AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 26
February 2002

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01092)
Her encounter was in Perth in 1968. One early winter evening, she was observing the skies for satellites. She noticed a particular satellite slowly gliding over the outer atmosphere, as they usually do. However, Mrs Dickson suddenly became puzzled when the "satellite" abruptly reversed it's path and disappeared with unbelievable speed.

When she raced in to tell her husband, he naturally didn't believe her. So after 33 years she decided to tell someone else.

Mrs Dickson found the 1800 number in the Take 5 magazine. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

17.11.83 nr BALLAN (ON THE WESTERN HWY), VIC 0430hrs
(Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Ian Klauss, e-mail:
Description: "I was driving in the country around 4:30am local time when I saw what appeared to be a helicopter hovering over a house approx. one kilometer from the highway. I thought it was strange, and pulled off the road to watch. It was then that I noticed that it wasn't any sort of helicopter I had ever seen. Also when I got out of the car I was surprised to notice how still the air was and how quiet it was. I could hear cows mooing from some distance away, but this 'helicopter' wasn't making a single sound! At this time I saw a very powerful light come from the bottom of the object and it illuminated the roof of the house that was one km from the road. This lasted for about 10 seconds. After that the light went out, and about 5 seconds after that the object started to silently drift off to the north east at about 70 km/h towards a storm front, with lightening activity, approximately 70 to 100 km away.

When it was approx.. three kilometers away another car pulled up, and the driver and the passenger said they both saw the object, and they watched it for a few more minutes till it was just a distant dot. It was the traditional round saucer shape with a domed center section. I estimate that it was about 20 meters in diameter, or a little smaller than the house it was over. It was a dull metallic grey colour, with many white strobe lights on the circumference, and with one very powerful spot-light beneath. There also appeared to be aerials or legs underneath.

I had a good view from a range of less than 1 km and 200 meters high. I have better then 20/20 vision, and I have been in sport aviation for many years, and it was no aircraft I have ever seen.

I called air traffic control at the nearest international airport about 1 hour later, and asked if they could tell me if they had any air traffic at all at that time at that time. They asked for my name and address, and then refused to tell me if they had any traffic. They said they would get back to me later. I know for a fact that they taped the conversation I had with the senior controller, as I could hear the time beeps.

Since then I have talked to several local people who I didn't know at the time, who have also witnessed the same sort of object hovering over houses at night. One woman I know of was extremely frightened by the experience as she lived on a farm and was alone at the time. She heard the farm dogs barking and went outside to see what they were barking at! She looked up and saw an object with features similar to what I saw. Also the wife of a friend of mine, who lived not ten kilometers from the above woman, and three members of her family witness a similar occurrence. Too much of a coincidence!"

Colour/Shape: "It was the traditional round saucer shape with a domed center section. I estimate that it was about 20 meters in diameter, or a little smaller than the house it was over. It was a dull metallic grey colour, with many white strobe lights on the circumference, and with one very powerful spot-light beneath, which was not always on. There also appeared to be aerials or legs on the bottom center section. They appeared too frail to be undercarriage of any kind."

Approach Direction: Hovering
Departure Direction: North east
Witness Direction: West
Height & Speed: Height: 200 meters. Speed: nil, to 70kph departure.

(Source: Independent Investigation by Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD)
Witnesses: Dieter (pilot, ultra-light aircraft) passenger (also ultra-light aircraft pilot) both male.

Report: Dieter and passenger were heading north to a remote airstrip when driver decided to pull over to the side of the road for a brief rest. They had been travelling for a while. Where they stopped was not a designated rest area, just a long stretch of road between Ingham and Cardwell range. Only 5 meters in on both sides of the road was a thick scrub.

Both witnesses got out of the vehicle to swap over from driving when a soft yellow pulsating light pulsing at 1 second intervals, started in the scrub on the left hand side of the road, 30 degrees left to the front of the vehicle only 10 meters away.

The passenger immediately hopped back into the vehicle, a little concerned as there was not a soul in sight for many miles and they had not seen any other vehicles for some time. Dieter proceeded over to the light for a closer look. A he was walking around the front of the vehicle to approach, the pulsating light backed away into the scrub keeping an even distance between them at all times (approx.. 5010 meters).

"The light was about the size of a large cup saucer, it was spherical with a bright stem in the center, approx.... 4-5 feet in the air. I tried to get closer but each time I tried it would back away keeping an even distance between us". Dieter said. "I couldn't get into the scrub so did not proceed. My passenger was asking me to get back into the vehicle, he was getting very concerned now."

When Dieter walked back to the car and hopped into drive away, the light had now appeared directly beside the left side of the Vehicle. Both occupants witnessed the light move from the front of the vehicle in the scrub, directly to the side of the passenger door. Still keeping an even distance from them. They watched for a short moment while inside the vehicle then proceeded to leave.

Both occupants are very sure what they saw was not a hoax or nay council roadwork lights as there was no roadworks at all in the area. They both recognised artificial lighting through their knowledge and experience as pilots. Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

26.06.98 BRISBANE (bet. VICTORIA PT & CLEVELAND), QLD 2330hrs
(Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Angela, e-mail: Withheld)
Description: "We were driving home and my friend noticed the objects in the sky, about seventeen I remember counting. Cars were stopped on the side of the road and people were looking at them as well. I wanted my family to see them so we continued to their home and woke the whole house up, around 11.30pm we all sat on the verandah, me, my mum and dad, my friend and my sister and her husband. Some made a formation. They seemed to be moving slowly. Its three years since I witnessed this and I am still amazed at what I saw....would love to see it again."

Approach Direction: Across the sky
Departure Direction: Straight up
Witness Direction: South
Colour/Shape: Bright lights
Height & Speed: Seemed slow
TV/Radio/Press: This the same as I witnessed

01.10.99 MOAMA, NSW
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "We were on a family weekend get away in MOAMA NSW. I'm not sure about the day, but it was October 1999. At sunset we were heading towards the west towards RICH RIVER resort when I spotted an elongated cigar shaped object. One thing my husband and I were certain about is that it was NOT a light aircraft. Although it was well in the distance its outline was well defined which made us believe it was metallic. It was at a low angle to the horizon, approx..... 50 degrees heading towards the north at a steady pace. Although the early evening was clear, it soon disappeared into the only cloud in the sky. After that we tried to located it but it was gone. I will say here that a few days later I heard ERNIE SIGLEY talk about sightings in Southern NSW. He's on 3AW Melbourne. Hope my sighting is useful." Dana

Unusual: The craft had a golden orange glow. As the sun was setting behind it I don't believe it could possibly be reflected from the suns rays.

Location: We were heading north when I spotted the craft in the west. I say north. We were travelling north before we reached our turn off towards the west. At this time we lost sight of the object.

Weather conditions: Clear and I said before the only cloud I noticed all day was when the craft disappeared into a cloud

Physical stuff: Estimate only...a few thousand feet..north is certain...very slow.

Duration: approx.... 4 mins. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

21.10.00 SYDNEY (THORNLEIGH), NSW 2300hrs (Possible Altair)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00964)
Steve and Diane were heading back from the movies approx.... 11.00pm Sat the 21st of October when they noticed a very bright, orange/red, star like object to the North North West.

At first Steve thought it was an incoming plane as he watched it for approx.... 1 to 2 mins from inside the car, then felt that the object was stationary. Steve then stopped the car and continued the observation for another 5 mins or so. During this time the object appeared to hover and dimmed and brightened very quickly, as though pulsing. The object was approx.... 45 degrees above the horizon and approx.... half the size of a pea at arms length between thumb and forefinger. Steve then got back in his car and travelled home, only 1 minute away and continued to observe for another 3 minutes approx..... The object appeared dimmer at this point. Steve then went inside.

The next night at approx.... 10.30pm he looked for the same object with no success. The dimming and brightening may be due to dark cloud invisible to the observer and also scintillation effects. The dark cloud may also explain its apparent non appearance the following night. The only astronomical body in that area was Altair and although it is the 11th brightest star it is unlikely to be reported as a UFO. Also it is more of a yellow colour, not a red. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

26.10.00 SYDNEY (KRAMBACK), NSW 0005hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00969)
This lady stated that she was in bed when she heard her dogs barking and decided to get up to see what all the fuss was. This was around 12.05 am, she hadn't actually fallen asleep before this anyway as her husband was not feeling well. As she went to look out of her lounge room window she heard a loud noise, she said it was far louder than a helicopter and was definitely not a plane as she has planes going over her house all the time. She lives 35 km South/West of Taree. Mrs Wright then said she saw what looked like two oblong shaped windows in the sky with the inside lights on, she could make out the shape of the craft around it. At the time she walked off to the kitchen and thought it's just a plane, by the time she got to the kitchen she couldn't understand why she thought that, so she proceeded to go back to the window. By the time she got there it was gone and the noise had stopped. She stated the noise didn't even fade out, it just stopped. There are only three farms in her area, no lighting. One of her neighbours heard the noise, but was in bed at the time. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

06.01.01 NEW SOUTH WALES 2200hrs (Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site) Report: "Me and a friend were sitting out the front of his place in a residential area, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a moving object, I then told my friend and pointed at it, because when I saw it out of the corner of my eye I thought it was a plane, we get lots of planes because we are near an airport. This was definitely not a plane, it was very difficult to see the object even though it was a perfectly clear evening. The object was a triangular shape, sort of a blackish brown it seemed partially see through (I know, this is weird) with very dull lights on it possibly blue, on the edge of the craft it was a fair size, from what we could tell, and seemed to be just cruising effortlessly across the sky. It was also quite low."

Unusual: Nothing, apart from the very faint lights.

Location: In a street in a relatively small town on the coast.

Weather conditions: Sky was perfectly clear. Stars were out. Nothing else notable.

Physical stuff: Probably the size of a small house(?) Altitude was about the same as the planes that fly past us that are preparing to land. Maybe 150-200m? Speed was about 80-90 knots estimate.

Duration: 20 seconds. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

07.01.01 SYDNEY (ST CLARE), NSW 2100hrs (Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01111) A couple were heading home to St Clare after church at around 9 pm when they saw an orange "balloon" like object rising up from a residents back yard. The object steadily ascended. It then stopped at a high altitude and then headed west at a faster pace.

I am more inclined to believe that the encounter was actually a balloon illuminated by either luminous chemical lights or even a fire lantern used in certain ceremonies in south eastern Asia. The lady witness did say that the object looked very much like a balloon. However it's behavior made it suspicious.

It is quite possible that when the balloon reached a certain altitude, it's lack of pressure caused it to stop. It's temporary stability may have been due to a draft free environment, only then being pushed west by sudden wind sheer.

The witness also wanted to know if there were other reports made in the same area. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

25.01.01 SYDNEY (FIVE DOCKS), NSW 0210hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "At approx..... 2.10am myself and another family member noticed about 8 bright lights dancing in the sky, not making any particular pattern or formation. We disregarded for a few seconds thinking it might be a light show, but then realising the time and then noticing no beam of light projecting this image from the direction of the earth but rather it appearing to be project from behind the clouds. The lights appeared to move around from one point to another, say 10-15kms, in seconds (if that) then stopped and hovered for a few minutes at a time before moving around again. We then noticed a much larger, brighter light from behind some clouds. Suddenly the 8 lights seemed to zoom, some 30kms, into the this light joined by another 20 or more which seemed only visible at 5-10km range around the bigger light and within 2 seconds they scattered from this light and spread out again to dance and hover at 2-3 minutes intervals. This went on for about 1/2 hour and then the lights again zoomed into the clouds. We did see a helicopter at one point during this sighting. We noticed that in terms of altitude that these lights must have been at least 2-3 times as high."

Unusual: There were no sounds and the objects were glowing white.

Location: We were in Five Dock and the lights seemed to dance and hover about what seemed to us to be Five Dock/Drummoyne/Balmain/City and the bigger light appeared to hover highest and above the City.

Weather conditions: Grey night, white cloud cover.

Physical stuff: I think that the dancing and hovering lights were perhaps, say as big as a standard house and the bigger light was about 20 times larger. They seemed to travel in seconds, a distance of 10-15kms.

Duration: 30 minutes. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "When I was living in Brazil. I was coming back from my grandmothers house then I was about to cross the street when everything froze. Then I looked up I saw this object with white, blue, and red lights Spinning underneath the object. Then the door opened but it didn't open like a regular door but it opened with a downward motion. Then in the shadow I saw what looked like a tall person with long skinny arms and a skinny body and a fairly large head. Then as soon as I saw this the door quickly shut then the object shoot out into and was gone before I knew it and right after that everything unfroze and was back to normal."

Unusual: Something unusual I observed while everything was frozen I was the only one who saw anything.

Weather conditions: It was a bright sunny day

Physical stuff: It was the size of two to three houses. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01055 to 01057 & 01103 to 01105)
I've contacted HMAS Albatross relating to the matters reported in Callin Codes 01055-01057 and 01103-01105 (See Vol.5 No.4, Pg 35 titled 01.01.01 Ulludulla, NSW 0107hrs (NL)). I spoke to the officer in charge of the aerial command Lieutenant Commander McCalum. The officer did not seem to recall any such incidents reported with in the Navy. However, he did ask for detailed descriptions and the times of the sightings. My details were left with him so that I can be contacted should he obtain any information (I may have high hopes).

I also contacted Wiroolla Police Station where apparently calls were made about strange lights over Bilamby (near Wollongong). Besides speaking to a senior constable who displayed an infantile attitude, I was switched to a regional patrol office where I communicated with a more sensible person. The lady at the office did not disclose her name. However she did inform me that the office has a 1800 number to contact for matters as such. Again I left my details with her so that I can be contacted about this issue. I have not yet received any calls. Attila kaldy UFOSWS

23.03.01 SYDNEY , NSW 0230hrs (CE2)
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
I have called the Australian UFO observatory and they have not received my call, and also have called the Sydney observatory. I spoke to a "Scully", how had no intention of even believing me.

At first we saw some strange dim flashlight beam on the eucalyptus tree next to our balcony. I live on the third floor, and although there is a roof balcony above us, apparently there is no access. I investigated to hear no movement or see any further signs of flashlight activity. I then looked up. A craft of unknown origin was sighted directly above my apartment (some 2km above) and at first appeared to be an unusual stratospheric formation. The night sky was 100% clear, apart from a 5% thin light mist, which was completely transparent. The reason I noticed the unusual formation was the density and cigar like shape appearing like smooth cloud amongst transparent mist. I could not understand the formation of this cloud due to the surrounding atmospheric conditions, and thus had a closer inspection to understand the unusual appearance. Calling Amanda over who's eyes were adjusted, (who she and I had been on the balcony for 5 minutes) pointing her to the object. She noted immediately that it looked strange, felt strange and asked... "what is that"? The object moved about 5 degrees south, and appeared to come closer. No thin mist was present at this time and we had now been watching the craft for 3 minutes. It was very dark being 2:30am, but the cigar like craft had a steely matte gun metal colouring, with a light refraction of gradient showing it's smooth shape and colour. Two rectangular shapes featured at one end of the UFO. Both bore eight red lights, arranged in two columns of four, positioned vertically, and parallel to each other. I and Amanda through this time kept asking each other "what is this object", and "do you believe what we are seeing"! It was quite amazing...we observed it for over five minutes. We even looked at it through binoculars!

As I reached inside my balcony door to get my mobile phone it disappeared, and vanished.

I just hope someone has had the same experience!

Daniel & Amanda. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

I've had a long discussion with the reportee, Daniel. The report he submitted was quite detailed however I have been able to obtain some additional information about his experience:

* The reportee and his girlfriend first noticed three dim lights above a large tree outside their unit. The alleged cigar-shape anomaly was not luminous, so the light source is still unknown (weather or not it came from the anomaly, or multiple sources or a completely independent source).

* The presence of the anomaly created an unusual feeling between the couple: ominous, remote, vulnerable feelings. Also the atmosphere around them was as if everything was harsh, cold metallic.

* It took the anomaly around 1 minute to move from directly above them to approximately 15 degrees south above the horizon.

If the report is authentic, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, is it possible that they may have been subject to a CE4? I have left my details with the reportee in case he remembers anything else. I also mentioned hypnotherapy and at the same time cautioned him about the effects it could have. I also asked about any time loss, any strange odors, any physical abnormalities. None were evident! Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

28.03.01 SINGLETON, NSW 1530hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "The date is wrong, but it was the same day that Mir came to earth. Husband and I were outside gardening, thought we'd keep an eye out in case we could see something of Mir as it came down (we saw it go over the previous night). We heard it was to happen around 5.30pm EDST. Spot on 5.30pm I was looking up and saw something I called my husband over and he tried the binoculars but it was moving too fast. It came from the west, heading east, almost directly overhead. It was a small, bright object, moving very fast. It was metallic as it flashed in the sunlight. The sun was still up a bit as I had to shield it with my hand to see. It was going faster than a plane/jet and was gone in about 15 seconds, and I felt was up very high. I continued searching for it towards the east, and thought I saw a bright spot stationary, but that could have been my eyes dazzled from the sun. We felt elated thinking we'd seen Mir, but after watching the news that night realised it wasn't coz Mir came down around 5pm EDST and was nowhere near where we live (Hunter Valley, NSW). My only thought is it may have been a low level satellite, but part of me thinks no coz it was moving too fast (I've seen satellites go over at night, and you can usually watch them for at least half a minute or more) and there was still a lot of daylight around."

Unusual: Just metallic no discernible shape and fast

Location: Singleton NSW in the Hunter Valley - approx.... 10km due north of the township. The object moved directly overhead, high, west-east

Weather conditions: Clear skies, sun beginning to set but still approx.... 35 degrees up into the sky. Slight haze.

Physical stuff: West-east movement, very fast gone in 15 seconds, very high (impression only) no contrail, too fast to be a plane/RAAF jet (see a lot of them go over), small in size (coz of distance)

Duration: 15 seconds. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "I am Glenns sister and I am sending this e-mail with his permission. At 7 30. am on the 18 th April Glenns 14 year old son saw something in the sky , white and red orange vapour like going through the sky at a terrific speed, and no sound. they filmed it for about 5 seconds before it vanished over the horizon, When it was zoomed in on the video it had a dark object on the front of it, a white vapour like trail and a red vapour trail under that, as I said no sound and moved with great speed. This was 24 klm out to sea in the stanage bay area. The Local paper in Rockhampton, looked at it on their computer and enlarged it to the best they could, still no shape to the object that could be described. Tapes have been sent to Brisbane and as far as we know one is being sent to the States for analysis. We would like to know what this was. The Morning Bulletin paper got in touch with the army and there was no army craft in the area at that time."

Unusual: Moved with great speed, had no sound at all, white vapour with red vapour under the white , This vapour followed the craft or object.

Location: Stanage bay Area , 2 hours north of Rockhampton.

Other witnesses: My children. 14 years, 12 years, 8 years and 7 years.

Weather conditions: slightly cloudy

Physical stuff: Great speed, Had to be huge, due to distance away. Travelling North to South. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

23 Apr 2001 SYDNEY (Corrimal) NSW 2000hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "My sister and I were standing on the sidewalk talking when I looked up and saw a group of square dull orange lights arranged in a V shape flying through the sky. It was not moving in the direction of the v point but moving like this V ---> with one side of the V as the front of the object. There were approx..... 4 lights on each side and my sister and I watched it until it disappeared until the light from the city made it disappear. It was heading in a south, south easterly direction. We were in the suburb on Corrimal just North of Wollongong."

Unusual: It was moving faster than a plane. It was not as high as the stars but appeared to be higher than a plane.

Weather conditions: Clear crisp night. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

26 Apr 2001 MT GAMBIER, SA 1900hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
"Orange/red fire balls travelling west/east over Mt. Gambier, SA. First was followed by the second at 5 min interval. Then there was a 20min interval, then the next two passed over - both 5 mins apart. No noise. Travelling beneath the cloud line. One light went out completely, as if turning off a light. The others faded in the distance." Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

26.04.01 CANBERRA, ACT (Identified as a meteor)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01358)
It sounded like a meteor to me. I think the guy grossly exaggerated the size of the object he saw and there were more than 3 discrepancies in his account, making him a rather unreliable witness.

He stated that he saw a fiery object that was bigger than an orange when held at arm's length and very, very bright. I found it difficult to determine which direction he was travelling in. He seemed very confused himself about which road he was on. I'm not sure if he was travelling north on Hindmarsh Drive or east on Canberra Avenue. He said he saw the object travelling south and that he first sighted it in the direction of the airport. I suspect that as it was in the wee hours of the morning he was a little "worse for wear".

When I asked if the surrounding countryside was lit up by the object he said no, and yet a very bright object that size would be at least many times larger and therefore brighter than the full Moon and should have lit up the entire countryside.

He said on one hand that he got a very good look at it and yet also said

That he only saw it for only one or two seconds at the most.

At one point he claimed that it went directly overhead, however he also said he was inside a car and that he saw it through the side window.

He claims to have watched the object disappear over the horizon and was tempted to try to follow it and yet an object travelling that fast, (it crossed at least half in the sky in 2 secs by his account) would have been impossible for him to catch. This doesn't seem to have occurred to him.

As you can see, the narrative doesn't hang together very well.

All in all I think he probably did see something, but I don't think it was anything more than a very bright meteor. I think he has over-dramatised what he witnessed, which as we know is not uncommon. Clare Williams (Independent Investigator)

26 Apr 2001 MT GAMBIER, SA 1945hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "Son John (a semi-retired upholsterer, Philatelist, Leathercrafter) rang me telling me to go outside as he had seen an object in the sky some minutes before, and that now an other one was approaching. He lives less than 2 kms from our place, so I went onto our front veranda from where you look right over the city center, and saw a orange coloured ball moving slowly in a easterly direction,it seemed to be on fire. I watched it for several minutes, then it suddenly disappeared, 5 or 6 minutes later, an other one appeared over the city coming from the west and moving slowly east, that also disappeared. Being late night shopping, my wife and I got into the car to go to Woolworths. As soon as we turned into the street, we saw this big orange ball coming over the city from a north westerly direction, this too seemed to be on fire. By the time we got to the shop it was moving in a easterly direction towards Victoria. Other people at Woollies had seen it."

Unusual: Clouds were reasonably high, but the objects appeared to be below them. Time lapse between each of the four appearances was about 10 minutes. No sounds.

Location: Less than 5 kms from the flight path.

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

01.05.01 Sydney (WADALBA), NSW 2130-2334hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "I was Laying in bed. I don't know if I dozed off or not all I remember is flashing lights and strange shadows. My friends and I are strong believers of aliens and I believe in aliens taking over humans bodies. After finding your site I reported about my strange experience."

Unusual: At 11:34pm I woke up and my mum walked in my room. I felt really dizzy and sick and I asked my mum for some water.

Location: It was sort a in the mountain near my house.

Physical stuff: It was really hot. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

03.05.01 Sydney (BAULKHAM HILLS), NSW 2220hrs
(Source: Callin from UFOR NSW web site)
Report: "Large orange light passed across sky for about 10 mins, then as it flew to right hand side of vision pieces broke off and skewed downwards towards earth. 8 other people on balcony saw this."

Unusual: Unusual lights, moving slower than planes.

Location: on a balcony watching the sky, through binoculars

Other people: David A, Craig D, Sarah C, jess el, Dr P, Sharelle P, Adam P

Weather conditions: Some clouds, but object in clear sky.

Physical stuff: Circular, bigger than a plane. Looked like a ball of fire, but it changed trajectories.

Investigator's Notes: Original sighting seen low in the sky, not a plane. Object appeared to have an orange glow with black dots when viewed thru binoculars. No tail was observed as it changed trajectory doing angles. The object appeared to avoid plane flight paths, although it appeared much higher than the planes. Duration of sighting 10 to 15 minutes.

Earlier in the day witness's mother saw two orange lights, perfect circles of light, with defined edges hanging stationary in the sky, but moving apart and together whilst staying close together. The objects were very bright and appeared big and a long way away. Duration of sighting was at least 5 minutes at approx.... 5pm 3rd of May. (Refer 1800 callin code: 01385 in Vol.5 No.4 2001 of the Australasian Ufologist Magazine on Page 36) Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01400)
At 4.00 am on the 10th May Sue saw a bright white star like light in the Eastern Sky around 25 to 30 degrees above the horizon. She said there was cloud cover, but that this object seemed to be below cloud cover. Sue said it was 10 times larger than a star and was positioned over the ocean. She noticed it twice in a period of 45 minutes and then woke her husband to see it. It apparently looked at times as if it was expanding and contracting. Her husband grabbed the Video Camera and taped it for around 10 minutes (no tripod). Apparently on the digital video you can notice that the object is round and that it expands and contracts like a flower opening up. Also noticeable is two vertical lines which move across the object from left to right; this however only occurred once.

Sue also stated she saw the same object on Saturday morning around 5 am bearing 45 to 50 degrees above the horizon. They stated they would send video footage as soon as possible. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

08/14/30.07.01 MELBOURNE (NARRE WARREN), VIC 0230, 2130 & 2145hrs
(Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Ronda Tosev, e-mail: rptosev@bigpond,net,au)
Description: "1st time...3 orange round very bright balls of light..we watched till they disappeared in the distance. We watched them for at least 5 minutes.

2nd time...3 orange balls exactly the same as above..this time the last one to disappear in the distance appeared to hover in the one spot for about ten minutes, but it was a long way away from us by then.

3rd time....3 lights..same as above...but only saw them as they were disappearing, a neighbour phoned us to tell us they were up there again! By the time we ran out they we only visible for a minute or so and we watched them disappear into the distance."

08/07/01 at 2:30am
14/07/01 at 9:30pm
30/07/01 at 9:45pm

Approach Directions: South, South and south east
Departure Directions: North, north east and south
Witness Directions: Watched them approach the first time, watched them go over the top of us the 2nd, saw them in distance the 3rd
Colour/Shape: Orange round very bright the flame of a jet but no noise no trail
Height & Speed: Height is very hard to tell...pretty high...maybe like a light aircraft?..maybe higher..very hard to estimate.

(Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Trevor, e-mail: Withheld)
Description: "Just prior to 9pm on Thursday 9 August 2001, I headed onto my back porch, which faces east, to have a cigarette. It was a windless night, and the foliage on the trees in our backyard was still. There was not a cloud in the eastern/northern sky at the time. For a couple of months, I had been casually observing Mars, which had been particularly bright in the Australian skies at this time. We often notice the Sydney-Melbourne commercial passenger planes flying towards us from the east (heading for Tullamarine Airport), and as I was rolling my cigarette, a light just above the roof line of the house behind ours (approx.... 30 degrees above the horizon) caught my attention. It was a solid, yellow/orange very bright light, seemingly moving slowly upwards and slightly to my left (ie. To the north). At first, I paid it little attention, presuming I had just notice the front light on a commercial plane - I have seen this before, only to notice the other flashing navigation lights as the plane flew closer.

However, as this light 'rose' in a slow arc in the sky, seemingly making its way towards me over a matter of minutes, I noted that I could not yet see any other navigation lights, and that something just didn't ring true about it.

I followed it for a couple of minutes more, until it was about 15 degrees further to the north (from due east) and about 60 degrees above the horizon. It had been moving slowly through this arc, at a speed somewhat slower than a commercial plane. At this point, I lost it briefly in the foliage of a large eucalypt on our back fence, and called my wife to the back porch.

As she arrived on the back porch (noting the time to be a couple of minutes after 9pm by now) the light reappeared from behind the foliage, and proceeded, about 60-70 degrees above the horizon, to follow a steady path from slightly north of east to almost due north. Both of us easily sighting the light. It remained a steady very bright yellow/orange light. There was no sound to be heard as it tracked this path. By this stage, having now passed from east to north, I knew something didn't ring true, as there was still no indication of flashing navigation lights, and by now a plane would have been side on to my location. Without any indication, it then began to flicker briefly, and dim a little, disappearing for a second, then reappearing. Approximately 30 seconds later, it flickered finally and disappeared. Nothing could be seen moving where the light had been, even though it was a dead still, clear and crisp night. I watched for a further 15 minutes, though no light reappeared.

Over this 15 minutes and on subsequent nights I kept a look in this direction. Whilst I failed to see anything resembling this light again, in the 15 minutes afterwards, 2 commercial passenger planes passed, heading for Tullamarine Airport. They appeared from a vastly different direction, their flashing navigation lights were plainly visible, they flew at a vastly different height, and more importantly, I heard them before I saw them approaching. The light I saw, much larger than Mars (which was simultaneously visible - ie. It wasn't Mars) was also much brighter and larger, larger than any star in the night sky. In size and brightness (though not color), closer to the searchlight of a police helicopter, though without the other navigation lights.

I contacted the Victorian UFO Research Society Inc., leaving a detailed message on their answering machine, though have heard nothing since, nor did I see any TV or print media reports of the sighting. In the conditions, given the time it took to pass, and its brightness, this light had to have been seen by others."

Approach Direction: Almost due east
Departure Direction: North west
Witness Direction: Initially east, following the object in its path, eventually facing almost due north.
Colour/Shape: Yellow/orange and round, solid for most of the 10-12 minutes of the sighting, then flickered for 30 second before vanishing
Height & Speed Difficult to estimate, given unknown distance and height

03.10.01 BRISBANE (KANGAROO POINT), QLD 2150-2210hrs
(Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Randal, e-mail:
Description: "As I was walking along the Kangaroo Point cliffs I noticed what I initially thought was Mars. However, as I watched I noticed the light moving slowly for about 10-15 second and stop for the same period and move again for 2-3 mins and stop for a short time and move again.

Due to the recent hot days there was some haze in the sky and being so close to the city (across the river) the light prevented almost all stars from being seen. I was surprised that Mars was in this position in the sky - @55% elevation in the WSW area of the sky - which is why I was studying the light. I watched for about 20 mins until buildings obscured the light. I thought that it might be a helicopter or light aircraft heading for Archerfield Airport but the height, movement, and lack of any navigation lights did not correlate with that theory.

The object appeared to be larger or brighter at the front and travelled from over Kenmore towards Acacia Ridge."

Approach Direction: Moving from WSW towards South
Departure Direction: From WSW to S
Witness Direction: WSW
Colour/Shape: Orange/red - very similar to Mars when it ti at it's brightest. Looked similar to a very bright star when stationary. Looked like a bright star with a dimmer star 'attached to the back.
Height & Speed: Higher than domestic aircraft - it appeared to be very high but not in orbit. Speed was fairly slow - like a helicopter over the city. I did not notice any decrease/increase in speed before it stopped/stared.

08.10.01 nr DAYBORO, QLD 1800hrs (Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Dylan Reo, e-mail:
Description: "It was the first Monday after the school holidays. We were driving south from Dayboro to our house at Samsonvale (Kobble Creek) when we struck a dog crossing the road. We turned into a nearby house to ask if they owned the dog. As we entered the driveway a orange, oval shaped object in the sky caught my eye. It moved slowly to the left and then suddenly shifted its course diagonally downward. It disappeared behind a shed. The orange glowed brightly but did not change. As soon as I saw it I new it was something weird.

Approach Direction: From the south
Departure Direction: Diagonally down in a northward direction.
Witness Direction: East
Colour/Shape: Bright Orange, Oval.
Height & Speed: It moved slowly at first but when it changed direction its speed tripled instantly. It was fairly high.... Maybe 3-4000 feet.
TV/Radio/Press: There was a report of two other very similar sightings at the same time at different locations in Brisbane on a popular radio station called JJJ (107.7fm)

10.10.01 GEELONG (BELMONT), VIC 2150-2210hrs
(Source: John Hayes, e-mail: Web page: Report by Darren, e-mail: Withheld)
Description: "What appeared to be a small orange glow was seen moving slowly to the west. After observing for approx.... 2 mins a small part of the item fell to earth - appeared to be burning as sparks and flame were witnessed. This allowed me to more accurately judge the position and height - appeared to be approx.... 500 metres in the air and was small - only the glow was seen - no object. Shortly later the main glow also dropped to earth in the vicinity of Mitchell St/Settlement Rd. Possibly burning debris from a fire? Check with Fire Communications revealed no working fires in the vicinity at the time."

Latitude: 38.18063
Longitude: 144.35403
Approach Direction: Over wetlands/Barwon River/Breakwater area
Departure Direction: Fell to earth - location unknown
Witness Direction: East
Colour/Shape: Orange glow believed to be flame.
Height & Speed: 500m - slow


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