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Issue 25, December 2001

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


1970 - 71:
(Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01736)
Graham wanted to mention that he observed a white cigar shaped object around 30 years ago which was only around 1200 feet off the ground over Pennant Hills Area. He stated it happened within an hour of the first Concord Plane landing in Sydney way back then. The family were outside hoping to catch a glimps of the plane, but observed something else instead. He stated it was clearly not a blimp and did not have the same shape at all. He said the UFO seemed almost transparent and just hovered there.

Note: If anyone knows when the first Concord landed in Sydney Australia that will provide the timeline within an hour.

object he and his father observed at Narabri when he was young, his father was out hunting or something. He stated the disc was a yellowish hazy white, his father was so scared he took his son home. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

(Source: TUFOIC Newsletter)
The witness and a friend were returning to Scottsdale after an evening of fishing. They had taken the Snake Track Road, a short cut from Ledgerwood to the Tasman Highway. The witness who was driving tells how they rounded a sharp curve only to be confronted by an object only 50 mts from the roadside. The witness slowed down the car but his friend said they should get out of there. Hovering just above the ground was a disc shaped object with a dome above around which were a line of portholes or lights. It was estimated to have a diameter around 10 to 15 mts. Coming from beneath the disc was a very bright beam of light, this beam was about 5 mts across at its base on the ground. The witnesses left the scene at once and are not aware of what happened to the object. The road entered dense bush and on looking back nothing could be seen. The similarity between this and other cases from northeast Tasmania about that time are of great interest. Sketches of an object seen at Scamander complete with beam below are almost identical. Other cases such as Tayene, The Sideling, and near St Helens all had similar features as objects were seen by motorists alongside the road. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

SEPT/OCT 1997 LILLICO, TAS 1930hrs (CE1)
(Source: TUFOIC Newsletter)
Following publicity in the Advocate newspaper the Centre received a letter from the witness detailing events of a sighting a couple of years earlier. Mrs L and her husband were travelling to Devonport to drop of a friend. Between Lillico and Don they noticed lights on a low flying object approach from the sea and crossing the highway ahead. It did not look like a usual aircraft but they thought no more about it until on the way home. Mrs L says that when driving past the same area near Lillico the same or similar object reappeared high to the left (west) of their car. Mrs L opened the car window to obtain a better view. She was rather surprised to see a large triangle shaped object. There were three coloured lights, one on each corner of the object, which appeared as a dark mass. It was now low and close to the highway. Mrs L's husband (previously a non-believer in UFOs) could now see the object and accordingly pulled off to the side of the road. The astonished witnesses watched the triangle cross the road and move off towards the sea. As it moved away from the road it suddenly changed shape into a red ball of light. The ball of light looked to be just over the roadside bushes. Mrs L felt scared at the turn of events and asked her husband to drive on. As soon as they pulled onto the highway the red ball disappeared, just like a light being turned off. Mrs L said it was weird experience Keith Roberts TUFOIC

29.03.99 TIPPOGOREE HILL, TAS Dusk to dawn (CE2)
(Source: TUFOIC Newsletter)
Mr R lived in an isolated area off the Bridport Road when his sighting occurred in early 1999. Following publicity in the Launceston Examiner he sent an excellent illustration of what he saw together with details of the sighting. Initially Mr R thought something was happening in the bush about a kilometre north of his property. He was able to ascertain later that the area was all locked up, as even he was unable to get a close look at this possible landing location. At first a bright floodlight was seen like a welding type light. On inspection with binoculars he saw a very bright yellow cross, which was coming out of a shell type structure. The structure looked to be a sphere about 10 m across with a bright blue ball in the centre. Mr R observed the mass of light for a while and then off and on during the night, it did not seem to change position or appearance. He was fortunate to see its departure when he looked out again near dawn. The object rose up into the sky to about 10 degrees then he found it hard to tell if it faded or got smaller as it receded into the distance. The landing area was a clear patch in rough scrub, which the witness was unable to visit. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

14.10.00 SYDNEY (PENNANT HILLS), NSW 2000hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00954)
At approx 8pm Saturday the 14th October Jill was outside just watching the stars when she noticed a very bright light to the North North West. She thought it was either a planes headlight or a very bright star. Jill went inside to get a pair of binoculars and her husband. When seen thru the binoculars the light appeared like a philligree gold ball with black holes pulsing in and out of the orb. The light appeared to have definite form and edge and a shape something like a jellyfish. The light changed to crimson and changed shape as it slowly got smaller and appeared to move slightly to the left as it disappeared at approx 9.00pm. During the course of the sighting two planes past in front of the light. Just before the light disappeared a beam seemed to go upwards from the object. Jill was not aware of any cloud build up that may have obscured the object. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

16.10.00 SYDNEY (PENNANT HILLS), NSW 2020hrs (Identified as Venus)
(Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00954)
Looking toward the west at approx 8.20pm Monday 16th I noticed a very bright stationary light, which was likely to be the culprit. After checking with Maria Hunt from the Werrington Observatory it was confirmed that Venus was in the West setting between 8pm and 9pm. Also due to Venus being bright and low scintillation was high and this was magnified by the chromatic abberation caused by the affect on light spectrums created by the binoculars. The odd shape is due to Venus never being "full", as it varies between a quarter crescent and three quarter phase, when Venus is full it on the other side of the sun to the Earth and is unable to be seen. Finally, due the slightly eccentric path of the planets they tend to dip to the left before setting.

Mir space station is about at the moment with a brightness similar to Venus taking 3 to 4 minutes to cross the horizon. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

07.04.01 NEWCASTLE, NSW 2327hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01303)
Daughter was driving home from friends house when she noticed at least 4 cars by the side of one of the main roads of Newcastle. She stopped to see what was doing, she noticed as the others had, three bright yellow lights moving due West away from the observers. They formed a straight line, 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock. This was at approx 10.45pm, she was home 5 minutes later and alerted her mother , sister and a friend. All three watched for a further 30 minutes approx as the objects grew smaller in the distance, not moving side to side but simply away. This was viewed against the backdrop of a hill with housing below the upper peak. The objects were low on the horizon with an altitude lower than a plane, there was no noise heard. There was no wind to speak of and the lights were solid in colour, not flickering. They left view as they became too small to see. The witness’s had feelings of disbelief, amazement but no fear or sense of threat. Could be lighted garbage bags but unusual that they did not deviate or flicker. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

09.07.01 NORWOOD, TAS 2314hrs (NL/VIDEO)
(Source: TUFOIC Newsletter)
The Centre received some interesting images copied from a video of a flashing, moving light seen from a Norwood residence. The witness had been watching the tennis final from Wimbledon and had gone outside for a spell of fresh air.

Turning to go back inside he noticed a very bright star high in the sky moving towards the NNW horizon. What really caught the eye though was the flashing light from the star. The witness said you simply couldn't miss it. It seemed to be cycling through a pattern of red, green, and blue colours. The witness was aware of stars that scintillate but this star was moving from the edge of the Milky Way past stars that remained static in colour. The witness went quickly inside to grab his Sony video camera and start shooting a picture of the star before it disappeared.

Physically he said it appeared in the sky bigger than Mars but very bright. It travelled from high in the sky (60/70 degrees) towards the horizon until lost from view behind a house on the top side of the street (25 degrees). The witness first watched the star for about a minute, taped it for a bit more than a minute, then tried to get his wife out to see the light by which time it had disappeared. It probably took 3 minutes to cover some 40 degrees of sky.

Investigation into possible satellites eliminated this explanation as none could be seen after 8pm that evening due to the earth's rotation. The light did not appear to be commercial aircraft as Launceston Airport had closed and there were no overflights from Hobart. Checks on high altitude air traffic is not possible. However, a close look at the video reveals it is about 1 1/2 minutes long and in that time the star moves about 1 degree to the witnesses left. It is doubtful an aircraft would have remained in the same location.

Many observers overestimate the height of objects in the sky. When they view objects above about 30-40degrees, they tend to assume that it is much higher in the sky. Try pointing your arm up at an angle of 45 degrees. Without moving the angle of your arm, turn your head around so that is more side on to your arm - It will most likely be pointing at 25-30 degrees. Be aware of this when reporting, or investigating a sighting. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

25.07.01 KILCOY, QLD 0300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01641)
Leon, a tow truck operator was making a delivery at about 3 a.m. driving through Kilcoy. There was no other traffic on the road at the time, so no witnesses etc.

In front of him at about 100m were two semi bright orange balls of light. They were travelling at the same height as the gum trees and appeared to be following each other parallel to the road.

Leon observed the lights for about 15 minutes and then got quite worried (or as he said ... he s$#t himself, as he was sure there was something strange about them. He realised they weren't planes and decided to head for his boss's house to stay the night (poor bugger).

He said that his mobile phone started to play up and another strange thing was that the distance he travelled took him less time than it should of. (wondering if he had condensed time episode). He also mentioned that his watch was fast and the clock had stopped in the car.

I didn't pursue any issues re an encounter 'cos this guy was freaked enough as it was.

He did mention when he spoke to his boss that other people had reported seeing the lights at Millenew (sic) on the eastern side of Kilcoy. It was reported in the Kilcoy Sentinel last week.

I asked him if there were any energy sources nearby, and he stated there are two big transformers nearby and that Tarong powerstation is a few miles away. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

29.07.01 LANKAYS CREEK, NSW 2031hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01646)
Anne and Roger were travelling along Jingellic Road at 8:31 pm 29/07/01. This road for the most part runs alongside the Murray River, this area is located on the NSW/Victorian border. They were travelling from East to West towards Holbrook when they noticed a bright white light in the Southern Sky over the National Park. Roger and Anne estimated it was above 6,000 feet off the ground when they first noticed it and was moving at a 45 degree angle towards the ground. Roger stated it was going faster than a comet. The object apparently turned red, then exploded. It then turned green, then a beautiful bright blue and then disappeared or went out. What is interesting is the statement that it did not have a tail or leave a trail at all. Anne who was driving was temporarily vision impaired during the explosion, her vision was dim, she could not see her own headlight beams in front of her. Anne stated the following day that Helicopters were seen flying near the area the following morning, but states she has seen helicopters flying near the area before, so it could be a coincidence.

Both of them thought they should report it. They stated they thought there may be debris from it and that Investigators may be able to gain access via the 'Human Hovel Walking Track', which runs along the side of the mountain. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

30.07.01 BRISBANE (LOGAN CITY), QLD 1741hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01652)
Mr X was riding a motor in the Logan City area at abut 5.41pm on 30.7.01

When he saw a bright blue light with a flame out the back of it, zoom across infront of him, the light was traveling from east to west and he was heading north, toward Brisbane. It was very fast, quite low in the sky and had a long trail on it. It only lasted a few seconds then it vanished. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

02.08.01 SYDNEY (EMU HEIGHTS, nr PENRITH) NSW 1810hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01660)
At around 6:10 pm on Thursday evening, David was out the back of his house at Emu Heights, near Penrith when they noticed a bright Orange/Yellowish light (not white) speeding across the sky at about 10 degrees above the horizon. It was travelling from East to West with a trail of smoke behind it. David states it was very large about half the size of a five cent piece at arms length and states other people must have seen it. It was a cloudy night and the moon was out. He states that it made no noise, it appeared to him to be a meteor, but couldn't believe how low it was. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

10.08.01 GOLD COAST (LABRADOR), QLD 2000-2030hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01679)
At 8-8.30pm on Friday night (10th August) Steve and his family who live at Labrador Gold Coast, saw a very bright orange/red ball of light in the sky. It was in the North/West direction and ended up in the West when it went out and vanished. Steve has a telescope and was looking at the stars at the time. Steve said he had not seen anything like it before and wanted to know if anyone else has reported it. There was no noise, no strobe lights. Size was about twice the size of the brightest star. He could not say what speed it was traveling, but he did say the speed was constant. He watched it for about three minutes, then it dimmed and went out. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

14.08.01 BRISBANE (CAMP HILL), QLD bet1500-1530hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01690)
Brian was travelling in his car on Tuesday evening and observed 4 individual lights travelling in a straight line over the Camp Hill area. The objects observed were a bright white colour with a tail appearance. He guestimated the objects to be the size of a 5 cent piece. He didn't believe they were aircraft as the objects performed manouevres, going up and down, sideways, stopping and then loop the looping. He had never seen anything like it watched them for 30 seconds but lost sight of them as he was in traffic and had to pay attention etc. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

14.08.01 MELBOURNE, (MELTON), VIC 2207hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01687)
I contacted Mr Phill Green of Melton, in Melbourne, who experienced this event. He said to me that he saw a UFO at 10.07pm on Tuesday the 14th of August 2001. He stated that the UFO appeared to be stationary and directly above his head 90/deg. The UFO was bigger than a 5 cent piece at arms lenght' the sky on that night was clear with no cloud cover. I checked my planet charts to see what planets were up at that time. The only planet up at that time was MARS. On that day MARS rose at 12.33pm and set at 3.47am. If it rose at that time (which it did) that would put MARS above his head at 6.30pm, which means that he didn't see Mars or any other planet. MARS would have been at 142 degrees west at 10pm, which was only 32 degrees from the western horizon? This is a substancial distance from above his head' which is 90/deg. Mr Green said that the UFO was ORANGE. He also stated that it didn't appear to rotate or move. After viewing it for 10min. he went inside. He also told me that he wasn't drinking at the time. Lloyd Wright AUFORN VIC

23.08.01 ARMIDALE NSW 2300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01704)
While outside having a cigarette the reportee noticed a bright star like object bouncing in the sky with approx 2cm apparent movement at around 11pm. I suggested to the reportee that it sounds like an astronomical body and asked if he could look in the same direction at the same time the following night and to call me back if the object was not there. So far no call back. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

28.08.01 BARHAM (50 mtrs from the MURRAY RIVER near VIC BORDER), NSW 1900-1915hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01---)
On the evening of the 28th of August Paul, his girlfriend and another friend were outside smoking and stargazing when they noticed 2 dim stars zig zagging across and around a near full moon for approx 15minutes before travelling away from them. The objects on the 28th August zig zagged for most of the 15 minute duration of the sighting. Both objects appeared very high in altitude to the observer, much higher than a plane. I have no terrestrial explanation for these sightings at this time. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

31.8.01 BRISBANE (MORNINGSIDE), QLD 0142hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01711)
Mark said he was driving home from work on Friday morning (31.8.01) at 1.42am He was traveling from Runaway Bay to Morningside. He was almost home, when he noticed a flash in the clouds, he then saw (in the east) 8 lights come out of the clouds and then disappear, then reappear again, and go into a straight line formation. They then moved away from each other, almost vanished and then moved back to the line position again, then went behind a cloud. The defused lights then shone through the clouds and were flickering. One of the lights had a red glow around it. There was no noise. Mark stopped the car and watched for 25 minutes, then they just went out and vanished. Mark could not tell me the estimated size of the lights. The hight in the sky was about that of a high cloud height. Position was in the East. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

02.09.01 GOLD COAST (NERANG), QLD 2230hrs (Identified as a Meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01714)
On Friday night (31.8.01) at 10.30pm, Simone was laying on the floor of her lounge room,when she looked out of the window and saw what looked like a shooting star, only it was much larger. She said it was about half the size of the moon. It was in the East Position, and fell down, just like a falling star only much lower in the sky and just went out. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

02.09.01 ATKINSON DAM (bet. GATTON & ESK), QLD 2335hrs (Identified as a Meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01712)
At around 11.35am This morning (2.9.01) at Atkinson Dam on the road between Gatton and Esk, Mike and his family saw what looked like a shooting star with a long greenish/blue tail behind it. It was in the East/North/East position, looked like it was towards North,East side of Brisbane. Went out just before it hit the ground. He wanted to know if anyone else saw it. Please read my next report for similar sighting (report 01713) Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

02.09.01 BRISBANE (DAISY HILL), QLD 2335hrs (Identified as a Meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01489)
Dave and his family were traveling toward Daisy Hill Forest from the Pacific Highway when they saw what looked like a falling star. David said he thought he could see a metal colour in the object, he said it seemed to fall into the Daisy Hill Forest. He said it had a Blue tail on it. It was in the East position right in front of them. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

05.09.01 BARHAM (50 mtrs from the MURRAY RIVER near VIC BORDER), NSW 1900-1915hrs (NL)
(Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01---)
On the 5th of September whilst again smoking and stargazing, Paul, alone this time, noticed a dim star that then became a bright star in the sky. The bright star then dimmed before changing speed like a shooting star with a blue/white tail, before dimming and then turning bright red before disappearing. The object performed several zig zags in the sky over approx 30 to 40 cms apparent length with height variation of plus or minus 10cms vertically giving a 20cm approx apparent length from top to bottom of the zig zag before disappearing and going very dim. The object on the 5th of September zig zagged for approx 5 minutes before slowly moving away from the viewer toward space. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

14.09.01 PENRITH, NSW 1932hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01736)
On the 14th September between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm Graham and his wife and two children were outside having a cuppa after dinner when his youngest son said, look Dadda there's a plane. Both parents looked and noticed that there were 4 orange lights, each one about the size of a one cent piece at arms length. They were traveling South to North horizontally one behind the other, at what appeared to be around 100 feet apart from each other, evenly spaced. They were not flickering or pulsating, no smoke trails could be seen, but they were traveling very slowly. Graham estimated they were around 2,000 feet off the ground. He came to the height estimate as he had lived near the Richmond Air Force base for 10 years previously and therefore had quite a bit of exposure to aircraft. He stated at no time was there any indications of erratic flying tactics.

A few minutes later another two appeared traveling horizontally side by side at around 100 feet apart once again. A few minutes later another two appeared one behind the other. Graham stated they all ascended on a 30 degree climb when they reached the same area in the sky. He watched them ascend for 10 minutes until they were nothing more than pin points in the sky. It was a very clear night he said, there was no cloud cover, not even periodic. No noise was apparent. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

23.09.01 SYDNEY (SEVEN HILLS), NSW 1630hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01757)
Chris, the son was floating in their pool on his back at 4.30pm. He looked at the moon almost overhead, sky was clear, moon was at quarter full. He noticed a spot of very bright light near the moon and realised it could not be a star. It was far too early, so he called his father ( Tony ). Since the object was moving slowly south they got the binoculars out ( mag 10 times ) and thought it was perhaps a satellite. The binoculars showed there were five objects in a pattern around a central object which was cylindrical or oblong in shape and was reddish. One of the objects in the formation at the front could have been saucer shaped. The movement of all the objects was orderly and NOT RANDOM.

The front object suddenly shot quickly further south, stopped instantaneously and went back to its original position in the formation. Then the formation still moving faded from sight. Derek & Veronica INFODIG Central Coast

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01768)
Anna reports seeing a number of sightings over the ridge at Wallow Road, Kennilworth. The latest was observed to be shaped like an eagle with flapping wings. She stated that it was flying too fast to be an eagle and that she was sure the object was a metallic pewter colour with armoured feather/plates. The object came out from a cloud and was travelling west.

Two years ago she observed a "bobbing thing" travelling over the top of the same ridge. The object was a semi circle and emitted an orange light.

Anna reported also finding an 8 foot circle at the time, on the ground that had a strong smell but deterioriated after two days.

She also stated that local farmers had found their cows to be covered in extrement in the morning and that the dogs kept sniffing it. She that the cows were used to dingos etc. and thought that something had terrified them and was thinking along the lines of a big cat. She was quite open to having anyone paying her a visit etc. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

28.09.01 DAPTO, NSW 1915-2000hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01771)
Between 7.15 and 8.00 pm the first two of four bright orange lights appeared heading South then East, dimming on and off. When the objects were closer they appeared brighter. Eventually they dissapeared. 10 minutes later another appeared, and followed the same pattern as the above. All appeared floating at a steady pace, not going fast. There was little wind and no clouds that night. Both lights appeared from the West. 10 minutes later a third light appeared from the West, this one went North and accelerated and appeared to have a plane following it. It dissapered behind a mountain. It was also dimming and glowing before dissapearing. I strongly suspect garbage bags with jiffy fire lighters, but have to check with bureau of meterology to confirm wind direction that night. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

29.09.01 BRISBANE, QLD 2247hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01---)
John observed a bright flashing light travelling S.E. at about 35 degrees through his 8x40 power binoculars. He stated the object was shaped like a enlongated diamond/kite, with red & blue lights flashing at each corner. The object was observed for about an hour the first night, and was also observed the following two nights at about 2.20am. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01773)
Wayne was playing at the computer, playstation, when he noticed a hot pink bright light through the loungeroom window. The light was solid, more like the Moon than a star. The object emitted much light and if anything , was oval shaped. Wayne then ventured outside for a closer view onto the outside front verandah. Wayne lives on property 16km's North West of Marulan. Wayne was aware of the trees position that were lighted by the object, and estimated it's distance at 200 mtrs. At this point the light was stationary, but started heading North East. The light flared up before moving to an intense pink and then started to cruise, whilst travelling parallel to the tree tops at an even distance, indicating intelligent control.After an initial spurt, it slowed to cruise and reverted back to the same solid hot pink light. Total duration of sighting approx. 1 minute. There was no sound at all, Wayne heards jets in the distance and trucks travelling the freeway 16 km's away, but no noise from an object approx. 200 mtrs away. A neighbour informed him that their horses had stirred that night sometime, but was unable to pinpoint a time.There was no electrical interference at the home, nor where there any significant bodies of water or high tension power lines in the vicinity. Given Wayne's knowledge of the terrain through the gully he looks through, he estimates that the object was no more than 2 mtrs accross, given that the tree's illuminated were within 200 mtrs. The object retained a smooth course and constant level above the tree line before disappearing through the trees and landscape. Wayne kept looking for an hour afterwards to ascertain what he had seen to no avail. Wayne also viewed the sight in daylight to ascertain relative ground points to the sighting. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

03.10.01 YASS, VIC 2220hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01772)
Dean M of Hobart (Tas.) was driving towards Victoria from NSW last Wednesday (October 3rd) with his wife, when the car broke down. They stayed at a motel in Yass. At about 10.20 pm Dean went outside for a cigarette. While looking north towards Goulburn he noticed a whitish-orange light that flickered,.was very bright and large. It suddenly took off at an amazing fast that it was hard to follow it with your eyes. It also turned very fast without slowing down. The object made very sudden turns, changing red when turning. It was circular to oblong in shape. The object's shape kept changing. It was often 'out of focus' or hazy in appearence...making it very difficult to watch. Very hard on the eyes. It would also disappear and then reappear. No sound was heard. It even occasionally 'split' into two and then recombined . It would accelerate at an amazing pace and stop dead. Dean made sure his wife saw it too. "We watched it for about an hour". "We still don't know what it was" George Simpson AUFORN VIC

07.10.01 BEENLEIGH, QLD 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01775)
Day: Sunday
Time: approx 7.30 p.m
Shape: round
Size: 5 cent
Colour: very bright white-silver
Sound: None
Speed: like a slow plane
Duration: 10 seconds
Direction: from Southwest going north east
Witnesses: 1

Nikolaus said he couldn't believe his eyes when this thing flew over my house. He said "I was so shocked I couldn't call out to my mum who was inside and by the time I got my self together it had gone." I called the police and explained what I saw, they seemed to be interested in my report. When asked if he called the hotline he said no I didn't, so how did you get my number. Nikolaus now thinks the police may have called for him. Triple M called Nikolaus and asked for him to talk about his UFO sighting on the radio. Diane Harrison AUFORN

09.10.01 REDCLIFFE, QLD 1930hrs (NL)
Reportee: Mr Puran
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01774)
Time: approx 7.30 p.m
Shape: round
Size: One cent
Colour: very bright red - orange
Sound: None
Speed: slow
Duration: Minute
Direction: Easterly
Witnesses: 3

"I was traveling down Anzac Avenue when I noticed a very bright red-orange object moving slowly in the sky. I was going to our friends house for a party with my wife my friend Lalev. This thing had me intrigued I never believed in UFOs before this night. It made no sound it had no visible lights on it and it just vanished like turning of a light bulb. I own a radio station 1701 and we talked about I couldn't believe my eyes". Diane Harrison AUFORN

15.10.01 WILLIAMSTOWN RAAF BASE, NSW 2030hrs (NL) (Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01---) Ita and her daughter Sue E live on the north side of the Williams Town RAAF Base. At approximately 8.30pm on Monday 15 October on a clear night Ita decided to retrieve some washing from the line when she notice an object to the south of the base. The object was stationary, larger than a star, reddish in colour and "long" in shape. She watched it for 10 to 15 minutes and then decided to call her daugther, Sue E. Together they continued to watch the object that periodically moved up and down and sideways. After about another 15 minutes Sue E became frightened and they both decided to go inside. Ita said the object was still in the same position when they went to bed.

The reportees have lived near the base for quite a while and both are used to seeing various types of aircraft. They both agreed they had never observed anything like this near the base before.

Although after chatting to me for a while Ita confided that several years ago she saw a huge cylinder shaped object glide over leaving a trail behind it and her other daughter was terrified when one night when on the way home from Nelsons Bay she was buzzed by a disc shaped object.

An interesting report and another family touched by the UFO phenomena. Veronica INFODIG Central Coast

19.10.01 VIC
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01805)
James Kennedy phoned Mr Lee Sunday 21/10/01 (famous anniversary). Mr Lee is ex Western Australian UFO Research Society. The object described by Mr Lee is very similar to what was witnessed by myself, Leonie Kennedy and the chap from Kangaroo Island not so long ago. It was Friday 19/10/01 when Mr Lee was in his backyard watching the sky when an object was travelling high in the North sky, flashing an intermittent bright light. It went out of view due to cloud cover and Mr Lee's tree. Mr Lee was a very interesting chap to talk to. James Kennedy AUFORN VIC

20.10.01 EVANS PLAINS (6km's SOUTH OF BATHURST), NSW 1950hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01806)
I responded to Snr Constable G's call and was informed a John C had reported what looked like a plane burning up in the sky. Snr Constable G gave me the number to contact John C. John and his wife were travelling from Blayney to Bathurst at approx 7.50pm when they noticed a bright white/silver light travelling from East to West accross the horizon. The object then exploded, giving off debris of yellow and later red in colour. The object appeared very low in the atmosphere and at first did not appear to have a trace but later observation showed a trace or tail. Duration of the event approx 5 seconds. Appears to have been a ferric based meteor with perhaps traces of magnesium, given the very white glow and the low altitude in the atmosphere it achieved. Ferric based meteors tend to last longer in the atmosphere and thus get lower than carbonacious meteors and are probably more likely to have trace elements such as magnesium, if that's what it was, than carbonacious meteors. To add brilliance to the sighting, the Moon was a small crescent and the skies in that part of the world are inky black, a great place for a sky watch! Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

25.10.01 MALABAR BEACH, NSW 2100hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01813)
Denis was with his wife at Malabar Beach siting on his balcony at around 9 pm having a barbeque. It was a clear night and he noticed two stars which looked low on the horizon over the ocean to the North-East. He noticed that one of them looked as if it was flashing red and white. For half an hour it stayed in the one position, it then moved off flying horizontally to the south, he states it did not ascend. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

28.10.01 ROCKHAMPTON, QLD EVENING (Identified as a Sky Diver)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01819)
Keith called to say he witnessed an orange light doing all sorts of weird things. Rockhampton Police confirmed it was a Sky Diver Jumping from a plane at night on the night of the Rockhampton Show. Diane Harrison AUFORN

30.10.01 PICTON, NSW 2126hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01823)
Amy lives on a remote property in Picton.She said she took her dogs out before retiring Tuesday night and a light through the trees caught her eye. It was morning and as she watched it, it came into clear view. She was amazed to see a huge triangular, boomerang shaped object hovering above. She described it as being a dull light glow, the whole thing was glowing, there were flashing lights and was much too low for an aeroplane. She said it was no more then 30 or so storeys high and as bag as a 4WD. She said it seemed to have huge over sixed triangular wings attatched to a small body. There was no sound as she watched it, it moved away from her going south until she could hardly see it and then it came back to its original position, it did this about 20 times in an anti-clockwise direction. Amy said it was not a searchlight or beacon. The object then stopped over the house approximately 100 metres away. She said the moon was on her left and this object was much bigger. There were very few clouds in the sky but there was a strange grill like cloud the object came back to and as it went into the cloud it was very faint, then it reappeared and circled again in and out of this cloud like it was useing it as a cover, she said there were other clouds like it in the sky. Amy said it seemed to be circling to Nowra way. She phoned friends at Picton who also watched it but didnt have a camera and her boyfriend also saw it. As they watched a plain crossed its path but nothing happend. they watched it for about 40mins and went to bed. Amy was visibly spooked by the encounter and wants to move. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

01.11.01 BRISBANE (SALISBURY), QLD 1130-1200hrs (DO) (Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01825) John was at work in Salisbury area (Brisbane) on Thursday 1.11.01 at between 11.30am-12, when he saw two UFO's out the window towards Archerfield Airport. He called his boss and another lady in the office and this is their story:

We saw four small light Aeroplanes like a 6 seater twin engine aircraft. They had taken off from Archerfield Airport and were climbing in the sky at different heights and distance from each other, there was two UFO's flying around them, the Pilots would have had to have seen them, they could not have missed them, anyway these UFO's were sort of floating from one side to the other around the Aeroplanes, their shape was round, and when they went on their side you could see a hole in the middle like a doughnut, they were very flat looking with a sort of spoon nose. Their colour was black underneath with a silver/white top.

All of a sudden they took off at a terrific speed to the west of Archerfield Airport. Approx 20 klms away. Their size when they were close to the Airport would have been about the size of 10cent piece, but when they went away to the west they was about one third that size. They disappeared on the horizon then all of a sudden they shot straight up at a unbelievable speed, just straight up into the atmosphere in about 20 seconds, it was amazing. As they left the atmosphere a strange thing happened, all these stars appeared, all over the sky, they were flashing, it was daylight but all these stars filled the sky in every direction, they were all flashing and perfectly spaced around each other. We could not look at them it made you dazzled or feel dizzy.

Then they all vanished and so had the UFO's. This whole thing just happened in a few minutes and all three of us saw this.

Investigators comments:
I phoned the tower at Archerfield Airport who were very helpful, but they said they had not seen anything nor had any Pilots reported anything out of the ordinary to them. I asked about the radar, but they said their Radar equipment was very basic, it would not have picked up anything like a UFO only Aeroplanes, as they are only a small airport for light crafts. I then phoned Amberley Air Base to ask if they picked up anything on Radar. But was not able to get anywhere with that inquiry.

I have not had any other reports relating to this on Thursday. John was surprised that no one else had reported it as he said other people would have had to have seen it, and what about the pilots?

This sighting report file still remains open at this stage. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

16.11.01 BERWICK, VIC 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01847)
Darren G... who is an amateur astronomer was observing a Supernova in the Northern Skies on friday night the 16th of November at 10:30 pm in Berwick. Looking to the North East he noticed three very bright white objects flying in formation brighter than the Supernova, they were flying slower than a satellite from North East to South West. Darren called to his girlfriend to witness this event and as they continued to observe the UFOs for six minutes a satellite flew through the middle of them.At seventy-five degrees off the horizon the objects disappeared. As a matter of interest this witness has had a number of different unusual sightings, we had a very interesting conversation. June Miller AUFORN VIC

20.11.01 BRISBANE, QLD 0315hrs (NL)
(Source: Independent Investigation by Emma Derdak)
On Tuesday 20 November, at 3:15 AM, I was outside looking for meteors, and I saw an object that looked like a satellite, moving through the sky.

It was in the North-East, about 60 degrees above the horizon. It had the brightness of a medium to low magnitude star, and appeared to be of high altitude. It was slowly travelling east and then went towards the horizon, then back up towards the zenith, then west, then back towards the east, and so on. It travelled in straight lines, circles, angles, loop-de-loop etc. I watched it for about 1/2 hour. It travelled over an area of about 15-20 degrees.

I went back inside around 3:45, and came out again around 4:00 AM. It was beginning to get light in the eastern sky, and the nearby stars were fading, or had faded altogether, but the object was still there continuing in its irregular pattern, with the same magnitude of brightness it had earlier, that is, its brightness was undiminished by the advancing dawn. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

24.11.01 SYDNEY (CROYDON PARK), NSW 2100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01859)
F was lurking around in his back yard that Saturday evening when he noticed a circle of lights towards the east. "I saw some sort of coloured lights," he said, "just sitting there towards the city." According to F, the orange, white, red and green multi coloured lights were pulsating in one particular region of the sky, approximately 45 degrees above the horizon. Apparently the mysterious lights then slowly ascended after two minutes of observation. Without warning, the anomaly accelerated and disappeared with tremendous speed heading southeast.

F had difficulties comparing the apparent size of the unknown. However, he did say that, “What ever it was, it was far away "probably further away than the city and seemed large."

The evening was cloudy with no wind. No odour or sound was heard that might have been associated with the sighting. There were no other witnesses. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

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