AUFORN Reports

Compiled Sighting Reports

Issue 33
April 2003

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


1970 VICTORIA (CE-4)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02104)
This caller wanted to report a sighting of a typical flying saucer in country Victoria in 1970 .He wants to get on with his life and requested that no details regarding his identity or the case be published. The experience had been too personal and too upsetting for him to allow details to be released. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02091)
Chris and friend. reported he and his friend were building a bonfire in their backyard when all of sudden they got a feeling they were being 'watched', they looked up, and saw an object hovering just in front of them it was at back of their property in-between young gum trees which were about 3 meters high. The witnesses agreed that the object was just above head height. The object was squarish with rounded edges, and only about one half a meter square. It was glowing, just like a light, and was only about 3 meters away from them. Both witnesses were mesmerised by the object. It made no sound, and then sped off in a flash. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02103)
Date 1994. Valda backed her car out to go to the shops when she noticed a large object hovering above the neighbours house and driveway. The object had red-yellow lights.. like long windows . The object wasn't moving but the lights were pulsating. It was perfectly circular..about 16-17 feet across (5-6 meters) and made no sound. It then tilted slightly to one side and disappeared with a 'swish' noise and vanished in a flash. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

Keith Douglass collated the stories of three separate groups of tourists that were chased by a UFO. "One group were surrounded by a light that seemed to go under the car - the car then stopped - all three groups were panic stricken." Other recent sightings in the area include 3 May 1999 where an orange light was seen heading north west from Marla and in January 1999 when an orange object went in a west direction over Kulgera, then went down behind some hills, still glowing orange.

15.08.99 SALISBURY & ELIZABETH, SA 1845hrs (NL)
Ben O'Brien, a Technical Consultant sighted a single orange object from Main North Road between Salisbury and Elizabeth from 6.35pm on 15 August. "Jo was driving and we were on our way to a 6.45pm appointment in Elizabeth when at the intersection of Saints Road and Main North Road, Salisbury Plains I glanced west and noticed an orange glow above Barry's Harware store. There was a thin layer of cloud covering the whole sky that night and I initially thought the light was a star being refracted through the light cloud. I jokingly asked Jo if she wanted to see a UFO because at that point in time I thought it was a star. However, no other stars were visible at that time and as I looked at the object some more I realised it was moving, albeit very slowly. The object was only a few hundred feet off the ground and was close to the northern perimeter of the Parafield Airport circuit. I kept and eye on it as we travelled north and when we turned west onto Hogart Road the object was still on my left, confirming it was not a star. I will concede that it may have been the heat beads in the garbage bag trick but having not seen one before I cannot be sure. If that were the case, I would have expected to see more fluctuations in altitude whereas the orange light appeared to hover.

The intensity of the light did vary also from a dull, almost colourless glow to an intense glow. The object was relatively small, from the initial observation point it seemed about the size of Venus but considering my distance from the object (approximately 1000-2000 metres) it was probably about 1 to 2 metres in diameter. I lost sight of it at approximately 6.43.

24.08.99 PARALOWIE, SA 1900hrs (CE-1)
Frank Start, 65, Retired; Darren Niblett, 38 and Penelope Wickham, 30 - both police officers, had a 1 minute sighting from 7pm. The single orange, pumpkin shaped object was approximately 300 metres in altitude and 10 kilometres from the trio. It travelled "as fast as a plane" from north to south. "The object looked initially, in the distance, to be a flare but as it travelled towards us it looked like a large orange light as it was directly above looked like a fireball. Then, as it travelled over and off it looked like a disc. We were all stunned mullets; even the 65-year-old sceptic was left speechless. I am excited about it now; I have never seen a UFO before and have been waiting. My 20 month-old son, Ben, and I were in the spa and we got out and waved."

30.08.99 BANKSIA PARK, SA 1635hrs (DO)
"I was about to enter my car when I thought I saw a falling star." Is how 29 year old bookbinder Stuart Gordon's attention was attracted at 4.35am. The 10-minute sighting of a single white (occasionally flashing orange) object left Stuart feeling curious. The object moved from North East to South East in a zigzagging manner over the Adelaide Hills. "It would flash on for 5 seconds and off for 5 seconds. The object was not moving from its position. I was not sure if it was a plane or a helicopter but only being one bright light and the usual flashing sequence I was curious and kept watching. The light went to a large gold flash dashing down with a loop and back again."

13.09.99 PARAFIELD GARDENS, SA 1940hrs (NL)
34-year-old welder, Ian Johnson saw 4 objects from 7.40pm. The red/white lights were circular in shape and 3 of them were thought to be no more than 4 kilometres from the sightee, the other object was further away. The objects were first spotted in the eastern skies where they remained stationary for a while. There were 3 other witnesses who saw 1 of the objects fly away from them, (further to the east) and another 2 passing directly over and then away until they got smaller and dimmer. "My wife and I went outside to say goodbye to my wife's mother and also bring our car into the backyard. As I was walking to our car, I looked up at the stars like I normally do. I noticed a car which was located in an easterly direction, it was a reddy white colour - I thought it was strange. I pointed it out to my wife. Suddenly we saw two more objects flying close together, coming towards us. At first, we thought they were helicopters. They were the same as that of the light aeroplanes that were flying around. Suddenly hovered in one spot. Before they stopped what looked to be over Parafield Airport. Both objects just hovered in one spot. Before they stopped, they spread apart so they were further away from each other. They seemed to stand still. At the same time as these two were flying in, the first one took off towards Mount Lofty. I do not know exactly the speed but it moved much quicker than aeroplanes such as QANTAS.

13.09.99 PARAFIELD GARDENS, SA 1930hrs (NL)
Office Administrator Beverley Bugg saw 2 yellowish objects from her house on 13 September. The sighting commenced at 7.30pm and lasted for approximately minutes. The round objects were in a northeasterly direction and were witnessed by 3 others.

22.09.99 WOODCROFT, SA 1655hrs (DO)
Eugene Morris, 53 saw 2 objects in a north-north easterly direction from 4.55am for 5 minutes. The first object was the same colour as a star but the second (referred to as the 'pursuit object') had flashing lights. "The first object was moving at medium speed, when I noticed the second object coming from a westerly direction. Both appeared to be on the same flight path. When the second object caught up with the first object, for one to two seconds, there was a bright flash like when a camera picture is taken; only this was on a larger scale. The second aircraft did not alter course, I can only assume the first object moved in a northerly direction as it was the first object I lost sight of. I can not describe the objects, only that the first object appeared to be similar to a star. The second object seemed to be some sort of military aircraft, such as a jet lighter with flashing lights.

08.10.99 TORRENSVILLE, SA 1930hrs (NL)
Cabinet Maker, Gus Lubuono, 37, witnessed a single white object above the Adelaide Hills. Gus's attention was attracted to the object after he "saw two other people pointing up into the sky looking at the same thing." The sighting lasted one minute from 5.30pm and made Gus feel weird.

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2826)
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes
Lights colour: orange lights
Apparent size: large star
Shape: Star
Noise: No
Objects observed: 2
Activity when see: outside in his backyard
Other witnesses: No
Name: Alec

Alec was outside in his backyard late one evening when he noticed two bright orange star like objects moving towards him from the north. He watched them pass over Port Pirie silently and slowly, moving south and away from the town. He thought they may have been aircraft, but had never seen aircraft with one orange light. What changed his mind was; they both suddenly turned right on an acute angle heading east. He said he had seen many planes bank left or right but that this was a very sharp turn. Very unlike an aircraft. He has thought about this incident often and finally decided to report it. Debbie Payne AUFORN Adelaide

2000? CUMBERLAND PARK, SA 1930hrs (NL)
A 71-year-old retiree had a 10-minute sighting from 7.30pm. Several white hexagonal objects were seen from the sightees Cumberland Park home. The objects disappeared for approximately five minutes and were seen again almost directly above. The objects had gained altitude and were no longer as bright as a result. The sightee telephoned his son and daughter during the sighting but they were unable to see the objects from their location. The small circles on the sketch represent the lights seen.

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02063)
I interviewed Jenny at her home in Peakhurst, she is a 32 year old mother of 3 and appears to be quite sincere. This is her story. Last year in early August she was lying on her lounge looking out of a window that faces north and she saw a bluish coloured light in the sky. The light was moving closer towards her, mesmerising her. That's the last thing she remembers before falling asleep. When she woke up in the morning she felt groggy and sick and noticed blood on her legs and spots of blood on her feet. she thought this was strange because it wasn't that time of the month.. A couple of weeks later, mid August, she was lying on her bed looking out of the window, which also faces north and she saw 3 bluish white bright lights in the sky moving closer towards her. Once again that's all she remembers before falling into a deep sleep. That night Jenny was wearing a sarong, she was adamant there were no stains or discolouring on or in the material. When next she washed it she noticed stains and discolouring all the way down the front of it, perplexed she washed it again, and realised the stains were in-ground. When Jenny studied it she was shocked to see the imprint of her legs in the material. She showed me the sarong in question and it does appear to have the imprint of her body down the front. I asked Jenny if I could take the sarong for examination but she is afraid of losing it she said it is her proof of the blue light and it keeps her from thinking she is going mad, but she does want it scientifically tested.

Jenny also found a strange scoop mark on her shin, she still has the scar and doesn't know how she got it. I questioned Jenny about the lights, she said that They were round, not beams of light and they had no sound. They moved forward in up and down spurts and clouds or misty haze formed around them. When she was 9 years old she was confronted by a huge object with coloured lights rotating around it at the time she didn't tell anyone and she now finds this bizarre.

Around the same time as her experiences with the blue light her 10 year old daughter awoke from a nightmare. She told her mother that small furry creatures with big black eyes were staring at her and when she started screaming they told her not to be afraid. Then she said it was very dark and there were lots of stars all around her, she said she felt sick the next day and stayed home from school. Jenny said her daughter had complained she could feel something at the back of the roof of her mouth and started picking at it with a pencil and to everyone's surprise she picked out a bit of metal.

That night Jenny said her daughter had the same dream again, she said her daughter descrided the creatures looking like furbies and owls and the following night the same dream again. Jenny said her daughter again complained about the roof of her mouth and again she picked out a bit of metal. I asked Jenny if she had kept the piece of metal, but unfortunately she had not.

To add to this bizarre story, Jenny's father was involved in a cattle mutilation experience in Grafton in 1979. It involved a horse they owned called Toby which was found dead with its flesh stripped from its head and its rectum was cored out. END I will keep you updated with any further information.(still under investigation) Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

28.06.02 GOLD COAST, QLD 2130hrs (CE-4)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02540a)
Karl called to say he has been having UFO experiences for many years and needed someone to talk to about them. After talking with Karl for an hour or so I found his story not unlike many others I have listened to over the years. Karl and I have made arrangements to meet up and discuss his case in more detail. Karl has vivid and conscious memories of his abductions the experiments carried out on him. He is a married man with a wife and 2 children and works in Security. (Still under Investigation) Diane Harrison AUFORN

19.07.02 BRISBANE (ASCOT), QLD 1300hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02592)
Steven said he saw a silver rotating object travelling at high speed, what he had noticed was the sound of a light plane which he had heard before his sighting stopped half way through the sighting. Steven said I was working at a building site at Ascot and whilst packing up heard a sound like a light plane. Looking up I observed a silvery round metalic object about the size of a 1 cent piece shooting across at a height of approx. 30 metres above the rooftops. The object had no tail and travelled in a straight path with no deviation. ( Steven also inquired if there had been any follow-up to his sighting at Moorooka on New Years Eve - 2 black balls hovering over street lights) (Still under Investigation) Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

31.07.02 WANTIMA, VIC 1327hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02609)
Daniel described seeing two "shooting star like objects" while camping on the Murray on 2nd march 2002. One was red and the other was white in colour. They looked too low to be shooting stars and were very bright. They were seen around midnight .No further details.. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

17.08.02 MELBOURNE (RINGWOOD), VIC 2311hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02634)
Joanne and Robert saw an object that was too fast for a plane or helicopter, and changed directions. This object was seen at 11pm and 11.10 pm . The house lights went out, then Robert saw a fireball/flame type of object which made a noise and was heading towards Warrandyte. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

19.08.02 RYE, VIC 2410hrs (CE-1)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02640)
Mother and son heard an explosion around midnight. They went outside to investigate and noticed no-one else was looking around, so they went back inside. Another explosion was heard. The son then said he saw a small UFO above the house next door. ( Classic flying saucer shape ).It appeared to be distorted or "wiggly" on it's lower half. It was coming towards him and disappeared in the blink of an eye. There was no noise from the object which was the colour of a shadow, and the boy was amazed with what he had seen. End of report.. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

27.08.02 SUNBURY, VIC (CE-1)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02096)
On the 27th August 2002. Betty and family members saw a large flame, which was pointing downward's. like a huge upside-down candle that appeared to have no visible object attached to the flame. The object had passed right above them said the witnesses...this was the only reason that they noticed it. It was silent and they watched the flame travel towards Melbourne for about 4 kilometers, then it went West and zig-zagged a few times, finally heading towards Geelong. It was flying low only to the height of a two storey building. Note...this report is almost identical to an earlier one from only about one month or six weeks earlier in the same area. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

05.09.02 MANNUM, SA 1755hrs (NL)
Source: E-Mail online report UFOR(NSW)
Tanya. I am really unsure as to what I saw, but I will try to describe it as accurately as I can. Travelling back from Peake, SA my friends and I were half way between Peake and Tailem Bend, when , out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was a shooting star, in a split second I realised it was an iridescent. blue ball shaped thing with a red/orange type of light around it that could possibly have been flames. It was trailed by a bright white stream similar to what jets leave behind in the sky. It then just seemed to explode (maybe) and disappear, like 'poof', as it was still daylight it could not possibly be a shooting star, and there is absolutely no way that it could have been 'a weather balloon'. To say that it 'freaked us out' would be an understatement. It moved very fast and the actual incidents duration is probably a matter of seconds. Unusual: it was a round, bright blue light. Heard no sound. Location: Travelling in car from Peake SA to Tailem Bend SA. Approximately half way between the two. I was the driver. Other people: My friend Zee Stevenson was the passenger in the front, and her friend Kerry was in the back. Weather conditions: fairly cloudy, still broad daylight

08.09.02 SUNSHINE COAST (COOLUM), QLD 2106hrs (Possible CE-4)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02069)
Day: Sunday Date: 08.09.02 Time sighted: 2106hrs Shape round and solid Size: a fist Objects 1 Colour dull off white to yellow Sound none Duration 3-4 seconds Direction heading south Witnesses 1 Location: Coolum Qld.
Troy said I went out side for a smoke when I noticed an object flying very fast through the sky and it was as big as my fist it had no lights it was very quite. Troy then said he has seen sometime in late Jan early Feb 2002. I was on my way home from work and I wasn't paying to much attention to the time but it was late in the afternoon you could say early evening when I noticed 3 white balls of light in an triangle formation just hovering over the top of a paddock which I was heading towards. I thought to myself, what the heck are they, the next thing I remember I standing on the outside of my car just looking up. I was absolutely terrified and I don't know why and to this day I can't remember how I came to stop the car and get out as my last memory was of being calm and just looking at some kind of strange light formation".

I asked Troy did he notice anything different about himself or what the time was after he found himself standing out side his car. He said: "to be honest I never really gave much attention to the time, but I remember being terrified though and this is something I can't forget and I don't know why". End report: (Still under investigation) Diane Harrison AUFORN

13.09.02 SYDNEY (OLYMPIC PARK), NSW 1430hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02092)
On 13th September 2002, Mr P was working with six other colleagues at the Olympic park stadium when one of the workers alerted him and the others to something abnormal in the afternoon sky. What P and his colleagues saw was quite peculiar: a bright metallic disc-like anomaly slowly cruised from the north-west towards the south-east. It was situated at a high altitude yet P claimed to have identified its apparent form, having this disc-like character. Four of his colleagues dismissed the sighting and carried on with their duties, but P and the other co-worker who first sighted the unknown kept watching. He said that the anomaly occasionally gave a sudden burst of light’. P also said that he saw a helicopter and an aeroplane fly past. Assessing the situation, he estimated that the unknown might have been at a higher altitude than any of the conventional aircraft's in the area at the time (commercial flights taking an approximate altitude of 500 metres above the Homebush region). They had visual for about two minutes. Within that time the unknown did not deviate from its original course, nor did it produce any noticeable sound effects. According to P the sky was clear.

Assessments: It is possible’ that what P and his fellow colleagues saw was an inflatable object of some kind, such as a balloon with an irregular sheen surface. I think we can discount the fact that it was a weather balloon as they are usually launched from Bankstown airport. However, it is not to say that this object was not something a little more extraordinary. I will contact the Bureau of Meteorology to get wind directions for that day so that we can cut our assumptions down to a fine line. I will notify the list once I receive confirmation. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

24.09.02 LANG LANG, VIC 2125hrs (Identified as Venus)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02095)
VENUS again folks...very low over the horizon...extremely bright and sighting had the usual associated effects caused by clouds on the horizon. Curved Venus Pillars were noticed. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02092)
Caller: Female - Mother Witness: Colin & Friend Conditions: Night sky - overcast in places, no moon [as far as witness can remember. Colin and his friend where driving around the backstreets of Morphettville, just behind the Marion Swimming Centre on Tuesday night around 8.30pmish. All of a sudden Colin and his friend noticed a Purple flash of light which came from approx 200 metres above them and lit his car up completely.

Colin said that this Purple flash of light, only lasted approx 4-5 seconds. Colin then stated that he blacked out momentarily, and when he came too, quickly pulled over to the side of the road, as he was starting to feel sweaty and hot. His friend also told him that when he saw the Purple light he started to feel as if he was going to be sick [vomit]. Approx 2 minutes later there was another flash of the same coloured light and this time both Colin and his friend didnt feel anything.

During the time that both Colin and his friend sat on the side of the road in his car and before the 2nd flash of light, Colin and his friend both noticed that all the 'Noise had disappeared'. He said, that they couldn't hear any road noise, normal night noises etc. Colin states after the 2nd flash the noise came back, like someone had thrown a switch. Colin then proceeded home to tell his parents about the strange thing that had just happened to him and his friend. His Mother is the person who called the Hotline number. I asked Colin, if he had experienced anything like this before in his life? He replied 'No, this was the first time'. I also asked Colin how he and his friend had been since last Tuesday's incident. Colin reported that both him and his friend had felt fine. Colin did say that he had discussed this with some school friends, who said that there had been a bit of lightening that night.

Colin is adamant, that this Purple flash of light came down, spread across his car to light up the interior completely and so doesn't feel or believe that it was lightening that he and his friend had seen. I explained to Colin that, I had never heard of lightening to be that colour and also for it to effect 2 people that way unless of course they had been directly hit - which both hadn't. I again asked Colin to re-explain how he saw the light from his position in the car. He said that when he first saw it, it was through the Left hand side windscreen [passenger side] and that it had come down then spread across his car. He said its a bit like when you ' drip a drop of paint into water and it spreads' thats how the light was. I then told Colin that the 'lack of noise' he and his friend experienced is a phenomenon called 'Oz Factor', which I explained. I told Colin that I couldnt explain much about what he had seen and what he and his friend had experienced, but I did ask him, that if anything else strange happens or occurs to him, he is quite welcome to ring me, to discuss it and we would take it from there. He was happy with that. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN

25.09.02 KYNETON, VIC (CE-4)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02097)
Location. between Lancefield and Romsey, about 1/2 an hour from Sunbury Victoria. Date of sighting. 1987. Brenda and her daughter saw a huge boomerang shaped object while they were driving. The cars engine stopped when the object hovered above the car. Brenda's daughter saw humanoids inside the object. The sighting occurred near an electric power station and a dam. The object suddenly shot off at an amazing pace and disappeared from sight. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02102)
Carole was asleep around midnight on Thurs 26th September 2002, when her 32 year old son woke her saying he had been watching 3 bright yellowy-orange lights traverse the sky for around 10 minutes. Carole came our and noticed 2 objects to the front of the formation (one above the other) about 6" apart and one following at approx 2 feet behind. They were as big as the top of a coffee cup if compared to the stars around them. They travelled at a constant speed changing formation once. The top front object propelled forward so that the original equidistant triangular shape was now distorted into an oblique shape. The objects took approx 20 minutes to traverse the night sky over the ocean above Granite Island from south east to south west. The lights did not flash and were very bright. Debbie Pyane AUFORN SA

14.10.02 BERWRA, NSW (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02716)
John and his children were at Asquith near Berowra Heights. They all observed a shiny silvery object in the sky while looking west towards the mountains. The object was just above the horizon low in the sky. John said the object was far away and looked too big and too low to be a normal airplane. John said it was moving slowly from east to west and as I watched it, it seemed to hover over the Richmond area". John said "my kids were excited and started yelling its a UFO".

John said "it was so unusual I rang the Richmond air force base and asked if they had anything in the sky". They said no, so I asked them to stick their head out the window and have a look at the UFO hovering right above them". John said "they were rude to me and brushed me off ". John said the object just suddenly disappeared. It was between 6.00pm and 6.30pm the sun was just setting and they watched it for approximately 10 minutes. Apparently the international space station is visible around 6.00pm and 6.30pm. It may have been glinting in the sun, giving it the impression of being bigger than what it actually was. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

15.10.02 SYDNEY (BEACON HILL), NSW (Unexplained Phenomena)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02718)
Paula told me she is clairvoyant and she has been experiencing strange energies around her for the last couple of months. She has been awoken at night by clicking sounds like an army of ants and has dreamed of a large mechanical crab. She told me mechanical sounds were emitting from her pillow so she threw it out but the sounds persisted. She has also awoken at night to lights the size of platters flying at her, oval lights and square lights. Paula really only wanted to talk to someone who didn't think she was mad. I suggested she seek out a spiritual healer. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

01.11.02 SYDNEY (CAMPBELLTOWN), NSW 2025hrs (CE-1)
Mr K of Ruse. He notified us of a sighting that occurred on 1st November 2002, at 8.25am. Mr K said that he first saw a DC3 heading south, presumably from outside of his residence. He then said, "A long type of cylindrical type of thing came from the southwest, heading northeast. It was pretty fast flying over." He finally added that the unknown produced no sound at all. Unfortunately no other information was provided by Mr K (including no contact number). I will, however, mail a self-addressed survey/report sheet in the view of obtaining additional details of the encounter. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

03.01.03 GOLD COAST, QLD 2000hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02794)
At about 8pm on 01.01.02 Steve and his family were in their garden looking at the Northern Sky when they saw coming towards them heading South a strange object, Steve said it was hard to explain, but it was glowing orange and looked like a sort of insect shape with two tails. He said the object was very thin, stick like and the whole object was glowing orange. He explained that as it came towards them it got brighter then as it arrived overhead, it went straight up in the sky and flashed a few times and just disappeared. He said he went to get a video of it, but by the time he got the video and put it on, it was almost out of sight and you could only make out a small glow on it which looked like a star. Size: About two or three times that of a star. Speed: approximately t the speed of an aircraft. There was no noise and the height to start with, was about the same as a commercial aircraft. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

03.01.03 MONARTO (nr.MURRAY BRIDGE), SA 2230-2300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02795)
Duration: Approximately 40 seconds to traverse entire 180o
Object: Star like bright light, slightly larger than the regular satellite
Movement: Straight line but very fast unlike a satellite
Trajectory: Very high and straight across the night sky with NO deviation
Conditions: Clear, warm night. No light pollution (country area) very clear view of the night sky. No cloud.
Witnesses: 4

Rebecca, aged 36, had just returned home from nightshift and spoke to her husband regarding something that had "spooked" her horses earlier that night. Nothing was found. They went outside for a cigarette and looked up when they noticed a fast moving object on the horizon. It was travelling reasonably quickly in a straight line so they assumed it was a satellite. But Rebecca's husband is an ex aircraft engineer and they often see satellites from their property. They thought this one was different because it was larger, like a bright star, moved quicker and was not the same as their numerous other satellite sightings. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

06.01.03 ADELAIDE (SEACLIFF PARK), SA 2230-2300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02802)
Duration: Approximately a few minutes (couple of minutes lost looking for it.)
Object: Bright strobing light, bigger than a star and very bright.
Movement: Going west across the sky then disappeared only to reappear seconds later going North East, then did a 180o flip and went west. All these manoeuvres happened within seconds. No noise.
Trajectory: Not as high as a satellite blinked in and out of view while it changed direction, each movement lasted 4 to 5 seconds, then it disappeared only to reappear seconds later travelling in a different direction
Conditions: Clear

Gary, a 39 year old pilot, was out watching the stars as he sometimes does and had noted at least 11 satellites in the last hour when he noticed a bright flashing strobe light. He watched it travel in one direction for 4 to 5 seconds and then he glanced away and it was gone. A few seconds later it reappeared travelling in a different direction. He thought that considering the height and speed, an aircraft could not change direction like that in 8 seconds. He lost it again for a moment and it reappeared suddenly having negotiated another turn, this time of 180o . He watched it go behind some trees and shortly after it blinked out. It was too high and too fast for an aircraft and had no "nav" lights. Gary is a Pilot. Debbie Payne AUFORN Adelaide

12.01.03 CAMPBELLTOWN, SA 0415-0515hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02809)
Object: Very bright white light larger than the brightest star
Movement: Stationery
Trajectory: Static, low on horizon east of southern cross
Conditions: Clear, before dawn

Tim, a 35 year old Security Guard was driving home from night shift when he noticed a particularly large, bright white star. Having done night shift for a long time he had not seen this star before and has not seen it since. He felt that if it was a star then it should have been there the next night. The star was larger and brighter than Venus, in fact he stated several times he had never seen a star so bright and he had done night shift for a long time. He watched it until dawn.

Interesting note: He reported the object at 4.15 in the morning. It was still dark and Adelaide Airport has a curfew from 11.00pm until 6.00am, being in a residential area. Around 40 minutes after his call to the hotline, a jet was seen (5.00am) in the area of the "star", followed about 30 minutes later (5.30am) by another jet. Reportee says they were not passenger aircraft but more like military jets. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

12.01.03 ADELAIDE (SALISBURY EAST), SA 0445hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code: 02816)
Duration: Until faded out, approximately 15 minutes. Object: Star like bright light, about the size of a tennis ball. Movement: Stationery Trajectory: Low on horizon in the east, too large for a star. Conditions: Clear, warm night. No light pollution.

David, aged 41 and a man of few words, saw a huge bright silvery light, same colour as a star in the eastern sky near his home at 10 to 5 in the morning. He was not interested in talking about this sighting. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

22.01.03 TRANMERE SA 2015hrs (Possibly a Satellite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2828)
Duration of sighting: 15-20 seconds
Lights colour: no lights
Apparent size: large star
Shape: Star
Noise: No
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see: outside in her backyard
Other witnesses: 1 Tony
Name: Connie

Connie was outside in her backyard late afternoon early evening when she noticed two bright stars. A third one appeared but was moving towards the east. She watched the object for around 20 seconds until it disappeared over the horizon. She did not think it was an aircraft, because it was too high, but she also has her doubts it was a satellite Connie is familiar with satellites and thought this one was slightly larger and on a different heading. Trajectory: Heading easterly at 70o but on an angle heading downward towards horizon Conditions: Clear and still light. The 2 brightest stars were just becoming visible when this object was sighted. Reportee is familiar with satellites and thought this one was slightly larger and on a different heading. Connie felt it was too low to be in space and too high for an aircraft. I asked her to look again at the same time for a few days to see if she catches another glimpse of this object. Then I think we can put it down to a satellite (I think that is probably what she saw). Debbie Payne AUFORN SA


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