UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 1

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 1

28th August 2001

Editor: Anthony James


The area around Bonsall has been a UFO hotspot now for nearly a year. The area has small typical English villages, high peeks and deep valleys and looks virtually unchanged for decades. This and the surrounding area is a 4x4 heaven.

The sightings caught the attention of the local newspaper, the 'Matlock Mercury' back in September of 2000 onwards with report such as:-

1. Mrs Josie Stirland, 65, from nearby Carsington. She saw 9 strange, huge banks of vertical cloud descending from the sky.
2. September 24 2000, another pensioner saw a bright light hovering over Curbar, along with a strange mist.
3. October 1st, Emma Wheeldon sees 6 flashing lights, one light larger than the others flashing red, yellow and blue over Matlock.
4.October 5th in Birchover, a man sees a bright light over the Bakewell to Ashbourne road. It moved slowly and changed from white to multi-coloured.
5. October 5th. Sharon Rowlands captures a UFO on video and filmed it for six and a half minutes.
6.October. A man sees an identical craft to the video'd craft filmed by Mrs Rowlands, only this one was over Bonsall Moor.
7. Two separate sightings of strange lights behind night clouds pass by on different nights.
8. November 13th. A man watched a bright light over Matlock's Hurst Farm Estate before it shrinks and disappears.
9. December 25th 2000. Elaine Wachlarz of Youlgrave sees an illuminated flying saucer in the Over Haddon area.
10. January 13th 2001. Anne Saunders sees a triangular UFO hovering above Critch for 3 minutes before it broke into two pieces, both flew away.
11. January 13th. A Matlock man sees a similar UFO with a pink glow over Critch.
12. January 17th. Joan Power sees an oblong 'ball of fire' over the Tops in Matlock, landing behind trees.
13. January 26th. Heather Shuttleworth sees bright red and orange lights over Beeley Moor.
14. February 3rd. Paul Hannan sees a dome shaped craft between Youlgrave and Over Haddon.
15. February 7th. An Alderwasley woman sees a chandelier shaped craft in the skies above her New Road home.
16. March. A Wirksworth man sees a large disc shaped craft, with blue, red and white lights over Idridgehay.
17. April 18th. A Tideswell man sees a 60 feet wide flying saucer hovering over Millers Dale hills. Two more join it then they all speed away.


On June 1st, a 62 year old Cromford man who doesn't want to be named, reported that he has seen the UFO's on average, 3 and 4 times a week over the Slack Hill, Kelstedge area, usually around 1:30am. The man commenting on his latest encounter, stated, "It was about 3,000 high and a shade of orange similar to a street light. It seemed to be watching me and kept coming closer and closer until it was just 1,000 feet away. I was not scared - just curious - but I did want to keep it away from me".

By July 2001, 27 reports had been logged with the local Matlock Mercury newspaper. I know there are more sightings than this that didn't get reported. Four of us went on a skywatch in May on top of one of the highest peaks in the area. Several cars (locals) stopped, thinking that we had broken down in this desolate countryside, but when we stated that we were on a skywatch, we got to know about other sightings that had not been reported before.

The 27th report to the Matlock Mercury came from Software sales executive Alison Brewster (29) of Tansley. She was watching TV when she first saw the UFO through her lounge window. She described it as disc shaped and had four green flashing lights on it, arranged in a square. "I'm not a freak and I'm not mad, and I've never ever seen anything like this before. It was huge and must have been 1,000 feet high". The craft made no movement so Alison ran from the lounge to call her boyfriend from their garage so he could also share the experience. By the time she had got outside, it had disappeared. She added; "I was not frightened at all, but it was weird".

On Saturday 14th July, Joanne Tomlinson (17) was being driven home from work from The Jug and Glass pub by her mum, when she saw two men standing outside the Lea pub staring upwards at a huge object, it was 11pm. We were looking towards Riber Castle and it flew over the castle. It was diamond shaped and at each point, there was an orange light in the corner. "I was quite excited about it", said Joanne. " I have always believed in UFO's but not seen anything before. There was no way it was a plane, I have no idea what it was", she said.


Just a few hours later, a woman from Main Road, Lea, who didn't want to be named, saw a bright white light with markings on it at about 3am. She caught the object on video for about 30 minute's before her video camera battery ran out. She said, "...I know it wasn't a star. It might have been waiting for something that had landed. I was hoping to see it fly away but it remained still". The image captured, was similar to the Mrs Rowlands UFO captured on tape last year over Bonsall Moor.

Newsclipping pictures from a British National newspaper
Newsclipping pictures from a British National newspaper

I checked the internet for a picture of the Sharon Rowlands (No 5) Bonsall Moor UFO that appeared in just about every British national newspaper and came up with nothing. I scanned the picture of a 'still' from the newspapers (above) of her video, and the village of Bonsall from a newspaper for all to see. The quality is not 100% but it's better than nothing.

I recently spoke to Omar Fowler, an experienced UFO researcher who has seen the full six minutes of footage before this story blew up into the circus that it is now. Omar has many years of investigation work and research to fall back on, and stated:- "The object was not (3) miles across, more like 50 feet. The footage, although interesting, was not sensational and no different to anything that Michael Hesseman shows in his yearly round-up from around the world. Sharon Rowlands was extremely lucky in getting £20,000. I would have said it was worth £20!"


Area 51 researchers who live out in Rachel, Nevada USA, have had a close encounter with a new version of the stealth fighter F-117A during the morning of June 12 2001. Local Area 51 researchers had taken a film crew from the Learning Channel documentary team for an overnight stay up Tikaboo Peak. Just before 08:00 on June 12th, the witnesses watched a KC-10 refueling tanker fly right overhead. Then a tanker flew by refueling what looked like a F-117 Stealth Fighter which was accompanied by a F-15 chase plane. They were heading roughly from North to South heading almost straight over the witnesses.

One of the Area 51 researchers stated: "What immediately got our attention was the size of the F-117 compared to the F-15. Both planes should be about the same size, about 65 ft. long with a 43 ft. wingspan. Now this F-117 was much larger, 1.5 to twice the size of the F-15 and roughly half the size of the KC-10 which is 182 ft. long and has a 165 ft. wingspan".

F-117A Stealth Fighter
F-117A Stealth Fighter

They watched the planes fly away into the distance and knew they had witnessed a Black Project in operation. Twenty minutes later the planes came back flying right by Tikaboo Peak at a much slower speed and lower than before. The new Stealth aircraft banked left then right, giving the observers a perfect fly-by view of the top and bottom of the arcraft. The Area 51 researcher went on: "It looks just like a huge version of the F-117 Stealth Fighter, and without the F-15 as reference it can easily be mistaken. The wings, fuselarge and tail section appear identical, only the cockpit looks slightly more streamlined".

The researchers and film crew had already packed their camera's so no one got to take a picture, explaining, "We were so busy watching the fly-by that none of us thought about taking video or photographs".

Local Residents of Rachel have also seen the plane flying around in broad daylight. It is gray in colour and according to the latest comparison to the other accompanying aircraft, it would messure something like 100-130 ft. long and have a wingspan in the region of 65-85 ft. At this size, it could easily be a bomber. Along with the slow fly-by, another witness claims to have seen it doing slightly below Mack 1.


PINBALL CHASES CAR. On July 13, 2001, two witnesses were driving home on State Road 474 west of Orlando at 9:30 P.M. when they noticed a pinball like object. While driving Witness #1 and his son (13-year-old) saw a 30 to 40 inch diameter ball in the rear window of his automobile. It was reflecting back the details of the rear lights of the car. It was shimmering as they drove and they both had the feeling that they were being watched. He drove faster thinking that "Something was coming on us." As he looked at the rear view mirror the reflection was as convex chromium surfaced object (pinball) and he said he had difficulty focusing on it. He thought the object to be 3 to 4 feet behind his car. He said that there was something blocking the night sky as he looked up. When they reached the end of the road they noted that there was an increase of light without any visible shadows. Both witnesses were frightened. When they examined the car upon arriving at home, there was nothing on the car.


A series of strange extraordinary lights were seen flying over Carteret only 10 miles from downtown Manhattan on Sunday morning July 15, 2001. This sighting has created a great deal of interest in the news media and the local population. Peter Davenport at the U.S. National UFO Reporting Centre received at least fifteen reports concerning the sighting. The story was carried on CNN, MSNBC, ABC New Jersey 101.5 FM and many other stations. The object flew about a five miles south of Newark Airport around 12:30 AM. Witnesses reported seeing a cluster of lights estimated between 15 to 30 amber, gold and orange lights hovering and moving slowly at an estimated 10mph. Many witnesses were travelling on the New Jersey Turnpike when they noticed the lights above them, an estimated 75 cars stopped on side of the highway. Many of their occupants stood outside their vehicles watching the formation of lights. This is a twelve lane lighted highway and the light pollution creates difficult viewing. Six policemen and hundreds of witnesses viewed the huge UFO or objects. After an initial investigation, witnesses agreed that a very large object was flying at about 10 to 20 mph, described variously as a V, U, or M formation. The light formation appeared different to various witnesses. Some people claimed to have seen 30 white lights; some claim they were only able to view a dozen lights. Those in darker locations described the lights as white; others called them amber or gold. About ten lights stayed lit continuously and at least a half dozen others brightened and dimmed in unison. The witnesses claimed the lights stayed in the same relative position as they moved slowly across the sky towards the Southeast. Some people claimed the lights appeared to fall or climb just before going out.

A basic examination of the videotape taken off the news channel was made. An in-depth analysis of the videotape is needed. The sound bite from the video was interesting in that you could hear a woman's voice say, "Isn't it amazing!" this lends credibility to the video. In recent days many of the witnesses were whisked off in limousines to appear on various news shows. Some were paid for their videos and photos making it difficult for research until things quiet down.

Peter Davenport appeared on MS NBC and discussed the sighting. "I thought it was significant that the host commented that the station gets numerous UFO reports every day and they could spend all their time covering UFO reports, but this one was special". Eyewitness Joe Malvasio said, "It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. They were just hovering, and then they just disappeared. One at a time, each one started to fade until they were gone." The descriptions and video are similar to the Phoenix Lights, where a similar V formation appeared in March of 1997. Another similar sighting was reported over Rockford, Illinois on March 18, 2001

Mr. Davenport stated: "I drove several hours to Carteret to interview a Ukrainian Priest, the Right Reverend Father Chubenko on July 17, 2001. He’s probably the strongest witness because of his location at a relatively dark observation point next to the rectory on Roosevelt Road. He's extremely intelligent, an excellent witness, an electrical engineer, and a pilot. He was adamant that the lights were not flares. He has flown over the area on a regular basis and felt the lights were at 3,000 feet altitude. He estimated the lights covered a 1000-foot of air space. His son Greg Chubenko was driving in Carteret, when he spotted the UFO and phoned his father whom was in bed. Father Chubenko went outside to observe and immediately spotted 15 or more lights flying over the Rectory. Father Chubenko indicated, that an apparent craft flew overhead, although he did not see a structure, only lights. He watched the lights very closely for about 10 minutes. The lights were completely synchronised and brightened and dimmed in unison. There was emission from the light, like a candle droppings, as the lights would descend before shutting off. Almost all witnesses claim these were not flares, candles in bags etc. The lights were similar to glowing stars, but not shining in any particular direction.

Peter Davenport also stated: "On Sunday, July 15, 2001, this UFO incident may have lasted for 35 to 40 minutes, from 0010 to 0050 hours. The lights may have been visible from as far away as 10 to 40 miles. An immense flash that illuminated the New Jersey turnpike, and which reportedly occurred simultaneously to the appearance of a triangular shaped craft over Sayreville, NJ reportedly preceded the lights. Sightings of strange craft were reported from as far away as Ontario, Canada, and Virginia just minutes before the event. Witnesses reported seeing multiple lights in triangular formations and one disc-shaped object was reported from the south shore of Long Island, New York.


Turkish army pilots have encountered a UFO while flying over the Aegean town of “Izmir-Candarli” skies. First Lieutenant Ilker Dincer and Lieutenant Arda Gunyer from Turkish Air Force took off with a T-37 jet at 12:30 p.m. from 2nd Jet Base Commandery located in Izmir for a training flight.

While they were flying over Candarli on a routine training flight off the Turkish Aegean coastal town of Candarli, First Lieutenant Ilker Dincer and Lieutenant Arda Gunyer encountered a pyramid-cone shaped, luminous object which was approaching them at high speed. Dincer immediately called the control tower and Regional War Alert Centre and asked them to detect the unusual shape object on their radar's. All this time the object kept flying along the T-37 jet. But the War Alert Centre reported that they couldn’t detect a second object different than Dincer’s jet.

As the object approached T-37’s wings Dincer’s words of “Object is approaching our wings, now it is behind us, now it’s in front of us, this thing is literally dog fighting with us”, were heard on the radio. The UFO made manoeuvres around the plane for about 15 minutes. Then it suddenly disappeared with tremendous speed.

After the pilots returned to their home base in Izmir-Cigli, they reported the incident to the Air Force. The Air Force announced that the object that the pilots had encountered was a herd of birds or a meteorology balloon.

Journalists and TV reporters have contacted Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Centre located in Istanbul-Turkey and made interviews about this incident. The Centre told “It is impossible for a balloon or a bird herd to dogfight with a jet at such high speed. Nor could the two army pilots could have been hallucinating at the same time. Also Turkish Air Force pilots are well trained and are capable of differentiating a disk shaped object from a meteorology balloon or birds. However the meteorology have reported that they didn’t have any balloons over the area at that date. And if it was a balloon why couldn’t the radar's detect anything? We definitely don’t find the Air Force’s explanation satisfying at all and this is just another cover-up story.”

The media shares the same opinion of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Centre. So the case is not closed and is still all over papers and national TV everyday.


UFO sightings took place on July 21, 2001, about 9:40 PM when a group from Benson's Hideaway Restaurant located on Long Lake again saw UFOs. Both sightings were observed by a multiple group of UFO buffs. A light then came from the south end of the lake next to Dundee Mountain. It was about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. It looked like it was lower than Dundee Mountain and just a little higher than the trees. The light was a golden colour and had golden lights shooting out from the edges. As it moved along the Eastern Shore of the lake it made little jumps almost straight up in the air and then continued on its original path. The light continued to the north end of the lake where we were, at this point someone yelled, "there's another one". It came north along the western edge of the lake and it too, shot up almost straight in the air a couple of times. This one did something different though. It blew up to a white light (often seen with the Gulf Breeze UFO’s) which was much bigger than the golden light, at least four times bigger. It then dropped two lights like the sparkles that drop from sparklers. It moved directly across from us, while the first light moved Northwest and disappeared.

Bonnie Meyer reports, "I believe that it left the atmosphere so fast that it only looked as if the light went out." A third golden light came from the same area and was coming towards us slowly. When it got about half way down the lake the second one started to move off, they stayed about the same distance apart and moved off. A few minutes later another light appeared and it came almost the length of the lake. As it got closer to us, it turned west and settled almost stationary in the Southwest staying there for a long time. It seemed to become three separate lights, one bluish green, one orange/red and the other white. They seemed to be playing tag, running circles around each other and zigzagging with each other. Then there was a slight popping sound and two lights dropped from the underside of the centre light. One of the lights took off in a Northwest direction and was out of sight within a minute or two. The greenish blue light stayed in the area and was still there when I left at about 12:30 A.M. When I talked to people the next day they said the light was still there at 2:00 A.M. Thanks to Bonnie Meyer and Jim Aho of Lightside.


Kenny Young reports a television news crew suspects that they have captured a strange aerial object on videotape. WTVQ-TV News Channel 36, an ABC affiliate in Lexington, reported on their 11:00 p.m. newscast that one of their videographers documented the suspected oddity on Thursday, August 2, 2001, over the city. Cincinnati resident Chris Heiert caught the story as it was broadcast from the Lexington television station and quickly notified me of the report. Within minutes of receiving the information I had placed a call to the news station and was lucky to speak with the videographer at 11:20 p.m. while the news program was still in live production. The videographer informed me that he had been interviewing someone at a car wash on Richmond Road for a news segment scheduled for Friday's newscast. The person being interviewed at around 5:30 p.m. first spotted the object and gestured for the news crew to take notice.

"I looked in that direction and this thing was visible and seen with the naked eye," the videographer said, "so I swung my camera around to get a shot of it and shot it for a minute." The object seemed to hover in place and was a large circular object with dome-shaped centre roughly the size of a car or van. "This is where it gets weird," he said. "Coming out from the dome are little legs that curve down like triangles or something, and it rotates." He described the object as having no smoke and no lights. Thanks to Kenny Young


Bill Measures of George Street, Hucknall reported seeing a UFO in the early hours of Sunday 5th August. "I got up to go to the toilet and when I looked through my bedroom window, I saw the most fantastic sight in the sky" Said Mr Mearures. "There were two white lights in a pyramid shape and three smaller ones. They were flashing different colours with the smaller ones moving between the two shapes. I stood there for about twenty minutes watching them."

Mr Measures, (72) an ex-minor said: "I was not mistaken, I saw what I saw. Talk about firework display, it was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen in my life". Mr Measures went on: "I use to hear people talking about UFO's and always thought they were mad. Now I understand what it's like. Until you see for yourself, you just dismiss people".


Last Friday night (24th August) a spectacular array of lights and colours shone brightly above Causeway Lane and were seen from miles around, but after investigations, the lights were left unidentified. The sighting follows a long list of strange lights and objects seen over the Derbyshire Dales and High Peek areas. The strange lights were visible from about 20:30hrs and were gone after 90 minutes. The pensioner from St. Giles Walk who reported the sighting said: "I looked out of my window at about 8:30 and they were there, I looked again 1/2 an hour later and they were still there but they were gone by 10pm. I haven't a clue what they were, and at times I think to myself; 'you're going funny' but they were definitely there. It was a beautiful sight to look at and they were making no sound".

The town was checked for disco and laser light events that might have been taking place, but no events of that kind took place at that time.

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