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Issue 41
May 2004

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
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1970 MELBOURNE (EAST ST. KILDA), VIC 0320hrs (CE1)
(Source: This report is a result of 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3092)
Deborah also mentioned an earlier sighting she had when she was about 8 yrs old.

One morning at about 6am in 1970 on a cloudless morning she saw a cigar shaped object over East StKilda. It made no sound and moved faster than any aeroplane. It had bright lights on one side and traveled horizontally across the sky in a straight line. Her comment was that it was very strange, and that there many reports on the radio at the time. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3109)
Beverly saw a group of "gold-white creamy pale yellow beautiful round lights" travel from North to South below the height of the Mount Dandenong TV towers, as seen from Boronia Heights hill. Beverly waited almost one month before she decided to report the sighting. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

SEPTEMBER 2003 MELBOURNE (MURRUMBEENA), VIC 0320hrs (Possible meteorite)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3092)
Deborah woke up at about 3:20am and saw an unusual light heading towards the earth at about a 30 degree angle. The sighting lasted about 1.5 seconds. Deborah was looking from Murrumbeena towards Brighton.

This sighting was probably a meteor. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

07.10.03 YARRA GLEN, VIC 1800hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3122)
This object, which was seen over the Yarra Glen area in Victoria, looked like a flame with a small round black "thing" above it, and it ascended very high in the sky.

This might have been a garbage bag-firelighter contraption. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

07.10.03 MELBOURNE, VIC 0111hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3123)
Malcolm claimed to have seen an object that was like a star , an orange light that was orbiting the moon in a polar orbit going upwards. His fiancé and sister allegedly also saw this event.

This report is of a very unusual type. We would expect many other people to have also reported the same sighting of an object if it was; 1 Orbiting the moon, and 2 visible from earth with the naked eye while orbiting the moon. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

14.10.03 nr. COLAC, VIC 2110hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3136)
There was a festival happening in Colac when this event occurred. People saw a bright orange light travel directly above them going from South East to North West. It was very bright. The people thought it was a plane on fire. No one was sure about what it was exactly, it went at a medium speed, very high up, not fast. It looked very bright and very large.

Note, the direction of travel is opposite to the direction used by the space shuttle and the ISS. Also, there were no shuttle flights at this time. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

22.11.03 MELBOURNE (WONGA PARK), VIC 2130-2200hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3172)
Paul was outside on the Saturday night, he looked up and saw a very bright red light in the sky with sharp points. It then faded away to nothing. It was about 2-3 kilometers away and up at about a 25 degree angle to the horizon. It seemed to be over a rural area, in the Lilydale-Croydon direction. It was not a plane or helicopter, was very unusual . George Simpson AUFORN VIC

UNDATED; MELBOURNE, VIC 2140hrs (Identified as Mars)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code .....)
UFOs do not usually re-appear in the same part of the sky on consecutive nights (9.40pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday). This sighting location co-related to the position of Mars at the time the sightings took place.

Skyglobe confirmed correlation. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

28.12.03 DONCASTER, VIC 1840hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code .....)
Mark and Josh were driving past a large suburban shopping centre in peak hour traffic when Mark noticed something unusual directly ahead on the horizon, about 3 kilometres away. The conditions were daylight , clear with blue sky and no clouds. The object was heading directly towards them as they traveled South- South East.

When Mark first saw it he ruled out the possibility of it being a plane. It also was not like any helicopter he had ever seen as it was without any rotor. In fact it was difficult to describe it at first because it had an indistinct upper section. It had a red glow around one side of the upper half, the lower half looked more distinct and it was dark golden brown in colour.

Mark half jokingly said to Josh "do you see that UFO up there"?. As it came nearer Mark asked Josh to keep an eye on it so he could continue to drive in the heavy traffic without coming to grief.

When it got closer Mark had another look, and saw an arm like structure shoot out of the side at the top. This "arm" had a red bulb on it's end, which might have been associated with the red glow he noticed earlier.

It next went right overhead. While Mark kept his eye on the road Josh got a closer look and saw that from below it was a circular shape ,metallic silver with a black centre.

The top was bell shaped and the whole object had been in view for some minutes.

Surprisingly, there were no other reports from that area or that time to collaborate the sighting in spite of the number of vehicles using the road.

This was a large object and when questioned about it's size Mark compared it to a large house roof going overhead. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

23.01.04 PORTSEA, VIC 2330hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3378)
Dara wanted to report a sighting from a few months ago. When in Portsea he saw something weird in Bass Straight on the same day as the Beveridge sighting. It was the 23rd of January, the moon was visible earlier and was a crescent but had since gone down below the horizon. In the West there was an extremely bright light about 25-30 kilometres away. This distant light was so bright that it cast shadows on signs and other objects on the shoreline. Dara was wondering what this light source might be and whether or not there was any other reports about it. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

26.01.04 GREENSBOROUGH, VIC 0200hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3203)
Doreen heard a whooshing sound at about 2.00 am but saw nothing "coming or leaving". She was about a 25 minute car ride from Whittlesea when she saw a bright flash of light across the top of a house, but nothing else. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

23.02.04 MILL PARK, VIC 0010hrs (CE1)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3331)
Rick reported seeing a strange object flying around silently with 3-8 white lights on it's back, and one red light on top. He could hear a sound like a generator coming from the object as it moved around. He saw it again about 2 days later. He stated that it was not a plane , and what he saw was not as fast as a plane. He said it was as big as about 6 cars together, and it was only 2 blocks away. It was very near to the local school. Rick is 36 years old and sounded very genuine and down to earth. He asked if there were any other reports from the same area that described what he had seen. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

07.03.04 MELBOURNE, VIC 2145hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3364)
Jacquie was driving along the Warneet Road heading home after visiting her sister with her children. This is a trip they regularly make, and so they are familiar with the terrain and the area. On this night they saw an unusual object that had lights all around it and one light in the middle. At first they saw it rise from a paddock and begin to follow their car. Then there was a series of about 5 bright blue flashes that lit up the area like daytime, and the car engine cut out as the object passed overhead. Jacquie pointed out that her car is kept in top condition and never does this type of thing. When they got home they noticed the time had changed, they had taken an extra half an hour to thirty five minutes longer to get home than was normal. They are sure of this because they visit Jacquie's sister on a weekly basis.

They also became aware that each of them was feeling ill for the next few days, whereas they were all fine before they started the trip home. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

08.03.04 BERWICK, VIC 2200-2230hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code .....)
Jem described seeing some "big orange glows" looking like an aircraft on fire, which then slowed down and made no sound. This came from the direction of Taralgon and traveled along the High Tension Power lines. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

18.03.04 KEYSBOROUGH, VIC 2200-2230hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3367)
Robert was using his telescope in the backyard. He thought he was seeing a star in the East, but it was moving. It went across the sky, sped North , stopped, went East again then shot straight up! It was a bright white light. Robert was using an 8" Newtonian scope on an equatorial mount.

It goes without saying that aircraft, satellites or even meteors do not exhibit these unusual movements. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3377)
Nikki has some more video footage of UFOs filmed from the Shepparton area. Previous footage was of both day and night sightings of objects , normally small spherical objects traversing the sky. George Simpson AUFORN VIC

17.04.04 YORK PENISULA, SA 2300-2330hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3390)
Weather Conditions: Clear Skies
Object Description: Oval, green with yellow haze.
Location: Over water, between Wallaroo and Cowell.

On Saturday night, around 11 to 11.30pm last weekend a 47 year old witness was out fishing on the gulf when, having arced the boat in which he was a lone occupant, saw a strangely lit object on the horizon, toward the West.

The witness described the object as oval shaped, green with a yellowish haze around it. Suddenly the object moved off to the north at an undefined speed but was to the words of the witness moving "at a phenomenal speed, faster than anything seen in the sky from the commercial liners big or small." After travelling the Horizon dead level for around "50 Kilometres" or so, the object then "took off at 45 degrees up into the sky". The sky was completely clear and moonless at the time of the sighting and the actions of the witness bear this out due to the necessity of fishing for his catch before the moon came up as it drives his quarry down deep.

After visiting the Alfred Hotel in Port Broughton, a few mates ribbed the caller about his story, yet some patrons unknown to the caller corroberated the sighting.

Witness claimed: "35 years between drinks. Some of my old friends and I still talk about something so extremely similar we all saw some 35 years ago at Clare". Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA

23.04.04 SUNSHINE COAST (BUDDINA), QLD 2210hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3398)
Witness report sighting two very bright amber coloured lights flying horizontally, south towards Buderim.

The two objects appeared to travel at a height of 5,000 ft, one object travelled above the other, The objects were thought to be too slow to be a plane. No sound or disturbance heard. Sounds similar to two earlier sightings in Melbourne. Emma Derdak AUFORN QLD

(Source: 1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3426)
The initial worry was over an unusually short interruption to power, 2 seconds. Too long to be a switchover and too short to be fault interrupted.

The witness then spent some 4 minutes outside on the veranda. Then another interruption for 2 seconds to the power during which, a brilliant flash of white on the horizon lit up into the sky. "...towards the ocean, white blue flash, quick as lightning, brilliant and upward - but no object. Too fast, too bright.....". Witness lives at South west Morphett Vale and was looking out over Lonsdale/Christies way. Dominic McNamara AUFORN SA


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