AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 27
April 2002

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01239)
John was driving back from Lismore from the Gold Coast when around 7.30 p.m. his car stopped. He checked under the bonnet but could not find anything obvious so decided to start walking to get help. John stated that he had a funny feeling like something was touching on his spine. He looked up to see 2 bright white lights about 500m above and heard what he described as like the sound of an arc welder. He noticed trucks were driving by on the road. John then hit the ground and rolled down the embankment.

John states that he noticed a grey alien which said to him "you can't get way" and grabbed him by the arm and proceeded towards one of the motherships. John states that the craft was shaped like an egyptian eye, was a metallic gun metal grey and had no apparent door. He said they both walked straight through the wall. The alien (who John refers to the Doctor Grey or Theoraba) took him inside and he observed other aliens working on computers etc. and also noticed what he now calls 'baby aliens' in flasks of red, green orange solution. John asked him "what are those"? and the alien replied that they are baby ones of us. The alien then asked him "would you like to have something to do with these in the future"?. John states that 2 aliens grabbed his arms and legs as he was approached by a female alien who he suggests was half alien/half human, with the body of a woman, long arms, 5 fingers and very dark black eyes. He was told that the aliens wanted him to father children for them, and at this point John started to freak out. John states that the female alien then took on a more human appearance and that he then became aroused and made love to the female alien etc. He also states that a metal 'thing' was put up his backside and a patch of skin from his left hand palm was taken for DNA. When he asked about the skin sample he was told that their planet had blown up and that in order to continue their species and ensure that genetic inbreeding didn't occur that hybrids were the only alternative.

On another occasion John was walking along the road at Kingscliffe and saw the two motherships again, and shouted at them to bugger off, how did you find me? Doctor Grey stated to him that they can find him due to the implant he has in his finger. John has what appears to be an implant in the pad of his middle finger on his left hand. It appears to be metalic (my opinion), is about 4mm long and is clearly visible inside the finger (not like a splinter on the top). On his ring finger he has a whitish circular mark on the pad.

John has also observed UFOs whilst camping on the top of Mount Warning in Qld with friends and claims to have been taken and dropped back at the bottom on the mountain. He states that many locals around Berril Creek have seen ufos around the back of Mt Warning and near Cedar Creek and are reluctant to speak to others about it.

John states that on one occasion whilst out in the bush that he encountered a female alien hybrid, which he assumes his one of his offspring. He said he communicated to the alien telepathically. He states that she was quite young and because of this was wearing what he assumed to be breathing apparatus which went from around her head into her mouth and nostrils. He was told that she was unable to breathe in our atmosphere etc. John states that he has hybrid offspring (5 male/1 female) and is quite proud of this. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

31.10.00 ADELAIDE (KINGSCOTE), SA 2130-2200hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00993 & 01010)
Shape: Round
Size: approx 1 and half times size of a baseball
Objects: Two
Colour: Orange
Sound: NIL
Duration: 7 - 10 mins
Weather conditions: clear night sky - wind from SW
Direction: travelling East from Kingscote, Kangaroo Island towards Adelaide
Witnesses: Peter S. [age 56], his wife [age 46] and 2 unnamed witnesses

Peter and his wife were out on the Kingscote Jetty fishing. There was also a couple 50 metres further down the jetty also fishing.

Peter looked up into the night sky [there had been a brief shower early, but the sky had cleared by the time of the sighting] and then noticed 2 large orange coloured round lights in the sky. They were approx 3,000 to 4,000 feet high. One was travelling approx 1-2 km in front of the second one, but both were travelling on the same course in the same direction eg:
[ 0 <-----1/2km-----> 0 ] and both were heading towards Adelaide.

Peter called out to his wife to look up as well, she also witnessed the 2 orange lights. They both agreed that these lights were 'unusual' and didnt look like any type of plane. In fact both stated they had 'never seen anything like this before in their lives'. Peter then grabbed the binoculars that were in his fishing kit to get a better look, he confirmed that they both were 'orange colour and round in shape' and that is when he clearly saw that they were travelling one behind the other in a straight line formation.

The other thing that both Peter and his wife noticed, was there was no 'noise/sound of any sort'. When I asked him what he meant by that, he said: "Well if it was a plane, Cessna/Jet etc you would hear something, they were that big and fairly close, but we heard nothing, absolutely nothing!" I then asked if he or his wife noticed any other 'cessation of noise' around them, he said he couldnt remember that, as he and his wife were concentrating on what was happening above them.

As they continued to watch the 2 lights fly over them and onwards towards Adelaide, Peter said that just before they hit the horizon [approx 50kms away], he noticed that the 2nd light sped up, joined the first light, then diverted to the left, before both of them disappeared.

Peter then went over the the other couple who were also on the jetty fishing and said "Did you see that?" They replied "Yes, what was it?" They all spoke about it for a few minutes, before Peter and his wife left. The following day, Peter went around Kingscote township, asking "did anyone see or report some strange lights in the sky last night??", he asked at the local police station, shops, local people. He was amazed that no one had seen anything, that no fishing boats, that he knew were out, as he could see their lights on the water the night before, hadnt reported anything.

During my interview with him, Peter kept on 'Stressing' that both him and his wife "Had NEVER seen anything like this before in their lives!" Peter then also came right out and asked me "What was it ??" . I told him, that I could not answer his questions right off, as I would need to do some checking around, eg: Aldinga airport, but he then again 'stressed'... "It WASNT a plane! just WASNT"! ..... "I know what planes look like/sound like etc, and so does my wife!"

Peter said that this had caused a bit of stress/anxiety for both of them. "In fact, he continued, "Both of us were total disbelieves of anything we read/heard about UFO's, but now after this event, we dont know what to believe/think anymore".

Peter then asked me what else have people seen in the night sky over Adelaide recently, and I told him about some of the follow ups I had done over the previous 5 months. He seem to relax a bit more after I had spoken to him about those, and again said "I just dont know anymore, this has really shaken me and my wife up, we were adamant disbelieves before now". Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

14.11.00 ADELAIDE, SA 2120hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01012)
I rang Laurel, and after speaking with her, and getting her description of where it was located in the night sky, time she saw it etc, I realised that what she had seen was the new International Space Station.

How I drew my conclusion:- I also seen this 'bright light' in the sky the night before, and had heard that we here in Australia would be able to see the new International Space Station [ISS]. So, I did some further checking at the NASA website, and followed their links to their info on the ISS. NASA also had a map of the world showing the 'best zones' where the ISS could be spotted at night, at what time, what angle/degree etc and Adelaide was clearly showing in its path.

Also, a friend at work had said she had seen a 'bright light' in the night sky the same night as me, as she was out walking her dog.

Another thing I noticed, that when seeing the ISS, that Venus was also close by it. Laurel was happy with my explanation. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

ca.DECEMBER 2000 TERRY HILL, NSW 1930hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01193 & 01194)
One evening a few months ago (she could not remember the exact time or month) Leonie discovered a large opaque object on the "Gritchings'" drive way during her course of visit. I asked Leonie if the Gritchings (the next door neighbour that is) noticed the object or spoke about it. She said no. Very well! Leonie quickly returned to her story and continued.

Apparently she discovered a so called William Holburrow standing on top of the opaque object.

Who is William Holburrow? A friend of hers and a patient at the local psychiatric ward in Morraset. I asked her if Mr Holburrow told her about the experience. Her response was that William never talks!

On an additional note, Leonie explained how she met Mr Holburrow at the St Vincent Hospital in Sydney when she was working there in the psychiatric ward. She resigned when Mr Holburrow was transferred to Morraset. So she followed him up north where she got a part time job in a nursing home. Striking story! Yes but Mr Holburrow soon broke out of the ward and was found in a cemetery near Manly digging up a grave that had a dollar sign on it!

The story digresses. She then tells me that she has telepathic abilities and communicates with extra terrestrials. She told me that she recently invited the ETs over for a BBQ because "Jack" was coming over.

Who is Jack? Mr Holburrow's nephew. I then asked her if the ETs turned up (I had to know)? Unfortunately not!

The conversation slowly comes to an end when Leonie tells me how she contacted the FBI in the United States about her experiences. Apparently they hung up on her when she asked if Jim Morrison was kept in a refrigerator in the US!

No comments! Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

04.12.00 ADELAIDE, SA 1400hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01046)
Shape: round
Size: dot sized
Colour: white
Sound: nil
Duration: Few minutes
Direction: North East in the Ottaway/Pt Adelaide suburb(s)
Witnesses: 1 - Anthony
Weather conditions - clear blue sky

Anthony was walking up May Tce at 2.00pm when he glanced up and looked at the sky. He spotted a brilliant white dot moving across the afternoon sky. He watched it for a couple of minutes as it was moving slowly, then it went in a north east direction and disappeared.

Anthony also stated that he had seen this 'white dot' a couple days earlier and both times it had been travelling from South to North East direction. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

24.12.00 ADELAIDE (POORAKA), SA 2230hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01077)
Objects: 5 star like lights
Colour: Red
Sound: Nil
Duration: 10 mins
Direction: travelling North towards One Tree Hill
Witnesses: Martin, his wife and children

Martin and his wife had just arrived home at 10.30pm after doing Xmas shopping.

As he was getting the gifts out of the boot of his car, he heard fireworks going off, so he looked towards where he had heard the sound, to see if he could see them. That is when Martin saw the 5 red star like lights close to the horizon.

He states that 4 of them were making an irregular 'box formation' with the 5th one just offside. He called out to his wife to bring his binoculars. He looked through them and they appeared to be like small bright dots, his wife also had a look and confirmed what he saw.

Whilst his wife was looking through the binoculars he ran inside to ring his sister who lived closed by to bring her video camera over and also to see if she could see anything in the night sky. He also called a few friends who lived close by to see if they saw anything.

During the time of him running backwards and forwards to the phone, to the front yard outside, his wife, who had been looking all that time through the binoculars said that she had seen the 5 star like lights move about in 2 formations as they were slowly moving away.

One of the formations was a ' V ' or triangle shape but laid down on its side and then the next formation they made was like an inverted ' C '.

Martin's wife has drawn the patterns and he asked if I would like a copy of them, to which I replied "YES".

[Note: I am still waiting for them in the post, but I think this could be also due to the fact, that apart from contacting AUFORN re: the UFO Hotline, he had also contacted Colin Norris, and Colin had also requested a copy of the drawings.] Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

10.01.01 PUNCHBOWL, NSW 2250hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01118)
On 10th January, 2001, at the approximate time of 10:50 pm, Paul and his wife decided to sit out in their back yard to breath some fresh evening air, after a hot summers day. Not long after, Paul noticed a bright light traveling from the east towards the west at a constant pace. At first he thought it was a commercial aircraft, but when it stopped in mid air he immediately ruled that theory out. Paul asked for his wife's attention and pointed to the unusual anomaly. Just when the helicopter theory was about to be announced, the object ascended in a 90-degree angle and attempted to stabilize itself at a much higher altitude. However this did not happen, as the object's stability became erratic-it maneuvered back and fourth like a ping-pong ball. At this stage, Paul and his wife were at the edge of their seats. But the 20-minute encounter show was about to come to an end as the object accelerated at an unbelievable speed and disappeared between two bright stars in the NW region of the night sky (either between Jupiter and Saturn or between Jupiter and Aldebaran).

Additional notes:
During the event, there was no sound produced by the unidentified object. The colour of the anomaly was described as a whitish yellow with an aurora surrounding it. According to the witness, when the object accelerated there was a secondary light produced behind it. This may have been some kind of propulsion after burn.

The night was clear with no other air traffic within the immediate area. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

20.01.01 bet. WAIKERIE & BAMERA, SA 0300hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01165)
Douglas, his son and his daughter-in-law were travelling from Edwardstown, a suburb of Adelaide, up to the Rodeo at Berri. Due to car trouble they had ended up starting out late for their trip, that is why they were on the road at such an early hour of the morning.

Just passing Waikerie and approx half way to Bamera, Douglas spotted what he originally thought to be a 'falling star'. But then adds, " This was NO normal 'falling star'". Douglas at the time, was driving approx 80 - 100 km along the road and stated that during the time of the sighting, 2 - 3 mins, the object was always in front of the car.

The sky that night clear with only half a moon and the surrounding countryside was dark, when Douglas spotted the 'falling star'. He noticed that it was dropping too slowly for normal and as it was dropping, it was getting bigger and brighter. The 'star' shaped object just stopped and then changed in colour to a 'beautiful blue', its shape also changed from 'star' shape to a 'cylindrical' shape with blue sparks coming out of the end of it.

Once it had completely stopped moving, Douglas states that all of sudden the whole country side was lit up with a brilliant white light! He and his passengers could clearly see trees, houses and stock in the paddocks! Then as soon as it had completed its colour/shape change, the light went out, it was pitch black again and it just disappeared.

Upon arrival at the Rodeo in Berri, Douglas asked around if anyone else had seen anything on their way there. Some people said "Oh yes, I think we saw a comet" . To which Douglas replied " This was NO comet I saw"!

Douglas also said that during the time of the sighting, he and his son/daughter-in-law where not scared, just amazed at what they had seen.
Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01149)
Anna with her husband William and friends Daniella and Romeo, were all sitting outside Thursday night skywatching due to the warm weather. During the couple of hours that they were outside, they had searched and found planets, satellites and a shooting star.

Anna was the first person to spot this 'unusual light' in the sky. As she sat and watched it, it grew bigger, she then mentioned to her husband/friends "Hey take a look at that"! Her husband and friends then started to say, "Oh that could be....planet/satellite/plane etc" [Parafield Airport is not far from where Anna lives] but Anna, said: " No No! its not that, look at what's it doing"!

I asked Anna to describe what she and the others saw.

Anna: It was a bright Orange orb, it would be bright then dim, bright then dim, it kept on doing that over and over again.

Charmaine: So, like a 'pulsing effect'? Whilst you where watching it, was it travelling?

Anna: Yes, it was travelling slowly towards the North, all the time it was dimming then brightening. I also noticed that as it travelled, it kept on slowly dropping lower in the sky.

Charmaine: How long did you and the others observe it?

Anna: We all observed it for approx 15 mins, when this amazing thing happened... it did a 'Nose Dive' and disappeared! But that is not all!

Charmaine: Please go on.

Anna: Well of course once it disappeared we all sat around talking about it, going again through all the possibilities it could have been, but we still could not make ourselves believe it was a plane/planet/satellite and so forth. Then approx 10 mins later it was BACK! It just appeared in EXACTLY the same position I first saw it! and again it was doing that pulsating thing, dimming/brightening. Also, this time it was travelling in the reverse direction, North to South, where before when I first spotted it, it was travelling North. Another strange thing as well, this time it zipped acrossed the sky, then stopped, hovered, zipped back to where it was first, stopped then hovered, then started to slowly cross the sky travelling South, then like the first time, it just did a 'nose dive' and disappeared!

Charmaine: So in total how long did you sight this object ?

Anna: I would say approx 30 mins in total.

Charmaine: During all of this, did it ever stop 'pulsing'...dimming/brightening?

Anna: kept that up all the time, that is what caught my eye in the beginning, how it looked like a star or planet, the fact how it was such a bright, 'extremely' brilliant orange in colour and how it would dim, then brighten etc.

Anna: After I had phoned your Hotline, I also called the Parafield Airport, but since it was closed, the call was diverted to Adelaide Airport. The person I spoke to was 'unhelpful' to say the least.

Charmaine: Did you hear any sound, how far up in the sky do you think it was and how big ?

Anna: No, we didnt hear any sound from it, it was quite high up in the sky, as like I said before, I first thought it was a star or planet.

I asked a couple more questions, such as had they been drinking whilst sitting outside skywatching, to which Anna said, NO, only coffee. I thanked Anna for her report. She then asked me had there been any other reports of something in the sky that night, to which I replied as far as I know 'No'. Anna also told me that she and her husband do quite a bit of skywatching and that if she ever saw anything again, she would again contact us. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

26.01.01 MONTVILLE, QLD 1508hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01150)
Santi and her husband live near Montville at the Sunshine Coast. Whilst sitting outside at lunchtime on a mattress feeding her baby Santi observed a bright star-like object in the sky. She observed the object to be the same colour as a star but much brighter and assumed it was a plane. The object appeared stationery and appeared to flash for approx. 10 minutes and then after a further 30 minutes vanished. Santi wasn't sure if it was a satelite but didn't think it was a plane etc.

Santi, her husband and friends have witnessed many strange objects around the Beerwah/Glasshouse Mountain areas including a fluorescent green orb descending rapidly at a 45 degree angle and believe that a lot of activity happens around the Glasshouse Mountains. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

26.01.01 CALOUNDRA, QLD 2300hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01162)
On Friday evening around 11pm a huge yellow glow was observed by witness, his wife and son. The object appeared to be travelling at the height of a jet but travelled at a faster speed.

It appeared to come from the Mount Coolum/Mooloolaba area 20 kms away. The object travelled over the house making no sound at all and then went into the atmosphere.

The witness thought at first it was a flare but discounted this when it rose up in the air, stopped and then travelled in a horizontal direction. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

07.02.01 WESTAWAY, TAS 2100hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01185)
Witness saw a very fast moving object a shooting star...even though the sky was not yet dark...he thought the shape of the object was a cigar...however he was reluctant to use the word' cigar' to describe it. I concluded he saw a meteor. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

20.02.01 ALEXANDRIA, VIC 2215hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01200)
10.15 pm......Silent.....bright a light coming through clouds...but no lights present and no clouds around....suddenly sound.....fairly a light aircraft...very bright....Looked like a a ring around the moon ....(moon not present). Roughly south West in direction......distance about 15 klms away or more....Suddenly an instant. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

21.02.01 SYDNEY, NSW 2130hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01209)
Shape: Star like
Size: Size Venus
Objects: 1
Colour: Red, green, blue, White star colour
Sound: None
Speed: ?
Duration: 20 minutes
Direction: North West
Location: South west of Golburn NSW
Witnesses: 1 civilian, 2 police

I talked to Miss K at the police station and she told me a person had called in last night at around 9.20pm. The witness told police that an object was shining red white and blue & green.

Witness told police he had observed the object move very fast to left and them back to the right. He said he only wished he had his video camera with him. Witness observed object through binoculars.

Miss K said the police also observed the light but were under the impression it was a star. Witness 1 left his phone number with the police. Police contacted Hotline.

Comment Diane:

1. Cappella Auriga was approximately 2 meters above the horizon to the NW assending at 11.05 p.m to the NW... to W
2. Saturn & Jupiter 5 meters above the horizon NW Pleiades was just below Saturn & Jupiter assending 11.47p.m NW W
3. As the witness observed object through binoculars it is possible the object could have appeared to move in different direction due to an unsteady hand.

Miss K said she would pass the message on to the senior constable when she see's him today. Still under investigation. Diane Harrison AUFORN

24.02.01 BRISBANE, QLD 2200hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01215)
Shape: Star like
Size: Five cent
Colour: Orange
Sound: None
Speed: Faster than a plane
Duration: 2 minutes
Direction: Traveling westerly
Witnesses: 2

Owen Said: I was in our outside spar with my wife just observing the night sky when I saw an orange object sitting stationary. I thought this is a little strange I pointed it out to my wife. The object then moved very fast to West then changed direction so fast, it couldn't have been a plane? impossible. Then it disappeared.

We rang Amberley Airforce base and they said they didn't have anything in the air at that time. Diane Harrison AUFORN

19.03.01 MUDGEE, NSW 0400hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01271)
Around 4am on 19th March, Ken was traveling 90km east of Mudgee when he saw a bright green globular light in the southern sky heading towards the eastern horizon. According to the witness, at first the object seemed to have a slow trajectory. However it's speed increased as it covered the path along the meridian. The complete event was observed for a few seconds before disappearing into the horizon. Ken said that he almost drove his car off the road during his observation. A second car behind him pulled over, obviously noticing the anomaly.

Ken was told by Mr. ? that it may have been a copper based meteorite. That is true for a meteorite of such a composition, however there was no fire trail or defragmentation produced by the object during its course! Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

21.03.01 CLAREMONT, QLD 1923hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01291)
Shape: round
Size: 10 cent
Colour: blue, green, then orange white
Sound: None
Speed: Great speed
Duration: seconds
Direction: North North Easterly
Witnesses: 4

Petular said the object was WOW !! my husband said my eyes just lit up. I the object must have gone out to sea someone else must have seen it. Diane Harrison AUFORN

07.04.01 NEWCASTLE, NSW 2245hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01303)
Daughter was driving home from friends house when she noticed at least 4 cars by the side of one of the main roads of Newcastle. She stopped to see what was doing, she noticed as the others had, three bright yellow lights moving due West away from the observers. They formed a straight line, 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock. This was at approx 10.45pm, she was home 5 minutes later and alerted her mother , sister and a friend. All three watched for a further 30 minutes approx as the objects grew smaller in the distance, not moving side to side but simply away. This was viewed against the backdrop of a hill with housing below the upper peak. The objects were low on the horizon with an altitude lower than a plane, there was no noise heard. There was no wind to speak of and the lights were solid in colour, not flickering. They left view as they became too small to see. The witness’s had feelings of disbelief, amazement but no fear or sense of threat. Could be lighted garbage bags but unusual that they did not deviate or flicker. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

16.04.01 SYDNEY (NORTH RYDE), NSW 1700hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01327)
Kevin was out viewing the clear night sky when he noticed a ghostly grey, hazy cloud like figure of a V shaped object travelling across the sky at satellite speed. The object travelled in a straight line North to South and did not deviate in trajectory. The object had a clear outline and was squared off at the end of the V as it travelled with the point of the V at the front of the object. It was observed for 30 to 40 seconds and kept uniform size and formation. It was lost to view in the distance and seemed to be very high. Apparent size was at arms length 6 inches each side of the V with 75 to 80 degree arc between the two at the rear. This seems abnormaly large but I did check with the witness on this matter several times. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

09.10.01. GREEVESTON, TAS 2300hrs
(Source Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses had been out walking on a property. On returning home they sat on the verandah looking at the southern sky. One pointed out to the other a half circle shape just west of the Southern Cross. It looked opaque inside but had a well defined edge and was two times the size of the moon. The object changed to more of a round shape as it moved left a short distance before returning to its original position. It then moved slowly to the right and became stationary. the witnesses said it was there a long time before it seemingly just disappeared in mid-air. No other calls were received for what was a sighting of some duration. No astronomical explanations were found to account for the report. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

18.10.01 KINGSTON, TAS 2230hrs
(Source Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness reports noticing a bright star approaching from the south-west, at first the witness thought it was a plane, but then it stopped in the sky for some 10 to 15 minutes. The witness obtained some binoculars but could only make out a light with yellow on top and blue below. Then two more lights approached from the south-west, they took a position alongside the first light. Then to the witnesses' amazement all three went vertically at enormous speed and were lost from sight in seconds. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

07.12.01. BINALONG BAY 2330hrs
(Source Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses noticed from their bedroom window a bright light in the western sky. This Venus sized amber bright light had five points on it, the longest point being below. The witness opened the window expecting to hear a motor sound but all was silent. The light passes just west of their house before turning towards the south, gaining elevation and fading out of sight. The sighting lasted about 4 minutes. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

23.10.01 SYDNEY (HORNSBY), NSW 0150hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01810)
The object was bright and travelling at a constant speed, like a satelite only brighter. It kept its course over Bankstown heading towards Hornsby NNE. The object was more than likely the International Space Station.

I would be surprised if a Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellite would be visible at that time in the morning. (1:50am) At those kind of times, the earth's shadow covers most of the sky and if not illuminated by the sun, a satellite is not visible to the naked eye.

I would expect any satellites that might be illuminated would be in a high orbit, or relatively low to the horizon. Generally, that would result in such satellites being rather *dim* not bright. (Most people wouldn't see them unless specifically looking for them.)

I have done a preliminary whole sky scan of all 8400 orbiting objects, looking for passes visible from Hornsby NSW, between 1:40am and 1:50am.

The two brightest were...

24829 Cosmos 2344 Rk (Mag 5.4)
20720 Cosmos 2088 (Mag 5.8)

5.4 magnitude is 'very' dim. I wouldn't expect it to be visible to the unaided eye from a suburban location, let alone described as "bright".

Now, predictions can be wrong, satellites can flare, etc. etc. however, taking into consideration the time of the sighting and the description of "bright", I think the satellite hypothesis is unlikely.

Could it have been an aircraft? (Aircraft normally have flashing lights that should have been obvious. Without that, it seems a bit of a mystery.)

Do you have enough information to work out an approximate track the object took? (Where first sighted, where lost to sight, direction etc.) Kate Martin

I'm waiting for a response from NASA, confirming the position of the ISS on 23rd October. I agree to your response regarding call in code 01810, to a certain point. Let me explain:

On 23rd Oct. the given celestial bodies were in the following position:

1. Sunrise at 5.05am and sunset at 6.17pm. The Earth was facing 180 degrees from our friendly Solar at approximately 11.40pm.
2. The Moon was at its first quarter. Lunar set was at 12.40am.
3. The sighting occurred around 1.15am. At that time the Earth had progressed 24 degrees towards dawn and 9 degrees from lunar set.

I agree to a certain point (taking the above event into count) that any low orbiting satellites would not reflect any sunlight, especially if the orbiting object is 90 degrees form the observer. However, any high altitude satellites would reflect some light from the solar if positioned low in the eastern horizon (approximately 20-30 degrees). Satellites with high enough altitudes would also be visible in the lower northern and southern horizons. On the other hand, light reflecting off the lunar surface would somewhat be visible on low orbiting satellites, obviously more towards the west. Also lets not forget about refraction from our very own planet.

So I believe that:

A, The unknown may have been a satellite, unregistered to public
B, Other form of terrestrial spacecraft.
C, Or what we’ re all hoping it was!

Second hand information can be sometimes a little unreliable, especially if the details vary from the original report.

Any way, I do appreciate your input and I do admit that I did jump to a conclusion without proper study. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

16.12.01 SYDNEY (GREYSTEYNES), NSW 2200hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01882)
V strolled into his back yard that evening to admire the night sky. It was well before the fires around Sydney, therefore the skies were reasonably clear. Suddenly V noticed a brilliant orange light travelling overhead, quite slowly. He described its manoeuvring characteristics ‘like a wriggly worm, skinny and then fat as it moved’. The unknown was heading form east to west towards Palm Beach. V quickly obtained a pair of binoculars from his wife who was standing beside him during the sighting. He said that there were no conventional aircrafts in sight during the event. V estimated the height close to an ‘overpassing jumbo’ (500-1000m) and the speed relatively slower than that of an airliner. The couple observed the unknown around 7 or 10 minutes before disappearing over their line of sight. There was no noise associated with the anomaly. This was Vs first sighting, and needless to say that he was quite fascinated. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

20.12.01 OLD BAR, NSW 2230hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01886)
Cheryl lives on an acreage at Old Bar ( North Coast ) and while watching the sky at 10.30pm she noticed along with her son a bright light crossing the sky from north to south. The object was pulsating and changed to orange in colour at times. After a while it started to move up and down and appeared to move around a smaller object ( the size of a star ). It then continued on south and diappeared from sight. There was no sound and it was moving quite fast.

Cheryl was so fascinated by the event she stayed outside another two hours with both her children. They noticed several star like objects move across the sky but in different directions.

She will be keeping vigil as often as possible and will inform us of any more sightings. Veronica Moore (INFODIG)

16.12.01 OCEAN REEF, WA 0005-0010hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01928 & 01929)
Size: 4 times size of Jupiter sparkle
Objects: 4
Colour: orange
Sound: None
Speed: like a jet fighter
Duration: Minutes
Direction: Traveling North West
Witnesses: 4
Observations from: South East

First witness: John
John was off to the beach to do some star gazing with his girl friend when he noticed 4 orange lights in the sky in formation.

      * * * 

Being an amateur astronomer he was paying paticular attention to the sky and thought wow what's this. At first he thought it was planes doing a formation but he could not hear any sound. He said he paid paticular attention to hear sound as they passed by but there was nothing.

He noticed other people had stopped to have a look as well but did not talk to any of them other than his girl friend. He said as the object passed by some 2km away one of the objects dropped from the formation down and dissapeared. I asked him if he thought it could have been the garbage bag hoax reply no way far to big moving far to fast.

       * * 


He rang the News paper in the morning The West Australian who said they are keen to do a story on the objects as this was the first time these things had been seen.

Second witness: Frank
Frank described the formation more like a box kite shape however the objects did the same as John said they did.

Comment: Diane
Not one person to-date has taken any photos of the objects it is going to be interesting to see what the newspaper story reveals. I informed both witnesses if we find out in the meantime what the objects are we would inform them.

The local Science writer for the Newspaper said 3 satellites were due to re-enter the earth atmosphere but over the Indian Ocean can anyone confirm this please? Diane Harrison AUFORN

23.02.02. MOUNTAIN RIVERS, TAS 2242hrs
(Source Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The witness had taken his dog and as always had a look at the night sky. He was surprised to see three star like lights moving through the Orion constellation. The lights were moving at high elevation towards the south-east. However, as they crossed the sky they changed positions and moved across each other's flight path. The witness went inside to call out his partner who was in time to see the lights off to the south. At this point a shooting star went down the sky and almost at once the three lights went up vertically and disappeared from view in a matter of a second. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

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