AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 28
June 2002

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01034)
Elizabeth shared with me some of her experiences that have occurred since a child, Elizabeth sounds about 60+. She seemed very excited and talked extremely fast and disjointedly.

She had been visited by a small child who apparently had little hair. She said she kissed this child on the head and it ran away frightened etc. She stated that this child was a hybrid offspring of hers and she remembered being asked to donate ova and recalls a long needle being inserted into her abdomen.

She stated she had had many psychic experiences and memories of craft hovering over her house.

She seemed to have a particular hate for Whitley Strieber's books and vented a bit about the content of his books and that it was all wrong etc. etc.

Elizabeth stated that she had had a psychotic attack over 10 years ago and was still on medication. She stated that I was welcome to visit her and look at her drawings she had made and that she was quite safe to be around. She then proceed to tell me about her bizare dreams from the previous night involving her doctor (and masturbation). Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

ca.1990 EL ARISH (nr.TULLY), QLD
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01017)
Judy took some video footage of a burnt edge round circle at El Arish (Tully area) about 10 yrs ago. Judy has moved house several times since then and is not sure she will be able to locate the video. If she does she will contact me and I will arrange pick up. I have also asked Judy to try and contact the person still living at the farm where they found the circle to see if any traces of its presence remain. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 001016)
Steve called after seeing Doug Moffett on Channnel 7, the morning of the 15th November 2000. He stated that around 8 years ago (1992?) on New Years Eve that he was standing on a bridge above the upper house at the duration of the fireworks display. Steve said he saw a bright white speck of light in the South around 45 degrees above the horizon fly accross the sky to the Northern Horizon in around 3-5 seconds. He said it was extemely fast and was very bright like a star. No other witnesses were apparent. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

11.08.99 SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, NSW 2100hrs
(Source: UFO Research New South Wales)
This report is third the facts are skatty at the moment...but the network person who reported it to me is on the case to get further information, and i shall pass it on the moment i have it...but..this is what i have so far.....wednesday 11th august...approx 9pm...witness saw yellow object with lights about it travelling slowly at a low altitude..approx heading..... Berrima to Tahmoor....went out of her way to follow the object..was scared...but curious....object left field of vision when it dissapeared over a hill...witness pulled over to the side of the road after in car following also pulled over...asked her...did you see that!...she said no...she did not want to appear a nutter. A lady at the same shop she works in said she had a dream of the same object on the same night.....investigation pending....depending on the conviction of the witness to have the incident reported...more info...if and when it happens.....a lot of sightings dont go reported for these very how many reports are there per year? Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

22.03.00 SYDNEY (PENRITH), NSW ca.2200hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00635)
Steve reported seeing individuals between Mulgoa Road and Regentville releasing what looked like dark green garbage bags with Firestarters in wire casing tied to them. He sighted this in one of the industrial areas of Penrith. Other witnesses have come forward with similar stories during the month of March. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

04.04.00 CANBERRA, ACT 1630hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00890)
This report, which appeared in Vol.5 No.2 of the Australasian Ufologist Magazine had the wrong date printed. The above date is the correct date.

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00680 & 00720)
Shape: Like the letter 'V' Shape, similar to a boomerang
Size: At arms length it was around 3 inches as it flew overhead
Objects: One
Colour: Craft -Grey (seemed transparent)Lights: yellowish/off-white
Sound: Totally Silent
Speed: Fairly fast, faster than the usually planes flying over
Duration: 8 seconds
Direction: North to South
Witnesses: Nil

Colleen stepped outside her house on a clear night and within 30 seconds spotted what resembled a 'V' shape object flying over her house. She stated that it was very high up and appeared to have no centre mass. At arms length it appeared to be around 3 inches long with four bars of light underneath on each side. She stated the lights seemed to have a translucent creamy grey appearance as if they were not solid. As it flew overhead it did not perform any eradic manouvers at any time but was flying very fast. There was no sound coming from the object at all. It disappeared whilst traveling south at about 45 degrees from the horizonal. Colleen stated at that point it just disappeared and she found this to be highly unusual. Colleen sent a drawing in of the craft. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

03.06.00 WINDALE, NSW ca.1900hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00739)
Shape: Round (Bright orange/red)
Objects: 4 fireballs
Colour: Bright orange/red
Sound: Nil
Speed: Slow
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Direction: West to East
Witnesses: Girlfriend and Girlfriends' Mother

Outside Marks' house he noticed 4 bright/orange red fireballs moving slowly across the sky in a horizontal row from West to East. He watched them for around 5 - 10 minutes. He had noticed similar objects on previous occasions, usually during the weekend. By the descriptions given it seems highly likely to be fire starters and garbage bags, very similar to those being used in Penrith, NSW at the beginning of this year. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

07.07.00 CAPE YORK PENINSULA, QLD 2335hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00781)
Time: 11.35pm
Shape: Round
Size: small ball
Objects: 2
Colour: silver orange with red sparks
Sound: none
Duration: 5 minutes
Direction: Heading East
Witnesses: 3

Witness said two of his girl friends saw two orange silver balls traveling across the sky at high speed ... what was strange about them...they stayed in complete formation one behind the other. The object made no noise but they left a very unusual contrail which was arced shape.. nothing like what a plane.

The witness said he called the Cairns police... they didn't having any other reports of the object on record. Diane Harrison AUFORN

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00793)
Tahlie and her mother we returning home to Venus Bay travelling along the South Gippsland Hwy between Wonthaggi and Inverloch at about 9pm on Monday 10 July 2000 when they saw an unusual light up ahead. It appeared as a bright start does when seen through trees. However there were no trees in the particular area. As they watched this light it approached them at an alarming speed. In about one second it came from about one half of one kilometre ahead and passed right next to their car and disappeared behind them into the distance. It was not very high when it passed them because Mrs. C could clearly see spark trails just outside her drivers side window. There was no sound. It moved so rapidly that they could not gauge its size.

They were both left with the impression that they had seen something odd. Then Tahlie decided to report it. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00802)
On Saturday night 15th July at about 11pm DW saw 3 amber lights flying overhead at very high altitude in a line towards the S.W. These lights were widely spaced and evenly spaced apart. The witness often sees many aircraft in the area where she lives which is Mooroolbark, a South Eastern suburb in the foothills of the Dandenong ranges. These lights were eerie because they were "silent" and they followed each other while being spaced. The witness wishes to remain anonymous. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

After seeing this message and the post about the hoaxes in Darwin, I thought I would just leave a post to let people know that I live in Mooroolbark and unfortunately it seems to be under the flight path of quite a few orange garbage bag hoaxes. Had one land near my mums place just up the road from me a while back after the fire burnt out. Chris Daley. E-mail:

16.07.00 MELBOURNE (SANDRIGHAM), VIC 1715-1730hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00801)
Observer named Barry lives in Sandrigham, Melbourne and over looks port Philip Bay on Sunday 16th July at 5.10am. He saw a long "red line in the sky. It was fairly high up and appeared to be a red-orange colour, probably several kilometers long, and perfectly straight as if drawn using a ruler. He went inside to get his wife to come out and see it also, but it had disappeared. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00809)
The UFO was actualy seen on sunday evening on the 16th. Our investigator Keith Robert's concluded that it was a Garbage Bag Balloon hoax. Similar event occoured on the same night in Launceston. We get a lot of these Garbage bag things up in Launceston/Devonport area. Robert Andrews TUFOIC

16.07.00 MELBOURNE, VIC ca.2156hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00803)
This sighting occurred during the Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2000. Firstly, a flashing light came over a group of people who were outside waiting to observe the eclipse. This Light was unusual because it was silent and it stopped, and then shot off at high speed. Secondly, two flashing lights came over and did the same thing, stopped, and then took off.

Thirdly, another flashing light came over, this one resembling a fireball, stopped and then changed colour from red to green and blue and produced or 'poured out' a very intensely bright light which was followed by an intense explosion.

The whole street saw it, according to CC. After the explosion the object flew off at about a 45 degree angle and disappeared. The local police were contacted, soon afterwards the 'Mill Park' police said a 'car' 'blew up'' in the area.

This was not a rational explanation as no exploded cars were reported in the area. Another witness about 2km away also saw the light stop, and saw the sudden very bright light and heard the explosion. Needless to say the eclipse fell into insignificance in the minds of those witnesses who later had difficulty getting to sleep with the events of the evening staying in their minds. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

31.08.00 BRISBANE (JINDALEE), QLD 1935hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00881)
Shape: Round
Size: 50 cent
Objects: 1
Colour: Bright yellow
Sound: None
Speed: Steady like a plane
Duration: 3 minutes
Direction: South
Witnesses: 1

Andrew said he went out side to check on his neighbours house at around 7.35pm. When he noticed a bright yellow glowing abject in the Westerly sky from his house located at Jindalee. He called his wife out to have a look at the object asking her to bring his binoculars. He said they watched the object for around 3 minutes. The Object moved away in an easterly direction, the speed was something what like a jet.

Andrew said he thought it may have been an F1 11 doing a dump and burn. So he rang Amberley Air Force Base. They informed him they had no planes in the area at that time. He said he got a feeling he was being fogged off by the lady on the other end of the line. So he insisted they check their radar. He said: if it wasn't one of theirs, "then they should be made aware of it".

He said: As I was looking at it through my binoculars I could see flames coming from it. He said: If it was a prank then this was a good one and if kids are behind this and are able to make an object travel as fast as a jet "with flames coming out of it horizontally" then their clever kids. So No I don't think it was the garbage and a fire lighter trick, "thats for sure". He said: I rang the Brisbane Astronomical Society and they said the object it was traveling to slow for a meteorite. Diane Harrison AUFORN

07.09.00 KARIONG (GOSFORD AREA), NSW bet.2000-2030 & 2223hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00890)
The callin relates to a recent sighting of a stationary bright light. This has since been proved to be Venus by the witness thru observation the following night and by cross-referencing the location of Venus thru a computer program. The witness and her partner have had three previous experiences. Earlier this year her partner witnessed a very bright white light stationary above the tree line over Mooney Mooney hill that vanished after approx 2 seconds. In May this year the witness reports a orange/red stationary light just above the tree line that remained for approx 30 seconds before shooting straight up at great speed, duration approx 2 seconds. Not long after in May-June the witness was awakened by a loud humming noise at 10.23pm. The humming appeared to be just above her roof. She yelled to her partner (who was wearing headphones at the time) who only heard the humming as it was stopping. The humming left not as gradual as a jet or chopper, both of which are familiar to the witness as she grew up near Richmond air base. The humming lasted approx 2 seconds or perhaps a bit longer. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01019)
John is a keen amateur astronomer and he and a friend were camping approx 250km East/South/East of Perth near Shackleton when he spotted a 45 degree triangular formation of star like objects all with the intensity and brightness of Sirius. The three star like objects were perfectly still and about 15 degrees above the horizon before just fading out over a period of one or two minutes. As an amateur astronomer he knew there were no stars in that area of the sky. John continued to watch for a further 45 minutes on the cloudless night but they did not re appear. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

14.10.00 SYDNEY (PENNANT HILLS), NSW 2000hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00954)
At approx 8pm Saturday the 14th October, Jill was outside just watching the stars when she noticed a very bright light to the North North West. She thought it was either a planes headlight or a very bright star. Jill went inside to get a pair of binoculars and her husband. When seen thru the binoculars the light appeared like a philligree gold ball with black holes pulsing in and out of the orb. The light appeared to have definite form and edge and a shape something like a jellyfish. The light changed to crimson and changed shape as it slowly got smaller and appeared to move slightly to the left as it disappeared at approx 9.00pm. During the course of the sighting two planes past in front of the light. Just before the light disappeared a beam seemed to go upwards from the object. Jill was not aware of any cloud build up that may have obscured the object.

Looking toward the west at approx 8.20pm Monday 16th I noticed a very bright stationary light, which was likely to be the culprit. After checking with Maria Hunt from the Werrington Observatory it was confirmed that Venus was in the West setting between 8pm and 9pm. Also due to Venus being bright and low scintillation was high and this was magnified by the chromatic abberation caused by the affect on light spectrums created by the binoculars. The odd shape is due to Venus never being 'full', as it varies between a quarter crescent and three quarter phase, when Venus is full it on the other side of the sun to the Earth and is unable to be seen. Finally, due the slightly eccentric path of the planets they tend to dip to the left before setting.

PS: Mir space station is about at the moment with a brightness similar to Venus taking 3 to 4 minutes to cross the horizon. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

16.10.00 PERTH, WA ca.2220hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00957)
Seems this one was not a UFO as such. Two brothers Steven and Terry had been playing golf. Returning home along the Wanneroo Road (North of Perth). Terry heard a whoooshing sound . Turned round. Saw a huge white ball of light travelling from East to West the size of a full moon. The meteor or whatever it was, suddenly broke into a thousand pieces which showered down. It seems no reports of this object were made by the media. Brian Richards ASPR/UFORUM

23.10.00 PERTH, WA ca.2200hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00965)
Witness saw something in the sky, it was a bright orange light that left a cloud. The witness stated that the object looked like space junk. Brian Richards ASPR/UFORUM

Brian, for your Reference...

There was a spectacular satellite decay over WA on Monday night.

A meteorological observer from the Giles Weather Station (28.03S, 128.3E) saw the object.

It was first seen at an elevation of 35 degrees in the SSW. It moved horizontally and was lost behind trees low in the ENE. It followed a path from the vicinity of Esperance at ~11:42 UTC to pass E of the Giles Meteorological station

Duration about 45s to 1 minute.

It was NORAD object 26581U. A rocket booster from a launch on 21-10-2000.

That should be enough information to determine if the witness saw the same object. Kate Martin

27.10.00 GREENPOINT, NSW 2130hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00974)
At around 9:30 pm to 9:45 pm on Friday the 27th October Kevin and his wife and her friend observed one giant round orange light 45 degrees coming from the North-West moving across the sky in a South-Easterly direction, towards the ocean. They were standing on their front verandah. They stated the bright light would stop for around a minute every now and then and zig-zag up and down like a heart monitor. It was said that the object would also speed up at times and then slow down again. They actually stated the object was only slightly smaller than a full moon and yes I have verified the size again with them again. This object was very large indeed but was flying lower than the usual craft which fly over this area. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

28.10.00 ORANGE, NSW 2150hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00975)
Pat who is a lawn mowing contractor was out the front of the house at around 9:50 pm, in and out of his garage cleaning his lawn mowing equipment. He stated he looked up in the sky to find the Southern Cross when he noticed what he thought was a star except for the fact it was moving in a North Westerly direction. He watched it move accross the sky and then noticed another coming from the same direction as the first. After which some minutes later another bright fire orange star like object appeared. He stated he watched these objects move accross the sky for around 45 minutes. He called his Wife and some friends out of the house during this time who also watched these lights for some time. He even had time to phone our 1800 number. These lights accoridng to Pat were heading towards Dubbo/Coonaburrabran.

The time taken for these objects to move across the sky plus the omission of eratic/ or sudden changes in direction could indicate known phenomina. They were traveling very slow, no noise, seemed to look like they were not moving at times, fire orange star like, just below cloud level, all of which could be an indication of home made balloons.

Pat lost sight of these objects just above cloud level. I am currently checking on wind/weather conditions on that particular night in the area. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

31.10.00 HOWARD (nr.MARYBOROUGH), QLD ca.2200hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00981)
Kevin who lives at Howard, near Maryborough went outside to look at the stars as he regularly does.

He spotted a bright silver ball in the sky travelling northwest-west.

The object at a distance,was approximately the size of a tennis ball with no visible trail as such. Kevin viewed the object for 15 seconds and assumed it was a meteor. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

08.11.00 LOWOOD, QLD 2005hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 00996)
Shape: Rectangular and box shaped
Size: The Biggest Hovercraft in the UK the Car Carrier
Objects: 1
Colour: Dark Metallic but nothing shinny
Sound: None
Speed: Fast and slow
Duration: 10 minutes or longer?
Direction: North
Witnesses: 5...3 still have to be interviewed
Weather: Clear but some very high cloud cover.
Moon: Yes

Peter and his wife and children were traveling home along the Warrego HWY at aprox 8.05pm then turned right onto the Brisbane Valley HWY . When five minutes later traveling north bound and coming over a rise in the road they noticed what looked like a very bright white light just above a yellow street light at approximately 500 meters away.

Peter said: My wife Linda was driving the children were in the back seat I was in the front passenger seat. Peter said: I told Linda to slow down because the light was now over the whole road. At first we thought my god a bloody plane is going to land on the road.

I told Linda to pull over to the side of the road incase this thing was going to land on the road. I could see 2 other cars parked on the opposite side of the road facing south. And other 2 cars pulled up behind us. We saw 2 men standing out of their car looking up at this.. what I can only describe as a space craft there was no mistaking it for anything else.

We Live on the flight path of Amberley Airforce base and I know what come's and goes from there and this was nothing like I had ever seen before in all the 8 years of living in the area.

Peter Said: I hung almost all of my body out of the passenger window trying to get a the better look and I have to be honest I was scared to death at what I was looking at. I thought if I looked at it through the passenger side window if it did anything at least I was in the car and my wife could put her foot down and try and get away from it.

The craft was rectangular and box shaped with what looked like another rectangular compartment on top of it. The top part had what looked like round lights or portholes gold- orange and blue in colour. The only way to really compare the size of it for me it looked as big as the Hovercraft in the UK that carries cars and stuff across the English channel with a cabin on top of it. This thing had no propellers no sound and when we went under it, it had red lights at each corner of its underbelly.

It was dark metallic in colour. It had a big spot light beam coming from the top of it. This light was stronger than any search light or truck spot light I have ever seen. Linda said my god Peter its a spaceship" what do we do".

I told Linda don't stop the engine, Linda was getting really scared and started shouting "we have to go". Linda started to shout louder when suddenly the craft moved to the left in a split second and just hovered again off to the side of the road above the trees over an open paddock.

A car came from behind us just as we went to pull out. It had all its spot light's on high beam it was a four wheel drive. I guess the diver thought as we did it was a plane coming into land on the road. Linda and I got really scared for the kids and Linda started shouting again "lets go". So we took off down the road and turned left heading cross country to Lowood to get home. Linda was driving and I was watching the craft out the back window while Linda drove as fast has she could on the winding road.

The road we were traveling on climbs up hill so it was easier to see the craft. I was keeping an eye on it in case it decided to come after us. Then all of a sudden this spot light beam hit me right in the face lighting up the whole of the car. By now Linda was hysterical and I was shit scared thinking this thing is going to come after us.

Comment: Diane This case is under investigation as we feel Peter and Linda are sincere and have nothing to gain from making this up.

AUFORN contacted the Local newspaper the Queensland Times asking for the other witnesses to come forward to verify the sighting. That same day of running the story in the newspaper 16th 11 2000 we received calls on our UFO Hotline from 3 other independent witnesses that saw what Peter and Linda saw that night. Another witness said he has the craft on video he said "it's not really clear but its good and you can see the beam of light shoot out and down to the ground".

The witnesses in the parked car's are yet to contact us.

Amberley Airforce Base was contacted but had nothing to report.

We will keep you informed of the outcome. This case sounds like its going to be a good one. Diane Harrison AUFORN, Robert Frola AUFORN, Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01001)
Looks like this is an advertising yards using a truck with searchlights on the back..these rotate and scan the sky...they pick nights when there is low cloud...most people are familiar with these..however some are not. Cathy said to me that she has realised (by herself) that she was seeing searchlights...she expected to be able to see a beam and couldn't..therefore thought something was odd...therefore phoned the hotline. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01002)
Brian and his wife Moira observed a very bright light out near the bay. The light was stationary, white in colour but about four times the size and brightness of the southern cross. There was no apparent sound and the light was observed for about 15 seconds. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

11.11.00 GOLD COAST (PALM BEACH), QLD 2130hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01003)
Witness: Boyfriend & 2 other people
Sound: None

Kirsty and her boyfriend Brad observed a group of very bright lights in a stationary formation in the sky. The lights very a very bright white and about three times the size of Jupiter. The lights flashed red and blue alternately. Three of the lights were in the formation of a perfect triangle with a further two lights directly east of them. The light on the top of the triangle was the brightest of them all (main craft?). Kirsty and two neighbours observed the lights were there for approximately 1 1/2 hours.

I asked Kirsty to keep a eye out over the following nights, and if she saw anything could she endeavour to capture it on video or film. Kirsty had never believed in UFO's but I think she's changed her mind, as she has seen satellites but this was something totally different! Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

17.12.00 BRISBANE (WEST END), QLD 0400hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01070)
Very loud humming noise 4am sunday morning

I asked Bob if he had heard and seen the Goodyear blimp as the thing he saw had a spotlight on the front of it and the shape was the same as the blimp.

Bob's comment:
"No! Sorry. Nothing like that. Not at four in the morning." But he couldn't be sure.?

The caller then told me he had come back from the dead several times and has been reincarnated many times. He had been reincarnation back from the dead of modern day disasters which had happened in the last 20 years. Diane Harrison AUFORN

10.01.01 BRISBANE (NUDGEE), QLD 2108hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01139)
Joan stated that on every full moon she would be visited by aliens and sometimes was implanted with crystals, that she believed facilitated healing and greater intuition within. I spoke to Joan re what little I knew about implants and she discussed the various locations these were placed. She stated that her husband (who is psychic) was able to locate the positions these were placed in her body and the colour of them etc.

Joan talked about the different races of E.T.s and I talked to her about A.C.E.R.N. and how it was available if she need to share experiences or just talk to someone. She was quite happy to just 'talk' on the phone and expressed a desire to meet over a coffee. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

12.01.01 CABOOLTURE, QLD 2045-2100hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01121)
Duration: Light was followed for 10 mins, watched (stationary) for 5 mins +
Position and Location: First noticed while travelling between Caboolture and Bellmere, via car. Stopped car past Bellmere to watch carefully.
Appearance: 1 bright light, yellowish in colour, 10 x brighter than surrounding stars.
Behaviour: maintained same height and travelled steadily in one direction - heading past Bellmere, height was roughly the same used by light aircraft flight path and close to same speed. while caller was stationary, object was observed (gum tree used as guide) and seen move behind the leaves of the said tree, light changed direction and began to head back towards Caboolture. Caller used mobile 5 mins, light appeared stationary in this time frame. Caller lost sight of light during return trip to Caboolture and was not visible when returned to the area within the hour.

There was no sound associated with the sighting.

Surrounding area was rural.

Caller states her brother witnessed a similar event approx 3 weeks (on the Wednesday) prior at around the same time.

Caller logically rationalised all aspects of the sighting, discounting satellite, meteor or 'shooting star' and venus. She considers it may have been a light plane, although it is slightly off the normal path for the area. Rita Robb AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01564)
Gino stated that a couple of months ago on a clear night, he and two neighbours witnessed some strange coloured lights. He stated that there were four orange balls travelling in formation, in a straight , at the same speed. Some of the lights had 'embers' falling off them. There was no apparent sound and they flew quite low, much lower than a plane travelling south east-south west towards Ipswich. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

13.06.01 MELBOURNE, VIC EVENING (Identified as a Flare)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01485)
"Debbie" described seeing a light in the sky which was Hot pink in colour...which gradually decended and disappeared behind some trees. As there are numerous waterways and an airforce base in her area, there is a fair chance that she saw a 'flare' . Flares are a bright Hot pink colour. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01504)
This report, which appeared in Vol.5 No.3 of the Australasian Ufologist Magazine had the wrong date printed. The above date is the correct date.

16.06.01 ADELAIDE, SA (CE4)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01505)
What George wanted to know, is if anybody had reported seeing a ufo or ufo's above Adelaide on the 16th of June.

Reason being, George told me, is that the following morning he woke up and felt that something had happened to him.

He then went on to say that he woke up on Wed 20th with a wound in his nose and a 'Head Full of Information'....that he had to pass onto certain people about the agenda of the 'Good ET's'.

I asked him if he felt he maybe an 'abductee' to which he replied he, had, had, some strange experiences in his life.

He kept on 'stressing' that he had certain information and that he felt he was involved in a spiritual war, but would not say what this information was.

George also informed me that he had arranged to go to his GP tomorrow and also for a 'Cat Scan', he said it would depend on what his Doctor said about the hole in his nose and what the Cat Scan found what he would do next.

He said he didnt want to be 'hypnotised' by anyone from a UFO group. I quickly informed him that AUFORN does not do 'hypnotism' and that if any one felt they wanted/needed it, then we would always make sure that they would see a 'qualified' professional person.

This again HIGHLIGHTS the lack of and need of good qualified professional people available here in Adelaide for abductees. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01509)
This person I spoke too was extremely stressed out. He stated he has been seeing UFO's (flying Saucers) over a number of shopping centres during the early mornings and afternoons since last Monday. Some of the shopping Centres he mentioned were Artarmon, Dee Why, Forestville, Chatswood and North Willouby. He also stated seeing them over the top of the ABC TV Station, over Chatswood Railway Station and also over the Homebush Olympic Site.

This reportee is a courier and also mentioned on Monday at around 3 pm he was driving in Dee Why along Oaks Avenue just past the round about when his engine seized, nothing would work. He got out of the vehicle after putting the van in neutral, took the break off and tried to push the van off the Road, it wouldn't budge He then went accross the Road and rang his Boss to get someone else to do his pickup and also rang the NRMA. When he went back to his van he tried again by putting the gear into reverse to clutch start it. He then tried to start it once again the usual way and guess what it worked. He has been driving the van since Monday and it hasn't played up so far. The strange thing is a colleague has just experienced exactly the same thing. He will be talking with him tomorrow. I asked him to find out exactly where this driver was at the time of his incident. Apparently it also happened on the Monday, but later on in the afternoon.

In regard to the UFO's he states they are definitely saucer shaped the larger ones illuminate a yellow light and the smaller ones illuminate a blue light. He stated today that at least one large ship and over 30 smaller ones were hovering over Artarmon.

He is extemely stressed and fearful and it was very difficult to keep the conversation on track, he had just got home after work. He was talking extemely fast. He will be sending me a more detailed account via mail. I do not know whether he is seeing something we are not or whether he is having a life crisis. But due to what's happening in the Northern Beaches area at the moment, lets not rule anything out, he could be right. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

23.06.01 MANULAN, NSW 0400hrs (Identified as Venus)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01527)
Noticed a bright light on the horizon in the early hours of the morning (4 am onwards), she said it looks like a bright star. Her Husband told her it was in the Southern sky, but by the description etc, it sounds like Venus. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

13-15.07.01 COOTAMUNDRA, NSW bet.0620-0700hrs (Identified as Venus)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01611)
Enquiring about a bright light she is seeing in the North-East sky a few mornings in a row between 6:30 am and 7:00 am. She states after this time it disappears. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

18.02.02 GOLD COAST (BURLEIGH HEADS), QLD ca.2345hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01933)
Michelle was having a BBQ outside with friends and family and around 11.45 p.m. noticed a bright orange light at about 20,000 feet hovering for approxiimately 3 minutes. The light shot straight vertically up and stopped, then turned horizontal left and disappeared out of sight. Michelle was wondering if there were any other sightings and was surprised it wasn't reported in the local paper. She and her friends were adament it wasn't a plane, laser light or helicopter. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01941)
I've just had a very interesting conversation with a lady who I will call Anna for now. Anna is a 29 year old women who is depressed who has gone for help within the Mental health system and has found no one is interested in her story because it's alien.? Even though it's driving her crazy.

Quote Anna: "I'm sick of being told I'm crazy." Still Under Investigation. Diane Harrison AUFORN

10.03.02 TAPPEROO, SA ca.2350hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01944)
Shape: Star like
Size: One big - One small
Objects: 2
Colour: White star colour
Sound: None
Speed: Faster than a plane
Duration: 25 minutes
Direction: All over the place
Witnesses: 2

Ellen said she saw the objects for around 25 minutes they darted all over the place. "In cloud cover only". Diane Harrison AUFORN

18.03.02 CANBERRA, ACT ca.2030hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01950)
Russell being the observer stated that he saw an object that appeared to be going at the speed of a plane.It was not a plane as there were no flashing lights. It was travelling in a southerly direction and seemed to pick up speed and shoot straight up on an 90 degree angle. After extensive research and speaking to the appropriate people i found that this light was actually a Meteorite that was bounced back out into space by the earth's Atmosphere.This is very rarely seen with the naked eye. Kylie Polsen AUFORN ACT

17.04.02 GOLD COAST (ASHMORE), QLD 2000hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02011)
Barry is a Sea Captain and has been for a number of years.

At about 8pm on Wednesday night 17.4.02 Barry saw three white lights in the sky forming a triangle. Travelling from South to North in about 7 seconds. He said there was broken cloud that night. No noise. Aprox height was 4,000 feet. About the size of a 20cent piece (holding at arms length).

Barry says he has had many years at sea and seen many strange things but nothing like this. He said there is no way it was a Aircraft. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

18.04.02 GOLD COAST (ASHMORE), QLD 0100hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01139)
On 18th April 2002 (Thursday) at Mr X, who lives at Ashmore, Gold Coast, was looking up in the sky, when he noticed 5 bright lights forming a triangle, travelling at 4000 ft and about 500 knots, there was broken clouds that night and there was no noise. The size of the Lights was about the size of a 50 cent piece held at arms length, they were white in colour. Travelling from North/West to East.

Mr X is absolutely sure it was not a Aircraft. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

03.06.02 SYDNEY (SILVERDALE), NSW 0550hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02052)
Kerry was backing out of her driveway on her way to work when she noticed a bright orange glowing stationary light about the size of two five-cent pieces, 30 degrees above the horizon. She states that as she was driving down Billet St, Silverdale she noticed two other lights of the same size and brightness moving towards the stationery light. She noted they were hovering at a lower altitude than the usual flight path and that they flew faster than other planes she has seen flying over that way. When they met up, they formed the shape of an equalateral triange. The lights were said to be hovering over the city of Sydney between 5.50 am and 5.56 am. Kerry dropped into a service station and grabbed the attendant to have a look, then she continued on her way to work. She lost sight of them due to her view being blocked by trees etc. Kerry states a neighbour must have seen the same lights as he was backing out of his driveway and on his way to work driving down the same street, in the same direction. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW


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