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Issue 5
July 1998

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
PO Box 738 Beaudesert QLD 4285


TUFOIC June 1998 Sightings Update

Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson

Reports to the centre have occurred in two bursts of reporting activity, initially at the start of the year, then in May/June following publicity on a sighting near New Norfolk. Although it must be said the size of the press coverage was out of proportion to the excellent response from the public. However, as is often the case most calls referred to other sightings. Following the surge of calls in May, initial contacts are on a par with 1997. This is encouraging as at one stage it looked as if our telephone number had dropped out of the system. Listed below are the investigated cases, also those cases still Under Investigation (U/I) awaiting finalization.

The Reports

18.02.92 Western Highway, VIC 2040hrs
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin)
We have recently received a report of a sighting, which occurred 18th-February, 1992 of a triangular object five times larger than a stealth bomber. A retired Government Department Archive Officer reported it.

The sighting occurred near Ballarat around 8:40 p.m. The colour appeared to be designed as night camouflage, black underneath with lights arranged to mimic stars above. As it flew directly overhead the wing spread was about 500 ft wide. The highway is about 300 ft. The impression of the observer was that it was "mapping"?

Weather conditions were clear from a warm day. The observer said that he had a very uneasy feeling. He was afraid and numbed. He hesitated to report the sighting until recently. (VUFORS)

28.07.97 South Melbourne, VIC 0425hrs (NL)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
A triangular formation of white lights was observed moving rapidly towards the northwest. The formation flew over the observer’s car. His engine was running and no sound was heard. (VUFORS)

05.08.97 Port Philip Bay, VIC 2145hrs (Identified)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition) Several witnesses observed five coloured lights flying east to west which disappeared over Port Phillip Bay. Wind was blowing in same direction as per Meteorology Dept. Objects were identified as helium filled balloons equipped with cyalume sticks. (VUFORS)

15.12.97 Hoppers Crossing, VIC 2145-2200hrs (CE1)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
Witness observed an object larger than a 747 Jumbo in the northwest. When it crossed in front of the moon, the object resembled a shadow, the moonlight dimmed. The object had three white lights at the rear and one at the front. The lights were visible for the whole duration of the sighting (three minutes). It kept a constant speed and traveled in an arc until it was 90 degrees vertical and traveled upward until it went out of sight. When the object was closest to the observer, he could hear a low frequency hum. (VUFORS)

08.01.98 Burnie, TAS 0440hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness noticed a flash from the window in the north east sky. She and her husband saw a 2 times Venus size elongated red and green shape in a clear patch in the sky. It was red on top, and green on the base but clear in the middle. The red and green lights looked to be pulsing. It was in view for some 30 minutes before being obscured by cloud.

10.01.98 Ipswich, QLD (NL)
(Source: UFO Encounter, #179 Dec/Jan 1998 Edition)
Three witnesses observed a flashing orange light, which seemed to be positioned on the edge of a dark oval shadow. The object was below the clouds and seemed close. It was stationary when first seen and then moved west at aircraft speed. No noise was heard, and the incident lasted about three minutes. (UFORQ Inc)

11.01.98 near Whittlesea, VIC 0005-0015hrs (CE1)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
Two witnesses observed a large vertical triangular shaped object with a bright orange light at each point. Object was first sighted when it was hovering. Then it began to move erratically. As it approached the couple, one ran into the bush before the object disappeared. (VUFORS)

16.01.98 Glenorchy, TAS 1630hrs (DO)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness was moving furniture into new home when he noticed a shiny metallic shape moving across the northern sky. At times it looked to have a flame or glow beneath as it lost elevation into the northwest. It was a bit like a manta ray in shape but silent. It gained elevation in the distance and faded from view.

18.01.98 Tunnack, TAS 0330hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness was having trouble getting to sleep due to the warm night. Then he noticed two white lights moving south, it looked like a crashing plane then they leveled out and one started flashing red. The lights were well spaced and not on the same object. They passed across the window and out of sight. A deal of effort was made investigation aircraft movements but there were none in the Tunnack area.

25.01.98 Tunnack, TAS 0130hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness to 18th report saw similar lights a few nights later. Again two well-spaced white lights were seen on a similar path and again one light changed to a flashing red light. Great effort went into uncovering aircraft moves but there were none in the area.

02.02.98 Forest Hill, near Gatton, QLD (NL)
(Source: UFO Encounter, #179 Dec/Jan 1998 Edition)
A witness observed a bright flashing light to the west at about 45 degrees elevation for 20 to 30 minutes. At first the light looked like the headlight of an aircraft, and stars around it looked dull. While under observation the light moved north, flashed big bright orange, and blue , red and green at other times. No associated sound was heard. (UFORQ Inc)

17.02.98 Inverlock, VIC 2045hrs (CE1)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
An object "larger than the moon" was seen flying from the southwest to the north east at a speed calculated to be around 400kph. The object, described by the pilot witness, as a huge ball of light with a tail of the same colour. It went into a dive as if to land north east of Inverlock over Andersons Inlet. (VUFORS)

25.03.98 Reservoir, VIC 2000hrs (NL)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
Witness observed three ball of white light with red tails viewed for only a few seconds. They were flying faster than a jet flying north to northeast. Observer lost sight of lights when they passed behind trees. (VUFORS)

24.04.98 Northern Territory outback, NT 0600hrs (NL)
(Source: The Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1998 Edition)
A bright light larger than the morning star was observed travelling at approximately 5000 feet from the southern horizon to the northern horizon. As it passed overhead, the light appeared to shine downward. There was a bright tail attached, similar to a vapour trail which did not alter appearance. The interesting point is the tail, which was in front of the light travelling in the same direction as the light. The time span from its appearance was about 60 seconds and was travelling in a zigzag motion.

A large group of Australian aboriginal people observed the light while it was hovering for a time, then left at high speed to the north. (VUFORS)

26.04.98 Launceston, TAS 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Three-yellow/white lights seen stationary for 20 seconds, then shot off up and away to north. (U/I)

10.05.98 Bellerive, TAS 0200hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness arriving home from work notices a bright white light to the southeast. The light then grew in size and took on more of a yellow colour. Suddenly it moved towards the west crossing the southern sky and disappearing behind clouds.

16.05.98 New Norfolk, TAS 1915hrs (CE1)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Witness home alone working in darkened room on a computer. A flash of light to the west caught her attention. As it was still there, a closer look revealed a ring of 6/7 blue lights with a red light in the centre. A small red light then appeared over the lawn of the house and came to within 10m before turning off. Witness then called a neighbour and together they saw the lights recede tot he west.

17.05.98 Lauderdale, TAS 2030hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses see a bright light low to the east, it looks to have red, white, and blue colours. As they watch it rises up to a 15/30-degree elevation and stops near another star. Soon after it just blinks off. (U/I)

18.05.98 Black Hills, TAS 2030hrs (CE1)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses for six seconds on three occasions notice an oval light in the northern sky, it looks to have a beam pointing towards the ground below. On the third occasion the light moved very quickly to the northwest then back to the north.

21.05.98 Kingston, TAS 1745hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses at differing locations called to report a large pink to white light low to the west, the light was moving away to the west or northwest. Immediate contact with the Airport revealed no air traffic in the area at that time. The location of the light was not on the normal flight path for commercial aircraft. (U/I)

28.05.98 Mt Lloyd/Sandford, TAS 2007hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
Two witnesses call to report a bright light low to their southwest. It looks to move back and forth, then a number of lights are seen moving about it. At 22.00 a witness calls from Sandford to report a similar light in the southwest. He says he saw two steaks of light in the sky then noticed the bright light which rose up the sky 15/20 degree: then blinked out. (U/I)

31.05.98 Collinsvale, TAS 0110hrs (CE1)
(Source: Keith Roberts & Paul Jackson, Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)
The witness says he has trouble getting to sleep. In the early hours he noticed lights flashing outside every 3/4 seconds. The source was a series of triangle and square areas of light in front of the Big Rocky hill north west of his home. The area of light seemed to cover a 100m or more of hillside as they flashed on and off for some 2 minutes before everything went dark. (U/I)

Abduction Cases

Name: Mrs. G
Country of Origin: Australia
Age: 44
Investigators: Robert Frola, Diane Harrison
Date of Investigation: 19.06.98
Report written by: Diane Harrison

Name to be with held by request, (Mrs. G, age 44) is from Redcliffe just north of Brisbane she lives with her 2 young children a boy 3 girl 9. UFOICQ was called on the Hot Line, by Mrs. G has she was little distressed by an event that took place Wednesday 10th at her home she, asked if we could come and talk to her.

10.06.98 Deception Bay, QLD

Mrs. G went to bed. She said it was around 10.15pm. "I was just about to nod off when I thought I could hear the TV going." She said, "I turned it off! I'm sure I did. I got out of bed and went to investigate. I Could see some kind of flashing light but it was a soft light and it was shining down the corridor but I thought is it the TV. As I got to the end of the corridor I turned to look right where my kitchen door was and to my surprise I saw a "very tall" man. He was standing in the doorway and was dressed in some kind of long jacket. The colour was Tan (peanut paste colour), that kind of tan. He had long arms but I couldn't see his face because the light was coming from behind him I wasn't scared but I still. I wonted to scream funny ha! But the sound wouldn't come out, Mrs. G said, I thought there was something standing beside me, but I couldn’t move to see it. Then zip, I was standing in a different position with my back to the front door. I thought there was something beside me. May be it was the dog! Then a voice said "come on, time to go to bed now." Then I new it wasn't the dog. Dogs don't talk, do they? Then I became fully awake, sitting on the side of the bed. I don't remember getting from the lounge room to the bedroom, but I do know that I was scared to death. I heard the TV again and then it turned itself off. That was it for me. I jumped under the covers and that’s where I stayed till the sun came up. I remember looking at the clock and it was just after 2.45pm, so where was I for 3 hours.

Robert and I sat and talked for sometime. Her little boy (he was a real chatterbox) told me the strangest thing. "Do you know green dragons eat green jelly beans." ha! I laughed, then he said, I saw stars in the daytime have you, I saw the moon come down it was a big moon out there, out there, pointing to the window, have you seen the moon does your moon come down, looking at Robert. Then little G said, I here music out side nice music, pointing to the window, I said, Little G it might be the man next door playing music, know, know its out there pointing to the window again, night time, he points to the window again.

Mrs. G explained to us of an event that occurred last year. Daughter S told her that a family of little hairy monster where living in her bedroom, and that she was the only one that could see them. But S told her mother not to worry, as they are her friends. Mrs. G said she had me even making a bed for them every night or S wouldn't go to sleep.

Will keep you all informed if anything else happens.

Sources for this issue:

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UFOICQ, PO Box 805, Springwood, QLD 4127
UFORQ Inc, PO Box 222, 50 Albert St, Brisbane, QLD 4002
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