UFO NEWS UK Volume 1 No. 3

Editor: Anthony James

Volume 1 No. 3

25th September 2001

Editor: Anthony James

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An 8 minute piece of UFO footage shot by Daryl Spence is finely to be screened on Carton TV based right here in Nottingham. The footage was shot in the mid 1990's in the evening while it was dark, by Daryl who was testing out a video camera he had just fixed. He and two friends had gone onto the old pit top to get a good view of the distant lights of Mansfield town centre. While they were on the hill, they spotted and started filming a fast moving silent object, a light. As the object passes them by, a very dull object drops away from the main body and disappears into the night, and the main object carries on and then becomes stationary over the lights of Mansfield town a few miles away.

As the object remains stationary, the bright white light that shines from it, glows brighter and brighter and dims down again. Two helicopters are heard and filmed as they converge on the light, both showing navigation lights and the sound of incoming helicopters is unmistakable. As the helicopters pass Daryl and his companions, he pans from the choppers back to the UFO which is now glowing immensely. As the helicopters close in on the UFO, the two helicopters and the UFO are all captured in frame for a short while, then the UFO glows even brighter and then just vanishes on the spot. It's like they turned the light off, not even the body of the craft can be seen.

The two helicopters are then left in limbo, flying around for a short while looking for the UFO, they eventually leave. Once the sound of helicopters has gone, the UFO appears in the same vicinity that it vanished from, staying a few second then disappearing for good.

The newspaper article's that have mentioned this story are stating that the footage is 20 minutes long. I knew Daryl at that time and managed to get a 1st generation copy from his camcorder tape, and it's only about 8 minutes long. I was also the first to notice the object fall away from the main craft as it passed them by, so if you get to see the programme, watch out for this as it might not be mentioned. The newspapers are saying that the footage will be shown in it's entirety which will be a first, although a short segment was shown on Schofields Quest several years ago. A national appeal for information about the helicopters and who was piloting them drew a blank at that time.

After a while, information started to circulate that this craft was indeed triangular. This cannot be deduced from the actual footage without being analysed. All that's seen, is a sphere of light that becomes stationary over Mansfield Town, this then intensifies its glow considerably before blinking out. Where they get the triangular shape from, I don't know. I'll pass the footage through my PC and see what I can make of it for the next issue of UFO News UK.

The programme to look out for is called FIRST CUTS or FIRST CUT SCHEME and will be shown on Carton TV (that's the old Central TV) towards the end of October. The programme will only be 10 minutes long.


As big as football fields and deep enough to bury aeroplanes, the graves at Groom Lake lie scattered around the government’s secret installation, 90 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. There are no headstones or markers to denote the final resting place for such high tech aircraft as the predecessors to the F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter and the SR71 Blackbird. But the people who worked there and researchers who track aviation history and the governments so called ‘black budget’ programs say some planes that crashed and other experiments that failed were hauled to the bottom of 40 foot deep holes and covered overnight with mounds of dirt. One former Groom Lake worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he watched while an earthmover spent a day in 1982 scraping out a burial site. It was a massive excavation, he said. "They didn’t dig that hole and put Martians or moon men in it".

He said the wreckage of a classified plane that was buried at the base was for months in what’s called a "Scoot-N-hide," a shed off a taxiway where secret planes are kept out of view of orbiting satellites. "They put it on a flatbed truck and put it in a hanger. Then one day, they scraped it off the flatbed into a hole and buried it. They attached a cable to the aircraft and just pulled it off. The thing was shattered like an egg".

According to aviation writer and historian Peter Merlin – who has obtained declassified flight documents and interviewed personnel involved with Groom Lake programs spanning a period since 1955, more than a dozen aircraft are buried around the installation. Combined, the craft were worth at least $600 million and might be valued at as much as $1 billion. This practice of disposing secret, high tech equipment continues today, he said. "We have no reason to believe it has stopped."

Because it is cloaked in secrecy by a presidential order, Air Force officials will not discuss what it acknowledges only as "the operating location near groom lake," which is widely know as Area 51, a 38,400 acre swath of desert along the dry lake bed.

Peter Merlin said the equipment that now lies 40 feet beneath the surface represents cutting-edge technology that in it’s time, kept the U.S. military and the nations intelligence community ahead of foreign adversaries. For example, three generations of high flying spy planes, the U-2s, A-12s, and SR-71s, have been demonstrated at Groom Lake, each becoming progressively superior to foreign forces. "Nobody ever shot down an A-12," he noted. Even former Soviet bloc aircraft, such as the 1970s-vintage MiG-23, have been obtained by the U.S. intelligence community and tested at Groom Lake to see how the U.S. planes and radar stack up against it. Said Merlin, who writes for several aeronautical trade publications, including a newspaper for the NASA Dryden Flight Research Centre at Edwards Air Force base.

The 1982 burial site described by the former Groom Lake worker was near a gravel-pit road and a system of trenches where secret documents and materials, including drums of toxic coatings for stealth fighter jets were routinely burned for years. A lawsuit by former base workers alleged they had developed illnesses from toxic fumes, but the Air Force had declined to release documents regarding the disposal practice, citing national security concerns.

John Pike, director of Global Security .Org, a Washington DC area defence policy organisation, said, "The notion that the Air Force is burying mistakes at Groom Lake makes sense". Helicopters carrying machine guns patrol it.

The Groom lake graveyard, according to Peter Merlin, includes:

Several 1960s vintage A-12, predecessors of the SR-71 Blackbird, four U2s from the 1950s, an F-101 chase plane that crashed in 1965. Two Have Blue airframes that were used to demonstrate technology for the F-117A and wreckage of a MiG-23 that crashed in 1984.

A 1960's A-12 taking off from Groom Lake, Nevada
A 1960's A-12 taking off from Groom lake, Nevada

A U-2 under guard
A U-2 under guard

Merlin and three other sources that worked at the base said officials wanted to retrieve one of the Have Blue airframes buried somewhere near the Groom Lake installation but were unable to find it. He said there was also a plan to bury a unique surveillance aircraft, Tacic Blue, a white plane equipped with sensors and radar that could survive flying close to war zones, but it was rescued and placed in the USAF museum in Ohio instead. Tacic Blue (Below) was tested at Groom Lake from 1982 to 1985, he said.

Photo of Tacic Blue

Photo of Tactic Blue

Photo of Tacic Blue

Not all once-secret planes from Groom Lake that crashed have been buried there, including the first production F-117A, tail No 785, according to Merlin and others who worked at the base at the time. On April 20, 1982, Lockheed test pilot Robert Riedenauer was at the controls of that plane when it cartwheeled wing over wing attempting to take off from a Groom Lake runway.

To this day, neither Riedenauer nor Air Force officials can say where the ill fated takeoff occurred, but other sources who worked at the base as well as Merlin, say that the crash was indeed at the Groom lake installation. While Riedenauer can’t talk about the crash location, he spoke openly about how he escaped death that day, when mis-wired controls caused the craft to go down instead of up. "I had four seconds to think about it," Riedenauer explained in an interview about his ride aboard the jet. He said he spent the first two seconds trying to get the craft under control. "The third was used reaching for the handles to bail out, and the forth was, I realised the aircraft was inverted so it didn’t make sense to bail out, so I started to shut down the engine and throttle." Rescuers managed to save Riedenauer from the fire that flared up. They spent 20 minutes cutting him out of the cockpit. He would spend months in hospital.

The wings of the $46 million plane were shattered. The plane was to have been the first of 59 stealth F-117A’s delivered to the USAF. Much of it however, was salvaged and spared from burial, according to Merlin. The damaged aircraft was returned to Palmdale, Calif., where it now sits on a pylon on display. The first reproduction F-117A’s have also been converted to displays. One of them, tail No. 780 is at Freedom Park at Nellis Air Force Base.

Bob Pepper, a spokesman for the F-117A stealth fighter jet unit at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, said the policy for disposing of wrecked stealth’s is to store them temporarily at Holloman and then to follow the procedure for disposing other military aircraft. The current procedure for disposing of Air Force planes developed from unclassified technology, according to Pike, is to take them to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona, where they are kept for parts, chopped up and melted down to recycle their aluminium and other metals. A stealth composite aeroplane is not the sort of thing that can be melted down to make pots and pans. You would want to dispose of them so they don’t come back to haunt you," he said, explaining that the government’s intention is to keep secret materials and components in a secure location so other countries can’t obtain them.

One former base worker described the 1984 crash of a MiG-23 that ultimately ended up in the Groom Lake graveyard. "I saw that thing explode," he said, "I was looking up at the sky, I thought, God, these guys are going fast, then it was just like it disappeared. The plane came apart. The wings came off it and he punched out," he said, referring to the pilot’s fatal bail out.

The MIG sitting outside a hanger at Groom Lake
The MIG sitting outside a hanger at Groom Lake

Text reproduced with kind permission of Keith Rogers.

Visit with John Lear

In a message dated 7/8/2001 4:10:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Dear Skywatchers,

I have just returned from Nevada where I had an all-day visit with my good friend John Lear. I haven't visited with John like this in about 5 years. We discussed many subjects. John is no longer involved publically in UFO research and is not writing or speaking publically on this subject. He is just enjoying a new mining venture he has embarked on.

He does keep up with the anomalous apparent artefacts on the Moon and Mars. He still sees Bob Lazar every now and then and stated that Bob is not involved either. However Lazar did show up briefly at last year's International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada.

We discussed Lazar for a while as John knows more about his story than anyone and is one of the few that claims he has seen his actual school credentials. No researcher has been able to uncover these.

Bob Lazar
Bob Lazar

John Lear
John Lear

John reminded me that it was on March 21, 1989 that Bob told him here would be a test flight that could be viewed from highway 375 the following night and it would start exactly at 9pm. At 9pm the following night they were stationed on the roadside and did, indeed see this UFO test flight on March 22nd, a Wednesday night, just as Bob predicted. They returned on other nights and even videotaped the sighting. John had a good look at the craft through his Celestron telescope (a big one) and clearly saw the orange plasma glow around the craft. He tells me that was his first sighting.

Beyond that there have been wild allegations, innuendo's, rumours, claims of conspiracy and disinformation that are generated by fertile human minds that want to leap beyond simple facts that, if followed as Sherlock Holmes would follow a trail of clues, would lead to a more authentic picture of activity on the Nevada Test Site than all of the assertions by believers and sceptics alike. Allegations range from "Lazar fabricated the story" to "Lazar is a disinformation agent" to "Lazar worked with aliens" and numerous other circulation's of opinions, rumours, and numerous tales.

There are several people who believe the story that Area 51 was deconstructed and moved to Utah! Yet, anyone who can get a good view of Groom Lake can see, if anything, this facility is intact and active, but it is not the secretive hiding place of alien technology...anymore. That was possibly true only in pre-Lazar times. There are other far more secretive sites on that vast range of valleys, mountains, and mesas and many of them are underground. This is not to say that the Nevada Test Site is the sole repository of secret activities. That would be an absurd conclusion to draw.

I do not write about this often or what I know because it is so controversial and even though I initially assisted Dr. Greer years ago, I have stayed out of it in recent years and have conducted my own private communication exchanges in pursuit of facts and I am far from ready to make it public. When I am sure of my reports I do make them public. There are very interesting things going on that is for sure.

Good hunting,

Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International Inc

A lot of people make the simple mistake of stating that the UFO's are stationed at Area 51. They are in fact stationed at another base about 15 miles south of Groom Lake know as S4. The hanger door's at S4 are painted to match the surrounding area and are sloped to match the mountain side. Go to www.boblazar.com for more information about S4.      Anthony James



I can give you a little thing for publication which illustrates how easily one can be fooled into thinking that there is a UFO. Please feel free to publish it if you wish.

One evening around 11.45pm in the early winter time I was travelling along the Worksop to Ollerton road. The weather conditions were that of patchy fog and very low cloud. I had just passed the turn to Edwinstowe and was starting to climb the small hill. Suddenly I saw an enormous glowing disk about 70 to 100 feet above the road and I was on a collision course with it. As I got nearer it appeared to increase speed and seemed to shoot over my car and disappear. Imagine my surprise and fear. Then a car appeared travelling in the opposite direction and all became clear. The cloud base was by this time only a few feet above the road and the glowing disk had been the other car's headlights reflecting off the cloud. My heartbeat slowly returned to normal as I realised that I had been the victim of a trick of the weather. This illustrates how easily one can be fooled and I feel sure that many people must have had similar experiences and due to different positioning have been duped into thinking that they have seen a large UFO. Had I not seen and passed the other car I am sure that I would have been left wondering just what I had seen.

Well that is the story that does have a logical explanation, a view from the other side so to speak. Clive McNulty Thanks Clive


Marsden Sat 19.5.01 4am

A woman was up tending her sick daughter when she saw an orange light to the WNW. She woke her husband and they went outside to look. They went in to get a video camera and when they came out they saw a row of 5 evenly spaced lights in a horizontal line in the Southern sky over the tops of nearby houses. They were orange in colour and looked several times bigger than a star. They were visible for 5 to 6 minutes before fading from view. Sunshine coast Sat 29.5.01 7.30pm

A woman was driving slowly on the highway towards Bli Bli. There were no other cars on the road and it was very dark. What she thought were lights from another vehicle appeared behind her, so she drove slowly waiting for this vehicle to overtake her. She then realized that the lights from the vehicle behind were half way in height up the back of her car. Traffic began to come from the other direction and the lights behind her pulled back and went into an arc shape before disappearing. She stated she had seen unusual things when she was little and was plagued with strange dreams all her life. Some of her experiences included being taken to strange ships where she saw many other people having a great time.

Mansfield Sun 27.5.01 8.45pm

A red light was observed moving W to E faster than a plane. As it moved it dropped two red lights. The first maintained a red glow and fell steadily for 5-10 seconds before it was lost to sight. The second dissipated as it fell. The original light was seen moving for 1 to 2 minutes and stopped to the E at an elevation of about 60 degrees as a yellow light. When viewed with binoculars it looked like a bright yellow ball. No navigation lights were observed, and there was no wind. The motion of the light was very steady.

Wynnum Thu 31.5.01 8am

A man reported seeing a dull white light moving S to N for 3 to 4 minutes. It was oval shaped and eventually lost behind trees. It looked like a plane with no wings.

Newmarket Thu 14.6.01 5.30am

A man was awakened by the sound of a plane. He then observed in the west/north western sky a bright U-shaped light which appeared bigger than the moon. He described it as a crescent shape with two legs on it moving very slowly, always in the same direction. It was a golden coloured light like a candle light which he stated looked like a plane on fire. He observed the object for 30 minutes.

Tweed City Thu 15.6.01 8.05pm

A woman was driving S along a main road and saw an orange light in the top RH corner of her windscreen which was getting bigger and bigger. It then seemed to stop above a street light and move slowly across the windscreen to her left. She pulled over and saw the light stationary above a street light. It then moved to her left again and stopped again for 3 to 4 minutes. The light seemed to have a haze around it of different colour to the central portion. It then shot up, becoming like a star in the distance in 2 to 3 seconds. When closest the light was the size of a thumbnail at arm's length, and had an oval shape, but its edges were not well defined, it appeared elongated like a sodium street light. A three year old child in the car saw the light too and became frightened. It would not go to sleep that night and spent the night in bed with its parents. It is also frightened of fireworks. The witness recalls a similar experience as a child about 5 years old.

Vicinity Brisbane Airport Thu 21.6.01 9.40am

A witness reported seeing a white object that looked like a plane without wings or tail, moving SW to NE 3 to 4 times higher that a plane, passing over the airport. (Ed. planes can seem to have no wings sometimes when seen from certain angles. A plane high up moving straight would show wings).

Brisbane Airport Thu 21.6.01 6pm

A witness reported seeing a white light with "cinders" at a low angle of elevation, turning into an orange glow and becoming smaller to a quarter of its original size.

Munruben Fri 6.7.01 6.45pm

A woman phoned with a report of military activity in her area where she observed approximately 15 helicopters. This occurred the same week many Brisbane residents heard on the news there would be increased activity due to exercises in preparation for the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads Of Government) visit in October 2001. She also reported seeing a white triangular shape with a bright white light on the top of it. She watched it for 3 to 5 minutes before it disappeared.

Gateway Bridge Fri 13.7.01 10.15am

A woman, looking NE from the bridge, was observing Jumbos taking off at the Brisbane Airport, when she noticed a little silver oblong object. It immediately went straight up and disappeared. She described it as "being there one minute and gone the next". Her father has seen a giant silver cigar-shaped object in Scofield, NSW, when she was 12 years old.

Maryborough Tue 24.7.01 7.45pm

A woman (a well known public figure), and her husband were driving N towards Maryborough on the Bruce Highway saw a massive object which looked like fireworks in the sky break up into three pieces and come down over or near the town.

The same witness was recently driving to work from Hervey Bay to Maryborough at about 5.15 am, coming to the top of a hill about 30 km from Maryborough facing SW towards Tin Can Bay, and saw a large triangular object, the largest thing she had ever seen in the sky, above the treeline on the horizon. It had lights across the bottom edge and in its centre, with red/orange lights at the R and L ends. It was just catching the rising sun, and its apparent size was the width of 4 fingers at arm's length.

She also described an experience which happened in Inverell NSW in 1977 when she was 18 years old and living in a house with two other people. She was awakened at 3 am and whatever had wakened her left her very frightened. In an instant it was complete daylight in and around the house. In an instant it was pitch black again. She sensed danger, was sweating profusely and tried to waken her boyfriend.

The UFO Research Qld web site is http://www.uforq.asn.au/ Cheers, Sheryl (UFORQ)    Thank you Sheryl, much appreciated.


We had another visit here by our huge triangle ship again on Saturday evening (Sept. 22) at approximately 9:30 PM PST. 3 points of light moving in a perfect triangular formation flying North to South, then making a slight turn heading Southeast. I put my fist out at arms length and it just barely covered it. We had 9 total witnesses to the event which lasted about 3-4 minutes. Once again, there was no sound.

One woman left the ranch completely speechless. She was a bit of a debunker when she arrived. The only thing her sister could say after that was "That's amazing!" with eyes as wide as dinner plates! It was funny...about 5 minutes before it flew over, she was asking my wife if seeing and experiencing UFOs had changed her life. So my wife turned the tables on her after the triangle flew over, asking her the same question! About the only other words we could get out of her was that she felt no fear at seeing it, which surprised her. That just shows you how well conditioned most people have become from the media.

We are taking this as a possible good sign, mainly because we have had almost no UFO activity here at the Sattva Sanctuary since a few days before the terrorist attacks back on 9-11. However, we did notice a very huge increase in the amount of military aircraft flying over us during this time. Much more than usual. In fact, I was back in Seattle for a few days following the attacks and there was nowhere near the same amount of military jets in the sky there. Coincidence? Perhaps. Common sense would seem to indicate, at least to me, that you would be flying heavy patrols over Puget Sound, especially with all the military bases there. NOT over farmlands and Native American reservations (Yakama).

John Novak
Self-Mastery Earth Institute

This Issues Selected Picture

This Issues Selected Picture

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