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August 1998

Compiled by Robert Frola
Australian UFO Research Network
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Ross Dowe's Conclusion about UFO Reports within Australia

Ross Dowe, keeper of the National UFO Hotline, has posted the following report on Skywatch International on Thursday 23rd July 1998 at 1:01pm.

"After a 6 year study of 30,000 UFO respondents the Australian & New Zealand, National UFO Hotline's find's that there is NO evidence of ET or Alien interaction with Earth men. However finds that there is a real man-made factor involved. Report coming soon."

Well, what can we say? This spurred a response from both Australian and overseas investigators. Here is how one investigator responded:

"Dear Sirs, I'm incredulous. I've seen unexplained flying objects. I'm well educated achieving honors, honorably completed service in the USMC, of good body and (I hope) of sound mind. Help raise a daughter who now achieves academic honors in college.

And have no particular agenda, secret or otherwise. I have, though, kept a journal of strange incidents occurring in my life, which is still mostly undistributed. Events, and sightings which DID HAPPEN. Period! Well I suppose I now only have to dismiss 50 years of human experience as non-existent or invalid. All that my eyes and ears have processed was unreal. My life is to become meaningless simply because Australian skeptics say so. My hand is merely scratching a dull, malfunctioning brain?

Duh...I don't think so. I understand and even appreciate skepticism. It is useful in the processes of gathering and sorting information. Needed, from time to time, to challenge demagoguery. But I sense something else issuing from Australia. Is it something stupid or is it something unbalanced and unreasonable? Maybe, even contemptible as a secret agenda to discourage the pursuit of the truth. I don't know what is on the minds of those who propose the theory that there is no ET phenomenon. I do know that I would be an out and out idiot to let them dissuade me my acknowledging the facts of my human existence. I'd be no better than a common toadstool to allow absolute strangers to decide what did or did not occur in my life. Good grief how long before we get a big belly laugh at these naysayers in Australia, and anywhere else where it is suggested our eyes have been lying to our brains for not just 50 years, but hundreds/thousands. "

Just a quick work to inform our oversea brothers and sisters that Ross Dowe does not speak for Australian Ufologists or Groups. We did not elect him as representative. He is a so-called independent whose pay packet comes from the Australian Government in Canberra. He has admitted this to a fellow Ufologist who is the current Australian & New Zealand Director for MUFON.

We don't agree with his comments. Why? Because we have been collectively gathering and investigating UFO sightings, Abductions and other Unusual Phenomena now for close to fifty years. That's the experience we have. We co-operate together. Share information together. To say, and I quote "UFO Groups in Australia and New Zealand do not have any Official status nor Legal credence" is a load of rubbish. According to whom? Ross Dowe should be more specific by what he means by this. I put these questions to you. Is he a member of the skeptic society? Does he work for the Australian Defense Department?

The Gold Coast (Paradise Point) sighting is a good example of networking. It is posted on UFO Roundup. UFOICQ gets hold of it and e-mails Joe Trainor for details. He contacts the witness, who in turn contacts UFOICQ. A thorough investigation ensured, and it is re-posted with updates and any corrections. That is how a proper investigation is performed.

We have been collective posting good information based on genuine investigations (not obscure ones posted by Ross) to overseas web pages (e.g. UFOINFO, Skywatch International).

Why do we say obscure?
1  He does not share or pass on sightings to groups or investigators for a proper and thorough investigation.
2  It is a bit strange that UFO groups don't hear of these sensational reports that Ross Dowe posts.

It may be possible that we missed the reports, but organizations such as VUFORS and UFORQ Inc have extensive links and representatives in and around their State. Even the newspapers in the area haven't heard of these sensational reports either. Are these sightings real or misinformation (Remember, he has stated that he gets his paycheck from Canberra). Rather, he posts them on overseas e-mail networks and UFO Publications.

All we can say is, take his comments as a grain of salt, and ignore him. Us Ufologists are collectively taking steps to diminish his influence locally and overseas by informing people and groups of the truth.


1995-1997 Barrington Tops Mountain Range, NSW 1820-1835hrs (NL)

(Source: Graham Birdsall, UFO Magazine. Credit: Mike Farrell, Keith Basterfield Network, 07.07.98)

During 1995, several mutilated cows on his farm alarmed this same farmer. He lives alone in a caravan next to a shed many miles from the nearest small town. He's a real old time "bush farmer" (in his 50's) who knew nothing about UFO's until he started talking to his mates at the town's only pub about what he saw above his farm late at night. His mates made fun of him, so he finally bought one of those throw away instantmatic cameras and showed his mates what he was seeing. He also reported strange vivid dreams unlike anything he had ever known before, but that's another story yet to be fully explored and documented. (he's probably been abducted but doesn't remember and doesn't want to know!)

So his friends got him a tripod and a good easy to operate cannon camera, which he used to take over 100 clear photos of strange looking and moving lights over his property during 1997. (a few of these shown in the latest Birdsall's UFO Magazine). Near the end of last year, whenever he had a sighting, he woke up the next day to the sound of military jets and helicopters flying about the mountain ranges as if searching for something. There are no roads beyond his place, just thick and wild "bush". Soon afterwards, the sightings stopped and nothing more has been seen or photographed in 1998.

Additional Information:
Here's what Graham Birdsall published:

"These strange images form part of a large collection (over 100) of still photographs taken by "Duncan Morrison" (a false name), a New South Wales cattle farmer (in the Barrington Tops Mountain Range). He admits he knows very little about photography, thus was guided by the manager of a local camera shop who advised him to use a tripod and 800ASA film for night photography. Photos were taken during May through August of 1997. A series of photos (not shown in magazine) shows three small lights appearing to enter a larger glowing object."

What have we heard about the Barrington Top Mountain Ranges? Reports over the year's claim about 40 planes have been lost in that area. A local pilot had his instruments fail last year while trying to over fly the area to find out what the fuss was all about. He just made it back to the airport for electrical repairs. Bruce Cathie claims this same mountain area is a major harmonic spot on the world "grid". (Natural or unnatural magnetic anomalies exist there no doubt)

So what's going on here...cattle mutilations...over a 100 photographs of night light UFOs by a simple and sincere bush farmer...military aircraft repeatedly seen in the area after the sightings...films sent to out of town labs for developing were mysteriously lost and never returned.

What we need is a Rapid Response Team (RRT) to go and stake out UFO "hotspots" like this during the time of the flap to capture these things on VIDEO and support the eye-witness's involved. Is this not feasible with our present manpower and funds? Well, I can dream, can't I?

If you have any further information on this New south Wales "case" please contact me so I can pass it on to the investigators. The results will be posted and published as soon as possible. If nothing else, we know to keep an eye on the Barrington Top Mountain Ranges. If and when "they" come back, wouldn't it be nice to be ready for "them". Where's our CE5 Team in Australia? (UFORNSW) (U/I)

1997 Brisbane, QLD (CE1)
(Source: Tony Cook, Keith Basterfield Network 26.06.98)
John Cooper reported seeing a UFO that looks like a huge black triangle or boomerang. This craft was very low and moved silently and slowly over a suburb in Brisbane. Two other people and myself viewed it for 30-40 seconds. It appeared to be translucent in so far that we saw the stars glow dimly through it. We also noticed that it appeared to have some sort of pattern on its underside. (UFOICQ) (U/I)

16.01.98 Cairns, QLD 2330hrs (CE1)
(Source: Diane Harrison, Keith Basterfield Network 18.07.98)
A call on Tuesday, 16th January at approximately 11:30pm local in Cairns, Queensland, reported an object at about 2 kilometers altitude emitting a shaft of light from its underside. The object appeared to "expel a gas or vapour from its sides and seemed to be about 2-300 meters in width. The beam emitted was about 150-250 meters wide." Reportedly the object moved up and down the white shaft of light in the East over the sea. (UFOICQ)

18.01.98 Brisbane, QLD (Redland Bay) 2230hrs (CE1)
(Source: Diane Harrison, Keith Basterfield Network 18.07.98)
On Thursday, 18th January at approximately 10.30 [PM?] in Redland Bay, Queensland, callers reported sighting a "large green object" emitting a beam of white light downward in a "A-shape." The object appeared to be "about 2-300 meters" across with the beam of light about 100 meters across. (UFOICQ)

19.01.98 Millnmeran, QLD 0230hrs (CE1)
(Source: Diane Harrison, Keith Basterfield Network 18.07.98)
On Friday, 19th January at about 2:30am at Millnmeran, Queensland, a caller witnessed a large object about 1-2 kilometers away southeast. The report estimated the object at 200 meters across and multi-coloured, emitting a beam of light about 1-200 meters wide over a large creek in the area. The object appeared to be about 800 meters up. (UFOICQ)

01.03.98 Fremantle, WA 0830hrs (DO)
(Source: Diane Harrison, Australian UFO Network 14.06.98)
On Sunday, 1st March 1998, at 8:30 a.m., Maya S. 'was sitting in the backyard, having a cigarette and looking up into the vastness of the hot, clear, night sky" and "saw what seemed like a meteorite streak across the whole sky from north to south."

Maya's home is in Fremantle, Western Australia (WA), about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Perth, the state capital.

The object flew "without losing its velocity or its brightness," Maya reported. "As it neared the southern horizon, my eye caught the attention of another distant meteorite more directly above me. As it was going, it did a 300-degree circle and shot off after" the other object. "What struck me the most was its 'irregular' motion...I've never witnessed anything unnatural like this in the sky before." (Email Interview)

28.05.98 Newcastle, NSW (Buff Point) 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: Diane Harrison, Australian UFO Network 15.06.98)
On Thursday, May 28, 1998, at 7:30 p.m., Hugo Starri, 55, an accountant, was at his home at Buff Point, New South Wales, near Newcastle, when he spotted three UFOs.

"Mr. Starri used binoculars for a major part of the observation, and he was able to give a very accurate description of what he saw. The object was described as three deep orange-coloured balls of light approximately the size and luminescence of 'the Morning Star'"

"One of the objects took approximately 10 minutes to traverse the visible arc of the sky, and it seems as if the other balls were 'playing with it.' They seemed to approach at a very fast pace. One of them traversed one-quarter of the visible sky in approximately 1.5 seconds. The two balls of light traveled in several different directions in variance to the direction traveled by the more steady light. The general direction of travel was from north to south."

Starri estimated that the UFOs were "six or more times as large as a passenger airliner." He added that he "has never seen anything of this type before and is not particularly interested in phenomena of this type." (Barry Davidson & John Thompson, ISUR)

08.06.98 Serpentine, WA (Animal Mutilation)
(Source: Diane Harrison, Australian UFO Network 14.06.98)
On Monday night, 8th June on Channel 7 News, a Serpentine Farmer finds a mutilated sheep on his property. It was stated that around the carcass there seemed to be paw prints similar to that of a big cat. It was said that big wild cats have been seen in the area over the years similar to the Cougar. The carcass was sent the Murdoch University. It was stated on the news that the sheep's blood had been drained and carcass had precision surgical incisions. (Channel 7 News)

14.06.98 Gold Coast, QLD (Paradise Point) 1840hrs (CE1)
(Source: Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup Vol.3, No.25, 21.06.98)
A German couple, both in their mid-fifties, sighted a UFO "shaped like a Mexican hat" at Paradise Point, Queensland, about 60 kilometers south of Brisbane last week.

Mr. Gerhard S. and Mrs. Waltraud S. saw the UFO from their home in Paradise Point. The object, described as "very bright, white and some orange light underneath" was first seen from their lounge room. They then proceeded to the kitchen window to get a better look. The object, they said, "was a flat disc with a dome in the center and a bright light underneath."

The couple then proceeded outside to view the UFO. "The object was moving very slowly over the sky, coming from the northwest. It disappeared and reappeared several times" and, after what seemed to be several minutes, "winked out behind trees and houses in a southerly direction. The size was a bit smaller than the moon, about a third of a degree arc, but was brighter than the moon. Seemed to be several kilometers away. It looked similar to a Mexican hat, no similarity to aircraft or helicopters, etc." Total duration of the sighting was about three to four minutes. No sound was heard.

We have since located an additional witness to this sighting at Runaway Bay. This person has yet to be interviewed. (UFOICQ)

26.06.98 Brisbane, QLD (Thornsland) 2245-2330hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 28.06.98)
On Friday, 26th June, a professional Video cameraman had just returned home at the Bay side when he was called outside by his next door neighbour. To his surprise he saw a group of lights high in the sky. He grabbed his camera and started filming a light formation. The footage was shown on the Channel 7 News that night. The cameraman stated it was like nothing that he had ever seen before. During the episode, an inbound aircraft was seen passing near one of the objects. Diane has at present spoken to Gordon at Channel 7 News and he as given us the guys phone number. UFOICQ has since located more witnesses, and these people will be interviewed shortly. (UFOICQ) (U/I)

04.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Dutton Park)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
Man reports seeing an oblong vessel with portholes name with held. (UFORQ Inc)

07.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Moreton Bay) 1515hrs (DO)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
Air Force retiree reports seeing black smoke rise out of the ocean while fishing east of Green Island on Moreton Bay about 3.15pm. The smoke reportedly went 50m into the air before a flash like bomb exploding went off and left a black ring in the air. (UFORQ Inc)

11.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Bunya Downs) 1500hrs (DO)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
Husband & wife reported seeing a craft travelling exceptionally fast, before disappearing into the clouds at 3.00pm. A strange booming noise was heard. (UFORQ Inc)

07.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Deception Bay) 2015hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
Husband and wife report seeing 2 red lights moving slowly close to the ground before moving over a neighbour's house 8.15pm. No sound heard. (UFORQ Inc)

18.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Lawton) 2000hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
Man reports seeing bright lights travelling south below cloud level about No sound reported. (UFORQ Inc)

18.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Deception Bay) (NL)

Seven people report seeing yellow/orange lights moving erratically before forming a line and disappearing after three minutes. A large number of similar incidents reported over Logan, Beenleigh, and area between 1993-1995. (UFORQ Inc)

18.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Deception Bay) 1915hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
The area with the highest number of sightings seven witnesses reported seeing three orange football-shaped lights about 7.15pm Travelling erratically before forming a straight line, the light where seen for about 3 minutes. (UFORQ Inc)

21.07.98 RAAF Williamtown, NSW 1820-1835hrs (NL)
(Source: Bryan Dickenson. Credit: Mike Farrell, Keith Basterfield Network, 23.07.98)
Observer (with ex-RAAF connections) living nearby reported that the base was buzzed by seven large UFOs from about 6.20 to 6.35 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

Woman watched seven large identical objects, about 3000 feet up, maneuvering over the AF Base for about 1/4 hour - each had a large central white light, and one each of smaller red and blue lights on either side.

Objects then headed off southwest at very high speed and disappeared. There appeared to be something dark suspended below each object, but she could not make out any (structural) details.

Witness said these were definitely not some of the fakes the RAAF has been using recently and in the past to put off witnesses (orange lights in triangular formation) - these were much bigger and the implied technology was very different

Base personnel probably at dinner, but some evidence staff may have been 'scrambled'. (UFORNSW) (U/I)

26.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Calamvale) 2010hrs (NL)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
Husband and wife report a large red star shaped abject moving south for 15 seconds before a flame shot out of the base and it disappeared into the clouds at 8.10pm. No noise was reported. (UFORQ Inc)

28.07.98 Brisbane, QLD (Redcliffe)
(Source: Keith Basterfield Network, 02.08.98)
A man and his mother report a white cigar-shaped object hovering on the sky for about 10 minutes. Man reportedly took photos of the object with a long lens but the photos have yet to developed. (UFORQ Inc)

Abduction Cases

Name: Peter
Country of Origin: Australia
Age: unstated
Investigators: Glennys Mackay
UFO Group: Queensland UFO Network
Date of Experience: 17.07.98
Report written by: witness

"Well it has happened. I have seen and heard things that have given me a real shake-up. Last Saturday night, I had a dream that the American Stock Market was to have a sudden drop of 1,000 points in one day and this will shake the world stock markets. Sunday, I typed up some e-mail [One for you included]. Sunday night I took the usual 2 Valerian 1000 caps for a good night sleep. This usually keeps me asleep until about 5 AM the next morning.

Exactly at 3 AM I woke wide-awake and keenly alert. I know that it was 3 AM because I was sleeping on my right side and I was looking directly at the bedside clock.

The room was filled with a very bright flashing light that was coming from outside of my bedroom window. The curtains were closed and yet the light filled the room. I have never in my life remembered seeing this before. A thin, tall male being walked straight through the wall or the window it's self and stood at the end of my bed. As I stared at him, he said," Hello old friend."

I just lay there on my back staring at him for a few seconds. I could not believe it. Then a very white female gray type being entered my bedroom through the wall on my left-hand side. I turned and looked at her and thought, " Shit, my hunting knife." [That' s the one I have started recently keeping under my pillow in a scabbard]. I rolled over to my right and pulled the knife out. I turned back to the female and she had a scared looked on her face and quickly turned back through the wall. The male had also left the room and the flashing light went out.

If shits were trumps, it was then. I laid there for minutes hanging onto the knife and straining my ears and eyes trying to figure out what was going to happen next. Nothing! So I put the knife back in the scabbard and under the pillow and tried to go back to sleep. I thought that if I slept through what ever was going to happen next, it would be alright but I still hung on to the handle of the knife.

For the next 3 hours, right up to exactly 6 AM, I was scanned in bed on and off by something that felt like mild static electricity. Sometimes over my waist area, or my torso, or from the top of my head down to my feet. I always knew when this scanning was about to take place, buy the increase ringing in my ears.

No matter how hard I tried or wanted to go to sleep, I just could not. During this time I heard a female talking to me. She spoke gently and continually without stopping to take a breath or to start a new sentence, so I figured that she was communicating to me telepathically. At no time did I feel scared but I sure felt very concerned. After I did get some sleep that morning, I could not remember what the female was saying to me. Also during that time, I heard sounds like a group of little ones were walking on my roof. I thought very clearly that if they come into my room, I would attack them. The walking stopped. I stayed under the blankets because I thought that if they start to remove the blankets, I would know where they were standing and I could have a go at them with the knife. No attempt by them to put hands on me was made. Exactly at 6 AM, I heard a male say," Good...good."

The scanning ceased and all seem normal again and I felt tired and drifted off to sleep. The cost of this night was when my computer would not work Monday morning and I have spent over $200 on 2 computer repairmen trying to get it going again. It stills plays up a bit. I have always treated my experiences relating to my possible abductions lightly. But I can tell you now that I bloody well sleep with my hand on that hunting knife under the pillow and only go to bed now after I have had a 6 pack of beer with the Valerian pills.

It is o.k. by me if you wish to share the information, but please do not mention my name when you are talking about this as I am still trying to find work up this way. It may sound silly, but I am thinking of staying at a friends house up here for a few nights in the hope that they will not come for me again while I am with other people."

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Mike Farrell, PO Box 2526, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
UFOICQ, PO Box 805, Springwood, QLD 4127
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