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Issue 37
October 2003

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
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01.07.99 TOWNSVILLE, QLD 2148hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 00200)
Robert said he saw 3 very bright yellow golden lights. The first one came in from the north and hovered over the top of Castle Hill which is in the center of town, then a 2nd light came in to join the other one "then a third light came and joined the two. They stayed there for approximately 10 minutes "wow" the whole town must have seen them. They faded out one by one, then nothing. Robert Frola AUFORN

(Source: AUFORN Independent Investigation)
Time: DUSK The sun had just set behind MT Wetheren but its bright glow was still well above the skyline.

Place of sighting From the verandah for our house, situated on the Eastern range of Canungra Valley. The house is about 300 meters up the slope from the road. It overlooks Canungra creek and National Park Road, with a clear view of approximately three or four kilometers up the valley towards O'Reilly's. Our house faces Mount Wetheren which forms part of the great Western Range of Canungra valley. There is only a limited view looking towards Canungra township because of trees.

The sighting- Jim was on the verandah when he noticed bright lights coming down the valley from the direction of O'Reilly's. He watched the lights slowly approaching, thinking it was a plane, until he realized there was no sound. He called to me 'Phyl come quick and have a look at this.' The urgency in his voice made me hurry onto the verandah. From our elevated position on the slop of the hill, I saw this huge object slowly cruising towards us then past us at eye level. It was very close, about 200 meters away.. It was eerie, because there was no sound, just this huge thing gliding past. I had never seen anything like it. The lower section was well defined but the top was impossible to see, because of the glare, it was blinding. I thought at the time, that the glow of the setting sun was reflecting on it.

The part that I could see was like the brim of hat with a row of glowing windows on top of it. The light in the window was whiter and more brilliant than any fluorescent light I have ever seen. I cast my eyes along each window to see if there was any figures visible, but there was only glare. I thought there was something unusual about the window, they didn't look right. It cruised past at the equivalent pace of a car going 15 to 20 kph. It's length was longer than a semi-trailer. It was moving in the direction of Canungra Army Camp. It seemed to be following the line of the Canungra Creek and the power lines and the road, which are all in close proximity of each other.

When it was about to go from our view behind trees, I ran to ring my son who lived on the same property, but his wife answered the phone. I told her to look out the window there's a UFO going past. She said 'oh! don't put that rubbish in our heads'. She would have had a clear view of the 'thing' if only she had looked out the window. I was going to ring Canungra Police but I thought "Who would believe me'.

WE didn't have a film for our camera, therefore we have no photo of the object, yet we had plenty of time to take a photo. Fro months I thought about what we had seen, so in the end I decided to draw what we had witnessed. I could draw the 'brim' and the glare section quite easy. When it came to draw the window section I was stumped, I couldn't work out what was so unusual about them, and why I couldn't draw them. It wasn't until I saw an article on UFO's in the Sunday mail dated 11 August 1996 Did I realize what was unusual about the windows. They were not in a straight line like we are used to seeing on a train of a plane. I had never seen circular windows before I often wonder if anyone else saw the object that evening, but like me didn't report it. Robert Frola/Diane Harrison AUFORN

1983 ASHBURTON, VIC 2300hrs (CE1)
(Source: AUFORN Independent Investigation)
UFO Sighting 1983 Ashburton Vic (NL)

Sighting_Time: 11.00 p.m
Sighting_Duration: 5 min

Mr. Phila a labourer observation: At the time I was in the Army reserves, I was dropped off this night and began walking home (1/2) mile. I still don't know why but I looked up to the sky I saw what looked like 2 car headlights in the sky. A the time I didn't think much of it, but then I saw them moving and I thought Helicopter. But I saw that it had no shape, but the area around it was very dark, darker than the sky. This object seemed to be following me. By this time I was starting to get frightened so I ran home. I never told anyone about this for fear of ridicule, I was later shocked to read in the paper 2 or 3 days later that a similar thing was chased by police on the same night.

Description: It was silent but was darker than the night sky. No other witnesses.

Size, it looked fairly large, I would say about the size of small plane at 200 feet it came from the East and went North and was the size of the moon. Diane Harrison AUFORN

(Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form)
Occupation: Clerk
Sighting Duration: 10 to 20 seconds
Location: Walcha Rd heading West about 20 to 30 minutes before Walcha.
Apparent Size: Medium bus
Altitude: Directly above power lines, 20 to 30 M
Object Origin: East
Object Destination: West
Moon Visible: No moon light scattered cloud

I was driving to Armidale from the East coast along the Walcha Rd and had reached the undulating land at the top of the plateau. The engine of the VW Transporter gradualy lost power and the lights dimmed as a UFO, about the size of two large shipping containers, passed me moving directly above the power lines on my right hand side, it continued along above the power lines and was soon out of sight. the power to the engine returned as the object moved away. As was travelling at 100Kph at the time and slowed to about 80Kph with the loss of power I estimate the speed of the object to be around 200Kph. The only sound apart from the road noise of the moving van was the sound of "air being displacedby the object of that size" Description: The object glowed a pale neon red and blue along the outline of its shape which resembled two square pyramids joined at the base. the object seemed semi opaque with a milky glow, it gave the illusion of rotating end over end but could have been due to my changing viewpoint as the object passed. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

(Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form)
The same witness to the February 1983 nr. Armidale (Walcha Rd) NSW 2230hrs CE1 incident, related the following experience

I once met a group of strangely dressed people who seemd to be observing a house in Naremburn in 1979 when I was about 17 years of age. the people were of slight build and wore suits simmilar to those worn by Cathy Freeman at the Olympics. the suits were grey and covered what looked like backpacks on two people the others had small hand held devices. Some were cruoching and some standing behind trees on both sides of the street. I heard the nearesd one speak to me and ask who I was ,I didnt see the persons lips move and seemed to hear the question in my head. Thats when it got too weird and I ran home in fright. I had thought of this event as some alien encounter for some years following but with the passing of years I have considered the idea that these people were humans from some future time. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 00000?)
Duration: 5 minutes until lost sight of
Object: 2 x Star like bright orange lights, about the size of a large star
Movement: Slow across the sky
Trajectory: First North to south, then did an acute right angled turn heading east. Reportee thought that a plane would bank, but not do such a sharp turn
Conditions: Clear.

Alec, aged 49, was outside in his backyard late one evening when he noticed two bright orange star like objects moving towards him from the north. He watched them pass over Port Pirie silently and slowly, moving south and away from the town. He thought they may have been aircraft, but had never seen aircraft with one orange light. What changed his mind was; they both suddenly turned right on an acute angle heading east. He said he had seen many planes bank left or right but that this was a very sharp turn. Very unlike an aircraft. He has thought about this incident often and finally decided to report it. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

ca. MARCH 2000 CANBERRA, ACT 1730-1830hrs (CE1)
(Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form)
Mr. L, occupation Bartender, observation: I was stuck in traffic on my way to a rugby match at Canberra Stadium. It was still light out, but approaching sunset. I looked out the window into the sky and saw a obviously metallic, circular object making it way slowly across the sky at high altitude. The sun was glinting off it. I thought it must have been a balloon of some sort as it's pace was slow and constant. I was still watching it about a minute later when it suddenly zoomed off at an incredible speed towards the horizon. Literally a second later it was gone. It struck me as strange as balloons don't usually increase speed like a cannonball.

Description: Metallic, circular. It was too high to see any other details.

Location: Aranda/Bruce ACT. It was about the size of a commercial jet when they pass over at very high altitudes and at that altitude it had to be at least as large as a truck, almost certainly bigger. The object was about cruising altitude of commercial jets, it came from the west travelling East. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

11.12.02 bet. COBAR & WILCANIA, NSW 0400hrs (CE1)
(Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form)
Apparent Size: oval or cone shaped
Actual Size: about 3mtrs
Altitude: tree top
Object Origin: west to east

Stepped out of the van on passenger side, and my friend stepped out on the drivers side. An object immediately rose from the ground about 50mtrs away it went at a very fast speed (low) and appeared to land about a1k away. It had brilliant bright blue light, a sort of vapour tail , and made a sssssss......noise. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

12.12.02 bet. SYDNEY (CRONULLA), NSW 0005hrs (NL)
(Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form)
Occupation: Martial arts instructor
Sighting Duration: 2 seconds
Description: The light blue light was kind of pulsating
Location: Due East of Cronulla, Sydney at about a 60 degree angle in
the sky.
Apparent Size: Tennis Ball
Actual Size: It was either huge and a long way away or close near the commercial jet flight path.
Altitude: In the sky at about the height of a plane in a holding pattern Object Origin: It came from Nth to Sth in an elongated upside down 'U' type of curve Object Destination: It appeared to dissapear due East on a rising tradjectory Moon Size Comparison: It looked like a big aircraft that was quite close, except it appeared like a shooting star

Observation: I found you guys on the net. I'm a 42 year old guy whose travelled extensively and well read. Last night or early this morning 12.05 am on 12/12/02 I saw something very unusual. I tried calling the airport and some govt listings and got put on perpetual 'hold' so I thought I'd inquire online.

I live in Sydney up high right on the beach with panoramic ocean views. Over the years from this vantage point I have seen Halley's Comet, the concord, black hawk helicopters and fighter jets. I have also witnessed many Spectacular full moons and electrical storms.

At this particular time last night, I was sitting on a stool in my lounge-room facing the ocean due east and playing guitar in darkness (a pre bed ritual). I just finished a piece and my eye picked up movement in the sky I thought 'shooting St...!' and it was gone.

It was an object that was moving like a shooting star that appeared to be moving from North to South, then East. It was visible for 2 seconds max. Unlike a shooting star (which I have seen many) this object did not travel in a straight line across the sky. The Nth/ Sth trategictory was like an upside down 'U' and the East trajectory seemed a steep 60-degree ascent before it disappeared.

It did not appear or disappear across the horizon. It just appeared and disappeared. It was either quite close as in the jet flight path or it was something huge and far away

Another unusual thing is that the object itself appeared to be dark, yet it was kind of surrounded by a kind of flashing light that alternated light blue and a darker light blue light. The colours were the same as the 2 blues from a flame on a gas stove. I saw 3-4 'flashes'.

The object appeared like a shooting star, it then kind of stopped, blinked a few times and vanished. About 5 minutes after my sighting I saw a small plane fly South/North towards Sydney airport. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

03.01.03 SYDNEY (BRIGHTON LE SANDS), NSW 2155hrs (NL)
(Source: UFORNSW Online Report Form)
Sighting duration: five minutes
Description: they looked exactly like stars except for when the second one shone it's light
Other witnesses: Isabella and Cathy
Apparent size: star
Actual size: They were as high as the stars so it is hard to tell
Object origin: We were looking at Botany Bay and they moved from right to left
Effects psychological: All of us were completely shocked

I was fishing at Brighton Le Sands in Sydney with my girlfriend, my cousin and his wife when my girlfriend noticed what she thought was a shooting star. I told her I didn't think it was a star because it was moving slower than a shooting star but faster than an aeroplane but I knew there was no chance it was a plane because of the height it was at. Then we saw a second one following the path of the first probably only a few seconds behind but this one slowed down and looked like it turned towards us and let out this very bright white light. Then it turned around and kept going. By this time the first one was way ahead.

We didn't know which one to keep our eyes on. I was focused on the second one because of the light that it shone. It was brighter than any star I have ever seen. Then as it was moving through the sky it just disappeared. I tried to find the first one again but the others saw that one disappear as well. I don't know what we saw up there but I'm so glad I wasn't the only one to have seen it. Doug Moffett UFOR(NSW)

21.01.03 DARWIN (WULLAGI), NT (CE4)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 02817)
This woman did not have a UFO to report, but rather wanted someone to talk to about strange incidents with her daughter (4 years old) and the "frogmen".

Julie T is speaking on behalf of a friend called Axxx aged 40. Axxxx is unable to relay her story as she has a speech impediment.

Julie called mainly to report an unusual occurrence with her friend Axxx's daughter.

Rxxx is 4 years old and declared to her mother and friend last week that the frog men came and visited her again.

When the adults asked her to explain the child said, the frogmen (3) came through her window in a mist and saw her again. They have big eyes and frog skin. They poke her arms, legs and belly. She tries to wake her mother who sleeps in the bed with her, but she does not wake up. The dog on the floor makes no sound or movement.

When questioned about this turn of events the mother said she heard noises, the bushes outside the window were "rustling" and the dog was unusually quiet, but that she was paralyzed and had no other recollection of events that night.

The women examined the area around the window and found a scorch mark on the lawn (brown mark) and foliage on the trees had been burnt.

Recently Axxx (mother) had a TB X-ray. The doctor found a small white square, embedded in the tissue between her armpit and breast. Although he thought this unusual and Axxx had no memory of trauma to this area, the doctor assured her it was nothing to worry about. Debbie Payne AUFORN SA

27.06.03 BYRON BAY (nr. BANGALOW), NSW 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: E-mail Report via 30.06.03)
I observed what was probably a UFO at about 7.30 pm 27 June east of Byron Bay. I was at a wake with family members near Bangalow & sat on the verandah for almost half an hour looking at what I thought was Mars which is brighter than it has been for 70,000 years, as astronomers report. It was as bright as Venus and a beautiful amber/orange sparkling colour. I was surprised that Mars had risen so early & was so bright as I have been looking at it on some nights previously. Mars is steadily getting brighter each evening & I was delighted to see how bright it had become, thinking that all the rain the day before had really cleaned the air.

I watched it for about 20 minutes then called my family & others over to view the spectacle of a brilliant Mars not all that high above the eastern horizon and when they came out I was shocked that it had gone even though I had only taken my eyes off it for a couple of minutes. I felt a bit foolish enticing them out into the cool evening & then not being able to show them anything. The real planet Mars rose into the sky in about the same place an hour or so later and was only half as bright as the object that I had watched & admired for so long. Gary Opit

03.07.03 GOLD COAST (COOLANGATTA), QLD 1700 & 1900hrs (CE1) (Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03028) Julian stated he observed a large, long object travelling at a speed of about 20 knots and below the ionisphere, heading out to Ballina/Kingscliffe area.

As he lives parallel to Coolangatta airport he is used to seeing planes everyday etc. but observed this object to be metallic, and maybe 200m in height with a huge flame trailing that looked like a jet afterburn but x 200 in size. Julian also observed the same object at 7 p.m. but stated the object was moving about 100 knots. Didn't know what it was, states it wasn't an aeroplane, blimp or meteor, as he is a pilot he has seen most phenomena. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

20.07.03 MERIMBULA (TULA BEACH), NSW 2130-2230hrs (CE1)
(Source: Merimbula News Weekly 23.07.03)
Two Tura Beach residents are seeking an explanation for curious light phenomena they witnessed in the southwestern sky on Sunday night. Baden Cameron and his neighbours Tom and Yvonne Scott watched the rotating light disk, which varied from circular to elliptical, for about an hour between 9.30 and 10.30pm. "It was a flat spinning disk that I calculated was moving at about 30 revolutions per minute," Mr Cameron said. "I am a UFO sceptic and it was clearly man-made, but we have not been able to come up with an explanation for what caused it. "If anyone can shed any light on what caused the strange light display we'd like to hear from them." Mr Cameron said the light appeared to be reflected off the heavy stratocumulus cloud cover. "But there was no obvious sign of a laser display or search light operating,"

Mr Cameron said. "It disappeared about midnight." He said the light was at an angle of about 70 degrees on the south western side of Merimbula and occupied about eight or nine degrees of sky. "It was very much larger for example than a full moon," he said. Mr Cameron, an experienced ocean sailer, said the source of the light was not a lighthouse and he did not believe it was an aurora. "The fact that it has not been reported elsewhere suggests it was localised," he said. "We thought there might have been something happening at Magic Mountain, or that it may have been caused by the lights on the new Vodafone tower, but both those explanations seem unlikely."

31.07.03 MELBOURNE (SWANPOOLE), VIC 1801hrs (possible meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03059)
Shape: Round, with small tail behind.
Size: Described as the size of a golf ball compared to stars being 'pin prick' sized
Objects: One
Colour: First appeared as 'a white intense heat, then a 'red heat' then black as the flames went out.
Sound: Nil
Speed: Described as very fast.
Direction: Fell from sky towards the ground.
Witnesses: Nil

Deirdre was driving home from work, when she glanced at the clock in her car to see the time as 6:01pm. Deirdre then glanced up towards the sky to see a 'fire ball' heading towards the ground, it seemed to glow white with an appearance of intense heat it also had a small tail behind it. The object seemed to be the size of a golf ball to Deirdre. As the object got closer to the ground it changed colour from white to an intense red and then finally to black as the flames seemed to go out. It was then that Deirdre noticed that the objects shape was round. Deirdre then lost site of the object. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03058)
Around the beginning of August one night about 8.0pm in Dural, Bruce happened to look up. A bluey green object was crossing the sky travelling from north to south above the eastern horizon. At first Bruce thought it was an aircraft but realised it was travelling too fast. He said it was the size of a 20 cent coin held at arms length and left a slight trail behind it. It was moving at nearly 90 degrees above his head and took about 8 seconds to disappear over the southern horizon. Bruce tried to ring the aircraft control tower but it was a busy night and he couldn't get through. He has come to the conclusion it must have been a meteorite, but it is not easily identifiable without the exact date. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

27.08.03 SYDNEY (BONDI), NSW 2021hrs (possible meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03066)
Silvia lives in Bondi opposite the Tasman Sea. At the time of her report her father was visiting from overseas. On 27th August 2003, at approximately 8.20pm Silvia came home to find her father startled. He was staring at a bright, yellow light low in the eastern horizon (approximately 20 degrees east). It appeared to be at least double or triple the magnitude of Mars, produced no sound and remained stationary for a considerable period of time. Silvia claims that her father has a sceptical point of view towards anything out of the ordinary, obviously taking second hand information into account. However, whatever the identity of this anomaly was and what ever it did it was enough to alarm him. According to Silvia, the object appeared from virtually ’Äòno where’Äô and was hovering in one place for around 10 minutes before she arrived home to find her father in a state of distress.

Because of Silvia’Äôs vantage point, she frequently sees approaching and departing aircrafts from Mascot. But she had never seen anything like this. For the next 10 minutes, Silvia and her father were trying to put reason behind this mysterious light form. They assessed the night sky carefully, pin pointing the bright celestial objects such as Mars (in opposition at the time) and then the anomaly just vanished without any trace. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

03.09.03 GOLD COAST (LABRADOR), QLD 1200hrs (DO)
(Source: E-mail Report via 03.09.03)
At midday on Wednesday, 3 September 2003 whilst stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Marine Parade and Gold Coast Highway, Labrador, and looking out of my open driver's side window at the Broadwater on a cloudless day, with no other cars passing, my eyes were attracted to a bright light a couple of hundred metres away and about 50 metres above the water. It looked like the sun was reflecting off of a solid object such as a hovering aircraft which at first I thought must be a helicopter. As I gazed at the object, which was stationary, I realised that it was identical to the "scoutship" photographed by George Adamski on 13 December 1952. It was domed on top and with a flanging bell-shaped base.

I thought that it was probably just an illusion of the sun shining off the side of a helicopter when it suddenly vanished & I expected to see the dark shape of a known aircraft but there was nothing in the sky at all. It then occurred to me that there was also no sound of an aircraft such as a helicopter hovering over the water. I watched for a while but nothing reappeared. Gary Opit

04.09.03 IPSWICH (BERGINS HILL), QLD 0930hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03089)
Roy was outside in the yard and spotted a huge round shaped, bright orange object. He estimates it was travelling at about 28,000 feet. The object was travelling north in a straight line heading towards Somerset Dam. He mentioned that it's travelled at a speed much faster than a plane and whilst following it's line of flight he blinked and it was gone. He states it was far too big and fast to be a weather balloon.

Sounds very similar to object sighted near Wivenhoe Dam in the same week. Duration of sighting: 5 minutes. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

11.09.03 BRISBANE (MT. COOTHA), QLD 2023hrs (DO) (Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03104) Helen was on her back veranda facing south and observed a large golden glowing object with a tail which she presumed to be a meteor travelling at speed. The tail shortened in length as it travelled towards the moon.
She observed that at arms length the object was say from 11 - 1 o'clock in length and had 2 or 3 major burn sites coming off it.

I telephoned the Met Bureau who stated that no one had telephoned in with any queries, but the sighing does tie in with a Lowood sighting the same evening that apparently had massive debris. No mention on local new though. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD


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