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Issue 35
June 2003

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


ca.1973 MASLIN'S BEACH, SA (CE3)
(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 2859)
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes
Lights colour:
Apparent size: small
Shape: Tube
Noise: No
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see:
Other witnesses: No

Alex is currently employed as a scrap metal dealer, and wanted to tell us about a very unusual piece of metal he saw 30 years ago. As a boy he saw a small tube of what seemed to be metal, floating on the water near Maslin's Beach, South Australia, south of Adelaide.

It seemed odd to him that what seemed to be a piece of metal should be "floating." So he retrieved it and placed it on a rock on the beach. He put another rock on top of it to keep it in place. However, when he returned to pick up the metal it had gone. There was no trace of it. He says that now, 30 years later, it is still a mystery in his mind as to what it was. He called to ask if anyone else had ever reported anything of this kind. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

19.07.99 FERNVALE, QLD 2011hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 0238)
Shape: No clear shape
Apparent Size: stars like
Objects: 8
Light Colour: orange
Sound: None
Speed: Faster than a plane
Witnesses: 2 or more

Alan said he as never reported anything before but felt he had to report this sighting. He said he saw 8 orange stars and these stars where moving south east. "I have never seen orange stars fly by before." "Do you get many reports of orange flying stars at all?" He also said he reported it to the 1900 number and had to pay to talk. Ross told him they where garbage bags. Alan said they didn't look like garbage bags to him. Robert Frola AUFORN

02.11.99 ROWVILL, VIC 2115hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 0361)
Shape: No clear shape
Size: of 2 stars
Objects: 1
Colour: Bright white star like with red light
Sound: None
Speed: Faster than a plane
Direction: North
Witnesses: 2 or more

Darren said: "I had been watching the object with my girlfriend on the drive way of our house. It was a clear night so we thought we would sit outside and this was when I noticed a star like object but it was bigger than a star. It was doing zig zags in the sky, clockwise first then anti-clockwise. We looked at each other in amassment, I believe in UFOs but never thought I would see one."

Comment: Darren was observing the object while I was talking to him on the phone. I asked him if he had a video camera he said he thought he had but couldn't find it. I told him to tell his girlfriend to call the neighbours out to have a look and see if they could make out what the object could be.

(Q) Darren Could it be a star or the planet Venus
(A) No I'm a keen astronomer and I can tell a planet from a star and star from a plane and this was not a plane, planes don't act like that.

(Q) Do you have a camera I would like you to try and take some photos of it.
(A) I have taken around 6 photos I could see it the view finder I hope I held the camera firm enough to get a good shoot.

Darren said he would send a copy of the photos to us when gets them developed.

Still under investigation Diane Harrison AUFORN

23.11.99 CENTRAL COAST, NSW 2125-2139hrs (NL)
(Source: e-mail report)
At the time of between 9.25 & 9.30pm on the Central coast of NSW I was out my back yard & saw 3 lights in the sky in the colour of whitish red in colour travelling at the same distance apart. From what it looked, they were exactly the same distance apart as you could imagine. We only saw them for about 10 seconds and they were gone.

21.12.99 GOULBURN, NSW 1522hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code)
Duration of sighting: 6 seconds
Lights colour: silver grey
Apparent size: l dinner plate
Shape: cylindrical
Noise: No
Objects: 1
Activity when seen: Outside feeding her dogs
Other witnesses: 1

Ken was gardening when he noticed a large round silver object appearing to be about the size of a dinner plate. It was moving very slowly and was too high for a blimp. Ken has always had a keen interest in aviation and is familiar with craft and flight paths. There was no noise and the object grew smaller as it moved away during the 6 or 7 minutes it was observed. Ken was able to raise the attention of someone else who was also able to observe. The object was heading West when lost from view. Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW

03.01.00 MELBOURNE (CROYDON), VIC 0217hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 00464)
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes
Lights colour: orange
Apparent size: very large
Shape: Star
Noise: No
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see: outside in his backyard
Other witnesses: No

Above Melbourne, Croydon, right on midnight, what looked to be a very large, bright at times, orange orbiting....something, until about half way across the sky it took off to the west(it was going south to north) This repeated several times in a slightly different heading each time. It was plainly visible to the naked eye. Any one else see this? Alice Mitchel AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 2826)
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes
Lights colour: orange lights
Apparent size: large star
Shape: Star
Noise: No
Objects observed: 2
Activity when see: outside in his backyard
Other witnesses: No

Alec was outside in his backyard late one evening when he noticed two bright orange star like objects moving towards him from the north. He watched them pass over Port Pirie silently and slowly, moving south and away from the town. He thought they may have been aircraft, but had never seen aircraft with one orange light. What changed his mind was; they both suddenly turned right on an acute angle heading east. He said he had seen many planes bank left or right but that this was a very sharp turn. Very unlike an aircraft. He has thought about this incident often and finally decided to report it. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

30.05.01 SYDNEY (COLLAROY), NSW bet.2000-0000hrs (NL/CE1)
(Source: UFO Society of Western Sydney)
On 30th May 2001 Phil, Laszlo and myself decided to go on a night survey trip to Long Reef at Collaroy. We arrived there at around 6:00pm (after assessing another sight at Collaroy beach) and set up near the very edge of a cliff. The view towards the north was brilliant, however the view of the east was slightly obstructed by bushy vegetation. The night was slightly hazy with a cold southeasterly breeze. There was quite a lot of air traffic up until 6:45pm when it seemed to ease off. That was when we first noticed something unusual between Bungan Head and Bangalley Head at Avalon.

A glowing bright orange globular appeared over a reserve from virtually nowhere. It seemed to hover for a few minutes before it slowly began to descend over a dark region (reserve). It seemed awfully close to the trees to be a conventional aircraft. Through the binoculars one could see the orange light reflection on the trees that was emitted by the object. We watched it for around three to four minutes before it disappeared. Now I had my suspicions that it could have been a helicopter of some kind. But it wasnít until the unprecedented event occurred at 8:15pm that would make me think otherwise. What happened next would strike at us with total awe.

Approximately north-northeast a bright halo appeared in the mist around 10 degrees above the ocean. This entity faded and reappeared three or four times before it gradually descended into view. Again we noticed a bright orange globular, more brilliant than before. As I grabbed the binoculars, I noticed something that astounded me beyond belief. The object first appeared in an elongated cylindrical shape. However as it began to turn I then saw the big picture; a large half moon shape object at an approximate 120 degree angle. The object slowly distanced itself heading north and loosing altitude at the same time. It appeared to have disappeared in a fashion I could not explain any other way but submerging into the ocean. We then lost sight of it for the rest of the night.

The final encounter lasted for around five minutes. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

11.06.01 SYDNEY (NEWPORT BEACH), NSW 2100hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 1492)
Activity when seen: walking dog
Other witnesses: No

Apparently Steve contacted us due to the newspaper article in the Manly Daily. On Monday June 11th 2001 at around 9.00 p.m he was walking his dog on the beach at Newport. He noticed the same phenomena as that mentioned in the article. I spoke to his girlfriend about this and left a message for him to call, but he has not done so to date. Karen Burden AUFORN NSW

02.07.01 LOCATION UNSTATED 2330hrs (CE1)
(Source: Anthony James, UK e-mail:
The witness reports, "We were sitting outside having a game in the back yard on July, 2, 2001, we all quickly glanced up as something reflected into our eyes almost stopping our vision for a bit." There was a triangular (flat equilateral triangle) craft moving across the sky at 11:30 PM. We live next to an airfield but we didn't know what to make of it. Therefore, we carried on playing our game. Fourteen minutes later it came back again, but going the other way. It would occasionally float across and then vanish again, but this time it was closer. We rung the airfield and they said that there was only something reflecting and they couldn't make out what it was. We started to get very nervous and scared so we went inside and observed outside while watching TV. Nothing happened until about 17 minutes later when the TV went off, the phone started ringing and the fax came through with all types of weird stuff. I have the fax to prove it. Our cell phones went dead and we saw it again but this time it was hovering right over our house, it slowly picked up speed flew over some trees and we never saw it again. We live in the country so there are a few valleys it could have gone down and hidden. We saw a group of jets fly over the valley just as the craft vanished.

22.01.03 TRANMERE, SA 2015hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2828)
Duration of sighting: 15-20 seconds
Lights colour: no lights
Apparent size: large star
Shape: Star
Noise: No
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see: outside in her backyard
Other witnesses: 1 Tony

Connie was outside in her backyard late afternoon early evening when she noticed two bright stars. A third one appeared but was moving towards the east. She watched the object for around 20 seconds until it disappeared over the horizon. She did not think it was an aircraft, because it was too high, but she also has her doubts it was a satellite Connie is familiar with satellites and thought this one was slightly larger and on a different heading. Trajectory: Heading easterly at 70o but on an angle heading downward towards horizon Conditions: Clear and still light. The 2 brightest stars were just becoming visible when this object was sighted. Reportee is familiar with satellites and thought this one was slightly larger and on a different heading. Connie felt it was too low to be in space and too high for an aircraft. I asked her to look again at the same time for a few days to see if she catches another glimpse of this object. Then I think we can put it down to a satellite (I think that is probably what she saw). Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

09.02.03 SYDNEY (KINGS CROSS), NSW 1630hrs (CE2)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2845)
Duration of sighting: 1-2 seconds
Lights colour: no lights
Apparent size: About the size of a car
Shape: Knob or helmet shaped object with one or two occupants
Noise: silent
Objects observed: 1
Activity when see: Painting Roof
Other witnesses: none

James is an artist who lives in Kings Cross. He was painting on the rooftop of his apartment block when he 'felt' something watching him. Looking up, he saw a metallic 'knob' or 'helmet' shaped object, about the size of a car, hovering directly above him. He could "see" one occupant, a "cloaked" figure, although the object had no windows; this "seeing" was more a feeling, and James was in fact sure there where two such figures in the object although he could only "see" one. The object vanished after about one or two seconds, James thinks in response to his looking up at it. There was no suggestion that it went anywhere, it just instantly disappeared.

James had no active interest in UFOs or the paranormal before the incident. Afterwards he consulted a book he had about UFOs where he found some photos that where similar to the object he saw, and from where he may have found the terms "knob-like" and "helmet-like". He was not disturbed by the incident, and reported it because he felt it should be reported.

He knows of no other witnesses but wonders if people in nearby apartments saw it too. Ralph Bergmann AUFORN NSW

18.02.03 PERTH (ASCOT), WA 1945hrs (NL)
(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2858)
Duration: 5-6 minutes
Lights/Colour: First - just like Venus, Second - 3 orange lights in 'a line' Second - 'At least' three times as large as first craft
Shape: First - like a large star - cigar shaped ( rectangular)
Noise: No discernible noise
Object: 3
Activity when seen: out jogging
Other witnesses: No

Curtis, a very articulate young man explained that he was jogging later than he usually does (he had a 'feeling' to go later rather than at his usual time around 5:30p.m) when he observed the lights in the sky. He noticed that other people had stopped what they were doing and were also watching the activity. He didn't speak with them, as he wanted to jog home faster and get his camera and film the activity. He said he became 'tingly' when he felt the craft were following him. He said that he 'had a feeling they were really watching me' and 'that they were really following me' He also got the impression that 'they really wanted him to see them'. He is unsure what made him change his jogging routine on that day, just that he 'had to'. There were planes flying that night in the same vicinity and Curtis assured me that they would have seen 'something', The planes were higher than the craft. As Curtis jogged downhill on his way home, the trees obscured his view and he lost sight of the craft. He did return later to film, but saw nothing.

This reportee told me that because he had seen this activity on at least several occasions (with other witnesses) that he was sure that he was meant to see 'them'. He had sighted something similar in Huntingdale (a suburb of Perth) 'heaps of times' and on one occasion witnessed the craft with three lights change from a rectangle into a right-angled vehicle making it triangular.

Curtis is keen on followup, and is very happy to hear from anyone who would like to hear 'straight from the horses mouth' about what he saw and how he felt . He feels that this is a spiritual experience and is super keen to learn more about the phenomena. Tracy Jackson AUFORN WA

21.02.03 MANDURAH, RAVENSWOOD, WA 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2828)
Duration of sighting: 3-4 minutes
Lights colour: A 'dim ball of light' Second craft - colour indistinguishable - 'a light'
Apparent size: First like Venus size of a button' Second considerably smaller than the
Shape: First - circular, Second - ball of light
Noise: No discernible
Obects: 3
Activity when seen: Out filming Alcoa Smelter Tower
Other witnesses: Wife
It was a pleasure to speak with this reportee regarding his experience. He was amazed that at his age, there was 'still so much to see and learn'. On this Friday night, Mr W was watching a video with his wife Marion. He was very unsettled and restless that evening (for no apparent reason) and so he decided to take his Panasonic Video recorder outside, to shoot footage of the Alcoa Smelter Tower that he is able to see from his residence. He turned the video camera on and pointed it to the sky and saw a very clear night sky, but as soon as he tried to film East (where Alcoa is situated) the screen turned white. He moved the camera around, and it was ok, but again, as soon as he tried to film east the camera screen turned white. He was very concerned that his video cam was 'out of order' and put it down. As he tried to logically think why the cam-corder didn't work in that direction, the 'button craft' expelled the smaller craft and he cried for his wife Marion to 'come take a look at this'. Marion sighted the activity as well and they watched the smaller craft 'zoom around' for a couple of minutes and then join several other small craft which at this stage were just hovering. Mr & Mrs W the saw the larger craft start to move slowly, then speed off at a phenomenal rate, and they both decided to go back indoors. On speaking with Mr W today (23/2/03) he is unsure why he didn't watch what happened to the smaller craft - he just 'felt' he should now go inside.

He did share a story with me which he believes is related to the previous day's episode. Mr W was watching TV on the 22nd February the day after the sighting when he saw a picture of his wife Marion on the actual TV screen staring at him. He couldn't believe what he saw, as he said "she was on the telly'. He tried to work out logically how reflections work, but noticed that his wife wasn't even wearing the same clothes. He didn't mention to her about the clothes, until later when Mrs W was getting dressed to go to Mahjong that she put on exactly the same clothes that he had seen earlier in the day on the TV screen. He said it was like a pre recognitive thing ' de ja vu' almost, but to the bursting point!
He also said that he felt that he felt the sighting was too much for his brain to absorb and that's probable why he went inside. He then shared his sighting experience with a 'chap that's right into astronomy' and he told me to report the sighting. 'I didn't even know there were such things' he said. Tracy Jackson AUFORN WA

(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2863)
Duration of sighting: 4 seconds
Lights colour: V shape it had three white lights
Apparent size: 1klm wide
Shape: V Shape
Noise: No
Objects: 1
Activity when see: Walking back to resident.
Other witnesses: No

Tony was in Maroochydore and was walking on the beach with his partner. The time was around 8.30pm. They were looking up at the stars when all of a sudden they saw a V Shape UFO sort of like a Bow (as in Bow and Arrow )Tony said. There was no noise, it appeared from no where, like one second it was there and about four seconds it was gone. Its was very large Tony claims about 1klm Wide. He said it was about 150 ft in the air and it was over the ocean in the East. It was grey in colour and had three white lights one each side and one in the middle. The sighing only lasted about four second and it just vanished. As if clocked, Tony was staying at the caravan park for the week-end and on the walk back from the beach about 10 minutes away from the beach, all of a sudden he looked back and saw a V shape light coming straight at him but it was very small about 4ft wide. It just kept coming at him and as it got about 2ft in front of him it just vanished. I have asked Tony if he would be interested in coming to our UFO public meeting to share his experience with others, he is going to think about it. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

05.03.03 O'SULLIVIAN BEACH, SA 2230-2330hrs (NL)
(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2875)
Duration of sighting: 15 seconds
Lights colour: bright strobing light, intermittent flashes
Apparent size: larger than a regular satellite
Shape: Star like
Noise: No
Objects: 1
Activity when see: outside to sit and have a coffee
Other witnesses: daughter

Ann had gone outside to sit and have a coffee on the western side of their beach front home when she noticed a bright flash of white light out to sea and above the water on the horizon. This was then followed a few seconds later by another flash and so on until the object disappeared after about 15 seconds. Ann called her 16-year-old daughter who also saw this. It was too fast for a plane and too close for a satellite. She also brought up an event 20 years earlier on the south coast of SA when she and a friend witnessed a large triangular shaped object, defined by a row of red lights down each "wing" at Cape Jervis. This un-nerved them enough to go straight home. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

25.03.03 MELBOURNE (FERNTREE GULLY), VIC 1520hrs (Identified as Canopus)
(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2897)
This lady was watching an object....which is very low in the south western sky in the early hours of the morning. She saw it a couple of nights (mornings) in a row which just confirms that it's not any UFO. Canopus is large, bright, low (at present) and continually changes the lady reported. Any movement would have been natural....and scintillation accounts for most of it. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

28.03.03 FALCON, WA 2235hrs (NL)
(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2845)
Duration of sighting: 6 seconds Lights colour: Yes white/yellow glowing with halo Apparent size: large with tail Shape: same as if you held a 5c piece at arms length Noise: none Objects: 1 Activity when seen: Outside feeding her dogs Other witnesses: No

Object shot from east-west in approximately 6 seconds, tail still in east Weather conditions at time of sighting: very few clouds, lovely clear evening Additional Info: Sally advised that she was not on drugs, had no alcohol in her blood. I'm not a convicted lunatic and was certain that this object moved faster than anything she had ever seen before. It glowed with lights, and even though the speed was apparent, the tail of object was still in the east just showing how large the object was! She is aware of an earlier flare in the area, but wanted me to note that she is aware of what a flare looks like, and how slow they are, and it was in no way comparative to what she had seen. She was outside feeding her dogs at the time. No-one else in the house saw this, and none of her neighbours had either. She is very keen to find out exactly what it was so that she can tell all of her interested friends and family. Rachel Hawkes AUFORN WA

31.03.03 HOBART (SWANSEA), TAS 1650hrs (DO)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses were fishing on a beach south of Swansea on a fine clear afternoon with blue skies, one witness noticed something white and black out over the sea. The two witnesses took a closer look at a bright silver spherical object with a dark shadow on its trailing side. It had the appearance of a full moon size in the sky at an elevation of about 45 degrees. The object was moving steadily north out over the water without any apparent sound, no wings, tails etc could be seen. The object after 1 to 2 minutes seemed to just disappear in the northern sky, although one of the witnesses thought it went down and up again before stopping in the sky before just disappearing. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

31.03.03 TUNBRIDGE, TAS 2115hrs (NL)
(Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Motorist travelling north on the Midland Highway caught sigth of some lights just after passing the little town of Tunbridge. Two bright white flashing lights were visible to the right (north-east) of the highway, the lights were side by side and at a fair elevation. Traffic ahead disappeared into the distance as the witness slowed right down and opened the driver's window. As the witness watched the lights in one continous movement became one light and streaked downwards like a shooting star. The same or similar lights were now visible just above a paddock not far from the road. However, as the witness moved slowly on the lights wre obscured by a rise in the ground. The witness hurried on home to contact the Centre. Still under investigation but to date no aircraft or local explanation has been uncovered. Keith Roberts TUFOIC

21.05.03 BRISBANE (ASHGROVE), QLD 1945hrs (NL)
(source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number-Callin Code 2967)
Kim said that she saw a very bright light in the lower sky on Wednesday night (21.5.03) at about 7.45pm. She said it was a ball of red (looked like it was on fire at the front, with green and bright white light at the back. No sound. It was travelling in a South-westerly direction. The object was about tree height when she saw it travel along until her vision was obstructed by more trees. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD


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