AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 31
December 2002

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


1956 ALICE SPRINGS, NT 1400hrs (CE1)
Max Cartwright, now 71 had a sighting in 1956 of a single object over his house near Roper River in the N.T. The slow moving object was sighted at 2am, no duration given. The object was described as long (s bit longer than a semi), dark with glowing windows. The object first appeared directly over Max's house and made a high frequency screaming noise as it moved to the north. The glowing, oval shaped windows attracted Max's attention. The ordeal left Max feeling excited. Keith Douglass

64-year-old retiree Desmond Nelson of Alice Springs has been fortunate enough to have multiple sightings. The following is an account of some of the sightings courtesy of Keith Douglass.

In 1961, two witnesses were near the Cobourg Peninsula, NT in a Landcruiser with a tray type roof rack. It was a star lit night. All of a sudden it was all lit up around the car - time 8pm. Could not see anything in the rear view mirror, thinking that the roof might be on fire, he slid the window (old car) open and looked up and saw a circular craft, yellow in colour and had a long green vapourish tail behind it. They kept on driving a bit worried to stop, it followed them for quite a while it then took off into the sky at great speed, this was also sighted at Pirie Creek and was reported on the local radio station." Keith Douglass

"A couple of years later at Jinka Station Desmond was by himself, camping. He was looking at the stars and spotted what seemed like a satellite from the west direction, it was coming slowly, no sound, then a beam of light flickered on then stopped and swung this light around then moved on again. It did this two more times. Des put out the fire with water and just watched it go over head and out of sight."

"Another night he saw 2 silver lights together going fast. Keith Douglass

27.02.99 EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND 1400-1500hrs (DO)
Moonta Police Office, Norm Elliott was on holiday in Scotland in February 1999 when he sighted 3 objects between 1400 and 1500. The silver orb shaped objects appeared to be ball like and the duration of the sighting was only one minute. Being a tourist, Norm was actively sight seeing and the objects came within his field of view. The sighting left Mr Elliot perplexed.

"The first two orbs moved across the sky parallel to each other with approximately 100 meters between them followed about 30 seconds later by a third orb on the same path/same speed. All were equal in size." Norm is still bewildered by the sighting and qualified his sighting - "I am by virtue of my occupation a sceptic and am not one to accept observation/versions without some corroboration/proof however, what I saw can be explained. I do think it was an illusion caused by climatic conditions, I am left with the only other explanation - that they were UFOs"

06.03.99 ALICE SPRINGS, NT 1205hrs (DO)
Keith Douglass, AIUFOFSRs Alice Springs correspondent had a sighting at 12.05am on 6 March this year. The three dull orange round objects were seen 10 degrees from the horizon in the south west skies near Alice Springs. Estimated to be 10 kilometres from the vantagepoint the balls hovered in the early morning sky. The objects were estimated to be about 10 times the size of surrounding stars. After about 90 seconds the objects simply vanished, the top two faded, followed by the third. Keith Douglass

18.03.99 PORT PIRIE, SA (NL)
Domestic Engineer Nicholas Spencer, 29, had an encounter with a spherical object whilst travelling from Pt Pirie on the night of 18 March. The object remained parallel to them for 50 kilometres, occasionally dimming out of sight but reappearing soon after. The object was said to be about the size of the full moon. The light seemed to use the fringes of the Flinders Ranges to keep out of full view until the Pt Germain Gorge where the full sphere was fully visible, estimated to be about 5 kilometres away. The object disappeared when it simply failed to re-glow after loosing its light. The sighting left Mr Spencer feeling uncomfortable yet amazed.

06.04.99 DARWIN, NT 2215hrs (NL)
35 year old Tanya saw 3 objects in two separate sightings from 10.15pm on 6 April this year. The orange objects attracted Tanya's attention due to their movement, which was at a moderate pace. The objects were approximately 45 degrees from the horizon and were the size of the thumbnail at arms length. "We saw two orange lights at 10.15pm moving east to west. They were steadily going across the sky. Then at 11.30 we saw one more light going the same direction. The first two were changing positions to each other first behind then goes beside and over as they were travelling." Keith Douglass

A cattle station employee had a 'late night' sighting of a light orange object that lasted about 10 minutes. The object was 3 times bigger than the stars. The object was bright and 'darting around the sky before disappearing by shooting off into space. There was quite a bit of activity in the N.T around this time and the following set of photos taken from Arltunga could be of the same object. Keith Douglass

18.04.99 ALICE SPRINGS, NT 1850hrs (NL)
An anonymous sightee reported seeing a single yellow object over Alice Springs from 6:50pm on 18 April this year. The sighting lasted 15 minutes as the object bobbed along the sky from south to north. The shape has been described as 'roundish top - flat bottom' with the bottom yellow and the top blue. Keith Douglass

22.04.99 ADELAIDE, SA 0930hrs (DO)
Three self employed men in their 30's had a 20 minute sighting from 9.30am on 22 April. The silvery/white object appeared like a star but was more square in shape and had a black line in the middle of it. It was estimated to be 80 - 100000 feet in altitude and was heading east until it eventually faded out of view. The men had time to gather a telescope and binoculars to view the object with.

23.04.99 WOODCROFT, SA 2330hrs (NL)
"My wife and I were driving home through the southern foot hills when I first saw a strange light, after watching it for a few minutes we pulled over and both got out of our car to see it more clearly. It approached us from the north at an average speed (like a plane) then it began to slow down and dance around in a zig-zag motion for about ten seconds before zooming off to the west at an unbelievable speed (much like a shooting star) My wife was very frightened and I was very excited!" Randall Shipway and his wife witnessed the object at about 11.30pm from Bains Road at Woodcroft, in the northern skies. The red colour and pulsating behaviour is what attracted the attention of the couple. The sighting lasted approximately 5 minutes.

02.05.99 ADELAIDE (AUBURN), SA 1720hrs (DO)
A 51-year-old housewife spotted a comet shaped object north of Auburn at 5:20 on 2 June. The orange/pink object looked like a comet, complete with a tail but behaved differently. It was moving south to southwest toward the horizon but it changed to have a black strip in the middle of it. The sightee and her husband returned to their home rather than wait for the object to disappear.

03.05.99 ADELAIDE (SEFTON PARK), SA 1925hrs (NL)
At 7.25 on the above date Brenton Watson of Sefton Park witnessed a slightly yellow object tend away from the coast around Pt Adelaide. The object moved at a reasonable speed for a few miles before stopping and then lowering itself until it was no longer in sight. The round object attracted Brenton's attention as it was out of the ordinary and the sighting lasted approximately 5 minutes.

05.05.99 ADELAIDE (FORESTVILLE), SA 1510hrs (DO)
Graeme Bambridge, 49 and his two sons, Timmothy, 12 and Anthony, 15 saw two white objects from their backyard at 3:10pm on 5 May. The ovalish objects were visible for approximately 5 minutes immediately above the sightees eventually moving to the northeast and out of sight. Timm alerted the others after spotting the objects while lying on their trampoline and looking skyward.

A 44-year-old sales representative along with 2 witnesses sighted 4 objects that were bright fluorescent classic saucer shapes. When the objects moved they changed to a large distorted oblong shape. The objects came to the sightee's attention, as they were quite prominent in the perfectly clear sky at sunrise. "The first two objects noticed were stationary with quite some distance apart. One appeared closer with the other further away. After 10 minutes, they both moved downwards simultaneously leaving a pencil thin trail behind. They became larger and distorted as they moved then remained stationary, as they remained hovering a lot lower than when I first noticed them. They both remained equal distance apart and both titled at the same angle. I then noticed a second two objects some distance away to the right. They were moving parallel with each other a lot closer to the horizon they moved both at the same down towards the horizon keeping equal distance apart. They kept on moving to the right south east at varying speeds with a varying vapour like trail. They also seemed to appear larger and distort depending on speed." A solitary object was sighted approximately the same time the following morning.

26.05.99 ADELAIDE (ELIZABETH NORTH), 1630hrs (DO)
Rick Webb, Forklift Driver of Elizabeth North saw 4 disc shaped objects on 26 June from 4:30pm for 15-20 minutes. The black objects had a silver underbelly and appeared to be about 2-3 miles away in a southerly direction. "First I was wondering what was flying in formation and when they turned up I could see clearly they were discs. I called my wife and sister but they did not come out until I called a second time. My sister in law picked them up straight away and watched with me until they seemed to come together and fade away. When they came together the size did not increase. I know what I saw and I am convinced on what I saw. I was also very excited about what I saw." The 37-year-old stated.

JUNE 1999 KATA TJUTA & YULARA (formerly Ayers Rock), NT (CE1)
Cheki Nolan, a 27-year-old guest, relation's officer, spotted a single, bright white object travelling east from the Olgas over Yulara. The oval shaped object took around 30 seconds to traverse the sky. "My hairs springed up on my back, so fast. When I noticed it in the sky, it was the brightest that attracted me. I thought I was about to admire Venus but then realised it picked up in speeds that I have never seen ever! I turned my whole body with the light just to follow it, the speed almost scared me, but I couldn't take my eyes off it as the light then dissolved in brightness, then increased again, but it never decreased in speed and it definitely wasn't a craft with wings. As I watched it still travelling across the morning sky it disappeared on the 50 degrees angle of the horizon and it was gone." Keith Douglass

07.06.99 ALICE SPRING, NT 0500hrs (CE1)
"7th July 1999, Wednesday, 5am. While camping 20 kilometres north of Alice Springs while stargazing he saw a black object that was oval shaped and slowly passing over head blocking out the stars, and moving slowly out of sight. It was about the size of a large truck. A short while later a bright star like light, flashing on and off was seen moving around in a limited area of the sky." Keith Douglass

11.06.99 WOODVILLE WEST, SA 2208hrs (NL)
Daniel Harris, 28 had a 7-8 minute sighting of an intense orange object from 10:08pm. "I observed the object for just under 10 minutes with the aid of binoculars on a clear night. The object was a brilliant orange colour and stood out easily in the night sky, even without the use of binoculars. The object slowly increased altitude then mover from North to NNW of my position. When the object had risen to an inclination of about 50 degrees I watched a mid sized passenger aircraft travel west to east at about 40 degrees (did they see it?). At that Point I rang the UFO hotline, this took about 2 minutes, when I returned the object had gone." The sighting left Daniel feeling perplexed, interested and curious.

16.06.99 CLARE, SA 2015hrs (NL)
Two teenaged sisters from Clare had a sighting between 8:15 and 9:00pm on 16 July. The bright orange/yellow circular objects 'kept going over Clare' with at approximately 1000 - 1500 feet from the sisters and 10 of their friends who also saw the objects. The fast moving sphere was travelling fast to very fast from North in a southerly direction. "We were all calm, it didn't bother us and were didn't know what it was. I have seen this before approx 1 year ago but it was much bigger then."

16.03.01 PERTH (MT MAGNET), WA 1430hrs (CE1)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Friday, 16 March 2001, 2.30-2.45am. Mt Magnet, WA. A truck driver, Bottica, was travelling north towards Mt Magnet. He was surprised to see in his rear-view mirror a bright light following behind, to the right of his truck. He realised this couldn't be another vehicle because of its position and this was confirmed when he saw what looked like an egg or acorn shape sitting on a saucer-like base. The whole object was flashing blue, red and green lights. The witness stopped his truck a few times to try and make sense of what he was seeing. But the object always stayed about five hundred metres behind, although moving from side to side. At one point he waved to a passing truck driver and pointed to the hovering object in the sky. The light or lights followed Bottica for another fifty kilometres through Mt Magnet and a further twenty kilometres past Paynes Find where it was not seen any more.

01.05.01 PERTH (MT MAGNET). WA 1830hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Tuesday, 1 May 2001, 6.30pm. Nollamara, WA. A brilliant white fireball with a long sparkling tail travelled east to west. No sound was heard.

02.05.01 PERTH (WOODY WOODY MINE), WA 1810hrs (CE1)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Wednesday, 2 May 2001, 6.10pm. Woody Woody Mine, south-west of Port Headland. Karl was eighty kilometres west of the Woody Woody Mine. In the light of his bull-lights he saw a strange object hovering ahead about thirty metres up. It was oval and shaped like a flounder about nine metres across. Along the side edges were "undulating fins," hence the flounder comparison. The underside of the object was white, whilst the top was brown and segmented like a tortoise shell. Centrally underneath the object there appeared to be an hexagonal aperture surrounded by a bluish haze. There was a blister or possibly some sort of cabin at the front leading edge and a series of holes running round the object. After about a minute, the craft took off at lightning speed in the direction of Port Hedland to the north-west. Karl found out later that a number of women had witnessed a bright object streak over Port Hedland from the south-east a minute after his sighting. That the object was one and the same cannot be verified.

05.05.01 PERTH (MERREDIN), WA 0330hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Saturday, 5 May 2001, 3.30-6.30am. West of Merredin, WA. Five people in two vehicles were delivering newspapers on the early morning run through Mukinbudin and Kununoppin. A bright, white, incandescent light appeared to the north and right-hand side of one of the vehicles. It came in low in front of the van, then followed behind before moving to the front again. When they got to the Nungarin Hotel the driver of one of the vehicles woke up his mate to witness the ongoing encounter. He was very frightened by what he saw and lay on the floor of the vehicle, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. Apparently, the cab of the van heated up to an uncomfortable level and the temperature gauge indicated that the engine was overheating. The engine itself started knocking loudly and loss of power was evidenced by no response from the accelerator. When the light rose up into the sky and appeared as a small star, the van's engine functioned normally again. As daylight approached, this 'star' could not be seen in the brightening sky.

28.06.01 PERTH (BALLAJURA), WA 1945hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Thursday, 28 June 2001, 7.45pm. Leanne of Ballajura described "a flickering red ball of fire" going south towards Bayswater before veering left (east) towards the hills. She watched it for three minutes and thought it was the size of a full moon.

28.06.01 PERTH (BALLAJURA), WA 1930hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Thursday, 28 June 2001, 7.30pm. Ballajura, WA. Six people witnessed a bright red/orange ball travel from north to south. It stopped for about seven minutes when a white object was seen to drop out of the object and fall towards the ground. It eventually moved further south and was lost from view.

17.07.01 PERTH (KELMSCOTT), WA 2205 (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Tuesday, 17 July 2001, 10.05pm. Kelmscott, WA. Sara reported three silent, bright orange lights travelling from east to west, moving in and out of formation until they seemed to disappear.

17.07.01 PERTH (WESTFIELD), WA 2200hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Tuesday, 17 July 2001, 10pm. Westfield, near Kelmscott, WA. David W. watched three orange balls of light travel from east to west behind each other. The third light stopped almost overhead. The second caught up with the first and continued on. All three lights switched off simultaneously and disappeared.

18.07.01 PERTH (ARNDALE), WA 2305hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Wednesday, 18 July 2001, 11.05-11.25pm. Armadale, WA. Greg W. and six other witness watched five orange lights (orange balls of light ) travel from east to west at around thirty-five degrees between Garden Island and Rottnest Island. They were changing position and moving around each other. Three dimmed out, while the other two moved further west and were lost from view.

28.07.01 PERTH (WAIKIKI AND WARNBRO), WA 2030hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Saturday, 28 July 2001, 8.30pm. Waikiki and Warnbro (south of Perth), WA. Two separate groups of witnesses reported five orange lights in a cross formation moving slowly from north to east. One of the lights was moving up and down and from side to side. Soskia, one of the witnesses, swore she could see arrow shapes behind the lights.

11.08.01 PERTH (ROCKINGHAM), WA 2130hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Saturday, 11 August 2001, 9.30pm. Rockingham, WA. Two independent groups reported seeing a group of three bright Orange balls of lights almost overhead. They did not know from which direction they came, but the lights were moving in all directions; up and down, back and forth and around each other. At one point they remained stationary overhead for a few minutes. The lower light of the three dropped even lower and dimmed out. Some of the witnesses reported seeing an arrow shape where the light had been, before the lights headed west out to sea.

07.09.01 PERTH (MOOLIABEENIE), WA 1949hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Friday, 7 September 2001. 7.49-8.24pm. Mooliabeenie (between Bindoon and Gingin), WA. Carolyn was driving along the Bindoon-Moora road. Looking east she saw a bright, red, stationary object just above the horizon. It kept growing bright and dim. It appeared to be spherical and the colour of a red traffic light. The ball finally faded out at 8.24pm but left a glow in the sky for some time. The witness, who knows the area fairly well, thought the object was over a valley between two lines of hills.

07.09.01 PERTH (MORLEY/BASSENDEAN) WA 2130hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Sunday, 7 October 2001, 9.30pm-9.50pm. Morley/Bassendean (northern suburbs), WA. Simon and his girlfriend were travelling along Anzac road towards Bassendean train station. They noticed a star-like object zig-zagging about to the right of their car. The object would come in close to the car and then recede. Being curious, they stopped the car and shone a torch in its direction. As if responding, it came back closer and then retreated over the horizon. However, the couple spotted the object near Bassendean Broadway, where it remained stationary to the west. Six pencil-like beams of light shot down from the craft, curiously detached like falling neon tubes. The couple, heading north by this time, realised they were still being followed by the light which was now orange. They started to panic and Simon's girlfriend was crying. They drove home as fast as they could and the object shot off at great speed.

16.10.01 PERTH (CITY BEACH) WA 2225hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Tuesday, 16 October 2001, 10.25pm. City Beach, WA. Melanie and friends reported a brilliant orange light with a short tail that travelled rapidly from south to north. (Probably a fireball. BR)

11.11.01 PERTH (HEATHRIDGE PARK), WA 2130hrs (NL)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Sunday, 11 November 2001, 9.30pm. Heathridge Park (northern suburb), WA. Susan L. and her twelve-year-old son, Tristan, were heading west along Ocean Reef road. They turned right into Poseidon Avenue heading north. Ahead of them was a large, stationary, bright light about the size of a helicopter. Its height was difficult for them to ascertain. They pulled over to the left-hand verge and stopped for a better look. Tristan had a laser pointer and pointed it at the object. Instantaneously coloured lights flashed around the object; blue, red and green. Between these colours was a yellow light that did not flash at all. Within seconds the object flew at great speed towards their vehicle, causing alarm and consternation. Tristan involuntarily ducked, expecting a collision, but the object presumably flew over the top of their car, except that when they looked out of the rear window expecting the craft to streak away, they saw nothing. It had totally vanished.

01.12.01 PERTH (KALGOORLIE), WA 1415hrs (DO)
(Sourced: Journal of Alternative Realities - Volume 10, Issue 1, 2002)
Time 2.15pm on Saturday, 1 December 2001 Michael M. of Kalgoorlie (Goldfields), WA, reported a shimmering, silver object going west to east at a steady rate. He described it as a sisalation square, like a panel off an aircraft, slightly curved. No appendages could be seen and no sound was heard.

28.06.02 GOLD COAST, QLD 2130hrs (CE4)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02540a)
Karl called to say he has been having UFO experiences for many years and needed someone to talk to about them. After talking with Karl for an hour or so I found his story not unlike many others I have listened to over the years. Karl and I have made arrangements to meet up and discuss his case in more detail. Karl has vivid and conscious memories of his abductions the experiments carried out on him. He is a married man with a wife and 2 children and works in Security. (Still under Investigation). Diane Harrison AUFORN

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02637)
Miss X lives on a 10 acre property at Keil Mountain (outback of Maroochydore Qld) On the night of Sunday 18th August 2002 at 9.30pm she went out the back for a cigarette when she saw a flash of light. Looking up in the sky to see what it was, she saw a dull oval shaped disk about twice the size of a star and about the height of a satellite. She called out for her brother, but it just vanished. She said the disk was travelling from East to South and was going quite fast.

She went on to tell me that her next door neighbour was awaken on Friday (16th August 2002) morning at about 4.30am, she said he told her their was light coming through his window like day light, but he looked at the clock and thought it could not be light yet, so he got out of bed and looked though the window to the sky and saw one big bright light and lots of little lights darting about in the sky, he thought it was UFOs and watched for a while then went back to bed.

Possible Abduction:
Miss X then went on to tell me that about 13 years ago, her mother, brother and sister was travelling from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, when they were followed by a orange light, that passed right over their car. She then put her brother on the line who continued the story. He said he remembers watching this light because it was doing impossible manoeuvres, he said he does not remember it going right over the top of the car, but his mother does. Miss X brother then went on to say "Due to all the commotion my mother became confused and she got us lost on the road and the strange thing was we all felt rather funny inside". I continued with the interview and Miss Xs brother said "I'm sure something happened to us" I asked him if he could recall having any missing time to which he replied "yes I'm sure we did". No body Marks, No nightmares since. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

05.09.02 PEAKE AND TAILEM BEND, SA 1755hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02060)
Note: This observation appears part of a number from that date and time in South Australia. Thursday 5th September at 5.55 p.m. Location: on the road between Peake and Tailem Bend, SA.

Zee was travelling in a vehicle halfway between Peake and Tailem Bend heading towards Tailem bend. The vehicle was pointing NNW at this stage. She saw a red light appear in the sky to the front of the vehicle, and then there was a bright blue flash. The blue flash vanished just like a light bulb being switched off. A crooked trail of "smoke" was left in the sky for some time. The pre-smoke observations' duration was a "couple of seconds." No sound was heard above the noise of the vehicle. Zee's companions were Tina and Kerry. Tina forwarded an electronic sighting form to UFOR(NSW). In that form she described her sighting. Out of the corner of her eye she saw what she thought was a shooting star. It became a blue ball shaped object with a red/orange light around it. It was trailed by a bright white stream similar to that which jets leave behind in the sky. It then seemed to explode and disappear. Total duration was "a matter of seconds." No sound was heard.

Additional observations:
1. The ABC News Online 06.09.20 9.25am AEST carried the following: 'Great fireball spotted in S.An skies'

"A leading Australian astronomer believes a large meteor may have hit the earth near Adelaide last night. "Early yesterday evening, S.An Police were inundated with reports of sonic booms, earth tremors and sightings of a blue streak in the sky. "Ken, from Hindmarsh Island, 100 kilometres south of Adelaide says he heard a whoosh. "It came straight over the top and left a huge smoke trail and there was two huge sonic booms afterwards, " he said. "It was incredible. I've never seen anything like it."

2. The Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper 06.09.02 'Sky trail caused by debris' "Debris is the likely cause of a strange display in S.An skies last night. "Colin Norris, director of the Australian International UFO Research, said he received telephone calls from people around the state who reported: "a bright light with a tail." "It's debris because a meteorite usually has purple or white front and just goes straight on." Mr Norris said, The debris probably came from a rocket."

3. ABC News radio "Star stuff." 08.09.02 A piece included: 1. Interview with man from Hindmarsh Island. Observed object travelling East to North West. Had 3-4 "heads" to it went straight over. 2. Interview with man from Victor Harbor. Observed object travelling straight over Victor Harbor. Duration 1-2 seconds. seen slightly N of West. 3. Interview with astronomer who stated that an E to W trajectory probably excluded space debris and made it more likely a meteor. Keith Basterfield AUFORN SA

05.09.02 ADELAIDE (HEATHFIELD), SA 1800hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02059)
Joe H. was outside with two others when, looking up at an angle of 60 degrees, he saw a bright blue/green light in the sky. He watched it for an estimated 10-15 seconds until it "blew up." It left a trail which was blue/grey at the location where it "exploded" changing to greyish behind this. After an estimated 10 seconds he heard a sonic boom. Keith Basterfield AUFORN SA

05.09.02 GOOLWA SA 1800hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02058)
Greg was outside when he suddenly became aware of an intense flash of blue-white light around him. Bending his neck to look up, he saw an unusual "trail" in the North Western sky. An estimated 2-3 minutes later, he heard a loud explosion. He did not see the actual object which left the trail.

Comments: 1. This is one of at least 8 reports made in SA on the 05.09.02 at this time. Some called the Hotline, others the media. 2. The area where witnesses werein SA so far, is a square approximately 100 kms North to South and 80 kms East to West bounded by Gawler, Peake and Encounter Bay. 3. Where was the object when it gave off the sonic boom? Victor Harbor witnesses said the boom occurred seconds after the object "exploded" whereas Greg at Goolwa 15km away said the sound took 2-3 minutes to reach him. This suggests the object was much closer to Victor Harbor when the boom occurred. Keith Basterfield AUFORN SA

FINAL REPORT: SIGHTINGS OF 05.09.02. (Identified as a Meteor)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Codes 02058, 02059, 02060)
1. Methodology: Data was collected from television and radio reports, the ABC News website, and responses gathered from "Letters to the Editor" in a number of South Australian country newspapers. The following summary is drawn from this data.

2. The sighting: At about 6 p.m. on the 5th September 2002 a brilliant sky object was observed from a wide area of SA. Observers at locations as far north as Woomera (400 Kms North of Adelaide), and as far south as Bordetown ( 300 kms South-East of Adelaide) reported the spectacular sight.

From Woomera it appeared as a flash, low down hear the horizon in a South-East direction. From Bordertown, it was described as a green/yellow ball at 20-30 degrees elevation to the North-West, and left a smoke trail which lasted about 30 minutes. From Adelaide it was at an estimated elevation of 60 degrees to the South.

The most detailed observations came from people in the area some 80 kms South of Adelaide, around Hindmarsh Island, Goolwa, Encounter Bay and Victor Harbor. In these locations, the object appeared as a multi (3-4) headed light followed by a trail of "smoke."

Its reported colour varied from green to yellow to blue. It travelled from East to West and was almost overhead at one point. It passed on to a point estimated as 45 degrees in the Western sky, when it "exploded" and disappeared from view. After an interval of some seconds, a double "boom" sound was heard. Prior to the object "exploding" some witnesses reported other sounds described as "a swoosh" to "a sizzle." The estimated duration of the visual event was 10-15 seconds. Interestingly, there were also reports of "a ball of flame with trailing vapour" from Shepparton, Victoria at about the same time.

3. Analysis: All details are consistent with the object being a natural meteor, larger in size than those which most people see as a nocturnal "shooting star." The East to West trajectory suggests it was not a piece of "space junk" re-entering the atmosphere. The reported "swoosh" and "sizzle" sounds have been previously reported in association with other bright meteors. As the object's trajectory was heading out into the ocean it is doubtful if any pieces would have landed on solid ground.

4. Conclusion: Almost certainly a natural meteor. Keith Basterfield AUFORN SA

09.09.02 KINGSTHORPE, QLD 1820hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 020....)
Sightee Brett was travelling through Kingsthorpe Monday night on his motorbike around 6.20 p.m. and saw a meteor pass overhead roughly about 200m. Likened it to a scud missile with yellow bonfire sparks trailing after it. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

01.11.02 LISMORE, NSW 1915hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02732)
Shape: Ball with tail, Size: half size moon Objects:1 Colour:orange-red-white-yellow, Sound:none, Speed:very fast, Duration:approx4 seconds? Direction: Southto North, Witnesses:2 Fay and Tanya were sitting on their veranda having a drink and a smoke when they noticed a fire ball pass over head. The girls stated, "as the object passed it lit up the sky as though a bomb had gone off they thought it was End of Day. They called TV station, Prime TV Lismore to ask if anyone else had seen the same object. 2 witnesses in Tamworth had also observed the object passing over. Comment: I have confirmed with reporter Danna of Prime News Lismore. that two other eye witnesses from Tamworth had called station. From the description given by all witnesses it would appear the object was meteor passing through our atmosphere. Diane Harrison AUFORN

01.11.02 TAMWORTH, NSW 1915hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02735-36)
Brian Reported had seen an Shape: ball with tail Size: half size moon Objects: 1 Colour:orange-red-white-yellow Sound: None Speed: Very Fast Duration: Approx 3 seconds? Direction: South to North Witnesses:1. Comment: it would appear to be the same object as the Lismore girls observed. Diane Harrison AUFORN


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