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Issue 40
March 2004

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
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1983 EMERALD (MORTON PARK), QLD 1500-1530hrs (CE1)
(Source: E-mail online report Diane Harrison 28.11.03)
"I have seen something odd about 20 years ago at least 7 of us were standing in a yard near Morton Park in Emerald Central Queensland it was still day light , about 5pm-5-30pm we saw this big bright light coming across Morton Park quite low to the ground as it got closer to us it gained height and settled above us for some time finally a flame shot out of the object and it disappeared. We believed the object to to go upwards we also waited this time to see if anyone saw anything no one reported anything so we just kept quite." Myra Stanton

(Source: E-mail Report via 24.02.04)
Karen Sheffield, a Qld government social worker was in a government vehicle driven by Mark Poulson, a Qld government social worker in the area for 25 years & at the time of the incident was & still is the Youth worker for the Normanton to Boulia area. They were driving from Dajarra to the Gregory River, south of Mt Isa visiting Aboriginal communities and had several Aboriginal children in the back of the utility. At 3 pm driving under clear sunny skies they observed ahead of them a pink object several kms in front of them that they could not identify. As they drew closer they realised that they were approaching a vast stationary pink bubble possibly 10 kms wide & a km high, the edges of the giant bubble were distinct but blurry. It sat on the desert with the blue sky surrounding it. They could not understand what it was that they were approaching until the Aboriginal children began excitedly yelling "Min Min Light, Min Min Light" and then Mark Poulson became very excited & stated that he had heard about the giant pink Min Min Light from others that had observed it over a 25 year period but had never seen it and stated that "he couldn't believe he was lucky enough to finally see it.

It spread right across the road with a distinct but blurry edge as if it was fog and they drove right into it, stopped the car, got out and wandered around completely bathed in the hot pink light. They were euphoric & all of them sang and danced around for a considerable period of time. Eventually the returned to the car & drove through it & out the other side. Travelling at 100 kms an hour it took about 5 minutes to drive through that portion of the bubble of light that covered the road. The pink bubble of light had nothing to do with sunset which took place at 8 pm, 5 hours later. The pink bubble of light was a distinct phenomena that remained for the entire time that it took to travel to it, through it and away from it. They had no explanation for its existence. Gary Opit

25.11.03 EMERALD, QLD 2100hrs (NL)
(Source: E-mail online report Diane Harrison 28.11.03)
"Two very bright Orange Lights much brighter than the brightest star in the sky, they looked to me to be the size of an average house lightbulb, they were moving east to west at about 45 degrees about the horizon.We are sure they were not saterlites or shooting stars.

The first light appeared approximately 9pm the second less then 5 minutes after.The two lights followed the same path moving fairly quickly,the lights were constant never changing which ever direction they were viewed.When the first light appeared my husband was out side and he came in to get his glasses he said that there was a strange bright orange light in the sky first he thought it was a small plane but there was no sound or flashing lights. There was five people at our home at the time and four of us saw the first light as the other person was on the telephone when he finished his call he came out just in time to see the last of the first orange light. You can imagine our surprise when we saw the second one coming my Aunt spotted the second one and she said look at that bright light.We all agreed that not one of us had ever seen anything like this before our ages range from 48 years to 71 years of age.

We stayed around for awhile but did not see anymore." Myra Stanton

18.12.03 SYDNEY (HOMEBUSH), NSW 2230hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03187)
On the 18th December at the Olympic Park Units at Homebush at around 10:30 pm, Simon was sitting with a friend on his friends balcony. It was a clear night and two objects appeared, they seemed to be heading north. These orange light objects were travelling at jet speed, performing zigzag manoeuvrers with each other, darting in and out. They looked as if they were around 35 degree above the horizon. No noise was apparent and their orange appearance remained constant. The whole event took 5 to 7 seconds according to the reportee and they were both of equal size, that being the size of a quarter of a five cent piece from the witnesses perspective. No light trail etc was apparent from either object leading up to or during the manoeuvrers. The orange lights eventually disappeared from view separately. Karen Barden AUFORN NSW

(Source: E-mail Report via 24.02.04)
It reminded Karen Sheffield of an earlier experience that she had with a similar but orange bubble of light that she drove into on the 23rd December 1999 on her way from Cloncurry to Boulia to attend a christmas party at the Boulia hotel in the mid afternoon. She had been bathed in orange light as she drove through it & once again she felt euphoric.

She hadn't been aware of the orange light until she drove into it, then she stopped & was amazed that everything was bright orange. She told the other party attendees, mostly government workers when she arrived at the hotel but they didn't seem to take much notice of what she had to say. Gary Opit

(Source: E-mail Report via 24.02.04)
Karen & David Sheffield at Cloncurry drove out to the water supply dam at Cloncurry at night, parked in the parking area looking over the water, though nothing was visible in the inky blackness.

Suddenly what looked like a campfire lit up in front of them & David who had not been to the site before said "let's go over & say hello to the campers", to which Karen replied "there can be no campers where that fire is burning because it is in the middle of the dam". David replied "it cannot be over the water because there is no reflection in the water." Karen countered that if it was a campfire why is it not illuminating the surrounding bushes, trees, people, etc." They called out anyway but there was no reply & the fire flickered out then lit up again eventually to fade. They visited the next day & sure enough they estimated that the fire-like object was directly above the water surface Previously I had talked to a couple of people who had experienced the light though the records are buried away in my files but the first was from a tour operator driving a bus at night & who observed a light as if from some vehicle approaching the road they were driving on coming at right angles to the left, crossed the road a short distance ahead & continued away to the left.

The driver naturally thought that he was approaching an intersection & that a vehicle of some sort had crossed it on a road that cut across the main road that he was on but as he approached the locality he was surprised to find nothing but undistubed bushland with no tracks or road & so concluded that he had observed a Min Min light. The second report was from 2 people camped on the side of a waterway & observed what appeared to be someone approaching the water on the other side of the waterway with a keroscene lantern & which then moved about a metre high along the water's edge.

The campers yelled out a friendly greeting & were surprised to receive no answer & then suddenly realised that there was no reflection on the water or on the bushes from the light & realised that it was some bizzare light phenomenon that then perfectly retraced its path & vanished. Gary Opit

(Source: E-mail online report Robert Frola 23.01.04)
On Tuesday night (20.01.04) I was sitting on the sofa watching television when I heard a lady call up to 3AW citing that she saw a brilliant white object to the western side of the sky, which got brighter and then faded until it disappeared then started yet again increasing in brightness. My friend and I shot out of the front door into the street and fixed our eyes on the western hemisphere of the sky. There it was before our eyes! It looked like a bright star low on the horizon, and I believe it was stationary. It was mildly flickering, more dramatically than the flicker of stars. It faded until invisible, then increased in brightness yet again. The cycle continued. It wasn't quite a perfect sphere. It looked elongated (UP-DOWN) and it appeared to possess a minute tail. We were amazed by the site, but after staring at the magnificent object for some time we made our way back into the house. Three hours later, we went outside again and looked into the sky - it was nowhere to be seen.

I have some video footage of it as well as three digital photographs. We also left 3AW a message explaining to them what we saw. Michael Goldberg

23.01.04 LAUNCESTON, TAS 2310hrs (NL)
(Source: E-mail online report Robert Frola 24.01.04)
I watched a light go behind a cloud but it never came out the other side. It just vanished. I did not hear any noises. I thought it might be a plane but as I said it did not come out of the cloud. I was watching for an hour afterwards but it did not return or leave the cloud. I did not check with the airport if they had any planes in that area at that time of night. Wayne Wells

25.01.04 CARNARVON GORGE, QLD 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: Peter Davenport
The witness has seen spheres flying low over the gorge for three weeks and was able to film some activity with their handy cam on January 25, 2004, at 7:30 PM. The object flew slowly west until dispersing over the mountains. There was no engine noise when the object was hovering.

The observer continued to drive, and half an hour later saw a similar object moving up on the left side, again stopped to film, and this vehicle /object started to move away. The observer returned home 2-3hrs later and saw a bright light in the sky changing color, and got video footage of it changing colors. The next night he saw more than one spread out across sky.

He has been witnessing this for three weeks now with little change. Sometimes they move around, some stay in same spot. He caught one last night giving off all colors from the down side of craft, then the light pulled in and changed to the up side of the craft.

He has tried to film stars on the camcorder, but it won't pick them up. When directed at these objects it picks them up. One light is just to the right of Orion.

(Source: E-mail Report via 31.03.04)
In either January or February 2004, I was sitting on a park bench near a playground (next door to the community centre) in Mooroolbark around mid-afternoon, when I heard the sound of a light aircraft. I looked up and to my left (towards the west) and saw a Cessna type aircraft flying at what seemed to be a low altitude (elevation maybe 25 degrees), heading towards the south. I could not make out any features of the aircraft beyond it's shape, and it seemed to be in silhouette or as if it was painted entirely in black. From my point of observation, the aircraft was at least 200 metres away (or alternatively, no smaller than a five cent coin). A few seconds after coming into sight it tipped it's wings – tilted left and right once – which seemed to me that either the pilot was in trouble or this was the pilot "waving" to someone on the ground. In any case the aircraft continued to fly, and turning to the left perhaps only a few hundreds metres onwards, heading east. Then after about one minute it had turned north, flying virtually overhead and to my right eventually disappearing over some houses. Despite being able to look at the fuselage of the aircraft in full view, I could still not make out any of it's features, as if it was in silhouette (the sky was overcast at the time so this may have been a factor). There were a number of other people nearby, at least one family and another woman who was passing by. No one seemed to pay any notice to the aircraft. The entire sighting took no more than five minutes, or the period the aircraft was in view. Keith McLean

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03314)
Mr X and his wife were quite shaken up on Sunday Night 15th Feb 04 as at about 7.46pm at Burleigh Heads, they saw a fire ball travelling from North to South. It changed shape, and travelled right over their heads, they were going to run as they thought it was coming straight for them. As it reached over their heads it made a hissing sound "like gas leaking" said Mr X. Mr X took some photo's but we have to take in to consideration that his hands were shaking when he took the photo's using a digital camera.

Mr X being of mature age was unable to give me any further details. Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

(Source: E-mail Report via 17.02.04)
This morning I was on the way to work and I spotted a very large object falling from the sky. I was about 40kl out of town heading west and the object was travelling east to northeast.

The object was very large with a silvery white front and a large fire trail coming off the back, it was in clear view for at least 10 seconds and others here viewed the same object. I have seen falling stars and the morning and evening stars and this object was the biggest thing I have ever seen coming out of the sky and I would like to know what it was as there must be some body on this planet that know of all of the things fall to earth. Steve R.

01.03.04 KROOKWELL, NSW 1500hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03371 & 03374)
On Monday the 1st March at around 3pm the reportee was leaving his homestead when he noticed an object moving down the gully in the air. At the top of the gully there are communication towers and at the bottom there is flat ground and a small dam on the property. The reportee states it was a clear day and there was virtually no wind. The object was only a couple of hundred metres away from the reportee and it came to a dead stop for about 10-15 seconds at the bottom of the gully, 30-40 metres off the ground. The reportee states that the object had dark red and orange lights that were pulsating. After around 10-15 seconds it cruised off, moving off in northerly direction over the top of the mountains and then changed direction again travelling North-West.

Later on the reportee rang the Bureau of Meteriology since he has found a crashed weather balloon before, but they had nothing in the area during that time and the description did not fit. The shape of the object was difficult to determine, he thought at first it may have been an ultra-light, but soon discarded that theory due to the orange and red pulsating light display. His property is 10 km away from Cowra. Karen Barden AUFORN NSW

12.03.04 MARAYLYA, NSW 2100hrs (NL/CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03352)
On the 12th March at Maraylya, NSW at around 9 pm, the reportee had noticed a light in the distance, along with a few other people at a social event. She did not think anything much about it and thought it was probably someone in the distance using a spotlight. She left the event at around 10:30 pm to return home. As she was driving home to Maroota she noticed a large bright light and in the centre a dark circle. The reportee states that the object ended up at about 50 metres above her car and was at least half the size of her own car i.e Hyundai Excel. Apparently a elongated beam was coming out from the object towards the ground, however the beam itself did not seem to be eluminating her car. After around 15 minutes or so, the object starting darting about, darting across backwards and forwards and looked graceful when performing these manoeuvrers. The reportee was driving slower than usual during this event, since she was watching the object through the front window and had strain to look high up to see it. Once she had arrived at Maroota, the object continued its journey. The total drive home took around 30 minutes.

The reportee later rang the RAAF who stated they had nothing in the area, but told her they had received a number of calls about the same phenomina. Calls came from Maraylya, Pitt Town and Catai. Karen Barden AUFORN NSW

17.03.04 KEMPS CREEK, NSW 2130hrs (NLº)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 03352)
About 9.30pm on Wedensday March 17th Robert was outside with his wife and brother-in-law at Kemps Creek. He told me that they were disturbed to see a bright orange coloured light in the sky. Robert said 'It was so damned bright, it wasn't an airplane, we wondered what it was so I went and got my binoculars." When he viewed it through his binoculars, he could see it was a round ball of yellowish light, like a fire, with red dots of light around the outside, like jets.

They were disturbed because of all the terrorist trouble at the moment, they thought at first it could have been a rocket missile of some sort. When they first saw it, it was as big as a 50 cent coin held at arms length, they watched it for approximately 3 minutes until they couldnt see it anymore. While they were watching it an aircraft crossed the sky. Robert said compared to the aircraft this thing was huge, much higher in altitude, about 70 degrees above the horizon and much bigger. It was travelling north to south very fast and still took about 3 minutes to disappear.

After I interviewed Robert I spoke again to Kellie about her sighting on the Thursday March 18th. Apparently Kellie first tried to photograph the object with a digital camera. Through the view finder she could see the moon and the stars but could not pick up the object, even though she could still see it with the naked eye. She then changed cameras and snapped it with an old camera. By this time it was a dot in the sky but she could see it in the view finder and zoomed it in. Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

30.03.04 MELBOURNE (MOOROOLBARK), VIC 1905hrs (CE1)
(Source: E-mail Report via 31.03.04)
On the 30th of March 2004 at 7:05 pm I was coming out of the public library branch in Mooroolbark, and as I looked across the road to a double storey group of units I noticed in the sky behind them what looked like a blob of white light in the western night sky. Upon seeing this I stopped and look at it for about a minute. It's plasma like quality flickered and grew in size as I watched it. I then decided to walk on, my back being to the light. I stopped again a few seconds later and looked back and it was still in the same position and at about the same intensity of light. I walked on a few seconds more and stopped at an intersection. I continued looking at the object, which did not appear to move at all, beyond it's fluctuations. At one point the light stretched out and flattened out to form an elongated strip of light, curved at each end (a profile of a disk?....). Throughout the sighting I tried some telepathy in case this object or luminence was of the non-worldly variety, and it seemed to repond to a point: from my Ob. Pt. it do not move across the sky (I am not sure if this increase/decrease in brightness was movement towards or from me, or just "radiation"); when I suggested that I would report my sighting, at the same moment the light reduced to a small white dot.

My observation lasted five minutes, after which I decided to continue home. I didn't see the object again. There were clouds in the sky, but they didn't seem to obscure the object, and stars were clearly visible in swathes of night sky. The moon was clearly visible to the north, and large clouds were obscuring it gradually, with other cloud masses seen to the west. Between 8 pm and 8:30 pm I rang Mooroolbark police station to enquire if the police helicopter had been in the area. I asked the officer who picked up the phone "Was the police helicopter in the Croydon/Mooroolbark area around 7 pm?", and he responded that based on the fact they had heard nothing on the police radio the helicopter had not been in that area. Keith McLean


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