feeling certain there must be many more witness's as this sighting was seen by two groups as far apart as Goulburn and Castle hill, Istarted to contact all radio newsrooms in Sydney...starting with Macquarie news and then to ABC radio news. ABC news...being very regionalised..was to prove paydirt The journalist at ABC radio news was not familiar with the story detail..but had noticed that the story had originated from ABC news radio Wagga Wagga..he kindly put me thru to Moira Shields at the news room Wagga luck would have it was typing out the story of the sighting direct to the ABC news intranet at the time Irang. Naturally she was glad to hear from me..and told me she had been trying to get hold of someone from a UFO research group....but the only number she had was a 1300 number and couldn't get an answer on it. After a brief discussion whereby Irefuted totally the possibility of a re entering meteor based on the length of time of the sighting... if nothing else...she informed me that James O'brien of Wagga Wagga ABC radio was planning to have a discussion with Steven Lee from Parkes observatory...who was maintaining the object was a re entering satelite..and someone representing UFO research...Istepped up to the plate...never one to miss an opportunity to promote UFO research... and its always a buzz to get on the radio..Igotta be honest :)..The next call Ireceived more than a minute or so after talking to Moira...was Catherine from Murrambateman..near the ACT. Catherine works for ABC news Canberra..and was at work when she saw Moira's story cross her screen. She immediently contacted Moira to get my phone Catherine had seen the object too! Catherine told of the exact same three starlike objects traveling in spaced formation followed by the larger object with the flaming tail. At first Catherine saw a shaft of light ahead of the larger object with tail...but upon closer investigation noticed the distinct shape of the three starlike objects. Catherine's husband and parents also saw the objects.which was moving in the same nor easterly the same time...Catherine also stated that she felt the objects were traveling up as she lost sight of the objects..the full moon was not close to the objects from her perspective. Catherines property has no trees around he sighting area..and she estimated she had at least a 180 degree field of vision...which may have accounted for her...two minute approximation of the sighting...Two minutes for a satellite to burn up....Iwas unaware they made satellites the size of Tasmania!!! The next call was from Sally Cooper..ABC radio Wagga tee up my interview with James O'brien for 3pm..this was approx 2pm...plenty of time to contact to Tidminbilla space tracking station to firm up some facts before confronting the astronomer about how long satellites take to burn up! All this was happening during working hours (hope none of my superiors are on the KB network) and inconveniently stopped me momentarily from my important investigation. Finally Isecured the time to contact Tidminbilla...Iwas informed Candy was the person Ishould speak to..but she was unavailable till 2.45pm approx...Iwas to ring back then...15minutes was cutting it fine...but time enough to ask the few questions Ineeded always helps to quote scientists when your debating scientists...confuses them no end ! Candy answered the phone at 2.45....and told me she had no idea about how long satellites took to burn up as they only dealt with spacecraft exclusively...this Iknew...but still thought they may had had some idea on satellite re entry info...not the minutes to go..get Stromlo on the line. The line is constantly engaged....the lengths ASIO will go to stop a good UFO story!!! sheesh! 2.58pm Iconnect to Mt Stromlo....they inform me that the event was videoed by a WIN tv film crew who was at Dubbo to film a fireworks display commemorating Dubbo's 150th anniversary and fortunately caught sight of the objects..and videoed them...Iam still trying to obtain a copy of same. Mt Stromlo also informed me that approx 8000 people in dubbo also saw the objects..but as far as what it could be ...he declined to comment..instead pointing me on to the Coonabarrabran observatory. Before Icould even get the number for Coonabrrabran ...the phone rang for this stage Ifelt Ishould be answering the phone "UFO research" instead of the business who were paying was Sally Cooper from the James O'brien radio show. Steven Lee was slightly Iwas given first use of the podium..Iexplained what the three groups had reported...emphasisng the duration of the sightings. Four or five people phoned in with the now familiar scenario..on gentleman from Bathurst..John...was traveling at approx 100km's when he saw the objects. He slowed down..pulled over to the side of the road..and still watched the objects for some time before losing sight of them. This case in particular Iraised to James O'brien and the listeners..the duration must have been between 60 to 90 least. Steven Lee came on briefly and stated that he felt at this stage that the most likely scenario was a re entering satellite and agreed with me that a meteor was out o the question ...due to the length of time it took to burn up. The final point Iraised was in relation to the 'flaming tail' of the was it that the "flaming tail" was at the rear of the four objects rather than at the beginning? My message to Coonabarrabran observatory has not yet been returned..and Istill have to locate the particular WIN TV regional channel that taped the objects. Iimagine this sighting will go down in the annals of science as... 'a re entering satelite'...but at least we on the KB network know that 'unidentified flying object' would be much closer to the truth. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

21.12.99 Kogarah, NSW 1522hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00441)
Shape: cylindrical
Size: apperant size dinner plate..but very high
Objects: one
Colour: silver grey
Sound: none
Duration : 6 to 7 minutes
Direction: heading West
Witnesses: one other

Ken was gardening when he noticed a large round silver object appearing to be about the size of a dinner plate. It was moving very slowly and was too high for a blimp. Ken has always had a keen interest in aviation and is familiar with craft and flightpaths. There was no noise and the object grew smaller as it moved away during the 6 or 7 minutes it was observed. Ken was able to raise the attention of somone else who was also able to observe. The object was heading West when lost from view. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

25.12.99 Kogarah, NSW 2100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00469)
Shape: Round
Size: Star size
Objects: 1
Colour: Dull white colour
Sound: None
Speed: Satellite at straight line..twice as fast when zig zaging
Duration: 15 seconds
Direction: Moving North East direction
Witnesses: None

Peter was at his parent's place in the back yard just finishing a cigarette when he noticed a dull white light travelling at plane speed at about 45 degree's above the horizon. The object travelled in a straight line for about 10 seconds before going up and down in a "drunken zig zaging line". The object had a definite side to side movement as it zig zaged up and down. The range of the movement from the original course was estimated to be about four fingers either side of the original course. This course movement was performed at approximately twice as quick as the linear movement. The zig zaging continued about four times during the last five seconds of the sighting. The appearance of the object during the zig zag was one of a definate wobble. The object covered about five degree's of sky during the sighting. The object seemed to be charting a course along the coast line..heading North. The light source was lost to the witness as it entered a large cloud. The witness was an amateur astronomer and has good knowledge of satellites and the night sky. This report was very similar to a report I took from Jan 1981-1983 when a group of witness's at South West Rocks near Kempsey (North Coast NSW) saw a satellite like object travelling in a straight line..then moved at great pace to change course..before re correcting to the original course and then leaving into the distance at incredible speed. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

31.12.99 Narellan, NSW 0212hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00446)
On Friday the 31st of December, whilst traveling along the Northern Rd on his way home from night shift Jason looked to the left and noticed a swirling mix of beams, with no apparent central source, moving horizontally with one vertical centre beam. He was approxomately 21km's North of Narellan at the time he noticed the beams and the time was 2.12 am. The Moon looked 'weird' and there was cloud cover. Jason viewed the object thru the tops of the taller trees, it appeared to him to be about the height of a telegraph poll. Jason felt the beams slowed down as he slowed the speed of his car, keeping pace with his vehicle. Jason slowed his car firstly to see if the object was a reflection off the wet road and also to see the reaction of the object. He kept calm as the object seemed to maintain it's relative position. At one point Jason stopped the car and turned the lights off, he felt the object was watching him. The 'lighthouse effect' of the beams followed him to the street where he lived. He parked his car in another part of the cul de sac, so as not to let them know where he lived, at this point Jason was quite convinced he was being stalked by something very strange. Upon arriving home he went inside to awaken his wife. They watched from the safety of the lounge room window for some time before venturing outside. Once outside they watched the object for about 30 minutes, both feeling that the object was other worldly. The wife went back to bed, feeling in no way threatened by what she saw, the time was now approxomately 3.00am. Jason continued to watch the beams till daybreak when the light made it too hard to see. The object lost it's central beam when it positioned itself above his neighbours roof, where it had been since Jason's arrival home. It appeared to fade out and then come back to full clarity during the course of his viewing of the object in the time before dawn, with a regular rythym. Jason rang the night shift duty Seargent the following night and was told "many people had rung" and that it was a "practice laser light show reflecting off the clouds". Thinking that the only laser show practice run must be in Sydney, this was not acceptable to Jason as his proximty to the object was far too close. After contacting ABC radio newsroom to see if they had received other reports, a reporter told me no reports had come in. I asked him if he knew where I could start to find the people responsible for the laser show on New Years Eve, he suggested Sydney council but added that he thought Campbelltown council (less than 10km's from Narellan) had also had some form of laser show planned for New Years Eve. Indeed they had and after talking to Campbelltown council I obtained the contact number of the gentleman from Campbelltown catholic club, who had organised the laser show, which had been trialing the night before from sunset to sunrise. The laser machine called 'the dominator' can project 12 intermingling beams up to 11km's into the air and in some cases, given the right conditions, up to 20km's. The organiser also told me that the practice was more spectacular than the main event due to the prevailing conditions on the relative nights. The low intermittant swirling cloud cover refracted the beams on the practice night producing a most unusual visual phenomena. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

10.01.00 Sydney (Gordon), NSW 2020hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00467)
Shape: Light source
Size: Bright star size
Objects: 3
Colour: Very bright orange
Sound: None
Speed: Faster than a planet..much slower than a plane
Duration: 5 to 6 minutes
Direction: Moving East to West
Witnesses: 3

Mrs H was the first to observe the objects, she later called her husband and daughter. She noticed one very bright orange object moving slowly, then upon closer scrutiny saw two other objects travelling in formation across the sky. Two of the objects were travelling one above the other, with the third below and slightly behind the other two. They kept this formation for the duration of the sighting. The distance between the objects was approximated to be four fingers at arms length. The lowest of the objects was very low on the horizon and may not have been visible to those with limited low horizon views. Mrs H walked slowly around the swimming pool in order to keep the objects in sight, indicating that they were indeed travelling faster than a planet. The objects were much more orange than Mars, were not twinkling and appeared high, like a satellite or star. The objects were seen at approximately 8pm. There was very little cloud that night and none in the direction of where the objects were seen and there was a crescent Moon. The object was lost to view behind trees but also appeared to be moving into the far distance. Neither Mrs H or her husband were concerned about the sighting although their daughter admitted to being 'freaked'. Mr H works with satellites in his profession as a remote sensing geologist and is quite familiar as to how they should look and act. In my investigation of the incident I spoke to East Services who radar track the Sydney Metro Area and they informed me no unusual air traffic was reported at that time..including the Goodyear Blimp. ABC Radio News had not received any reports and neither had Gordon Police Station. Sydney observatory likewise had not received any reports but did suggest that the Mir space station was in orbit decay and was 'rolling', causing it to flash as it rolled..which may explain some future sighting - but not this one. Sydney observatory also informed me that once every 11 years the Earth is closest to the sun..increasing the aurora activity at the poles, and that it might be possible for those as far North as Southern NSW or even perhaps Sydney to witness some of the auroral activity. Once again food for thought for future sightings. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

13.01.00 Mt Warrigal, NSW 2255hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00478)
Shape: Round light source
Size: Bright star size
Objects: 3
Colour: Pinkish red
Sound: None
Speed: Stationary for 10 minutes then 200ft per second approx
Duration: 20 minutes
Direction: Moving North East direction
Witnesses: One other

Jason was returning from a fishing trip with his uncle when they noticed three pinkish red objects travelling in vertical formation with the lowest of the objects slightley behind the upper two. The sighting was divided into two separate categories. The first when the three objects were apparently stationary, with the lowest object performing intermittant random pulsing. The distance between the objects was approximately four fingers at arms length and they held formation for the first ten minutes. During the second 10 minutes the upper two objects faded and the lowest and brightest object started to "skip upwards then return to its original position" ..this was seen four times at approximately every 2.5 minutes. The speed of this (as estimated by Jason who holds a private pilots liceance) was approx 200 feet per second. The height of the three objects descending order - 3000ft..2500ft and 2000ft. The bottom light source was approximately 30 degree's above the horizon. The object was lost to the witness's as it moved behind a large cloud base. Jason was adamant that it was no aircraft or helicopter. Jason and his uncle were 'awestruck' by the experience. There are obvious similarities between this callin and callin code 00467. Both party's have been contacted to let each other know they are not the only one's to see these objects. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

14.01.00 Sydney (Carlton), NSW 2130-2200hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00481)
Shape: Small light aircraft
Size: As above
Objects: 1
Colour: Orange flame colour
Sound: None
Speed: Steady pace ..slow motion re play of plane
Duration: 5 to 8 minutes
Direction: South West
Witnesses: Six others

Gabrielle and her family and friends were at her home at Carlton in the South West of Sydney when one of their number noticed an unusual object in the sky. It displayed no deviation in it's flight path as it travelled in a South West direction. It was a clear night as it travelled within the flight path of the usual planes that Gabrielle and family were used to seeing. Gabrielle and the other witness's viewed the object thru binoculars as it 'coasted' along. Gabriele and the other witnesses were adamant that the object appeared to be on fire from the middle of the object to the rear. It appeared the size of a small plane travelling at a steady pace like a "slow motion re play of a plane". The duration of the sighting was 5 to 8 minutes and one of the observers who holds a pilot's licence claimed it was not a plane or helicopter. It appeared to be like a small aircraft with flames from it's mid to stern. It then vanished into the distance. One week earlier Gabrielle was watching TV when her attention was drawn to an emerald green object outside the window 5 times that of a navigation light toward the Kurnell and Cronulla direction. The object was seen between 12 midnight and 1 am during the 10 to 15 seconds of the sighting. The object seemed a long way out..over the sea, when it reversed after being stationary the moved forward and shot up around 5 inches before disappearing. Gabrielle was distraught by the the point of tears..but reigned herself in in deference to her 13 year old sister..who get's scared at such things. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

16.01.00 Gosford Area (Shelley Beach), NSW 0330-0630hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00486)
Shape: Starlike
Size: Star size
Objects: 5, but recurring over the time of the sighting
Colour: Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving slow..maybe plane speed
Duration: 3 hours
Direction: Various
Witnesses: One other

Linda was on the beach with a friend waiting for a rendezvous with some other friends that did not show up when she noticed a bright white light to the East over the sea. It appeared lower than the stars and appeared to be doing figure 8 movements and diagonal movements. The object did not twinkle and was like a light bulb with the light reflecting off the water. The object slowly rose during the course of observation, a period of some three hours till sunset. During this time she also noticed five orange lights travelling in various directions, one South, one up and to the East and another couple travelled North. The orange objects travelled in straight lines at all times. They were star size and moving slowly, maybe plane in the distance speed and were not flashing. It was a clear night with a little bit of cloud, no moon was visible. My suspicions of Venus for the bright object were confirmed by Sydney Observatory who told me that Venus was rising in the East at 3.25am. Having experienced scintillation effect whilst viewing Venus low on the horizon I was not surprised that the circumstantial evidence pointed firmly to Venus. Linda and friend travelled five minutes up the road to a place called crackneck to get a better view. Linda noticed that Venus was at a slightly different angle to her perspective at the two locations. This was probably caused by the different angles of view created by the coastline not being completely straight. This almost certainly explains the bright white light, but the orange lights remain UFO's for the moment. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

22.01.00 Sydney (Glenmore Park), NSW 2100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00558)
Shape: Roundish (bright Lights)
Size: Pea Size at arm's length (all 4)
Objects: 4 (Arc to straight line Configuration)
Colour: Bright Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving very slowly
Duration: 10 minutes
Direction: Heading towards the Blue Mountains - West
Witnesses: Nil

Andrew states that he saw similar lights to those sighted on the 29.01.2000 but one week earlier on the 22.01.2000. His was not the only report received in regard to the sightings on this date.

He also made mention that he had seen similar lights one year prior, Jan/Feb 1999, Xmas Day 1998 and the 16.11.1999. Andrew also mentioned that he has seen similar lights on other occasions and states they always come from a North-West position, coming up out of the Blue Mountains National Park Area.

On another occassion recently 01.03.2000 he spotted a bright white light that looked like a star, but it did not twinkle. He noticed this object once he went outside to investigate why his dogs were persistently barking, it was around 2 am and the sky was very clear. The object was positioned to the West 45 degrees above the horizon and was not moving. He watched the object for 15 minutes then went inside. At about 3:30 am he went back outside to check if it was still there, it was no where to be found. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

22.01.00 Sydney (Glenmore Park), NSW 2135hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00550)
Shape: Roundish (flickering bright Lights)
Size: Half the size of a 5 cent coin at arm's length (all 4)
Objects: 4 (configuration-box formation)
Colour: Bright Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving slowly
Duration: 15 minutes
Direction: Heading towards the Blue Mountains - North West
Witnesses: Husband and children

Saw three orange lights, a fourth one appeared a little while later. The sky was partially overcast. The objects went highter as they were moving along and were heading towards the North West in the same formation. They were eventuallly lost from sight due to cloud cover. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

22.01.00 Sydney (South Penrith), NSW 2130hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00543)
Shape: Roundish (flickering bright Lights)
Size: One third the size of a 5 cent coin at arm's length (all 4)
Objects: 4
Colour: Bright Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving slowly
Duration: 30 minutes
Direction: Heading towards the Blue Mountains - North East to North West
Witnesses: Husband and children

Monica stated that she heard four loud bangs she described as fire crackers in Robertson Park, Penrith South. The family went outside and already in the sky at about 70 degrees from the horizon were three orange flickering lights, a fourth one moved towards the others a few minutes later. The sky was partially overcast, stars could be sighted in the East. The objects started moving from a North-East position to North West. They were eventuallly lost from sight due to cloud cover. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (Orchard Hills), NSW 2030hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00549)
Shape: Roundish (4 bright light)
Size: Half the size of a 5 cent piece
Objects: 4
Colour: Bright orange
Sound: Nil
Speed: Slow
Duration: 5 - 10 minutes
Direction: Heading West
Witnesses: Wife and Father

David stated he was walking home and noticed 4 bright orange lights moving towards the West about 45 degrees above the horizon. He stated they were very slow and altered their formation by moving closer to each other. The configuration was that of a square prior to them moving closer together. After around 10 minutes the objects faded from view due to cloud cover. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (South Penrith), NSW 2030hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00542)
Shape: Unable to make out shape (4 lights)
Size: As large as a five cent piece at arm's length
Objects: 4 (Square formation)
Colour: Bright orange
Sound: None
Speed: Seemed as if they were not moving
Duration: 30 minutes
Direction: Set in the West (Blue Mountains)
Witnesses: husband and neighbours

Mrs Simpson stated they were sitting on the front porch when they saw 4 bright orange lights in the West about 45 degrees from the horizon. She stated they seemed to be level with the intimitant cloud cover. After looking at them they grabbed their binoculars and stated they could not make out a shape, only that they appeared to be very bright. They disappeared after 30 minutes due to cloud cover.

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00541)
Shape: Roundish (5 bright light)
Size: A little smaller than a 5 cent piece
Objects: 5
Colour: Bright yellow/orange
Sound: Nil
Speed: Slow (at times appeared to be stationary)
Duration: 15 minutes
Direction: Heading West
Witnesses: Wife and two children

Dennis stated he and his family were about to drive to the shop. He looked up and noticed 5 bright yellowish/orange objects slowly moving towards the West, 45 degrees above the horizon. He stated they were in a diamond configuration, which could to some look like a square configuration. The fifth object was to the left of the configuration, but twice the distance from the others. He stated the lights stayed in a stationary position over Glenbrook for some time then went out of view via cloud cover. He'd said people had told him they could have been baloons, but he said in his opinion definitely not. A video of the objects were taken. Further investigation pending. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (South Penrith), NSW 2130 & 2215hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00582)
Shape: Roundish (4 bright lights at 9:30 pm, 5 Bright lights at 10:15 pm)
Size: Squarter of the size of a 5 cent piece
Objects: 4 (first sighting) 5 (second sighting)
Colour: Bright yellowish/orange
Sound: Nil
Speed: Slow
Duration: 10-15 minutes each sighting
Direction: From North/North East to West
Witnesses: Wife and neighbours (6 people)

The first sighting took place at 9:30 pm, the 4 objects were in the North Sky about 45 degrees above the horizon and were a quarter of the size of a five cent piece. They stopped for a period of time, then went backwards and then proceded towards the West agin.

At about 10:15 pm Charles and his friends saw 5 bright lights in the same position as the one's he had seen previously. They were in a traingle formation then changed to a straight line. Charles grabbed his telescope and noted the objects looked like balls of fire and he could see what appeared to be smoke and that the objects were at cloud height. They eventually disappeared from view. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (South Penrith), NSW 2155hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00540)
Shape: Unable to make out shape (5 lights)
Size: As large as a five cent piece at arm's length
Objects: 5 (in a horizontal row formation)
Colour: Yellowish,orange
Sound: None
Speed: Seemed as if they were not moving due to distance
Duration: 5 - 10 minutes
Direction: Moving to the West (Blue Mountains)
Witnesses: My Son

Christine stated she saw five objects in a straight line formation heading West. They were positioned 45 degrees above the horizon. She had just came out of her house to get into the car. They seemed as if they were standing still, but her son said they were moving, it was just hard to notice due to the distance. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (South Penrith), NSW 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00535/555)
Shape: Could not make out shape (flickering bright lights)
Size: A little larger than a star
Objects: 4 to 5
Colour: Yellowish,orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving slowly
Duration: 20 minutes
Direction: From North, moved South then headed toward the West (Blue Mountains)
Witnesses: Wife and daughter

Steven stated it was a cloudy eveing and that four to five lights could be seen in the sky from his home. He said they were in no particular formation and that they were just below cloud cover. During the last five minutes of his sighting they flickered then disappeared through cloud cover.

Steven said he thought it may have been balloons with a light in side of them, but that he could not be certain. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (Glenmore Park), NSW 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00539)
Shape: Unable to make out shape (5 lights)
Size: As large as a five cent piece at arm's length
Objects: 5 (Square formation of 4)
Colour: Yellowish,orange
Sound: None
Speed: Didn't appear to be moving
Duration: 20 minutes
Direction: I think they came from the West
Witnesses: Wife and two children (all adults)

Gary said he sighted 5 yellowish/orange lights from his backyard. They appeared to come from the West and were in a square formation except for one object (2 on top, 2 below and 1 below that). I watched them for 20 minutes then went inside. I came out again 10 minutes later and they were still there. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (South Penrith), NSW 2245hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00548)
Name: Kim P.
Shape: Unable to make out shape
Size: Half the size of a five cent piece at arm's length
Objects: 4 (Square formation)
Colour: Bright orange
Sound: None
Duration: 3 minutes through binoculars
Direction: North/North West
Witnesses: Wife.
Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

29.01.00 Sydney (Penrith), NSW 2400hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00553/562)
Shape: Roundish (bright Lights)
Size: A bit smaller than a 5 cent coin at arm's length (all 5)
Objects: 5
Colour: Bright Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving slowly upwards
Duration: 20 minutes
Direction: Heading up towards the Blue Mountains - North West
Witnesses: Nil

Kathleen states the objects were very bright and were moving North-West. Initially they were positioned at 45 degrees and faded out of sight at 90 degrees the highest one disappeared out of her view first and so on. The degrees may not be entirely accurate due to the fact she was standing on a second floor balcony. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

04.02.00 Sydney (Sutherland Shire), NSW 2130hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00521)
Lynn and a various number of witnesses described various phenomena over a period of 5 days. Objects that displayed red and green lights moving at steady pace were most likely plane misidentifications. Star like objects travelling at steady pace but at different speeds were most likely satellites. Though on the 4th of February Lyn and several witnesses witnessed 2 objects that appeared to them to be involved in a 'police chase'. A star like object zig zagged thru the sky before zooming off into space, this was followed by a second star like object that performed in the same fashion. This was witnessed for approx 10-15 seconds. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

11.02.00 Sydney (Summer Hill), NSW 2215hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00572)
Simon and his girlfriend saw an unusual object Friday night the 11th of February. The object was high up in the atmosphere. The object appeared as a static trail of 2 to 3 inches in length..much like the effect of running your finger along a TV screen just after turning it off. It travelled North to South 6 to 12 times back and forth for a total of approx 2 to 3 minutes. No shape as such was determined but the colour was all white, star like. The object held a steady pace and was about one quarter of an inch wide and intermittent in it's appearance's. The sighting occurred approx 10.15pm. Possible explanation due to 11yr sunspot high activity is Aurora Australis. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

15.02.00 Peak Hill (nr Dubbo), NSW 2106hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00521)
The witness saw a zig zagging light for about 1 hour. The object was red and green and was alternatating between flashing and glowing. The object appeared bigger than the stars and was hardly moving at times and seemed to be hovering with pronounced eratic movements. The witness called two other friends who witnessed the object also from Swansea in Newcastle and Cessnock West of Newcastle. The single object was not like a plane's colours and was cylindrical in shape like a 44 gallon drum. Other descriptions of the object were, saucer shape, circular, concave top, lights moving around a form. Movement was top to r/h/s to bottom and back. Object was above tree tops by about 12 to 15 feet and at one stage was still for 15 mins while pulsating different colours. A local newsagent took Photo's of the object that appeared about 9.30pm. The length of the sighting seemed to be hard to ascertain. Venus would seem a prime suspect if the duration was of several hours, which at times the witness suggested it was. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

28.01.00 Wentworthville, NSW 2300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00602)
Shape: Roundish (bright Light)
Size: Pea Size at arm's length (all 8)
Objects: 8 (configuration - Vertical)
Colour: Pale Yellow/Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Moving very slowly
Duration: Viewed for 20 minutes
Direction: North East to North West
Witnesses: Wife and Neighbour

Peter was on his way home when he noticed 8 yellowish/orange lights moving across the sky. He had just reached the Cumberland Highway when he first noticed them. He stated they were in a configuration of 2,4,2 in a straight vertical line. There appeared to be identical gap spaces either side of the group of 4 moving objects.

By the time he arrived home, which took him approximately two-three minutes, the objects were still clearly visable. He alerted his wife and a neighbour and he watched the objects for a further 18 minutes. Seven of them disappeared from view through initimitant cloud cover. Peter states that one object stayed stationary for a further couple of minutes before it disappeared as well. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

March 2000 Moss Vale, NSW 2100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00746)
About 3 months ago, Carolyn, her daughter and a young 13 yr old boy were out jogging at approx 9pm when they stopped to take a break. They lay on their backs taking in the beauty of the crystal clear night sky and were amazed at the activity, satellites, falling stars and such. After about 15 to 20 mins they noticed what appeared to be a satellite like object that began descending at a tremendous velocity and becoming very large and very very bright. The object appeared to be going to land but paused above the ground at approx twice the height of the Goodyear blimp. The object was like a flattened circle of very bright light. The object then whooshed off at an angle back up to the sky before disappearing into the atmosphere at great speed. The duration of the sighting was approx 15-20 seconds. Carolyn screamed during the incident in terror and grabbed her daughters arm in fear, her daughter was simply awestruck whilst the 13 yr old boy thought it a great adventure. All felt privelaged to have witnessed the event. The location of the sighting was a very remote area, devoid of other houses. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

12.03.00 Newcastle, NSW 2030-2100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00616)
Brenda was in the kitchen on the phone to her sister , when she noticed an orange light out the window. The orange light appeared to have white undertones to it. Brenda is familiar with rescue helicopters that routinely fly over her area..this was not a helicopter. There was no sound as the object seemed to travel just above her neighbour's roof although her two german shepherds wined at the back door. The objects appeared to be gliding above high tension wires and an ariel in the distance that the witness is not sure of in regard to it's purpose. The duration of the sighting was approx 5 to 10 mins as it traveled from nor east to sou west. A second orange light was then seen and then a third. They travelled in a horizontal line, then stopped and formed a circle. Brenda's Husband works at an airport so she rang him to see if could verify, but the airport is too low to have clear sight of the objects. At this point a fourth object appeared, travelling at much greater speed than the other three. The fourth object the dropped a bright light that descended at great pace, but the fourth object continued to shine just as bright. The objects then dissapated in several directions at great speed and appeared to be moving away from the witness. The objects seemed to be all the same distance away and were evenly spaced for the most part. The witness rang Williamtown Air base and was referred to 013. The variable speeds reported do not seem to fit with illuminated garbage bags also the fact that at one point before the fourth object joined the objects appeared stationary again to not fit the pattern. I will be following up with police stations and newspapers to gain further reports and information. It could be illuminated garbage bags but the differing speeds and directions are confusing to that scenario, also the witness was quite sure the objects moved away from her rather that just going out. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

13.03.00 Newcastle Hunter Valley, NSW 0430hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00618)
Alison's two small children alerted her to a bright star like object at approx 4.30am that appeared like a supernova, very bright with silver sparks flying off it to about 1 to 3 cm relatively. Duration was approx 1 hr then Alison went to bed. The object appeared stationary for the most part, although appeared to move about 1 cm higher before returning to original position. It was below the level of the other stars and above the level of the scattered cloud. The object appeared to have lateral movement of approx one and a half cm's over a mountain. The sparks seemed to dim toward the end of the hours observation. The object was seen in a sou sou westerly direction. This is the part of the sky and time when Venus could be seen. Venus is rising at approx 4am and is particularly bright at the moment. Due to the effects of humidity causing the lower atmosphere to be lumpy and thick, Scintillation would be greater than normal and due to it's low position above the horizon at that time this sighting is most likely to be Venus. Witness is staying up tonight to see if the same effect happens tonight, she will let us know the outcome. The apparent downward movement of the object may be due to inversions in the atmosphere caused by the high humidity. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

17.03.00 Werrington, NSW 0100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00627)
Shape: Roundish (bright light)
Size: Ping pong ball at arm's length
Objects: One
Colour: White Light
Sound: Nil
Speed: Only moved once to the right
Duration: 3 to 5 minutes
Direction: South - 45 degrees above the horizon
Witnesses: 10 cars had stopped at the side of Hunheved Road, Werrington

Karen was on her way home when she noticed a bright light in the sky, she also noticed cars stopping at the side of the road. The occupants were looking up at the same object. She stated the object was stationary, but moved right very quickly at one point.

Karen was not entirely sure of the direction of the object in the sky i.e South, if it was South-West it may have been Venus. However the decription of the size does not seem to match this theory. Further investigation pending this week once cloud cover has diminished.

On a separate occassion 9.02.2000 at around 9:15 pm her husband noticed a white light moving accross the sky from East - West. He stated that it was traveling alot higher than a plane usually does and that it was definitely not a Helicopter. James stated it took only 40 seconds to cross from one side of the horizon to the other. Even though it was very high up at the time it was about one third of the size of a 5 cent piece. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

31.03.00 Peakhurst, NSW 2035-2042hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00829)
Warren saw a bright orange light at about 80 degrees of horizon as bright as Jupiter moving slowly from east nor east to west sou west. The object dimmed at times, there was no cloud and the conditions were fine and cool with no wind. The object was travelling against the breeze thus ruling out balloons and the Goodyear blimp was non-operational that night. The duration was approx 7 mins whilst the bright star like orange object got fainter as it travelled in a steady line. Approximation of height was 34,000 feet and the object made no sound. The Witness also had a previous sighting in May 1977 of two saucers clamped together and oscillating in the Oberon area. The Witness works for the Bureau of meteorology and is most conversant with astronomical and other associated natural phenomena. A mother ship? Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

03.05.00 Toongabbie, NSW 1835hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00704)
Stuart saw a white/silver ball, no particular shape, emmiting light, not glaring and no halo. The object was moving quickly, 3 to 4 times faster than a plane. The object travelled in a straight path for a duration of approx 3 seconds. The object went behind some trees approx 200 mtrs away. It appeared to be sitting on a hill and Stuart could align telegraph poles with the object. The object appeared small with no tail or sonic boom. Stuart is an amateur astronomer. Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

12.05.00 St Marys, NSW 2045hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00716)
It was Friday night at 8.45pm, a clear night with no breeze. Annette was out the front of her house having a cigarette when she saw a large ball of flame the size of an orange, she could see flames coming off it. The object was hurtling from the North heading Sth East , it then slowed down and seemed smaller as it got closer. The object appeared about sky scraper the 65th floor of the MLC ctr. The flames then subsided , there was something above the object like a beam of light, milky and opaque. The object then stopped and the light formed an s shape, then re formed into a beam. The round orange burning mass seemed to be above her house, at one stage there seemed to be a square halo above the object. It then moved South at great pace now. It now seemed pea size with no beams attached. 5 minutes later Annette could smell fuel in the air. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

09.07.00 Collaroy, NSW 0100 & 0130hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00784/786)
Both Pam and her friend made separate calls unaware that each had made a call. Due to the fact both described exactly the same thing I have joined the two reports. Pam had dropped in at a friends house after a party and they both noticed yellowy orange lights, first one then up to 15 travelling slowly from North West to East. They appeared to be lower than the clouds, there was no set formation, but they held their random pattern in relation to each other. The lights were not blinking or flaring and there was no noise. They appeared to either fade out or disappear over the horizon of the ocean. Due to similar characteristics displayed at Penrith earlier in the year which proved to be garbage bags with fire lighters attatched I would assume these objects may be of the same variety, although 15 is a great number. Both Pam and her friend will let me know of developments should anything to support the sighting appear in the local paper . Karen Burden UFOR(NSW)

16.07.00 Empire Bay (Gosford Area), NSW 1745-1800hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00760)
Alison noticed an illuminated object over the water, hovering low on the horizon. The object had 8 square lights right around, it was football shaped with a white/gold glow and the well defined square lights were brighter than the rest of the object. The proximity estimated was quite close, approx 200-300 mtrs and elevation about a tree and a half above the water. The object was not as big as the Goodyear blimp which was not flying in that area and in fact not even in the air at that time on that day. The illumination made no noise, had no navigation lights, appeared as a “solid” light and no evidence of searchlight beams could be found. The illumination was larger than thumb and forefinger at full stretch at arms length, very large or very close, the witness felt the latter was the case. It was later briefly seen as the witness dropped her parents off to Umina as an illumination in the clouds, there was no beam under the cloud and the moon was visible to the R/H/S of the object although the night was somewhat cloudy. The duration of the main sighting was approx 10-15 mins and was reported to the witness by a local real estate agent as they were in casual conversation in a shop the next morning, who witnessed the same object at the same time. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

26.07.00 Narrabeen, NSW 1920-1930hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00820)
John was heading down the Wakehurst Parkway toward the intersection of Pittwater Rd when he noticed what appeared to be two landing lights of an aeroplane approaching from the South. He was talking to his wife on the hands free mobile at the time as he continued to watch the lights. As he watched a third light became visible, he became intrigued and his wife suggested he should pull over, which he did. He watched the lights as it came over him, at its zenith he could determine a black shape of either a V or triangular shaped object against the black night sky. At a point of about 45 degrees away from him two independantly strobing blue/white colour lights were observed. The estimated height of the object was only about 500 mtrs and the speed was very slow, taking 8 to 9 minutes to dissapear from view. The strobing lights appeared to be randomly positioned and acted without rythym of each other. There was a soft whining noise like the sound of a distant jet heard during some part of the observation. Once the third light was viewed, all three lights remained in sight till it was lost to view heading Nor West, indicating that the lights were under the craft. Radar confirmation of something unusual in the sky that night is pending, but don't hold your breath. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

28.07.00 Cecil Hills, NSW 1820hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00822)
Amanda and her friends saw objects of orange flame like a fireball in the sky. There were three objects in all, with each fading out after about 9 mins before a minute of nothing before the pattern recurring. All were in the same general direction in the sky and were heading toward the ground. The objects looked like meteors with tails.

Total duration approx 30 mins, no planes were seen in the area dropping flares. At this time the sun was just setting and I suspected contrails. After further explanation and questioning the object was not round like a ball but a straight line at an angle. Contrails are often found during this time of year due to the pockets of very cold air in the atmosphere. I asked if the objects reminded the witness of a line of the sun itself drifting across the sky and she felt this description very apt. I think contrails maybe the culprit in this case. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

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