UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 2

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 2

11th September 2001

Editor: Anthony James

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Readers comments:
The newsletter looks great! You did a very nice job! Thanks for your effort.  Wings.
Thanks v. much... very interesting newsletter. Expect I'll be camping near Bonsall next week, then.  Paul Dale.

The following interview came my way on August 21st. In a message dated 19/8/2001 11:30:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time, genesisoflight writes:

"Although I'm not sure what the source of the interview with Colin Andrew is, I am forwarding it with the understanding that it is not confirmed. It does contain data if true, such as the fact that Colin Andrews did get funding or a job with the Rockefeller Center in the 1990's, but that does not mean that everything in the following article should be taken as fact unless further confirmed. Surfdog sent the article and might be able to tell us about its source".

(Editors Comment).
I found this alledged interview facinating. I can with 100% accuracy, confirm that TV equipment (Sound equipment and camera equipment, the camera had to be re-built) was rendered totally useless whilst making a news item for the BBC, while filming inside a crop circle. I can also confirm that everything that is mentioned in this interview, regarding the BBC studio debate and the gentleman 'from Scotland' did in fact take place and went out live on air. The BBC sound engineer was Richard Merrick, the alleged C.I.A. man was named as Sandy Read from Dundee in Scotland by Alan Titchmarsh, the presenter. See picture's which I video-grabbed from the actual broadcast. Anthony James.


[JK = Jon King, CA = Colin Andrews]

JK: So, Colin. Can you think of any other instances where government agents have become involved in the crop circles research programme?

CA: Yes, yes, I can. One instance in particular comes to mind. A man who announced himself as working for the CIA back in, I think, June or July of 1989, approached me and said he had been assigned to 'bring me into a plan', or more precisely, 'buy me into a plan'. He said this was the sole reason he'd come to England - that his assignment was to implement and execute this plan in which I was to be involved.

JK: And did he tell you what this plan was?

CA: He did, yes. He told me that certain individuals, all of whom you know, Jon - Richard Andrews, Terence Meaden, Pat Delgado, to name a few - he told me that the CIA were about to promote each major researcher in turn and then publicly debunk them. He said this was a ploy that was frequently used. He said they would give them a stage, encourage them to declare their hand and, one by one, take them out. He said that I would then be left with a 'role' that he later revealed to me.

JK: How did this man make his approach? How did he contact you?

CA: Well, when he first arrived, Pat and I were asked to go up to Pebble Mill television studios in Birmingham to take part in a programme called Daytime Live. It was a kind of live TV debate situation. They were going to air the sequence that contained the mysterious sound detected in a crop formation and recorded by the BBC - the sound that destroyed a hundred thousand pounds' worth of TV camera (equipment) one sunny afternoon at a crop circle site in Wiltshire! As we came on air, they were running this particular sequence.

Anyway, on the morning of the programme we were in our hotel, and we received a phone call from David Morgenstern of the BBC who said that they had received some communication from a man who claimed he had actually seen a crop circle being formed, and what questions should they ask that would allow them to know if he was telling the truth? So we gave them some questions that we thought would be helpful. When we arrived at the studios we were told that this man had been flown directly in to Birmingham and that we would not be able to meet him because they wanted it to be an absolutely first-time contact on air. As we came on air they panned to the studio audience, and this man described what he'd seen, live on TV.

Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado on Daytime TV Alleged C.I.A. man Sandy Reid
Colin Andrew with BBC sound engineer Richard Merrick

JK: What exactly did he say?

CA: That he'd been out studying foxes in Scotland, and that one of the foxes on this particular night had refused to follow its regular path which, he explained, was not consistent with the usual behaviour of foxes. I don't know if this is right or not, but it sounded plausible. The fox apparently refused to go any further and instead went back the way it had come. The man then apparently heard some rustling, and then he described the way this circle formed. What he was saying is that the fox had presumably sensed something strange and that after it had scampered off he witnessed the formation of this circle. But the point is that his live TV appearance seemed to legitimise him.

JK: You think this was his way of becoming accepted on the crop circle scene?

CA: Right. From that moment on his being seen in the presence of the crop circle researchers - myself and Pat in particular - became acceptable. It was his 'way in', so to speak.

JK: So what happened next?

CA: Well, some weeks later there was a rap on my door, and when I answered it I immediately recognised the man standing there. It was the 'fox-study' man. He said that he'd come to tell me something ... he wanted me to get Pat Delgado over to my place because he wanted to talk to both of us.

Pat lived about seventeen miles away. It was late at night but I phoned him and he agreed to come over. When he arrived the man spent all evening into the early hours with both of us, asking question after question. He appeared to be comparing the answers I gave against those that Pat gave. Well, perhaps not surprisingly, Pat eventually grew more and more frustrated, and said to the man: 'Look, exactly what have you come to tell us?' But the man just shook his head, as if to say: 'I'm not ready to tell you yet.' So Pat just stood up and said something like: 'Well, I've got better things to do with my time,' and headed out the door and went home. He was very angry.

The guy accompanied me to the door to see Pat out (I didn't know whether he was going to leave as well - I was rather hoping he would, because I was pretty bloody angry about it, too) but as Pat left and I closed the door the man just spun round on me and said: 'Get your jacket on. I want to tell you something.'

So against my better judgement I went through into the front room and told my wife I was popping out for a few minutes (I wanted to tell her so she didn't become worried). We then went out.

JK: Where did you go at that time of night?

CA: We wandered down towards Andover town centre, then back up Salisbury Road, back and forth, back and forth, questions and more questions, most of a fairly general nature, but none of the questions were about me. Rather they were to do with things like, you know: Where were the circles? Who were we in touch with? What did we know, particularly about the Russians? That kind of thing. He was asking every question you could possibly think of that an intelligence agent would probably ask. But the conversation wasn't going anywhere at all. As for myself I was furious, but I didn't quite have the courage to walk away.

JK: But presumably at some point he told you what it was he'd come to tell you?

CA: Yes. When we eventually started to walk back towards my home he stopped on the pavement and said: 'You are now one of us.' So I said: 'What do you mean by that?' He said, simply: 'CIA.' When I asked him for ID he just laughed and said: 'You really think a CIA agent would carry identification?' And then he laughed again.

He told me I would never see his boss, and that he never saw his boss's boss. He said that was the way it worked. He said that from here on in I was 'one of them'. He gave me no say in the matter whatever. He never asked me if I wanted to be associated with the CIA - he just told me that from then on I was to consider myself one of them.

Following this he named a lot of people - most of whom were my colleagues in crop circle research - who were to be eliminated from the research programme (he did not mean that they were to be killed or anything quite like that, but they were nevertheless to be taken off the stage, so to speak). And they have been. I have watched the process in operation for some years now - a process he openly told me about on that night. And every name he named that night has since been 'got at', and everything that he said would happen has happened.

JK: Could you give us an example?

CA: Well, for instance, the following year Terence Meaden was never out of the newspapers. Nobody else could get a look in. This is exactly what he told me would happen. But where is Terence Meaden now? Who knows what Terence Meaden's latest ideas are? Answer: no one. Because, presumably, his stage has been taken from him - he's been 'taken out'. Pat Delgado was next, and we all know what happened to him.

[Author's note: sadly, Pat Delgado was so taken in by the 'Doug and Dave' episode, and so distraught because of it, that he retired from crop circle research soon thereafter.]

JK: Do you think there was a reason why you weren't 'taken out', too? Did this man indicate why you should be singled out from the rest?

CA: He did, yes. The CIA guy told me that, so far as they were concerned, I seemed to have a particular affinity and contact with the public. 'You have a way,' is what he said. The public identify with you.'

JK: And at the time, of course, you were getting a lot of media coverage.

CA: Yes, I was. There were really only two people in those days, Pat and myself. We'd written a book and it had sold a lot of copies. We were getting a lot of TV and radio coverage. But a decision seemed to be made that night that I was the one. I mean, if you look at it logically, it could have been either one of us. So this man must have been in a position to make a decision. He must have carried some authority within his agency.

JK: Right.

CA: So he chose me to go with this 'role' ...

JK: And what was this 'role'?

CA: Once they had taken these other researchers out of the frame, so to speak, they wanted me to do something for them. He said I was to carry on being Colin Andrews, researching the phenomenon, just doing my thing, and at some point in the near future I would be asked to do one interview which would enjoy maximum, saturated media coverage. During the course of this interview I was to make one statement, and one statement only.

They wanted me to state publicly that the crop circle phenomenon was a hoax. When we got back to my home he said that he would show me how to say it and what to say. In return for this I was offered a bank account in Switzerland, in which would be enough money that I would never need to even think about money ever again. On top of this he said that they were in possession of some kind of 'instrument' which they would send to me within two weeks. He said that this instrument would allow me to identify immediately a real crop circle from a hoax - something that, presumably, could measure some or other microwave residue, or some other residual effect. He told me: 'You will then be in a privileged position, and we will put you right out there as the number one crop circle expert.' He then said that they would send me to a certain college. . . (which I know to be a government establishment, so my ears pricked up at this point). . . where you will be familiarised with coding structures. I mean, this is an absolute bloody horror story I'm hearing ... I mean, I was . . . God, no one will ever know how I felt that night. I was terrified. I even cried. I was completely and utterly bloody freaked. I even saw my daughter the next day and I broke down while I was talking to her, too. I said to her: 'Darling, I want you to forget everything I've ever told you about crop circles. I think I'm in terrible trouble. You know, I'm in bloody trouble.' Of course, she didn't know what I was talking about but I just wanted my family out of it. It took everything I knew to get over that ordeal and carry on a relatively normal life...

(At this point Colin took a few moments to himself. It was obvious that the ordeal had affected him very deeply - indeed, that the memory was as painful as the ordeal itself. A short while later we resumed.)

CA: ... So anyway ... I was told that there would be another couple of contacts made and that these would be 'voice-only' contacts via the telephone. And sure enough they phoned me, but by this time I'd had time to think about the situation and I'd decided I was going to take his head off, you know. There was no way I was going to give them what they wanted.

JK: So what did you do?

CA: I was given a contact number at the Ministry of Defence and I rang that number and told them that I'd had this approach, but I was told they had no jurisdiction. Can you believe that? A British subject was being harassed by a member of US Intelligence and the MoD had no jurisdiction to protect me! My God! I mean, it really made me ashamed to be British. Anyway, they also told me that I was not to be concerned, that I should simply refuse to co-operate with them. They said that if I refused to go along with it there should not be any danger to me. Hah! I thought: Thanks for the invaluable assistance!'

JK: And is that what you did?

CA: In the event, yes. That's precisely what I did. I literally ignored the phone calls. And I guess, in retrospect, it might just have saved my life, the fact that I'd contacted the MoD. Perhaps they have a little more jurisdiction than they admitted to. Perhaps the fact that I contacted the MoD meant that the CIA dared not harm me in any way.

JK: So how did you know which calls to ignore? How did you know it was them?

CA: Oh, it was them, all right. The guy was on the answer machine saying: 'Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone.' But I didn't. I just let it go. Then the voice said: 'Ring me back at this number.' And then they gave a number, but I didn't ring back. A few days later they phoned again, and this time what they said was vile, and frightening. But my answer was: 'Sorry, I'm not playing.' And that was that so far as I was concerned. Like I said, perhaps they knew I'd contacted the MoD. Maybe, just maybe, this was enough for them to leave me alone.

JK: Have you had similar approaches since you moved to America?

CA: Well, nothing quite like that. But I have certainly been approached, yes. A computer analyst at the Pentagon, for example, approached me with a person called [name deleted] Pretty soon this woman, [name deleted], sought [name deleted] out and asked to see her in her office. Now this meant that my new office - which I used to share with [name deleted] - had already been infiltrated by people who we now know for sure were CIA. I have since had several approaches by both of these people.

JK: Sounds like someone was pretty desperate to gain access to your database.

CA: Absolutely. That's the only possible answer. Well, I know that's what it was all about. They told me so. For instance, [name deleted], who is an author in the US, offered that I should co-author a book with her and she went to every extreme in order to get me to agree. She wanted to work with me on the project in my office here in Connecticut, which of course would have allowed her unlimited access to my database. But again, I turned the offer down.

JK: Well, thank you for being so frank, Colin. I'm sure you've opened a lot of people's minds about the ways in which the world's intelligence agencies work and about just how seriously they view the UFO and crop circle phenomena. Thanks once again.

CA: My pleasure.


They got to him. Colin Andrews was taken out of the Crop Pattern scene. All of us in the Wiltshire area of southern England knew that ET was making the original Crop Patterns and, at the end of the 1980s, even though Colin was being very scientifically cautious, we knew that he knew too - and we were just waiting for him to reveal to the world the immediate presence of ET in and around the Earth - everywhere. They must have found some way to get to Colin.

In the mid 1990s, it was revealed that Colin had suddenly started working for a Rockefeller foundation and had been given a vast fund and/or salary. Colin was a man of principle - that is why we all liked him so much. Obviously they found a way to coerce Colin to keep quiet about the ET connection. Colin travelled to the USA a lot. Perhaps it was during one of these USA visits. Colin had to be silenced. 100s of millions of people world-wide had become interested in the 'out-of-this-world' Crop Patterns - they were not going to waste 50 years concerted effort to confuse us about the reality we live in, to let just one single man change the course of history.

USA. In a message dated 8/15/01 2:17:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

Hi, My husband and I were standing outside looking at the stars at 10:00 pm and five round white lights moved from left to right between the two story apartment buildings. They were stable, didn't bob around. No noise. I later found a picture of the Lubbock lights on the internet, and that is what they looked like. My husband said, "Wow, now that's weird!". They disappeared into the tree line to our right. I walked down the walkway to the apartment parking area to see them, but they were gone. No one in the parking area seemed to notice anything. I don't know what they were, but they were close above the building. My husband said they were in an arc formation. I don't know what they were. But they weren't balloons or duck butts.       Wings


I have heard of several reports of UFO's being seen recently in the Shirebrook area (near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK) and indeed about 12 months ago I did see something myself which was very strange. It was in the evening and it was still daylight.

Well Anthony, here are the details. I frequently visit Langwith Junction to see a friend who is also my roadie. I still play keyboards professionally as you may recall. I had taken him home and was returning to Nottingham. I had just turned on to the A60 Mansfield to Worksop road from Sookholme Lane when over towards Shirebrook, that is looking to my right, I saw a bright orange light in the sky at a height of perhaps 200 to 250 feet. I stopped my car. It appeared to hang there, rather like a parachute flare. Then I realised that it was slowly moving in a southerly direction. As it moved it became obscured by a tree which was very close to the main road. It did NOT reappear and I drove forward in order to pass the tree and hopefully see it again, but no such luck it had gone, though where I have no idea. Although there were many cars passing along the road no one else appeared to have seen it and it was just pure chance that as I turned from Sookholme lane that I glanced towards Shirebrook and spotted it. You will appreciate that when drivers are speeding along that stretch of road, and I mean speeding, they have no thoughts other than to keep their cars on the road and hopefully avoid other vehicles. As to the size it would be difficult to estimate. The shape was somewhat oval with it's longest axis vertical. I seemed to be between me and Shirebrook, which as the crow flies is only about 1 mile from the main road and held at arms length my hand would just about have covered it. I must admit it seemed a very strange experience and I have puzzled over it ever since. I remember the incident as if it was yesterday, I suppose because it was so unexpected. Having given the matter some thought it is possible that it was perhaps about the same distance away as the Hostess Restaraunt which is just off Sookholme Lane.

Clive McNulty

And on a lighter note...


If you drop a buttered piece of bread, it will fall on the floor butter-side down. If a cat is drooped from a window or other high and towering place, it will land on its feet....

But what if you attach a piece of bread, buttered side up to a cat's back and toss them both out the window? Will the cat land on its feet? Or will the butter splat on the ground?....

In Response:

Even if you are too lazy to do the experiment yourself, you should be able to deduce the obvious results. The laws of butterology demand that the butter must hit the ground, and the equally strict laws of feline aerodynamics demand the cat cannot smash its furry back. If the combined constructs were to land, nature would have no way to resolve this paradox. Therefore it simply does not fall. That's right, you clever mortal (well as clever as a mortal can get), you have discovered the secrets of Antigravity. A buttered cat will, when released quickly, will move to a height where the forces of cat-twisting and butter repulsion are in equilibrium. This equilibrium point can be modified by scraping some of the butter, providing lift, or removing some of the cat's limbs, allowing descent....

Most of the civilized species of the Universe already use this principal to drive their ships while within a planetary system. The loud humming heard by most sighters of UFOs, is in fact, the purring of several hundred tabbies....

The one obvious danger is, of course, if the cats manage to eat the bread off of their backs, then they will instantly plummet. Of course the cat will land on their feet, but this usually doesn't do them much good since right after they make their graceful landing, several tons of red-hot starship and pissed off aliens crash on top of them. (See Roswell)

This Issues Selected Picture

Area 51 at night.
Picture scanned from British National Newspaper

Are 51 at night

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