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Abduction Information Center
AIC was created in order to offer abduction experiencers and the general public a place where they can access the very best and latest information available on the UFO/abduction phenomenon. We encourage comments from physicians and mental health care professionals in regard to any of the material presented at A.I.C.

About.com's UFO site
UFO news, articles and links from About.com

Above 'N' Beyond
You were never important enough to know the truth UNTIL NOW.

Above Top Secret - Uncovering Government Conspiracies

Alien Existence

The Alien Jigsaw
Since 1993, this has been the place to find true accounts of alien abductions, a free e-book, alien abduction stories, information about UFOs, MILABS "military abductions," alien artwork, photographs and related information including the aftereffects of alien abduction.

Alien Research Group
Exploring the realm of Paranormal Phenomenon, Alien Abductions, Extraterrestrial Existence and Haunted Habitats.


The Anomalist
The Anomalist is a daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries.

The Anomaly Archives
Lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute. Over 2200 books and growing collections on UFOs, Mind, Parapsychology, Cryptozoology, Parapolitics and much more.

Archives for UFO Research Foundation
Archives for UFO Research was founded in Sweden in 1973. Today the AFU archives is one of the most complete repositories for UFO data & UFO folklore anywhere in the World

Area 51 Illuminaten Esoterik
German language Mystery and UFO forum

Australian UFO Research Network

Best UFO Resources and Links
Hand-picked collection of UFO resources, TV documentaries, papers, research studies on UFO physics/science, photos, videos, books etc with summaries. Includes photos and descriptions of purported alien UFOnauts."

The Blue Book Archive
The Blue Book Archive provides free online access to the National Archives Blue Book microfilm collection. Moreover, these documents have been rendered searchable so as to increase the utility of this material to researchers.

Bob Pratt
Website of the late Bob Pratt. This excellent site gives details of of over 20 years of UFO research in the USA, Brazil and other countries.

The Book-of-THoTH
"A vast repository of quality information relating to paranormal phenomena, specialising in UFOs. Very lively debates, a mountain of research material and media, as well as full online books, and videos. Easier to take a look"

The British UFO Research Association

Crop Circle Connector

Scientific Research into the Worldwide Crop Circle Phenomenon

CropCircleAnswers.com is the web site project of Millennium Research, aimed at providing answers to some of the most important questions raised by the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon. When complete this site will include the in depth decoding of more than 150 non-manmade Crop Circle "pictograms"; extensive Crop Circle "luminosity" research, presenting compelling photographic evidence of a luminous phenomenon associated with Crop Circle creation; Crop Circle science; theories; links; and information on related parapsychological phenomena.

Crowded Skies
Crowded Skies is the website for London UFO Studies.

The Disclosure Project
The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Research Website

Fareham UFO Research Group
A new group in Hampshire, England

FBI Records: Unexplained Phenomena
Direct link to the UFO files at the FBI's Vault website

Filer's Files
Archives also available here on UFOINFO

From The Stars
"From the Stars web site is, in part, devoted to raising awareness about the UFO phenomenon. It also describes my two personal experiences with the same UFO, which was photographed, witnessed and published as a feature story in the July 1999 issue of MUFON journal..."

Heavens Above
Heavens Above maintains a set of dynamic Web pages which generate visibility predictions for visible satellites and Iridium flares for ANY location on the Earth. The predictions are generated dynamically each time a page is requested, so you can obtain the very latest predictions, using the most recently available orbit data, and customised for your own location and time zone.

Could be useful for checking out any sightings.

Ian Ridpath's UFO Skeptics Pages
The site includes astronomer Ian Ridpath's investigations into the Rendlesham Forest case.

IFO Database
The photographs and video stills of Identified Flying Objects (I.F.O.'s) on this web site are presented as a research tool for comparison to and analysis of past, present and future video and photographic materials containing images similar in appearance and nature.

The International UFO Museum and Research Centre
The IUFOMRC web site was originally maintained by Faeylyn Wylder who designed most of the UFO and Alien artwork for the UFOINFO & UFO Roundup websites.

Kenny Young Archives
The archived version of UFO Research Cincinatti containing the research of the late Kenny Young.

Majestic Documents
The team's mission is to clarify the UFO phenomenon, its agenda and history, and to implement the most effective way to educate the public and world governments to its reality and implications.

Mu-Meson Archives
At first glance this site has little to offer those interested in UFOs other than the occasional old UFO film until you take a look at some of the entries in the archived Resources section (right-hand side of the page).

MUFON - The Mutual UFO Network HQ










New England
New England MUFON is the merger of MUFON Chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

North Dakota


Orange County




San Antonio

South Dakota



Le Mystéres des Ovnis
French language site

Mystical Universe - International UFO Reporting Center

National Archives - UFO Files
UFO documents released by the British Government through the Freedom Of Information Publication Scheme. The files include descriptions of alleged Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or "UFO" sightings and subsequent MOD evaluations of the reports.

National UFO Reporting Center
The National UFO Reporting Center, which is moving to a new location between the towns of Davenport and Harrington, WA, was founded in 1974. The center's primary function over the past two decades has been to receive, record, and to the greatest degree possible corroborate and document reports from individuals who have been witness to unusual, possibly UFO related events.

An international peer reviewed directory of the best UFO evidence.

Northern Ontario UFO Research & Study is a private organization dedicated to the collection and dissemination of UFO information.

A UFO Resource Website dedicated to the theme of Ufology & Under Ground Technology. Updated daily with new content.

Covers activity in the Lake Ontario area.

Phantoms and Monsters
A daily dose of paranormal phenomena, cryptids, UFOs, ultraterrestrial beings & alternative news

The Pine Bush Experience
UFO and Paranormal activity in the Lower Hudson Valley

Police UFO.com
The UFO information centre for Police Officers and UFO researchers. Although the focus is on Australian officers, all Police officers are welcome. PoliceUFO.com aims to collate information about UFOs from officer witnesses and investigators, their testimony comparable in weight to astronauts, pilots, and scientists. Currently many hundreds of police officers from around the world are on public record, yet countless more have yet to come forward. The disclosure of Police UFO information forms part of a growing global movement to disclose not only the reality of UFOs, but to pressure those-in-the-know to come clean with the vast amount of information that is believed to have been kept from the public.

The Presidents UFO Website
In the pages of this Web site you will hopefully be led on a journey that will show you the entire known history of how the most powerful man in the world has dealt with the most highly classified secret of the last century. In short, this is the story of how the President and the White House have dealt with the mystery of UFOs.

Primo Contatto
An association among psychotherapists whose aim is to study the phenomenon of Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. In English and Italian

Project 1947

Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations
From Alaska to Arizona, from Florida to Labrador, UFO sightings were reported from within North America and even around the world. They are documented in these files. Very few photographs are included in these records. Instead these are text descriptions of encounters or sightings during the years 1947 to 1969. Names of people involved in the sightings are excluded. They are arranged chronologically, then by location…

Project UFOPrintClip
A project by Giuliano Marinkovic to compile historical reports from newspaper archives.

PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFOs)
The PRUFOS Police Database was created in November 2001 and launched publicly in the January 2002 issue of UFO Magazine. It was created to record British police officer UFO sightings. They are recorded in two categories - 'On and Off duty'. It caters for serving and retired British police officers and also offers a total confidentialy agreement if requested. My primary aim is to record the sightings for the benefit of the public. Many of the cases found on the database a remarkable and suggest very strongly that ET is already visiting us and is operating within British Airspace with inpunity.

Real UFOs

"The worlds first communications site dedicated to the scientific study of the reptilian image in Earth's ancient mytho-history and modern UFO phenomena. Reptilians, Draco, Reptoids..it's all here for your review."

The Research of Jerry Cohen
Select cases and moments from UFO History

Roswell UFO Museum and Research Centre

Silver Screen Saucers
News updates, commentary and articles on Hollywood's UFO movies

Simple Satellite Tracker
Spaceweather.com's simple Satellite Tracker has gone global. The tool now works not only for US and Canadian readers, but also for sky watchers in countries around the world - Just use the Global Flybys link. Useful for ruling out satellites when you have a sighting.

Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone
UFO investigator Stan Gordon is the producer of the video 'Kecksburg: The Untold Story.' Full details of the video and other UFO sightings are available at the site.

Stephenville Lights
It’s clear. Whatever is hovering over Erath County isn’t leaving. UFO reports are pouring in.

Balloon Related UFO Sightings (Spanish language site)

The Supernatural Zone

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC)

Timothy Good
Worldwide research, interviewing key witnesses and discussing the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, has established Timothy Good as a leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence - the most highly classified subject on Earth.

Truth Seeker at Roswell
The web site of Dennis Balthaser: UFO Researcher, Investigator and Lecturer.

*U* UFO Database, Mapping and Research Tool

Products do not normally get an entry on my links page but for *U* I am making an exception.

The database currently contains over 17,425 high-quality UFO EVENTS distilled from hundreds of books, major journals, UFO catalogs and other high quality sources making it a very useful research tool. One thing that sets this database apart is that "Junk" sightings (night-lights, fireballs, discovered hoaxes etc.) are systematically filtered out.

Please note this is an archived site. Larry Hatch is no longer online due to health reasons.

UFO Afrinews
"I've dedicated this site to Cynthia Hind UFO Afrinews work, and would like to provide as much of the resources she spent years gathering and giving out virtually free to whoever was interested. The UFO Afrinews series of booklets were first published in July 1988 and the final copy (No.22) published in July 2000 just before her passing."

All the news from British Columbia

The UFO Chronicles
Breaking News, Opinion, Editorials, Articles in regards to UFOs, Ufology, UAP, Flying Saucers, Flying Disks [sic], Historical Accounts, Government cover-up, FOIA requests etc.

UFO Crash Zone
Italian web site.

UFO Disclosure

UFO Evolution
This site is an online community for people who are interested in UFOs, and the continuing search for the truth. Updated every day with the latest news, pictures, and videos from around the world.

UFO and Extraterrestrial Life
French language site

UFO Research New South Wales Inc

UFO Roundup
Archived here on UFOINFO in case you did not know!

UFO Sweden

UFO Watchdog
Covering UFOs From Serious to Absurd. Distinguishing Fact From Fantasy. Exposing the Parasites, Delusional Personalities, Morons and Frauds Currently Polluting UFOlogy.

While the UFOCAT site is no longer available, Donald Johnson has made a major update to "Encounters with Aliens on this Day" which is now hosted on the UFOINFO site.

UFOCAT refers to a computer database of over 170,000 UFO reports and related information. It is the result of a 36-year effort that began during the U.S. Air Force sponsored Colorado UFO Project, also known as the "Condon Committee."...UFOCAT exists today as the most comprehensive reference tool and bibliographic source on UFO reports in existence.

Exploring The Facts & Myths About UFOs

Java open source software tools for ufology

UFOPOP: Flying Saucers In Popular Culture
The purpose of this website is to preserve and display the imagery of UFOs and Flying Saucers presented in popular culture. UFOPOP initially features a Gallery of over 1,000 comic books with covers that display images of UFOs and Flying Saucers. Other Galleries that are in the planning stage include Books, Magazines, Merchandising and Toys.

Your world guide to UFO shapes and configurations

A German site with UFO news, articles and a forum

UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts
This UFO blogspot presents UFO footage (videos) and descriptions of UFO footage found in real TV broadcasts from around the world. Any UFO evidence recorded or obtained by a media company or government source will also be included here.

UFOs Northwest
Your Source of UFO Sightings & Investigation

UFOseek - The Paranormal & UFO Search Engine
From Alien Abductions to Area 51, crop circles to conspiracies, spirituality, Y2K and current UFO news, you'll find it all on the UFOseek the search engine devoted to UFO's and the Paranormal.

Dutch language UFO start page

Unidentified Flying Objects

Universons Theory (les Universons)
Dedicated to the Univesons' theory, a theoretical model proven by many experimental facts. This model seems able to explain how interstellar travel is possible and how a new type of space propulsion is imaginable. The model explains also the strange effects reported by UFO witnesses.

More important than that, the Universons' model offers new possibilities about ENERGY for Humankind. For this reason it cannot remain ignored, or its details diffused only by classical scientific publications, unable to take care of the thousands of pages needed.

Victorian U.F.O. Research Society

The Vike Factor l
The Vike Factor 2
Brian Vike's sites with all the latest sighting reports

The Virtually Strange Network
Amongst other subjects the site now hosts the UFO Updates archive, 'Strange Days... Indeed' program & archive, The Abduction Information Center site, and the MUFON Ontario pages.

Water UFO Research

World UFO Day
The what, where, why and when about World UFO day.

World UFO Photos
Over 1600 of the best UFO photos in the World