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Issue 39
January 2004

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
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(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03188)
My account for about 6 years ago at Medowie, 10.40pm

I had picked my daughter up from work at Raymond Terrace & was driving back home to Medowie. We noticed a very large orange light come from the north travelling to Medowie. This was not an had an orange was not travelling in the ‘normal flight pattern’ for Williamtown Airbase.

As we entered Medowie we noticed that it had come down lower.. nearly to the tree tops in the Medowie State Forest. Then we lost sight of it until we turned into our street. We noticed 2 people standing on a corner pointing to the sky. I did not see the rest but my daughter did. She said “S ## T’ was low, huge orange light with 6 smaller blue lights (3 each side down the bottom.) Then all of a sudden the blue lights took off in different directions into the sky....we fled home. When we got home we looked but couldn’t see anything. I rang Williamtown RAAF base but they didn’t want to talk & suggested that I call the UFO Hotline so I did. Trish AUFORN NSW

18.12.03 SYDNEY (HOMEBUSH), NSW 2330hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03187)
On Thursday 18th December 2003, around 11.30pm Simon and a friend were out on a balcony at their Homebush apartment facing north when they noticed two orange lights approaching from southwest heading northeast. The anomalies were passing directly overhead, their speed estimated to be faster than that of a commercial air flight. What was more peculiar about these anomalies was the motion they were travelling in; according to the witness the light anomalies moved in a “wave-like” fashion, towards and apart from each other, continuously repeating this kind of manoeuvring. It appeared as if one was reflecting a mirror image of itself!

The sighting lasted for about 10 seconds before disappearing approximately 35 degrees of the northeastern horizon.

The anomalies appeared brighter than Mars during opposition and produced no sound that was noticeable. Attila Kaldt UFOSWS

24.12.05 MOREE, NSW 0519hrs (CE1)
(Source: UFO Roundup, John Hayes)
On Wednesday, December 24, 2003, at 5:19 a.m., Yvette Doumbos and her husband “were travelling along the Newell Highway” 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Moree, New South Wales, Australia “when I saw some bright lights falling from the sky,” she reported, “My initial reaction was that a plane was crashing to earth. My husband and I were both yelling, ‘What on earth is that!?’”
”Once the lights reached ground level, they slowly rose up again (maybe 20 feet off the ground--Y.D.) They seemed to hover in and out of trees, so we knew it wasn’t a plane. It seemed to descend up and down in the sky at great speeds and then vanish and re-appear somewhere else in the sky.”

The UFO “had three round white lights and blue flashing ones surrounding the white ones. I kept yelling at my husband to stop the car as it was moving so quickly that I wanted to get a better look. My husband refused to stop, saying, ‘No way...I don’t want to be kidnapped by aliens!’”

”I noticed a few other cars had stopped alongside the road to get a better look at the ‘thing.’ I would love to know if you have any other reportings of this as I was very skeptical of UFOs but know that what I saw this morning was very, very weird.” E-mail Report

25.12.05 WHITTLESEA, VIC ca1400hrs (Photo)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03195)
The witnesses were fishing for sharks about 100-500 meters off the shore when they noticed a strange object hovering above their boat on December 25, 2003, at 11 PM. It was a bright white/blue sphere, with strange magnetic affects such as metal hooks floating in the air. After about 10-20 seconds it seemed to just vanish in a flash of light. Diane Harrison AUFORN

(Source: E-mail Report)
On Saturday evening around 11.00pm my husband and I were camped at Somerset Dam about one hours drive from Brisbane. We decided to do some late night fishing.

About 11.20pm our attention was drawn to several objects flying across the sky. At first we thought they were satellites as we see them often, but these were not going in the same direction. They appeared to come from the east and flying south west. We counted 8 all together, three were much larger than the other five. They seemed to be zigzagging across the sky. Every now and then they would stop and change directions. What was more interesting. Just across the dam from us was a huge spotlight focused on these UFO’s, the light was quite powerful and could not possibly come from an ordinary house power. There were several smaller red lights around the bottom of the large spot light. They could have been about two to three metres in length.

We watched for some time and then just after 1am we saw a plane (air force) fly in the direction of these lights. We then noticed that the spot light went out, around this time. Just after 2.00am we went to bed. We went over the next morning to check out what we saw, but there was nothing, except the area was indented slightly and signs of something or some one was there. We’ve come to the conclusion that maybe the power was being drawn from the power station to have such a strong light and perhaps it was the Airforce doing exercises in this area. What ever it was it certainly got our attention, that is for sure. But over the years we have seen some pretty strange things around this area. Including in the area where we live. Glennys Mackay, QUFON

28.12.03 MELBOURNE (DONCASTER), VIC 1840hrs (CE1)
(Source: AUFORN VIC)
Weather conditions: Daylight, blue sky, no clouds.

Witness and passenger were driving West along a busy main road in Doncaster, when the driver saw an arial object coming towards them from about 2 or 3 kilometers away, heading straight towards them. At first he thought nothing of it, and assumed it was a plane or helicopter. Then as he looked closer, and as it came closer, he decided it could not be either. It was different to a plane, and had no rotor. It was difficult to describe the shape of the object, it was like a mass that lacked a defined edge or shape, and its lower side was not horizontal, but its sides were raised. It had a dark golden brown colour overall as it approached from ahead. He could not tell what the upper half was , but could see that it produced a red glow. As this thing went directly overhead he saw a “red arm like structure that shot out of the side of the object, and had what looked like a red bulb like thing on the end of the arm.

The object looked metallic silver and circular as viewed from underneath,with a black centre.
As it travelled away it looked ‘bell’ shaped, with the red arm protruding still from one side. It was in view for some time. The object made no sound.

As Mark was driving at the time he instructed the passenger to keep the object in sight and to describe what could be seen from different angles as it went overhead.

Mark got the impression that it was the size approximately of a large helicopter.

Mark made the report in the hope that someone else might have also reported seeing it, or something similar.

Mark is a regular member of AUFORN Vic and attends meetings. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

29.12.03 ADELAIDE (SMITHFIELD), SA ca2200 or 2300hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03195)
Travelling North East to South West not on a regular flight path. (Lives near RAAF base) and is familiar with air traffic in the area.

Place: 25 - 30o off the horizon “In the atmosphere” near the RAAF base over Smithfield area. He thought it could be relatively close, heard no noise and thought for a moment it could have been a helicopter but for the colour of the light.
Object: Very bright orange light much bigger then stars almost as big as the moon. He couldn’t make out the shape or any noise.
Witnesses: Anthony and his wife.

Movement: Travelled steadily then made a turn at constant speed until after 5 minutes it disappeared over the hills to the S.W. Duration: At least 4-5 minutes.

Brief Overview: Anthony was outside having a smoke when he called his wife outside to observe a moving orange light which was very large, coming from the North. He did not think it was on a regular flight path because he lives near the RAAF base Edinburgh (DSTO) and is very familiar with air traffic movements.

The object was not a satellite because he knows what they look like and it was very much larger than a star at that distance. It was one orange light which he described as very bright. Debbie Payne AURA/AUFORN SA

31.12.03-01.01.04 NEWSCASTLE, NSW 2345-0200hrs (NL)
(Source: AURA)
I was standing out the front of my home here in New Lambton with my 2 kids (15yrs & 12yrs). With us were my neighbours (husband & wife) & their 3 kids (7yrs, 14yrs & 16yrs). It was around 11.45pm when we all saw 2 bright orange lights (a little larger than a star) that were travelling from west to south west at a 45 degree angle from the horizon. In a straight line one behind the other about one hand width apart. Then the one behind swung down under the front one and passed to go in front.

They hovered for about 10 seconds then started to fade & dissappeared.This took about 3 minutes Then about 10 minutes later they re-appeared in the same fight pattern & manoeuvres, then hovering & fading. This happened 6 times. On the third time my daughter & the man next door saw another orange light same size to the north along the coastline, on the fifth time my son saw 2 other orange lights the same size under the other lights but they went back to the west & disappeared behind a tree.

There was NO NOISE..I have lived near William Town RAAF base for 10 yrs & I know what jets, planes look & sound like..this was defiantly not an aircraft..On the last time there was only one of the lights was did the same flight pattern, hovered, faded then disappeared. We retired about 2am.I kept checking now & then but didn’t see them again. There were a few thin clouds that night. Trish AUFORN NSW

04.01.04 ADELAIDE (ELIZABETH EAST), SA 0030hrs (NL)
(Source: AURA)
Weather Conditions: No wind and it was around 30o.
Place: Main North Road near Parafield Airport.
Object: 4 orange lights hovering.
Witnesses: Mark age 23, married
Movement: First the objects were hovering in a shape like the southern cross. After manoeuvring backwards and forwards for a while they formed a line, one after the other. During this time they flashed a little and moved off into the distance. One faded out then all faded.
Duration: Not noted.

Brief Overview: Mark and his wife were going home along Main North Road at around midnight when Mark noticed 4 dull glowing, orange lights in a strange formation. He stopped the car on the side of the road where he and his wife could get a better look. He observed them for some time as they began moving backwards and forwards then formed a line and moved off. They faded. One at first and then followed by the rest as they moved out of sight in the distance. A light plane then took off in their direction as if following them. This is interesting because Adelaide does have a curfew on take-offs and landings (11.00pm at night).

Conclusion: If not for the back and forth movement and maneuvering I would have said garbage bags/balloons. But garbage bags can’t go back and forth! So, unknown. Debbie Payne AURA/AUFORN SA

15.01.04 WHITTLESEA, VIC ca1400hrs (Photo)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03195)
Three photos were supplied to the ‘Whittlesea Leader’ by the Whittlesea Council. The council staff who took the photos did not see anything at the scene. They only noticed it after the photos were downloaded onto a computer. Diane Harrison AUFORN

15.01.04 ADELAIDE (MASLIN BEACH), SA 2115-2245hrs (NL)
(Source: E-mail Report)
Witness(es): Di and partner, next door neighbour
Object: White-Orange-Yellow star like
Sky Conditions: Clear

9:15 pm. First sighted, not known how long the object had already been there, it was obviously different from anything else in the sky, 100% if not more brighter than any stars my partner and I have ever seen. No colour, just magnificent bright white light,

9.30 - 9.45 pm. We had watched the object continuously, both taking watch, white light started to pulsate, to an orange/yellow light, started to move slightly to left and lowering towards ocean. Vision from our Patio was obstructed by trees, housing etc, so we made a trip to the beach, this took us about 2 minutes.

9.47 - 10:20 pm. Colour of sphere not as bright colour started to change to a redish glow, very close to horizon.

10.20 - 10.30 pm. Slowly moving away over ocean heading south, object appeared to be getting smaller the redish light became dull almost grey like it was moving further out to the ocean.

10.30 - 10.35 pm . The sphere was extremely light, almost could not see it, it appeared to dip towards the water and then started to rise again back in plain sight but still small like it was further away, it hovered over ocean until finally we could no longer see it.

10.35 - 10.45pm . Could no longer see anything, other than a shooting star, brighter and larger than I had ever seen, this star shot upwards, another thing we had never seen. Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA

26.01.04 PERTH (BALLAJURA), WA 2040hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03201)
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Direction: Due south
Size of object: First object - ‘size of a star’. Second object - Larger than the first object
Shape: First object - Like that of a star Second object - Larger than the first object
Lights/Colour: First object - a very bright yellow. Second object - colour indistinguishable - ‘a very bright white light’.
Noise: No discernible noise
Activity seen: The first object sighted first travelling due south on a horizontal trajectory.
Weather conditions: Clear night

Object moving slowly. Watched for over an hour. The object then moved further away whilst it made irregular “fishtale” and horizontal movements. A second much brighter object was sighted travelling from the south west towards the first object. Moving “faster than a plane”. Reportee noted that this object radiated a huge amount of light. ( almost irregular as if in rotation) A few minutes after nearing the first object, the second object then “went back whence it came” , ascended and accelerated quickly and then the object disappeared. The “first” object ascended and disappeared at a slower pace.

The time was approx. 9:15pm.

Additional Info: The sighting was witnessed by David and his son (9 years of age) in the backyard of their property. The night in question was Australia Day and after investigation, fireworks and flares as a cause have been excluded (due to the time/ location and air traffic/ police information). This was the second sighting of something unusual in the sky for this reportee. David told me how he had an experience in a country town of Sorell in Tasmania, whilst walking with his young uncle at age 10 or 11. He remembered walking over a bridge with his uncle and looking up in the sky to see an oval shaped object directly above them.

He reports that this craft had multi coloured lights and was about two car lengths long. It struck the boys as very scary and they ran back to where they were staying and told the adults.

He had reported the incident to TUFOIC a few years ago. Tracy Jackson AUFORN WA.


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