AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 30
October 2002

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


(Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01766)
At Christmas time 1976 South Australia Sue a UFO wittiness was entertaining 10 guest, all of whom stayed over for the night. Due to the house being full of visitors Sue gave up her bed to sleep on the couch.

Sue said: "I couldn't sleep due the heat of the night and I decided to go for a late night swim in my pool to cool off". "While I was in the pool I saw 3 orange balls of light which seemed to appear just above a street light near my house". Sue said "I just floated in the water watching the objects but I couldn't make them out" "Then all of a sudden the three objects took off vertically and vanished amazing. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01060)
This daytime sighting occurred just over 20 years ago. Darren was with his brother and some of his brother's friends at the Ringwood East Primary School. The object he saw was quoted as awesome, about a kilometre in diameter, transparent and high tech to the max. He said "like something from the year 7000, absolutely not man made". The huge object reflected like a mirror yet was transparent; he estimated the location to be near the Ringwood Civic Centre. He and his brother and friend were not afraid but were GOBSMACKED by the objects design, size and rapid departure, which was silent. They still mention it to each other occasionally, it has been bugging Darren for years now. Still under investigation. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

03.04.01 GOLD COAST, QLD (Identified)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01292)
Mrs Fisher phoned our hotline because she thought a UFO had landed on her driveway and left strange marks. I went to see Mrs Fisher when I was in the area. After talking to Mrs Fisher I found out that she had the concrete driveway cleaned by a young lad about two months ago. Not long after that, these marks appeared on her driveway. They are infact without a doubt broom marks made using cleaning liquid when the lad was brushing the driveway. He has not done a very good job and this would explain the strange marks on her driveway. Mrs Fisher is a lovely old lady, very fit and healthy 85 year old. She was very disappointed because she said she believed in UFO's and could not find a reason for these strange marks so she was convinced it was a UFO. We had a cup of tea and a chat and she was happy with my explanation and was going to get the lad back to re clean her driveway. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

19.04.01 BRISBANE (CHERMSIDE), QLD 0530hrs (Identified as Venus)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01766)
On the North side of Brisbane, Chermside locality at 5:30am on the 19/4/01 Mrs X saw a very bright light situated low in the sky. The light resembled a star but had a magnitude three times greater. Mrs X used a telescope to view the object and reported it to 4BC who explained it as a morning star.

Comment: It is quite possible Mrs X saw Venus. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

21.04.01 BRISBANE (ROCHEDALE), QLD 2245hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01342)
At 10:45pm on the 21/4/01 at Rochedale South, Luke and his wife saw four bright lights passing over his house. The lights moved slowly across the sky, had an orange/red tinge and had an alleged size of a football. The lights travelled from North East to SouthEast. Luke's wife recorded a one minute video of the lights, which was viewed at their house, unfortunately we were unable to attain a copy for further investigation. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

22.04.01 GOLD COAST (BOND UNIVERSITY), QLD 0445hrs (Possibly Venus)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01344)
Mrs Y works the night shift at the Bond University on the Gold Coast. On the 22/4/01 at 4:45am while looking through the window she and other work mates saw a large bright light about the size of a tennis ball. The light was in a North -East position. "It looked like it had legs hanging down form the bottom of the light, sort of like a spider", she said. Mrs Y said they had never seen anything like it before. They watched it for about half an hour, then forgot about it because they had to catch up with some work. I asked her if she thought it could have been Venus and she said maybe but what about the legs? Possible reflection? Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01405)
Gail from Noosa; Sunshine Coast reported seeing a flashing light in the sky for the last two nights at 7pm. She reported it to be twice as big as a star, flashing red and green. It was in a SouthEast position over the sea, silent and stationary. The next night she reported it to be in a NorthEast position.

Conclusion: possible star with atmospherics. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01406)
Mr X was taking his dog for a walk at approximately 8:45pm when he saw a flashing light located in the Western sky. He went to get his video camera and when he returned the light had moved to the South. The magnitude was four times larger than a star and there was no noise. The sighting ended when cloud cover blanketed the light. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

21.05.01 BRISBANE (EAGLE FARM), QLD 1750-1800hrs (NL)
(Source: Personal Investigation by Jan Stone)
Mr & Mrs K were travelling down the SouthEast freeway towards the Gateway arterial bridge in the early hour of the morning. Mr .K said: "I saw this object in the sky it was the size of 15 inch computer monitor at about a 5 meter distance". Mr K said "when I first noticed the object it appeared to be stationary and as I was driving my car I not really able to give you a good idea of how fast or slow the object was moving". Mr K said: "the object was yellowish in colour with no sound? well I had the windows up in the car so I couldn't hear any sounds."

Mr K said he and his wife watched the object for approximately 45 seconds to a minute. Mr K description of the object, the size of the blimp with a doom on top which was surounded by eight lights. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

05.06.01 GOLD COAST (CURRUMBIN), QLD 0200hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01469)
On June 5th 2001 Mary UFO wittiness was on a holiday down the Gold Coast staying at Currumbin.

Rocks Resort. Mary and her husband had booked a room that over-looked the ocean. That night Mary woke at 2 am to go to the bathroom, as she passed by the main sliding glass windows which faced towards the ocean view Mary noticed a very bright light low in the sky. Mary said: " it was the size of my hand and made no noise" "I called out to my husband to come and have a look, we both sat and watched it till 3 a.m." "Then to our amazement we saw a beam of light which came out of the bottom of the object which shone down to the sand in a cone shape rather like a spot light.

Mary and her husband both said "we thought they saw movement on the sand below the light, but could not make it out what it was." "My husband went back to bed but I stayed up watching it until 6 am by which time the brightness of the light had faded which revealed a saucer shape, grey/silver in colour". "The object slowly faded out of sight". Mary them decided to call the Coolangatta Airport to see any planes had been in the area at the time the object appeared. She was informed the only plane was a small plane, which they call the milk run. Mary stated she never believed in UFOs before now. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

14.06.01 LAMINGTON/RATHDOWNEY, QLD 1830-1900hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01502)
On the 14th June 2001 Debbie a UFO wittiness who lives near the Lamington, Rathdowney area witnessed a red flashing light at approximately 6.30 p.m. which appeared to be just above the tree line in a south easterly direction. Debbie thought she was looking at Mars at first glance but then another object appeared about 2klms away and to the right of the first object. When asked if there was any sound to be heard she stated no. Debbie phoned a friend who lives only 2klms away asked her friend if she could go outside and see if she could also see the red flashing lights an she could. The lights were the size of a star but very low in the sky. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

25.06.01 GOLD COAST (SUNSHINE BEACH), QLD 0730hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01537)
Chris a young man on holidays at Sunshine Beach resort noticed at 7.30 am a star like object in a west south - west position. Chris said: " The light was moving so I thought at first it might have been aircraft, I watched it for a few seconds longer then all of a sudden it took off at very high speed heading North." " This object moved much to fast to be anything of this earth." Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

28.07.01 BRISBANE (MOOROOKA), QLD 1742hrs (NL)
(Source: Personal Investigation by Emma Derdak AUDORN QLD)
I was driving home this evening about 5.42 p.m. and saw a bright green light fly quite low over Ipswich Road at Moorooka, it was incredibly fast and was gone in 4 seconds. Wondered if anyone else had reported seeing it?

Funny thing was I was fighting to stay awake (I have a touch of chronic fatigue) and sometimes I nearly fall asleep at the wheel. After this thing went over I had no problem with fatigue.

Just thought I'd share in a moment of strangeness. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01647)
Chris was very excited about his sighting and he just kept repeating himself. The story is very much as Karen wrote above. Chris was with his new girlfriend, they both live at Caboolture but took a trip to Alexander Headlands to look at the stars, time 2.00 am. He and his girl friend noticed that one star was brighter and a bit bigger than any other and was flashing red green blue, white it was quite far away in southeast position over the ocean. NO sound was heard. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

14.08.01 MELBOURNE (MELTON), VIC 2207hrs (Possible identified as the Planet Mars)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01687)
I contacted Mr Phil Green of Melton in Melbourne who experienced this event. He said to me that he saw a UFO at 10.07pm on Tuesday the 14th of august 2001. He also said that the UFO seemed to be stationary and directly above his head 90/deg. He said that the UFO was bigger than a 5 cent piece at arms length. The sky on that night was clear with no cloud cover. I checked my planet charts to see what planets were up at that time. The only planet up at that time was MARS. On that day MARS rose at 12.33pm and set at 0.3.47 am. If it rose at that time (which it did!!) that would put MARS above his head at 6.30pm'.

Here's where I think the mistake crept in. My information agrees with your rise-set times, but suggests that Mars would have reached maximum elevation (79 deg) just after 8:00pm. Kate Martin

Which means that he didn't see Mars or any other planet. MARS would have been at 142/deg--west at 10pm, which was only 32/deg from the western horizon?

Again, my information suggests that at 10:07pm Mars would have been at 62 deg Alt, 282 deg Az. (As seen from Melbourne.) Kate Martin

Which is a substantial distance from above his head. About 90/deg.

Estimating elevation is quite difficult for the untrained. Most UFO reporters will grossly overestimate elevation. Many will describe 60 (or more) degrees as "overhead". Kate Martin

Mr Green said that the UFO was ORANGE.'

During August, Mars was a startlingly bright orange object in the night sky. Kate Martin

He also said that it didn't seem to rotate or move. After viewing it for 10min, he went inside. He also told me that he wasn't drinking at the time. (in which I was a little bit embarrassed to ask)...What he actually saw I'm not too sure. I will have to put it down as a UFO. Unidentified flying object! Mr Phill Green actually lives in Palmeston a suburb of Darwin. He was visiting friends at the time. Lloyd Wright AUFORN VIC

Due to the proximity of Mars to "overhead" (from a reporters point of view) it may be prudent to ask the reporter if they saw another bright orange object nearby. (During August, Mars was difficult to miss!) If not, I would be suspicious that Mars may have been the stimulus for the report. I have gone over my astronomical information a couple of times and get the same results every time. My apologies if I am making some silly mistake. Kate Martin

26.09.01 SYDNEY (SPRINGWOOD), NSW 0430hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01766)
I spoke to Sharon on Saturday evening and found her to be a sincere softly spoken lady. She is 59 years old and runs her own business from home. That Tuesday night her husband had a toothache and slept on the lounge. She was awoken she thought by a brilliant sunrise, her Venetian blinds were half open and fiery gold light lit up her bedroom. Her bedroom window faces east. She looked at the clock, it was 4.30a.m too early for sunrise, so she got up and looked through the blinds. She was amazed to see a bright orange light coming from the East. She thought at first it was a street light but it was moving closer to her West, and getting bigger. Her house is on a downward slope facing north and it hovered over the roof of the house opposite hers and changed colour to a fiery red. It then shot off to the North very low over the trees until it was like a cigarette glow in the night and then shot up and disappeared. Sharon said it was as big as the sun rising at its closest and as bright. She saw no solid structure only light, which was an elongated shape and tapered as it shot away. She got the feeling it was an intelligent light mass rather than a craft.

Sharon said she is a sceptic with an open mind. She said it was completely soundless and definitely was not a meteor. The sighting lasted for approximately 30seconds. She rang the R.A.A.F and they told her that there were no military craft or helicopters in the area and they gave her the 1800 number. Sharon would also like to know if there are any U.F.O. groups in her area. Also there were power lines in the immediate vicinity of the sighting, which may be relevant after the Lithgow sighting on 23.8.01. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

22.09.01 SYDNEY (PARRAMATTA), NSW before sunrise (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01760)
On Saturday the 22nd of September at approximately ten minutes before sunrise, Charmaine and a friend noticed two bright orange flat oval discs hovering just above the buildings of the Sydney City skyline. The two objects sat side by side for about five minutes. They were observing from the penthouse level of a building in Parramatta. One of the objects then moved directly below the other via a very fast diagonal motion. Charmaine noted that the discs seemed to be surrounded by a bright orange light, that there was no noise at all and that it was a perfectly clear morning with no clouds. The discs stayed for approximately another five minutes before disappearing. Charmaine said that she believes at least eight other people witnessed the event, apart from herself and her friend. Kelly UFOR(NSW)

29.09.01 SYDNEY (CAMPBELLTOWN), NSW 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: UFO Society of western Sydney)
Two amusement ride operators approached me on Sunday 30.9.01 with this sighting. Rod was driving along the Hume highway going north from Goulburn towards Campbelltown. Just before the Campbelltown turn off a bright white light appeared in front of him low enough for him to see it in his indscreen, travelling North to South. He awoke Belinda who was asleep in the passenger seat and she also saw it. It was moving up and down and side to side. Rod pulled over and they watched it for about 30 seconds. He said that he saw other motorists pull over to watch it and he hoped that they would report it too. He said that it just suddenly disappeared, he also likened it to the size of the sun and just as bright. Immediately an aircraft came into view travelling North to South as if it was following the light. There was no sound until the plane came into view. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: not recorded)
Sean couldn't sleep in the early hours of Friday morning and decided to go outside for a smoke. It was approximately 3.40am when a very bright light, moving "quite fast", caught his eye. The object described as a " shooting star going upwards" came from the SouthEast and seemed to travel past the moon where it faded from sight.

It was a clear night, little wind and the object made no sound. The incident lasted about 1 to 2 seconds and fascinated Sean so much he immediately scanned the internet for UFO related sites to report his sighting. Veronica Moore INFODIG

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01816)
John, Brenda's husband went outside and noticed towards the SouthWest end of Lake Macquarie three golden lights in the sky. They appeared to be hovering at 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon and he watched them for approximately 5 minutes. He called to his wife and son ( John Jrn ) to join him and together they saw a 4th orange light appear. They continued to watch for another 3 minutes. Suddenly one light left very quickly as it "disappeared straight up", another two rose up as well, but slowly and the remaining one went backwards and faded from sight.

The night was clear with no moon and quite still. The objects were slightly larger than a star and appeared to have a halo type glow. The family also noticed their cat was "spooked" and the dog hid under the lounge. Veronica Moore INFODIG

31.10.01 GLOUCESTER, NSW 2100-2130hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01824)
Jenny was reporting a sighting that her friends, Evan and his wife, had witnessed between 9-9.30pm on 31/10/01 while picking up three children from a school dance. She suggested I call the " previously sceptical " Evan for a more detailed report.

Evan was excited and shocked when I rang but was happy to tell of his experience. He said he used to scoff at UFO reports but now that's all changed.

Evan, his wife and three children were travelling along a lonely country road, about 30 minutes from Gloucester between 9.00 - 9.30pm when they looked up into the sky and noticed a yellowish coloured light, much brighter than a star. It appeared to be sitting in one position.

As they came closer they could see 2 orbs of yellow light with a row of smaller lights( which sometimes flashed). He described the night as crystal clear, very still and with almost a full moon.

The object or objects, he was unsure which, although he felt it might be solid, remained stationary. There was no sound and they passed almost under the object. They felt a "bit worried" and did not stop, but kept watch behind them until they reached Jenny's home.

The object was still in view behind them for several kilometres. When they reached Jenny's they looked through the binoculars and could see the glow of the object in the distance.

The next morning Evan mentioned it to a workmate who commented that his son had witnessed a UFO the same evening. Evan will encourage this witness to ring the UFO hotline. Veronica Moore INFODIG

31.10.01 GLOUCESTER, NSW 2100-2200hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 01826)
This report is related to Callin: 01824 31/10/01

Mark of Bundook decided to call the hotline to report his sighting of 31/10/01 ( between 9pm and 10pm ) after encouragement from his father and Evan.( callin: 01824 31/10/01 )

Mark has been interested in looking at the sky each night for the last few months. The 31/10/01 was a clear, moonlit night when Mark noticed a very bright star towards the south, almost on the horizon. It suddenly started to move and then slowly dropped down after approximately 15 to 20 seconds. Then it faded from sight.

Mark was fascinated by the event and felt it was out of the ordinary. He reported the sighting to his dad that night, which of course mentioned it to Evan, by chance the next morning.

Also on the night of 30/10/01 towards the southeast at approximately 8.30pm, Mark noticed a bright star quite high in the sky that seemed to be moving "diagonally". It travelled behind a cloud and was not seen again. Veronica Moore INFODIG

01.12.01 KALGOORLIE, WA 1415hrs (DO)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Michael M. of Kalgoorlie (Goldfields), WA, reported a shimmering, silver object going West to East at a steady rate. He described it as a sisalation square, like a panel off an aircraft, slightly curved. No appendages could be seen and no sound was heard.

05.12.01 MELBOURNE (SOUTH YARRA), VIC 1000hrs (DO)
(Source: Personal Investigation by June Miller)
This morning at 10:00am I was walking my dog in the Botanical gardens in South Yarra....All of a sudden something sparkling in the blue sky caught my of course I stopped to observe more closely...It was a brilliant shiny sphere twinkling like a star hovering in a patch of blue sky between a couple of fluffy white clouds...After a few minutes it very slowly moved into the clouds and disappeared....I sat on the grass and waited for it to come out of the cloud and about a couple of minutes later it appeared again moving very slowly backwards and forwards hopping from cloud to cloud then disappeared.This sphere was very similar in the way it moved to the ones in the video footage shot over London that I observed in England last year...This sighting lasted about ten minutes...It is interesting to note that just before this caught my eye I had been thinking about the "spheres" and wondered if they had been observed here in Australia. It`s as if I had my question answered immediately...I`m sure we have some kind of telepathic communication with them. June Miller (Independent Investigator)

18.12.01 JARRAHDALE (KARNET), WA 2315-2330hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
The witness's attention was first drawn by his dog which was acting very excited or agitated. The witness noticed a movement in the sky and looking up saw a huge dark shadow only 200 feet [60 metres] up blocking out the stars. He calculated it to be 30 metres across. It was shaped like a stealth bomber but did not have the steps cut out of the wing's trailing edges. It was moving silently and slowly South-East before turning South. Prior to this sighting, he and a group of other people counted eighteen satellites between 8pm and 9.30pm, which in itself is an unusually high number.

(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
The witness, Rod, out walking his dog, watched a white light like a satellite come in from the East directly overhead. Unlike a satellite, the object zig-zagged to the North-West, performed a curve Westwards before changing course yet again as it headed South-West to be lost to view.

27.12.01 JARRAHDALE, WA 2200hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
A prison officer from Karnet reported three lights flying in a triangular formation from South to North. The two front lights were white and the third orange. On reaching the vicinity of Orion's Belt they split up. One white light headed West, one North-East and the third (orange) one went straight on North.

01.01.02 PERTH (MUNSTER), WA 0004hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Sharon J. and six other witnesses, celebrating the new year, watched two bright orange balls of light travel East to West, one behind the other. No sound was heard. At one stage the leading light moved backwards to align itself with the other, coming alongside. They then rose into the night sky and appeared for some time like stars. Total sighting time was six minutes. There were other revelers in the street who saw the objects. According to Sharon, none thought it was anything conventional.

01.01.02 SHOALWATER BAY (nr.ROCKINGHAM), WA 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Several witnesses claimed to have seen, over two nights, a light rise up from low over the horizon in the West, over the Indian Ocean, and grow larger and brighter to a pale yellow. For an hour and a half the light performed amazing aerobatics, zipping from side to side, up and down, and zig-zagging in every direction. Sometimes the light would slow down, speed up or come to an abrupt halt. When it finally left the area heading West, the whole ocean lit up.

05.01.02 SYDNEY, NSW 0430hrs (NL)
(Source: e-mail report 01.02.02)
I had an amazing sighting on Saturday 5th Jan. About 10.45pm I went out on to my back verandah for a smoke. The verandah is high and faces North. I have a great view of the sky from East to West. I often stand out there stargazing. Straight away a brilliant orange light caught my eye in the NorthWest between the trees. I walked up and down trying to get a good view of what it was, hoping it wasn't fire. I could only see it clearly from one spot. It was above the far tree line between two near trees. I had a good view and it definitely wasn't supposed to be there. I live on acreage fairly remote and I am familiar with the usual lights in the area. It was the size of a five-cent piece held at arms length squashed to an elongated shape and as it hovered it gently moved up and down and side to side like a swinging motion. I could clearly see the silhouette of the trees framing it as it moved. There was no sound it was not a plane or helicopter but it definitely was suspended in mid air unattached to its surroundings. I watched it for maybe a minute and it just blinked out like someone switched it off. I have since travelled the general area where I saw it and have found nothing that could have been responsible for the light and I have looked for it every night since and seen nothing. Zot Fester e-mail:

14.01.02 LAUNCESTON, TAS 2110hrs NL
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness noticed a round dark blob against the fading blue sky. The object moved slowly south and up towards a cloud over the city. A red light came on below the dark object as it stopped briefly beneath the cloud, then went into the cloud and was not seen again. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

17.01.02 WYNYARD, TAS 2315hrs NL
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The witness reports watching three star like lights crossing his eastern sky. The lights as they moved away to the north seemed to change position relative to each other. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

30.01.02 SORELL, TAS 2050hrs NL
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness was taking photographs of the sunset on clouds in the western sky. When the prints were viewed a bright light was visible beneath the clouds to the south-west. Nothing was noticed at the time the photographs were being taken. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

05.02.02 MAYLANDS (NORTH OF THE RIVER), WA 0230-0400hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
The witness, Nikki, watched a bright white light moving erratically about over the city (Perth) in the region of King's Park. There appeared to be some sort of electrical charge coming off the light and three other lights were seen around the main one. One of the three lights seemed to change shape and a dome-like top appeared. Red and green lights could also be seen. As the three lights approached the main (largest) one, electrical or sparkling effects were observed from all four objects and small trails or tails were seen as the objects darted about. The witness eventually tired of the display and retired to bed.

09.02.02 PERTH (HEATHRIDGE), WA 2315hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
A group of ten witnesses watched as four silent, bright orange/yellow lights moved slowly West towards the Indian Ocean from the East. They were in a diamond formation, with the first three lights in a triangular configuration, apex forward, and the fourth some distance apart taking up the rear. They grew fainter with distance and one of the lights seemed to drop down towards the sea.

15.02.02 SAMSON, WA 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
A Samson (south of the river) man, John R., was looking East when he saw two brilliant orange/yellow lights, one above the other, travel from South to North. The lower light varied its intensity from time to time, and both lights seemed to stop for a while in the North-East before being lost to view. The witness was adamant that the objects were not stars, helicopters, airplanes or hot-air balloons.

15.02.02 PERTH (COOLBELLUP), WA 2150hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Glen H. and his family watched two OBOLs travel from South-West to North-East. The witness watched the objects for about ten minutes and was able to obtain video footage. One of these images was published in The Sunday Times on 17 February (p.11) with a small article covering a number of reports related to orange balls of light and UFORUM's involvement with the investigations.

16.02.02 PERTH (LEEMING), WA 2245hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Rex M. reported two OBOLs traveling South to North. He was looking West. One of the lights was about two minutes behind the first and higher up, and he believed the lights were traveling along the coast.

(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Scott H. watched three orange/yellow balls of light travel from South-South-East to North. The lights were very bright, silent and about 2,000 feet [600 metres] up, traveling in a group. The first light in the group suddenly rocketed ahead of the others. The second light faded out and the third traveled North as if following the coastline.

16.02.02 PERTH (nr.MURDOCH), WA 2340hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
This writer was privileged to witness one of these enigmatic OBOLs. And I can state categorically that this was not a conventional aircraft or an orange garbage bag fuelled by fire-lighters or any other combustible material æ the product of hoaxers or pranksters as claimed by Bickley Astronomical Observatory to puzzled witnesses. I went into the garden to check the pool filter pressure gauge prior to switching it off. I was bemoaning the fact to myself that although I receive many phone calls from witnesses reporting sightings, I rarely see anything unusual in the night skies. Almost at the same time, a brilliant, orange/yellow light was moving above me from South to North. It was totally silent and about the size of a quarter of the full moon at arm's length. It was possibly between 1,500 feet [450 metres] and 2,000 feet [600 metres] high, although difficult to judge. I called out to the family to come and look, which they did. I raced in to get a camera and telephoto lens, but the lens wasn't where it should have been, so the opportunity was lost. When I came back out, the object had dimmed and reduced in size. It climbed higher and parked itself like a star but more orange, to the right of and higher than Orion's Belt. It jumped to the left about two fingers width at arm's length, then remained absolutely stationary for six minutes. I watched the object through binoculars and could see no identifying features or appendages. After six minutes the object started to move slowly West and at one point was a very impressive fourth (top) star of Orion's Belt. Even the spacing was correct. It then disappeared behind a gum tree. My son, who was on the garage roof by this time to get a better view, said there was a flash and the object simply vanished. I should add that the breeze this night was from the South-West, so the object, traveling initially from the South and later heading West, would have been against the wind on both occasions, and it remained stationary for six minutes; hardly the expected norm for a wind-driven device.

16.02.02 PERTH (WILLAGEE), WA 2250-2305hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
June F. and several other witnesses watched a group of three OBOLs travel from South to North. They were silent and brilliant, like mercury-vapour street lights. Directly over the prime witnesses' house, the three lights stopped for two or three minutes before two of them headed west before turning north. The third light seemed to disappear. A fourth similar orange/yellow light was witnessed traveling from south to north at 11.20pm.

17.02.02 KARDINYA, WA 2045hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Don and Lorraine P. watched an orange light travel from South-East to West. It seemed too bright for a satellite and the wrong light configuration to be an airplane.

17.02.02 TREVALLYN, TAS 2230hrs NL
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Three starlike lights were seen moving together towards the eastern horizon, as the moved away they appeared to be changing positions. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

18.02.02 PERTH (GLEN IRIS & HEATHRIDGE), WA 2215hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Two independent witnesses reported an OBOL traveling South to North. It was described as silent, orange/red and very bright. The first witness, Jan, of the southern Perth suburb of Glen Iris, saw the object pass over her car as she headed south along the Kwinana Freeway. She was convinced it was coming in to land and expected to see it grounded when she looked over her shoulder. Steven and his girlfriend were in the Northern Perth suburb of Heathridge, near Ocean Reef at 10.20pm, when a bright orange/yellow light passed by from South to North. It appeared to have smaller lights within the main body and dimmed down and reduced in size as it passed. Total sighting time was twelve to fifteen minutes.

22.02.02 PERTH (OSBORNE PARK), WA 2130hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Brian J. saw two star-like objects traveling together from NE to SW. They were flashing intermittently, one behind the other and veered towards the west before being lost to view.

25.02.02 CASTERTON, VIC 1100hrs (DO)
(Source: Personal Investigation by James Kennedy)
A Mrs Owen from Casterton phoned me telling me of her daughters previous UFO encounters and a recent event that she was a part of. Mrs Owen claims that her daughter and herself were travelling along the Casterton Colleraine road when the vehicle they were travelling in was suddenly set into a motion of 'being rocked like a cradle' and lifted off the ground. Mrs Owen claims she was not scared, as she was a Returned Veteran and saw had worse experiences during the war.

I phoned Mrs Owen's daughter, Jane Brown to corroborate this event. Ms Brown stated that this was indeed the case. Ms Brown was unaware of the exact location of this event. There were no marks on the car or any other evidence Ms Brown was aware of a physical nature on the vehicle. Tis event allegedly occurred around 11 a m on the 11/02/02.

Ms Brown then went on to explain and relate a myriad of past UFO and topic related experiences. I suggested for accuracy and recollection value she writes out all her experiences and forward them on if she wishes to share them.. AUFORN South Western Victoria Regional Representative

(Source: Personal Investigation by James Kennedy)
Ms Chin called and claimed that recently she had been to see the Tyrandarra Crop Circles. Whilst travelling home in a friend's mini bus with 5 children some circles formed in the condensation on the windows. Ms Chin claims that on both her side and her driving friends side three circles appeared about the size of the bottom of a Vegemite 'jar'. These were in a triangular formation. Ms Chin also claims that on the top circle there were what appeared to be 3 sheaves of wheat!

Ms Chin claims the circles were present for at least 100 kilometres. Ms Chin also claims it was not the work of the stream of air from the vehicles climate control system. I suggested to Ms Chin to attend the next Victorian UFO Research Network meeting and share this experience, plus her thoughts on the Crop Circle issue.. AUFORN South Western Victoria Regional Representative

25.02.02 PERTH (WILSON), WA 2042hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
The witness, Russell B. reported a silent, star-like object traveling overhead from NE to SW. After its initial pass, the object arced South and executed a fairly large clockwise ellipse followed by a tight clockwise circle before heading North-East at terrific speed. Russell said he wished he had not witnessed the event as it altered his otherwise skeptical view of such things. This incident left him bemused. Total sighting time was twelve minutes.

01.03.02 PERTH (MANDURAH), WA 2000hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
A man and his son watched two satellite-type lights travel SW to NE. They were side by side maintaining a constant speed. It was so unusual for the witnesses to see two lights together that they trained their binoculars onto the lights. What they could see behind the two lights, about two finger widths at arm's length, was a triangular arrangement of much smaller lights. They said it appeared to be towed behind, as everything was in perfect unchanging unison. The sighting lasted a minute.

02.03.02 PERTH, WA 0515hrs (DO)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
The witness, Greg, was traveling North towards Perth along the Kwinana Freeway. It was still fairly dark. As he approached the Narrows Bridge, he noticed a triangular, stationary object above the city. There was a white light on each corner of the triangle, with one red light between two of the white ones. The three white lights were flashing on and off in unison. About five kilometres [three miles] farther North the witness turned off the freeway to Osborne Park, but was unable to visually re-locate the object.

03.03.02 ROCKINGHAM, WA 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
The witness (Dave) reported a very bright, intermittently pulsating light travel from South to North at an eighty degrees elevation. After two minutes, it could not be seen any more. In 1989 the same witness watched a large, silent, orange light near Bunbury, WA, hovering above the ground in a paddock (field). He could see white lights around the object and some of the lights were illuminating the ground sixty metres [200 feet] below.

04.03.02 AUGUSTA, WA 1330hrs (DO)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Lyn and Peter were admiring the view from their accommodation. Lyn decided to take three digital photos of the scene, as it was such a clear sunny day. To their surprise, the second image showed what must have been a very fast moving dark object traveling south to north. What appears to be a light plume extends for a short distance from the rear of the object at an angle of forty-five degrees. Because the object is so blurred, zooming in merely pixelates the object to such a degree that clarity is degraded rather than enhanced. (This could be some kind of stealth technology following on after the Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird which was capable of flying at an altitude of about 26,000 metres [85,500 feet] and had a maximum speed of about Mach 3, which is 3,660 km/h [2,275 mph]. The whitish plume could be the tail plane reflecting sunlight, but then again it could be something more exotic. BR)

04.03.02 PERTH (HAMILTON HILL), WA 1920hrs (NL)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
A man was facing West towards the Indian Ocean, when a bright, white, star-like object approached him increasing in brilliance as it got closer. No sound was heard. The sighting lasted less than a minute. It suddenly reversed direction, heading back to sea and was gone in a flash.

06.03.02 HILTON, WA 1930hrs (DO)
(Source: Journal of Alternative Realities Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Two witnesses watched a brilliant, constant red light travel slowly from east to west. The light appeared low (about 1,000-2,000 feet) and made no sound. It grew dimmer by distance. As they watched, a brilliant white fireball passed overhead from North-West to South-East. It had a short, sparkling, truncated tail without tapering. Before reaching the South-East horizon, it seemed to vanish.

14.05.02 LAUDERDALE/KINGSTON, TAS 0524hrs CE1.
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness was taking his dog for a walk along the Lauderdale Beach, a practice he has dome for some years. He had turned at the end of the beach and was heading north when a saw a 10/12 m circle of white light on the beach in front of him (25 m). Almost at once he glanced up and was amazed to see coming over the houses and trees to his west a torch like object. It had a rounded dark area at the front and was all lit up behind as if from inside. The object seemed low as it moved over the beach ahead, at the same time the circle of light on the sand disappeared. In a matter of seconds the object had moved over Frederick Henry Bay and was lost from sight as if the lights were now facing a different direction. The witness met another walker on the beach who also saw the object but thought there was a faint "sizzing" noise. Neither witness saw a any flashing lights.

A second witness at Kingston was just getting up when she noticed a beam of light shinning onto a garden umbrella, it gave the impression it was blowing about in the wind or maybe the light source was flickering. No sound was heard as the phenomena lasted about 30 seconds. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

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