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Issue 38
December 2003

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


SUMMER 1954. OYSTER COVE, TAS 0530hrs (CE2)
Witness tells of UFO sighting when as a young girl she was assisting her father to bring in the cows for milking. At first there was a low whining noise and the area seemed to be illuminated. Looking up she saw to the east a silver oval shape with a dome above, also there were white and red lights, plus a beam shinning out from below.

The cows were now making a noise and wanted to get out of the cattle pen. The witness opened the gate and the cows took off across the paddock. Meanwhile the witness' father had raced up to the house to get his camera; he then went down the road to the object and took a number of photographs. The noise from the object increased and it shot off in a second out over the sea.

The father had the photographs developed, then contacted someone in authority to report the event. The witness recalls that three men in dark blue serge jackets came in a Humber or Buick car. They demanded that her father hand over the photograph negatives but he refused to do so. The men became threatening but eventually left with prints of the 5 photographs. Some years later the father had a contract to train German shepherd dogs for the Air Force; some mention was made at the time about the photographs. The negatives were put in a safe place but when the 1967 bush fires swept across south-east Tasmania her fathers' house and contents were destroyed. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

(Source: E-mail Report via 20.09.03)
Bill Ireland told me about a holiday he undertook with a mate in his 4 wheel drive to North Qld. On the way back to Sydney driving on an inland country road during daylight in western Qld he felt that he was in danger of falling asleep like his mate beside him had on the long & somewhat dreary return journey. He suddenly awoke to find that he was still driving but 2 or 3 hours had passed and he was some hundreds of kilometres further along the road. He had absolutely no memory at all of having driven that distance during the afternoon & believed that he had fallen asleep at the wheel & that although his conscious brain had stopped operating he believed his brain had operated on automatic and he had continued to drive the car while asleep. Gary Opit

(Source: E-mail Report via 20.09.03)
Another story related to me by a friend around about the same time was that they were driving across the Sydney Harbour bridge during daylight when the next thing they knew they had driven all the way across Sydney much further than they had intended to go. Four of them were in the car & none had any memory of anything after being half way across the bridge. Gary Opit

The witness and a friend were out shooting at night. A round white light above a hill to their east caught their attention. The light was travelling quite fast at tree top height towards the witnesses. Then it slowed down and appeared to stop before moving upwards some 200m. Next it moved back away to the east before dropping down to its initial elevation, once more it approached the witnesses before stopping for a few seconds. The light then departed to the north at high speed being out of sight in seconds. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

27.12.01 BELCONNEN (SCULLIN), ACT Afternoon (DO)
(Source: E-mail Report via
On December 27, 2001, a woman living in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.) spotted two UFOs over Belconnen, which is reputed to be the site of a large NATO underground base.

A. Babbidge reported, "I was having an afternoon nap in the lounge room when I was woken to the sound of an aeroplane circling round near where I live. The plane sounded as if it were an air force (Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF) or army plane such as a Hercules. By the time I got outside, the plane had moved out of sight but I could still hear it."

"I searched the sky for a bit when suddenly I saw, almost above me, a white-silver-grey round object with what looked like small wings or a Saturn shape. It was cruising along much higher than the planes that regularly fly across here. It was steady at all times and made no sound."

"Twenty seconds later, another object--exactly the same-- appeared. The two objects continued in the same direction (east) the same distance apart till I could not see them any more. It looked like they turned very slightly, and it looked like they had two silver headlights." "It took the objects about 50 to 60 seconds" to go west-to-east from horizon to horizon, she added, "And they never changed their position, although initially the second object moved up behind the first object very fast." Ms. Babbidge described the UFOs as "a round Saturn shape with small wing-like protrusions in the middle on each side. They were definitely not in the shape of a plane. It was a clear blue sky and one of the gustiest, windiest days in the (Belconnen) area."

27.06.03 POWRANNA, TAS 0545hrs (CE1)
The witness was on his way to work on a fine clear morning. Initially he saw the glare of an approaching vehicle over the rise ahead. He checked his rear vision mirror and the long straight behind him was empty. However, before the car ahead came into view he checked his mirror again and was surprised to see a bright blue light only 100-150m behind. The witness now glanced back to see a round light about 1m across and about 1m off the road. The witness now dipped his lights and the oncoming vehicle went past, now when he looked behind there was no light.

However, several kilometres further on the witness noticed a bright blue light coming around the curve behind and moving up fast to the rear of his vehicle. The witness was puzzled by the fact that the light did not emit any glare or light up his car. He now slowed down to 80 kph waiting for the light to go past but it just stayed behind. The witness now turned right at a road junction and took the opportunity to look back along the highway he had just left, but there was nothing to be seen.

The Centre heard third hand of other similar events on the highway but is unable to follow up these reports. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

JULY 2003 nr.GAWLER, SA 2000hrs (NL)
I do not know if this relevent but in July while I was seeing my friend off at approximately 9.00pm on a thursday night, we both noticed some red lights in the night sky. We live in South Australia near Gawler, the lights were in the northern part of the sky, upon us (plus three children of our own) looking at them for a period of time to see if they were planes from the nearby Edinburgh Airbase and noticing them to be stationary I went inside to grab my video camera to get some footage. I have taken about 4 to 5 minutes of footage but it is a bit shaky but the lights are clearly visable. We have not either of us bothered about this until now , It seems that no-one else has reported a sighting of the three red lights either. Brad Mildern (Independent Investigator)

08.07.03 LEGANA, TAS 2120hrs (NL)
Several people were out for an evening walk when a bright area of light was noticed on a group of nearby trees; the source of the light was not evident at this time. Soon after a bright round orange light was seen to the south-east, the light looked to be about 3 times an average star size. The silent light was stationary for several minutes at a 35 degree elevation. Then it started to move slowly away to the south towards Launceston gaining elevation as it receded into the distance. In a few minutes it was twice as high in the sky and was lost from sight. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

27.07.03 BRISBANE (DINMORE), QLD 1445hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 030....) I had just come back from shopping when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a bright light in the sky. I stopped turned around for a better look and watched the object for around five minutes.

The object was grey metallic in colour the size of a small pea at arms length. She rang the Brisbane control tower but they were not keen to comment. Witness said she thought it may have been a plane with its lights on but ruled that out when the object stayed in the same position for five minutes. Witness said the object just suddenly vanished. Still under investigation. Diane Harrison AUFORN

28.07.03 BRISBANE (REDLAND BAY), QLD 1845hrs (Possible Meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03052) Mark saw bright light like a star in the sky in the North East position, it got bigger and bigger then developed a tail, then when it got to about tree height it broke into orange bits and disappeared. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

15.08.03 BLUE MOUNTAINS, NSW 0130hrs (NL)
(Source: E-mail Report via 15.08.03) Phillip couldn't sleep due to toothache so he decided to get up and go outside to do some sky gazing. To his surprise he saw what looked like an orb like object shrouded in an yellow-white light moving slowly from West to East. At first he tired to identify it by known objects that he knew of but couldn't. The he thought he might be looking at a meteor but it moved fair to slow. Then he thought it was a plane but it had no flashing lights and was far to high and stayed to long.

But what he thought was really strange about the object was it left a strange yellow orange trail behind it. which hung for some time, some what like a contrail but it glowed.

Phillip said: "I thought I was looking at a florescent light glob just floating in the sky because that's what the trail looked like". "It was really strange I've never seen anything like this before so I thought I'd better tell someone."

Duration of sighting approximately 1.15hrs Object size: As big as Mars right now.

22.08.03 SYDNEY (PENRITH), NSW 2220hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03057?)
Phil and his wife Janet live in south Penrith. On the Friday night on 1st August at 9.24pm they noticed a bright object coming from the southwest slowly cruising towards their residence (1) at 10 Gymea Pl, Jamison Town (eastward). Phil panicked, as he had never seen anything like it. Apparently the object appeared to be engulfed in flames. They thought it was a passenger plane on fire so he ran in and alerted his friend/neighbour called 000 and spoke to the local police station. An officer did visit the residence approximately an hour after the event. The anomaly was no passenger plane. He grabbed his video camera and checked to see if it was ready to function; blank tape, battery pack _ charged ready to go. He stormed outside only to discover that the aircraft was now hovering silently above them. No sound from the alleged flames was heard. Phil use to work for the air force as a cook and apparently is quite familiar about 'what's up there', in a conventional sense. Outside and Phil tried to activate his camera, but it was a 'no-go' situation. He couldn't figure out why! So Phil, his wife and neighbour just stood there in awe watching this anomaly hover in total silence. Phil said, "I just knew that they came to watch us and no one else. I don't think anyone else saw it for that reason". He described it as if it was on fire, bright orange, circular and the size of a 'rockmelon' at arms length. According to Phil, it was quite large. The spectacle only lasted for around 2 minutes before the object slowly made its way east (2), towards the freeway while gaining altitude. But grand finale was yet to come. The object then stopped some distance away and began to 'circle' twice in midair. This rapid change in the objects behaviour was totally unexpected. This circular motion before may have been scintillation. The three individuals had their eyes glued on the event, carefully watching every detail. This sudden manoeuvre ended with the object remaining stationary for a few seconds, and then vanished towards the north at an incredible speed (3), i.e. the anomaly flashed off from point in the sky and appeared virtually instantaneously in a different section of the sky (approximately 60 degree angle of travel from south to north).

Phil said, "It was like when you turn the lights off. The object, now at least _ of its original size due to the distance then hovered in the northern region for approximately 2 minutes before slowly ascending towards southeast (4). They shortly lost line of sight due to the obstructing trees.

Apparently the object then reappeared on 22nd August at 9.04pm. This time is was much further away, size of a 50-cent coin at arms length. It came from the lower mountains (southwest). At first Phil thought it was a helicopter. But it stopped and hovered the same way it did 3 weeks earlier. This time Phil was armed with a functioning video camera and was able to obtain few minutes footage. It was bright orange and this time only hovered for a few seconds. It then moved towards the Leagues Club (Northwest) and disappeared out of line of sight.

Phil contacted the authorities and a lady officer did come out to watch the footage. She said that it did appear to be a UFO and suggested that he should get in touch with the 'UFO people'.

I visited Phil and Janet on 8th September and watched the footage taken of the second sighting. Unfortunately due to the cameras minimal light sensitivity and instability it provides no direct evidence of the anomalies characteristics other than being a white circular 'blob' in a dark background. Attila Kaldt UDOSWS

26.08.03 BENDIGO, VIC 2340hrs (NL)
(Source: E-mail Report via 27.08.03)
I went outside to smoke. I study the night sky and am used to seeing the variety of lights evident in the night sky. Last night Tues 26th Aug 03, at 11.40 0pm, I saw a very strange light the like of which I have never seen before.

It was not a commercial flight (I know their times and flight paths) it was not a meteor (it was visible for much longer than the flash of a meteor) It was not a satellite (it did not have the constant linear arc of a satellite) I saw a flashing light in the northerly direction at about 20 degrees.

Nothing strange about that. It was travelling at a very very high speed, which was strange. It was in my estimation at a very very great height, which was also very strange.

So I studied it. It was immediately obvious that it was a different light to anything else I have seen it was faint and I must say, difficult to watch with the naked eye. I have a Telescope, but I would not have been able to track it because of the speed at which it was travelling. I did not believe I had time to get my binoculars as I thought I may lose track of it.

This is the strangest part.

The flashing light, travelling at high speed suddenly darted forward at an even greater speed, so great that the flashing disappeared, then it appeared again well forward from where it disappeared, back to its original but still high speed. It continued to do this darting (for want of a better word) forward for all the time it was visible to me. Peter

(Source: Knox Leader 09/09/2003)
The Boronia Heights Neighbourhood Watch group is dedicated to keeping the streets free of crime. Nowhere in its charter does it mention keeping an eye out for beings from outer space.

But perhaps that should be included after its monthly meeting at Boronia Heights Primary School on August 27 was interrupted by a series of strange lights in the sky. President Frank Gilbert was one of about 30 in the group who saw the lights.

"Some kid had stuck a key in the lock of the hall door and we couldn't unlock it, so we had to have the meeting outside in the cold," Mr Gilbert said.

"Then someone said 'look up there' and we saw this series of lights coming from the north-west. "They came in at a high speed in a group and then they stopped in a straight line. There was no sound coming from them. Nobody was worried, nobody made mention of UFO's or any being from outer space, but they were all interested "

"The lights remained in the sky for about 15mins. Mr Gilbert said he was still unsure of what exactly it was he saw. "They were orange lights, but they weren't helicopters because they tend to have two lights underneath," he said. "I didn't see them disappear, the cloud just rolled in and covered them up so they must have been high up." Clive Edmead

09.09.03 BORALLION, nr LOWOOD, QLD 2040hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 030....)
Louise called to say she had seen a UFO on her way home from shopping last week while driving up the Brisbane valley highway towards Lowood.

Time was 8.40 pm approximately.

Louise said the object was enormous it had a black base and it just covered the entire road. Louise relates back to an object she saw some years ago on the same stretch of road while driving home with her husband and children. A box shaped UFO with a search light on the front and red lights down the side it to also appeared on the same stretch of road.

Louise rang not only to report the UFO from last week but also to inform me her twin sister who Louise consider a skeptic rang her to say "sis your not going to believe this but I saw a UFO while on my way home from work at 8.30 pm Tuesday night". Tracy told Louise she saw the same object over the Borallon area as Louise saw a week ago.

21.09.03 KINGSTON, TAS 0200-0500hrs (NL)
A lone witness was watching the southern sky when he noticed a very bright light low down, he realised that it was slowly gaining elevation in the sky. After about half an hour it was higher overhead. It had changed more to a teardrop shape with a glowing perimeter with a bright light on the top. This object moved around a bit in a confined area until near 5am when it looked to go straight up and disappear in a matter of seconds. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

22.09.03 COPPING, TAS 2300hrs (CE1)
A motorist travelling home to Hobart on the Arthur Highway noticed a nright light mass to the North West. The witness slowed the car down to a halt and wound down the window for a clearer view of the object. A box shape was visible low over a hill ahead; it was outlined by a yellow/white flowing line of light around the box's perimeter. The object was in view for 30 seconds before it rose vertically at great speed and was gone in a few seconds. It moved so fast it was like watching a line of light, then a distant star that dwindled to nothing. Keith Roberts TUFOIC.

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03142)
Fran lives at Proserpine, on 24th October 2003 early evening, Fran and her daughter, were sitting on balcony and saw a orange light coming towards them, it was about the height of a Aircraft but she said it was not one.

Fran said as it came towards her it got bigger and bigger till it was about the size of a cup, it stopped for a little while and then changed direction and disappeared. She said that it looked like a ball out of shape.

Additional Information:
The above was was how Fran described the sighting, she could not tell me the direction it was travelling or speed.

Fran got her husband to bring the video camera and they took a video of it. She is under the impression that you can see sort of windows in the orange ball on the video, however she told me that was only when you zoomed in on the video camera. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD.

01.11.03 SYDNEY (HILLS DISTRICT), NSW 0630hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03147)
On 1st November around 6.30am he witnessed a bright contrail against a red dawn sky. He said that saw the object creating it, which he sighted for around 20 minutes. He had never seen anything like it so he thought it wise to report it just in case. What he saw was a high altitude aircraft, possibly military. Attila Kaldy UFOSWS

11.11.03 CULLEN GULLY (nr. WAGGA WAGGA), NSW 0145hrs (Identified as a Meteor)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03152)
Alan is a truckdriver from Mildura in Victoria who drives interstate. He was driving in Cullen Gully near Wagga Wagga at 1:45am last Saturday along with 5 other trucks. He saw something he described as like a falling star, but it was an unusual colour. It was a bright green colour with a red tinge at the back. The whole sky lit up over Wagga Wagga for about 3-4 seconds.

This is quite consistant for a meteor, and as no other unusual activity was reported Meteor remains the most likely explanation. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

14.11.03 MELBOURNE (BLACKBURN), VIC 2200hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03157)
Jenny and three other people observed an object. This object was quite large, bright and silent. It flew lower than a plane or helicopter, travelled from East to West, travelling very fast, 2 or 3 times faster than a plane. It was very round like a ball, and very bright, it was a white/ yellow colour.

The observers discussed this object for quite some time and could not come up with any answers as to what the object might have been. George Simpson AUFORN VIC


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